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Why dream of marrying: the meaning of sleep by dream book

The meaning of the dream book: a proposal to get married

Every girl secretly wants to get married. And in a dream having seen such a scene, she can interpret it in her own way.

Sometimes this inner desire is personified during dreams. And sometimes such an event, which is not happening, can symbolize the changes that began in the life of a beautiful person.

Therefore, it does not hurt to know exactly what the dream of marrying is dreaming about in order not to be tormented by deceived hopes.

Interpretation of sleep depending on who makes the proposal

The value of a dream in which a girl receives an offer to marry will depend on who the impulse comes from. If this is an unfamiliar older man, then you can expect patronage at work and help from senior colleagues.

The girl can count on the fact that in the most difficult situation, caring people will help her, supporting her ideas and helping her to carry out her plans. You can also expect that after such a dream, the career will begin to move forward.

When an offer is made from a stranger, but the ring itself is very expensive and decorated with stones, then the dream speaks of a change of job and an increase in wages.

Why dream of marrying: the meaning of sleep by dream book

If the proposal for marriage comes from a military man, then this is a good sign. It is possible that a female representative will soon be invited to serve in a very serious and large-scale structure, after which she will begin a different life. If in a dream a proposal from a military person is done beautifully and elegantly, then a new place will bring only positive emotions.

And if such a gesture in a dream is accompanied by pigeons and the man still holds flowers in his hands, then the woman can prepare for a meeting with her destiny.

When a marriage proposal comes from an ex-boyfriend, then you need to expect early changes. Situations that occurred earlier will begin to influence what is happening today.

And it will not always bring joy and satisfaction. Also on the way can meet a person whose memories are badly hurt and cause some pain.

But when the proposal to get married, the girl in a dream receives from the current young man, it means that this thought torments her and does not give rest. Internally, she is ready for a new level of relations and you can just slightly and unobtrusively push your partner to such a step.

Interpretation depending on the reaction to the proposal

Often, the very reaction to a proposal to marry can correctly interpret a dream and warn about some changes in life:

  1. If a woman accepts the proposal with joy and shouts at the gentleman, then all changes in life will be positive and will bring good results.
  2. When the representative of the fair sex at such a moment feels confused and awkward, then we can expect that in real life a woman will be in a difficult situation.
  3. If the girl is slow to answer the question of marriage, then in reality she may miss the chance to change jobs and will very much regret it.
  4. Return the ring and refuse in a dream to your real spouse is a bad sign. Relationships can deteriorate, there will be claims to each other and it is quite possible that such a disorder will provoke a divorce.
  5. A sharp refusal to offer a marriage and arrogant attitude towards a man in a dream means that a woman often remembers old offenses and this prevents her from moving on.

Why dream of marrying: the meaning of sleep by dream book

The interpretation of the proposal of marriage different dream books

Sometimes a proposal to marry seen in a dream can mean a disease of close relatives, and sometimes such an event leads to the conquest of career heights. Different dream books interpret such a dream in their own way:

  1. According to Miller’s dream book, if during a dream a girlfriend’s favorite person’s offer was made, then you can definitely prepare for a change in your personal life. But here some details of the dream matter. If the proposal was made by a stranger, then soon the girl will meet with her second half. But when such a proposal is already received by a married woman, then this can serve as a warning that she should not draw much attention to her person.
  2. The dream book of the Wanderer says that in a dream a proposal to marry comes from a completely unfamiliar man, then in real life it will be extremely difficult to make a lucrative offer. But it will be able to bring financial independence and help to gain a new status for yourself. If at the time of the offer the woman experienced absent-mindedness, then this indicates that the people around are considered too frivolous. But if in a dream she gave her consent to the proposal for marriage, then such a dream promises respect and reverence for loved ones.
  3. The modern dream book interprets the proposal of marriage, which is done with the presentation of the ring, as a sign that a woman can count on mutual and deep feelings. A person may appear in her life, causing a storm of positive emotions and drastically changing her perception of life. If a sleeping girl feels joyful in such a dream, then the relationship will grow stronger. But if in a dream the answer to the proposal was followed by indignation, then you should wait for the parting with the guy.
  4. The old Russian dream book he sees as a presenting of the ring is interpreted as an unexpected pleasure that a person will receive in life.
  5. According to Tsvetkov’s esoteric dream, such a dream only suggests that a person will be in a completely hopeless situation, and will remain in such a state for a long time without seeing a way out.

Why dream of marrying: the meaning of sleep by dream book

Another interpretation of the dream of marriage

Dream interpretation proposal to marry must also be considered from such features of the dream, as the conditions in which the ring is presented. If there are flowers around and the sun shines brightly, it promises respect and recognition.

When a man himself makes a marriage proposal, then in real life many small obstacles will have to be overcome in order to achieve what he has planned and to carry out all his plans. And if you dream that the proposal for marriage is made by one of the close relatives, then some time to be spent alone.

If at first the girl dreams that she has received a proposal for marriage, and then in a dream she breaks the engagement, then this testifies to thoughtless actions that will be performed in real life.

Receiving a marriage proposal in a dream, and being in a snow-white dress, it means that you can get sick pretty soon. If during the sentence a woman tries on a completely foreign wedding ring, in reality it will be possible to quarrel with close relatives.

But at work, difficulties will begin and some may even be demoted.

To get an offer of marriage and being late for your own wedding is to wait for losses and financial losses. In the event that a woman in a dream takes the initiative to marry, then she should be wary of business fraud.

And all relevant documents will need to be signed with special importance and caution.

Why dream of marrying: the meaning of sleep by dream book

Suggestions from a former man

The dream, in which the former lover appears, and he is trying to make a proposal to his lady’s heart, indicates that the woman is known and it is difficult for her to remain true to her opinion. It is easy enough for her to impose someone else’s position and win over to her side.

And in order to somehow change the situation, she should become less gullible and inspired.

  1. If the marriage proposal comes from the former, feelings for which have not yet cooled, then the woman should know that her past. And this prevents her from building new relationships, and for a long time she will be trampling on one place.
  2. When a former young man who made a proposal in a dream, causes one hostility, then we should expect trouble in an already developing relationship. And it can interfere with building a happy family. If in a dream such a move is flattered by the previous guy, then it means that the path chosen so far was not quite right and you should reconsider your priorities.
  3. When receiving in a dream, the proposal to get married, you need to consider from whom it came in and what elements were accompanied. All this will help to more accurately decipher your dream and make the right conclusions for yourself.

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