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Buy bread in a dream

To buy bread in a dream: how to interpret according to dream books

People believed in dreams everywhere, many wanted to know what it means to buy bread in a dream. From century to century, observing and evaluating the situation, the interpreters came to the conclusion that such a dream prophesies wealth.

But as it turned out, not for everyone and not always. Let’s see in a dream more.

Medieval merchants, buying bread in a dream, were confident in tomorrow’s trade. A person who has found a lottery ticket on the eve may have no doubt of winning, if in a dream he went to the store for bread.

If you buy a fresh loaf, you are waiting for a salary increase or some other material incentive. Bread in a dream promises well-being in reality.

But not all situations related to the purchase of bread have a favorable effect on the fate of a person. An important condition is that the bread should be fresh and attractive in appearance.

Buy bread in a dream

Crooked or burnt breads predict the failure of a bargain, a robbery of your store, maybe you just lose your bag. In this case, take immediate action — leave early from the house, so that you probably will not be late for the meeting, put off a large purchase, put a small change in your pocket for lunch, and leave the rest of the money at home.

Interpretation of situations

In addition to the freshness and appearance of bread, its other parameters influence the interpretation of sleep. So, the circumstances of the purchase:

We have already spoken about the quality of bread, but if in your dream there is a mold, a musty loaf turns into a fresh one, it means that life will soon change for the better. If you still bought inedible bread, a black line will come in life.

Crackers are other people’s problems. Try not to buy hard bread even in your sleep.

Buying black bread, you jeopardize your relationship with partners or relatives. But a black loaf with cumin predicts a new profitable project.

It is better to buy white bread, especially round bread, a symbol of prosperity, all of a sudden you will be able to affect sleep, and then harmony will come to your family. Buying a gray loaf will make life calm and measured, but stale gray bread foreshadows groundless family conflicts.

Buy bread in a dream

  • Neat or crooked?

If in a dream you see an irregular shape or burnt bread, but still take it, then someone will interfere with the execution of your plans. Look for people around and, if you have any doubts, give up their services.

  • Did you manage to touch it?

Do you remember what bread to touch? Airy, light, warm?

If yes, good news is waiting for you.

  • How many loaves do you see in a dream?

You see shelves filled with loaves and loaves, but before the very nose the bread is over. In the dream you were left with nothing. So in life you have not revealed your talent, do not notice the chances presented by fate, or do not want to use them.

Think about it, maybe you should radically change your views on life or a profession.

The sages of the east said that buying in a dream just a lot of rolls — a good omen. How many rolls — so many reliable partners.

A rich house and many friends are the guarantee of future success. Look around you — maybe you will meet an old, almost forgotten friend.

  • How long did you stand in line?

If you stood in line for a long time, no matter what kind of bread and how much you bought. In any case, the dream book advises whenever possible to postpone important matters.

  • Sweet pastries or bread.

If it is fresh, both are good. But buns with any additives are more specific in their predictions. Pie with jam signals a successful completion of a hopeless business, and a raisin bun warns you of a pleasant find.

Roll with poppy promises bright and long-lasting love.

A lonely person in a long line for bread is trying to arrange his personal life. And if you are a single woman who has bought stale bread in a dream, get ready to meet old love.

Think about whether to reanimate the relationship, because you almost forgot each other.

Dreams are different

Let’s conduct a brief review and compare what different dream books say about buying bread.

  1. Freight’s dream interpretation. This dream book was created by scientists, relying on the Freudian “Interpretation of Dreams”, and gave the book his name. Freud considered the dream a message of the subtle world and interpreted from the point of view of psychology as the embodiment of unfulfilled desires for any reason. So, if we want something, we acquire it in a dream, in our case in the form of bread. Another thing — whether it will benefit. This is where the purchase analysis comes in handy — fresh, hard, white or a pie with a filling. The purchase of bread according to Freud basically coincides with the options just considered.
  2. Dream Miller. This dream-book survived the peak of popularity in the 19th century, but with the advent of the Internet it found a rebirth. According to him, buying bread in a dream means big expenses. Not a very pleasant interpretation.
  3. Islamic dream book. From the point of view of this dream book, one should buy peeled, without any impurities, bread. It promises a happy, sinless life. Buying moldy bread means a profit that does not benefit you or your family. It would be better if you did not buy it. Keep in mind that dreams are interpreted according to the Sunnah and the Qur’an.
  4. Dream Interpretation Lofa. The most mystical interpreter of dreams. But I did not manage to explain with his help that the purchase of bread was predicting.
  5. Dream Vanga. Bread according to Vanga — wealth and even luxury. So, buying bread in a dream, you provide yourself with income in life. But this is only about white. Rye bread predicts material loss.
  6. Ancient dream book. The people always believed that bread was alive and worshiped it. So the purchase of bread in a dream means an improvement in financial position.

Buy bread in a dream

Summarize the knowledge gained

And in antiquity, and today, bread is a symbol of life, satiety and success, a universal food for all living. Perhaps, thanks to bread, the ancient society was stratified into rich and poor. Those who did not buy white bread, did not see wealth.

After all, rye loaf does not promise profit or good luck. I wish you to buy in a dream only fresh white bread.

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