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What will the numerology of an apartment and house tell you?

What does apartment numerology say?

Apartment numerology will help to calculate the «happy» number when buying a property. Also, with the help of numerological calculations, you can determine what energy your dwelling has.

What will the numerology of an apartment and house tell you?

What can tell the number of the apartment or house?

Figures and numbers surround a person throughout his life. And from the point of view of numerology, each number has its influence on the events happening to you. It often happens that the houses are cozy, clean, good and good people live in it.

But, entering into it, you feel depressed and restless. Or vice versa — in the apartment is a mess, but people live in it happily.

Why it happens?

It’s all about the apartment or house number — it fills the residents with its energy, affects the atmosphere in the family and the relationship between its members.

Numerology of an apartment and a house will help determine how the number of your home affects your life and environment.

Brief description of the apartment or house number

First of all, you should pay attention to how many digits in the number of your apartment:

  • Unequivocal. This means that in your life small problems may occasionally arise, but you quickly and successfully solve them. But in general, events around you are developing calmly, without harming the family atmosphere.
  • Two-digit. Indicates that everything that happens in your life is the result of decisions made on emotions. You are more often guided by feelings than by reason. You can be a little happier if you start thinking about the consequences of your actions before you do them.
  • Three-digit. Your physical health always depends on your emotional state and thoughts. If you are accustomed to hope for good, and almost always you are in a good mood, you are healthy. As soon as you allow negative things in your life, you feel bad

But this interpretation is very superficial. Much more can tell the numerological code of your apartment.

What will the numerology of an apartment and house tell you?

How to determine the numerological number of an apartment

The apartment number, which is recorded in the technical passport, and the apartment number in numerology are completely different numbers.

  • Calculate your apartment number using our algorithm, and then look for a suitable value:
  • Write down the apartment number, house number, floor number and porch number. For example, if you live in the 4th house, the 79th apartment on the 14th floor, the entry would look like this: 047914
  • Add the numbers: 0 + 4 + 7 + 9 + 1 + 4 = 25. Continue to add up to the single-digit number: 2 + 5 = 7

Seven and will be a numerological code. There are some nuances:

  • If your house number is written by a fraction (for example: 4/3), write it down without a fraction — 43
  • If you live in a private house, use only its number for the calculation, and the apartment number is considered to be 0
  • If there are letters in the house number, they are equal to the following numbers: 1 — a, and, c; 2 — b, t; 3 — in, to, in; 4 — g, l, f, e; 5 — d, m, x, y; 6th, n, n, i; 7 — oh; 8 — f, n, w; 9 — 3, p, u

That is, if your house number is 14A, use the number 141 in the calculation. After you receive the numerological code, you can look for the interpretation below.

What does the apartment number for numerology

The values ​​of the numbers that you received as a result of the calculation are as follows.

What will the numerology of an apartment and house tell you?

Your home is the perfect place to live. The atmosphere in it cannot be called calm — on the contrary, there is a lot of fuss, hassle and work.

But these are happy efforts — taking care of family members, joint events, holidays and entertainment. This is an island of love and happiness, to which, like a magnet, other people attract.

Therefore, even if living in a single-unit house is lonely, he will sooner or later meet the perfect second half, build a happy and harmonious family with her.

Apartment-two — an ideal place for newlyweds. With such housing it is worth starting for the first time a joint life with other people, because the whole atmosphere helps you get used to each other as quickly as possible.

For a single person, such a number is unfavorable — it repels all potential partners and friends.

Houses and three-bedroom apartments are suitable for older people. This is the perfect place to spend the rest of your life in peace and prosperity. It is also a suitable place to create a “family nest”.

A suitable place to stay very active people who do not know and do not want to sit still. In such an apartment, they will achieve great success and never lose their inherent energy.

The most favorable number. Apartment-five have incredible energy, are a source of positive energy.

Usually this is the place of residence of successful people who have achieved an order of magnitude more than anyone around them, have a high social status.

House-six — for a strong family life. They are always comfortable, calm, warm. I want to go back there to feel the notorious home.

There are often guests who are pulled into a cozy atmosphere like a magnet.

An ideal place to stay for intellectuals. Such a home is filled with the energy of knowledge, discoveries, constant development.

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This is a great place to stay for people who seek solitude. They are not used to being in the center of events, the best rest is alone with oneself. In such a house, a person seeks to know himself better, to achieve harmony with his own inner world.

But he does not want to let anyone into this world. Dwelling bachelor.

Nine — the personification of wisdom. This is an ideal place of residence for teachers, mentors, politicians.

For anyone who teaches others to live, or is empowered.

But very often in such a home people suffer from insomnia, nightmares. They dislike others, they do not understand why.

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