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Chicken with chickens in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

Dreamed chicken with chickens — the prediction of dreaming

This poultry is very popular for breeding in Russian villages. A big affection and a smile causes a chicken with chickens in a city dweller.

Why dream of such a plot, we learn in the proven dream book.

General interpretation

Chicken with chickens always personifies motherhood, care for offspring, fertility and high fertility. In its nature laid out to incubate, care for the chicks, protect and support in difficult times.

This is a good sign for women who have long dreamed of finding a family, enjoying maternity leave, socializing and attention to their beloved offspring.

This poultry is the embodiment of forgiving love, understanding and tolerance. She cares about every chick out of the brood, which means her vigilance, understanding of her maternal destination.

Chicken with chickens in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

The hen is the hen, personifying the feminine, not as stupid as is commonly believed. She possesses cordiality, kindness, quick reaction, perseverance.

It can cover its chicks from attack, which speaks of its courage and valor.

In Chinese mythology, it is customary to divide this bird by color, which influences the result of interpretation. Black chicken — is the patron saint of evil spells, spirits, all otherworldly and supernatural.

The interpretation of this dream is reduced to negative signs of fate, warning the dreamer about the danger and sadness.

A hen of light colors or bright color is a precursor of good prospects for the future. So bright orange or red rooster is a sign of wealth and prosperity.

White chicken with chickens comes to those who seek family happiness and well-being.

Chicken with chickens in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

Love for children makes the female fearless and strong-willed. A man to see a bird protecting his pets is a symbol of the fact that soon he will meet his beloved woman.

She will change the vision of the dreamer, demonstrating her positive qualities of character and admiring her merits.

Hearing a quacking — in reality show mercy and love for the weak, disadvantaged, incapable. Perhaps some situation will cast doubt on your past values.

If earlier you didn’t pay attention to someone else’s grief, indifferently passing by, now you will be disturbed by the fate of those who need help and support.

The young man dreamed how a little kid gathers his chicks under the wing — in reality, to remember motherly love and care. This is the moment when you should visit elderly parents, surrounding them with attention.

For older people, it is a forerunner of a family holiday, when, by tradition, all relatives and close friends gather for warm conversations, joy and fun.

For business people, especially bankers, a chicken sitting on eggs embodies wealth and wealth. This is a clear hint at the growth of your well-being and financial capabilities, under certain conditions.

To achieve big profits, you need to be more patient, more persistent and more restrained in your spending.

What else to expect from poultry in a dream

  • pluck chicken — to the rapid disappointment in their professional activities. You are completely unhappy with the position and responsibilities. Work does not bring pleasure, and therefore negatively affects the general mood;
  • to see the hen on the threshold of your own house — in reality you will meet an unexpected guest who will not be a pleasant surprise for you;
  • dreamed a lot of yellow chickens — to new financial opportunities. All ideas will receive a promising embodiment.

Chicken with chickens in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

For a man, all poultry represents the experience of dealing with women who dream of a serious relationship with him. The dreamer is quite satisfied with one-time sexual encounters and a pleasant pastime in the company of a sweet, kind and sexual passion, but he is not ready to stop at one companion.

A woman with a hen has dreamed her — it is a sign of a quick pregnancy and cares associated with motherhood. You have long been not satisfied with just sex without commitment. You strive for consistency and family idyll.

Showing perseverance, you can easily get from your partner a more serious attitude to family values.

A fiery layer was dreamed of — to cardinal changes in the dreamer’s personal life. You will find one that completely changes your view of the feminine essence.

Her passion for intimacy, sexuality and geisha habits completely eclipse all other aspirants to your heart. Enjoy moments of active sex life, but do not count on her constancy, this storm of emotions may not last long.

Gustov Miller

A chicken with chickens in a dream is a sign of well-being and stability in the sleeper’s family life. I dreamed of eating eggs or small chickens — in reality you will become a hostage to your own cynicism and selfish inclinations.

Relationships with the opposite sex during this period can be very tense and uncertain. Work will take most of the time, making you nervous and overworked.

Dreamed of chickens, scattering in different directions — it speaks of the uncertainty and blurring of your goal. It is a lot of forces and means is spent for empty cares and daily efforts.

And this time you can do very promising projects that will bring stability and financial independence in the future.

To dream eggs without a hen and try to warm them — in reality become a witness to someone else’s family drama. You should not try to influence a situation that does not concern you at all.

There is a chance to become a cause of quarrel and clarify the relationship of the spouses.

Observing how chicks hatch is a good reason for new beginnings. These days you will be accompanied by fortune.

But it is worth relying only on your own strength and not expect the support of friends and relatives.

Family of birds in orange colors — to unexpected profits and wealth. The main thing is not to scare away luck with frivolous behavior and thoughtless actions.

Treat your well-being calmly and discreetly.

White brood chasing you along the road — in reality it reflects your responsible approach to business, caring for loved ones and affection for the household. Relatives also try to support you in everything.

To feed from the hands of pets in the yard — in reality, will be able to influence a difficult situation. You will prove yourself as a sensitive diplomat, a professional in your field.

Leadership excellence and charisma will help increase credibility.

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