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What will tell us the line of love in the palm of a person

Line of love in the palm — will tell about the relationship of man

The fact that privacy can be predicted by the palm of your hand has been known since ancient times. According to palmistry, in the line of love in the palm you can find out how much a person will have a serious relationship, whether he will marry (and how strong they will be), as well as the number of children.

In this material we will tell about the line of love, plus we will consider how it is influenced by other lines and auxiliary signs and, of course, we will give useful recommendations.

What will tell us the line of love in the palm of a person

Where is the line of love on the hand?

Palmistry experts argue that the line of love on the hand can be located either on one or on two hands at once. In order to find it, you need to squeeze your fingers very tightly into a fist (but it is important to avoid the appearance of skin folds) and turn the palm side of yourself.

You will see one or more lines, located on the side of the base of the little finger — this will be the desired sign.

If an open palm is viewed, the lines will be located on or near the hill of Mercury.

Pay attention to the fact that it is very easy to confuse the line of Love with the line of the Heart. The latter is observed when you bend the little finger, nameless with the index fingers. It will originate from the hill of Jupiter or Saturn and will reach the finger of Mercury.

The marks, which tell about the matrimonial, love life of a person, will be parallel to it and originate from the outer edge of the arm.

Most experts palmistra attached to two lines, beginning at the beginning of the edge of the palm of the same value. But some of them separately distinguishes the line of Love from the line of marriage.

If this separation occurs, the lines will have the following differences:

  • the line of Love is shorter;
  • it almost completely takes the edge of the palm;
  • sometimes the lines located near the line of the Heart and heading towards Venus Hill can also tell about the personal life of a person.

What should be paid increased attention?

When performing a session, each palmist should consider different indicators of the line of Love, namely:

  • be interested in the length of the line;
  • study its slope and direction;
  • deal with clarity and depth;
  • follow the pattern — it can be both intermittent and continuous;
  • look at the number of lines on the hand;
  • study the right and left hands separately;
  • deal with location in relation to other significant lines;
  • explore various additional features on the line.

Take into account all these factors together, and not separately for obtaining the most accurate and complete prediction. In addition, you need to remember about the fact that, guessing the fair sex, the left hand is taken on fate and personal life, and the right hand will tell about all the successes and failures of the past.

As for the representatives of the stronger sex, then for them the situation will change the opposite.

Also, trying to answer certain questions, keep in mind that the left palm is love karma, and the right palm characterizes the connection that has developed between the beloveds.

General characteristics of the line of Love

If on the palm we see a straight, uniform, clear line of Love, we can say that we have a faithful lover in front of us who is able to create a serious and long-term relationship. He will definitely be rewarded with a happy marriage.

What will tell us the line of love in the palm of a person

For a long, deep and thin line, we can talk about a harmonious couple, in a relationship partners are firmly attached to each other.

The presence of a thick line — tells about the mercantile marriage, in which a person feels that he is being used.

The presence of fuzzy, pale, small lines of Love will tell about fleeting romantic intrigues, but in real life there is no real feeling. It is unlikely that such a person will be able to confine himself to one beloved and burden himself with family ties.

It can also tell you about the platonic connection. And waviness will tell about weak affection.

A fork that begins at the edge — heralds separation at the beginning of a relationship and new meetings with the same person. In the case of a connection of the ends, we can talk about reunification with the former spouse.

The same is said about the ends of the forks that are torn and crossed with one another.

  • down — tells about the big love, which, however, will pass very quickly;
  • up — a person does not welcome the marriage or any circumstances prevent him from entering into it.

Other marks on hand

A vertical bar responsible for success and extending from the middle of the palm or sometimes even from the wrist area can touch the long line of Love. In this case, we can say that the person will be in a fairly profitable union, in which there will be no love.

When the line of marriage reaches the line of Destiny, it will tell about a very successful, harmonious, love-filled marriage union.

Long branches, which depart from the line of the Heart and reach the line of Life, will tell about a strong emotional attachment to the beloved, but still not so strong as to make it officially marry.

If the line intersects with the hillock of Mercury, we can talk about the propensity of a person to promiscuity and the probable monetary loss in case of a divorce.

And if it intersects with the belt of Venus, it means that the subject will be in a relationship with a person who will influence his spiritual growth and contribute to achieving success.

In the case of a close location of the deep line of Influence — you can talk about a cloudless conjugal life, a person will be the leader in this pair.

Touch with the line of the Heart — tells about widowhood.

The passage of small dashes from the little finger to the line of the Heart tells about the children. Moreover, if the lines are quite clear and deep, this indicates the birth of boys.

And the presence of dim lines — foretells the birth of girls. Based on the number of lines you can count the number of children.

What will tell us the line of love in the palm of a person

Different signs on the line of Love

  • A star — such a person in life is used to playing and manipulating the feelings of his environment, he often uses love as a means of improving his social status, personal enrichment, or for other purposes.
  • Island — foreshadows a very frequent non-reciprocal love, and if you consider the already existing relationship, it will be pauses, conflicts and parting (though after them the connection will resume again).
  • The cross is not easy to establish love relationships, in which a person will regularly encounter various hindrances and problems that are often not dependent on partners (for example, illness or periodic departures).
  • A triangle is a marriage union in which there is no harmony.
  • The points are very high chances to become a widow, but later to relive an important feeling of love.

What does it mean if there is no line of love on the hand?

If there is no line of Love on your hand, you can talk about the following:

  • about difficulties with spiritual intimacy between you and a loved one;
  • about emotional coldness;
  • about wild sexual desire that is uncontrollable;
  • about selfishness, which takes place instead of true love.

But palmistry experts are in a hurry to reassure everyone: if there is no line of Love on your hand, this does not mean that a person will not have an official marriage. This will tell only about the probable problems and difficulties in the relationship with a loved one.

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