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When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

Predictions of clairvoyants about the Donbass — when the war is over

In 2012, the holy father Alexy died in the small village of Alekseevo-Druzhkovka, Donetsk Region. He was not only a good man and a priest, but he knew how others cannot see the future. Before his death, Father Alexy said:

«In two years, war will begin in Ukraine, our village will not be affected, we will have to endure hunger and cold, and then we will live very well.»

When the war in the Donbas was over, no one asked the priest then, since the very idea of ​​a war in Ukraine seemed absurd and implausible.

But today for Ukraine, and for many other countries, this question is one of the most pressing. In 2014, the fighting moved from Slavyansk and Kramatorsk to Donetsk and Lugansk, without affecting several small settlements, including Alekseyevo-Druzhkovka. Obviously, Father Alexy really could foresee the course of future events.

But, unfortunately, the date of the end of the war remained unknown.

If we turn to the predictions of other clairvoyants, we can find that the predictions of some of them coincide, while others, on the contrary, are radically different. For example, some psychics predict the end of the war in 2019, and some of them — at the end of 2017.

There are also clairvoyants who see a global apocalypse in the near future.

In order to slightly open the veil of the unknown, you can try to analyze the prophecies of several clairvoyants at once. Thus, on the basis of the existing matches, we will know the most accurate date for the end of the armed conflict.

So, when the war ends in Donetsk — the predictions of clairvoyants.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

Mikhail Levin

Mikhail Levin is a famous astrologer who founded the Moscow Academy of Astrology.

  • Mikhail foresees that military actions on the territory of Donbass will last at least another 60 years. During this time, Ukraine will survive many coup d’états, stop growing sunflower and other crops.
  • The Ukrainian fields, according to Levin, will completely empty.
  • European countries will be engaged in the production of vegetable oil and dairy products, and Ukraine will have to buy these products three times more expensive than before.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

Sergey Shevtsov

Predictor Sergey Shevtsov believes that the war in Ukraine will end in 2019.

  • Sergey also noted that there will be no economic stability in the country due to constant state coups and a change of political orientation.
  • Ukrainian rulers will alternately orient their policies to Western countries, then to Russia.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

Alain Zelibor

According to the predictions of a psychic Alena Zelibory:

  • At the end of 2017, Ukraine is waiting for a coup d’état, caused by prohibitive rates for utilities and food.
  • Alain envisions an attempt to overthrow Petro Poroshenko, which in the end will be unsuccessful.
  • In 2018, there will be a new government in the country, which will give the people a promise to improve relations with the neighboring country — Russia. The war will temporarily stop.
  • Despite the fact that the new government will be able to gain popularity among residents of the DPR and the LPR, the young republics still refuse to return to Ukraine. Nevertheless, Ukraine will be able to establish trade relations with these republics. However, they will not last long — a new coup will soon be committed, during which the authorities will again be in the hands of leaders who are striving to step into the European Union. These events will lead to the resumption of hostilities in the territory of Donbass.
  • According to Alena Zelibory, the war in Ukraine will last several decades.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants


The well-known soothsayer, who lived in Bulgaria, made a lot of predictions about the events taking place in different countries. Most of them turned out to be very accurate. For example, a blind prophet predicted a catastrophe that occurred in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl, and was also able to foresee the death of the submarine Kursk.

A feature of Vanga’s predictions is that the meaning of the words she uttered becomes clear only after the event predicted by her has already occurred.

  • As for the conflict in the Donbas, the prophet back in the 90s mentioned that darkness, gunpowder, cry, and, oddly enough, a rabbit are waiting for Ukraine. Then the meaning of this prediction seemed very unclear. Today, even the child knows what kind of «rabbit», «gunpowder» and «cry» was discussed. Although, perhaps, the “cry” of the seer was associated with the cry proclaimed on Maidan, but the word “gunpowder” can be understood in the literal sense: gunpowder is a weapon, shooting, war.
  • Vanga said that the originator of the war in Ukraine will be a dwarf with a black face. People began to guess who this mysterious character was only in 2014.
  • Seer believed that Ukraine would lose several of its regions, including the Crimea. From 2018, we should expect rapid developments, and the war will last until 2019.

Pavel Globa

The famous astrologer Globa predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union many years ago, mentioned Putin as the future Russian president, and also could see the crash of the ferry Estonia. It is worth noting that some of the predictions of Globa were not entirely true, and some did not come true at all.

Nevertheless, Paul himself emphasizes that errors in astrological forecasts are a normal and quite natural phenomenon.

  • As for the conflict in the Donbas, the astrologer in 2013 predicted the collapse of Ukraine into several parts. One of them will come out of Kiev’s submission, but it will not succeed in joining Russia, the other will become part of the Russian Federation.
  • The young Donbass republics face a very difficult future, which resembles a scenario that occurred at one time in Transnistria.
  • Globa also noted that 2014 will be the beginning of the third world war.
  • Resolve the conflict situation in the Donbas will succeed the new Ukrainian leader, who will have the strong support of the people. After his coming to power, the situation in the country is normalizing, and Ukraine will be able to reach the same level as Poland and other rapidly developing states.
  • Due to the very harsh nature of the new leader in Ukraine, it will be possible to eradicate corruption, which will positively affect further developments.
  • However, such a leader in the country will not appear soon, therefore, in the near future, Ukraine will face instability and a difficult political and economic situation.

