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Design of a large bedroom: space for flying fantasy

Design of a large bedroom: space for flying fantasy

The design of a large bedroom is a huge opportunity and space for the flight of fantasy. To make it original, but at the same time leave the room functional, consider the important nuances and use interesting techniques.

The advantages of a large bedroom

All the advantages of a large bedroom are obvious:

  • Maximum freedom of space, which is so lacking in everyday life.
  • In such a spacious room will fit everything that is necessary to ensure comfort, filling the bedroom with functionality, as well as creating a special atmosphere.
  • You can use any shades.
  • Variety of finishes. Materials can be textured and complex, while the space does not decrease critical.
  • You will have the opportunity to choose large-sized luxury furniture, there will definitely be enough space for it.

We are determined with the color gamut

The color range of a spacious bedroom can be almost anything: the area can use not only the visually enlarging space of light shades, but also more saturated or even bright.

  • If you wish, you can make the bedroom snow-white, but this color on large surfaces will require interesting accents, so it is advisable to add other shades.
  • The current remains a calm pastel range, which is the best suited for decorating the bedroom.
  • Pay attention to the rich and deep tones, some of them can help to create an intimate atmosphere and fill the atmosphere with notes of mystery and mystery. Rate brown, dark blue, purple, emerald, burgundy.
  • Actual tones of the natural range, and they include terracotta, olive, sand. They are all calm, but among them are both light and deeper.
  • Also bright shades, for example, yellow, red, mint, orange will approach. But remember that the setting in the bedroom should be tuned for relaxation, while flashy and “acidic” colors can have a stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Tip: try to use colors in different combinations, for example, to create stylish contrasts or, on the contrary, a monochrome scale. And classical tandems look more restrained and elegant: brown with beige, blue and yellow and others.

Functional areas and their designation

In the large bedroom you can fit several zones, if necessary. But if the room has to perform only one function, then place the bed in it, and leave the remaining space free.

If the room, on the contrary, should be multifunctional, then you can easily organize recreation and hobby areas, a study, a dressing room. Moreover, each section can be full, spacious, and even partially isolated, if for zoning to use partitions or false walls. But you can also conditionally call a class of different levels, for example, niches in the floor or, on the contrary, catwalks. More berry space can be using different colors or finishing materials.

When finishing, you can also buy anything you want, including bold experiments. Complicated, textured and chic materials are available to you, such as luxury wallpaper of a crust or decorated with voluminous prints, eco-friendly cork panels, Venetian plaster, and so on. One of the walls can be distinguished using brickwork, photo wallpaper, an abstract image, or a realistic 3D drawing. This will be a stylish and exclusive bedroom accent.

Since the ceilings in the large bedroom are certainly high, you can experiment with it. The first option is a complex multi-level construction of unusual shapes. The second option — modern stretch ceilings with an interesting effect or eye-catching image.

When finishing the floor, focus on the fact that on its surface it was nice to walk even barefoot. Suitable parquet, laminate, carpet, ceramic or stone floor with heating.

Tip: do not make the decoration too complex and colorful, otherwise you overload the interior and thereby minimize the freedom of space.


Choosing furniture, allow yourself an elegant bed that will occupy a central place in the bedroom. Focus on the wide decorated headboard: it will transform the interior and bring in a hint of veiled pomp. Acquire other items at your discretion. So, a wardrobe, a dressing table and a comfortable pouf, a bedside table will be appropriate. Depending on the zones equipped in the bedroom, you can purchase a desk and an armchair, a coffee table and padded stools.

Lighting a spacious bedroom is much more difficult than a small one, so one central source will definitely not be enough. But it is not necessary to refuse it: a luxurious or creative chandelier will become the center of the room and refresh the design. Supplement it with lamps located on other levels: table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps.

Tip: if the ceiling is suspended or suspended, then an ambient illumination equipped with halogen lamps would be appropriate.

The decor is not only useful, but necessary for filling the space. And you can use dimensional accessories, for example, a fireplace, tall and bulky plants, a large aquarium, pictures or whole compositions of them. And textiles fill the bedroom with warmth and comfort. If you are lucky enough to become the owner of a large bedroom, then show imagination in the design of its design.

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