By the way, the economic flourishing of Globa foreshadows not only Ukraine, but also Russia. However, this will happen no earlier than after 2023.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

The predictions of Ulyana Koshevoy

Ulyana Kosheva lived on the territory of the Luhansk region, and with the advent of the war she left for Poltava region. In 2015, the woman turned 104 years old. But, despite such old age, Uliana enjoys respect and popularity among her neighbors.

The fact is that she has the gift of foresight and can heal diseases. Despite the almost complete blindness, the grandmother can see what others, ordinary people, can not see.

Prophetic visions come Ulyane in dreams. Most often, prophetic dreams dream at the beginning of each year — they show what it will be.

A year before the start of the war, grandmother began to dream of soldiers, shed blood and fighting battles. Already living in the Poltava region, fields filled with rye and a peaceful, tranquil sky began to appear in her dreams.

When asked when the war in the Donbas will end, Uliana replies that very soon — at the end of 2017-2018.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

Alexander Zarev

The famous astrologer Alexander Zarev suggests that the war in the Donbass may end in 2018.

Interestingly, the predictions of Zarev for 2018 for both Ukraine and Russia are very similar.

  • So, in both countries in the next year, power may change.
  • It is these events that will lead to the fact that countries will begin to conduct peace negotiations among themselves, which will end in reconciliation.
  • An astrologer sees economic growth in both Russia and Ukraine, which will be preceded by many government reforms aimed at improving life.
  • Economic growth Zarev predicts most other countries.

Sergey Shevtsov

According to the psychic and parapsychologist, Sergey Shevtsov-Lang, the cause of the war in the Donbas was Uranus, which is located in Aries, and patronizes Uranus Mars. Such an arrangement of the planets always leads to devastation, conflict, hunger and misfortune.

  • Ukraine will remain under the fire element until 2019, after which the situation will gradually return to normal.
  • When the war ends, Ukraine will experience a significant increase in the standard of living of the population.
  • The new young republics will again be part of Ukraine, although the model of their new administration will now resemble the former Crimean autonomy.
  • As for the Crimea, the peninsula will never become Ukrainian.

Sergey Vertinsky

Currently Serezha Vertinsky is 10 years old. The boy lives in the Crimea and suffers from autism. Serezha’s mom, and all the people around him, claim that he is an unusual child.

Sometimes the boy predicts upcoming events, which later come true. At first, the parents did not pay attention to the words of the baby, but gradually they began to realize that their son had the gift of clairvoyance.

A year before the events in Crimea and its accession to the Russian Federation, the boy said: «We will soon become Russia.» Later, the kid began to talk about the bloody events that should happen in Kiev, on the Maidan.

And recently Serezha spoke again — the boy foresees the imminent end of the war — in the summer of 2018.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

Ion Ignatenko

Odessa Elder Jonah many times accurately predicted future events that should occur in Ukraine.

Iona Gnatenko accurately indicated the date of the beginning of the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine, and before his death he told about the future that the country expects — the end of the military confrontation will be at the end of 2018.

  • To the question of whether a third world war awaits us, the old man replied that there would be no such war. And most countries, including Ukraine and Russia, will live in prosperity and prosperity.
  • About the future of the United States, the elder said that the great power would have to survive a terrible default, but America would quickly get out of the current situation and stabilize the economic situation.
  • As for America’s relations with Russia and Ukraine, in the future these states will cooperate as equal partners. However, this will happen only after the rulers change in the Slavic states.
  • The elder made a prediction about Novorossia: to the question how the current conflict will end, Jonah answered that difficult times are waiting for the young state. Despite the end of the war and the stabilization of the situation in the world, New Russia will not receive official status and will not be recognized by the world as a full-fledged state.

When will the war in the Donbas end: the predictions of clairvoyants

Astrologer Vlad Ross accurately predicted the resignation of Yatsenyuk, the departure of Yanukovych, the signing of a visa-free regime, as well as many other important events that have occurred in recent years in Ukraine.

  • Ross claims that after 2017, Ukraine will begin to gradually improve the economic situation.
  • By 2023, when the symbol of wealth, Pluto, enters Aquarius, Ukrainians will become as affluent as the Czechs, Poles, and residents of other developed countries in Eastern Europe. Ross predicts the same economic stability to the residents of the neighboring state — Russia. The war in the Donbass will end in 2019.
  • According to the astrologer, the cause of the armed conflict was the passage of Pluto in the ascendant of Ukraine. But the complete departure of the planet from the Ukrainian ascendant will occur exactly after 2019.
  • Russia and Ukraine will again become equal partners. And after 2021-2024, the Ukrainian government will begin negotiations on joining the European Union. In 2025, good money will be invested in Ukraine, and the Ukrainians who have left the country will soon return to their homeland.
  • When Pluto enters Aquarius, a very favorable period will begin for Ukraine to boost the economy, improve people’s living standards, develop business and gain recognition in the international arena.

If the course of events does not follow the scenario of Mikhail Levin and other predictors who foreshadow a long and protracted conflict, then one can hope for an early end to the war in Ukraine.

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