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What ways of divination for Christmas and Christmas time there

Interesting and truthful divination for Christmas and Christmas time — for the future, betrothed, children

In the days of pagan Russia, people did not miss the opportunity to look into the future, and most of all for these purposes, Yule came when the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead became thinner. Guessing people got access to previously hidden information and could find out what the next year was preparing for them.

Not all types of Christmas divinations can be attributed to the prophetic, especially now, when many sacred concepts have lost their meaning, and magical rites have become more entertaining in nature. Experienced magicians, however, do not advise guessing at Christmas out of sheer curiosity or using the information obtained to the detriment of someone.

Regardless of how deeply this or that Christmas rite goes into history, the rules for their conduct remain unshakable:

  • rituals that require maximum reliability, are held alone;
  • divination for Christmas is held on the eve of the holiday and must be completed before one in the morning;
  • on desires or marriage guessing before going to bed — this increases the likelihood to see an object or object of desire in a dream;
  • during the ceremony it is unacceptable to use electric lighting or candles of black, brown, dark green color;
  • “Spectators” are not allowed to the ceremony — only the participants of the action should be in the room;
  • those who wonder during the ritual take open poses — the legs and hands do not cross, do not smother frown, do not bow and do not kneel down;
  • the appearance of girls and women is close to the natural — a shirt or a nightgown are preferred, clothes are loose, jewelry, hairpins, belts and shoes are missing.

In modern conditions, the process of divination is permissible to move to the office space of a city apartment — a kitchen or bathroom, but the country bath (not public) or the barn is best suited for this purpose.

What ways of divination for Christmas and Christmas time there

All types of divination for Christmas and other Christmas days can be attributed to the attempts of people to look into their future, however, they can be divided into two categories:

  • when the performer does not ask a specific question, proceeding to the action, and receives general information;
  • when the performer is interested in the answer to a specific question.

In the first case, the rite requires the use of a large number of objects, and in the second, one or two key attributes are sufficient.

What ways of divination for Christmas and Christmas time there

When locked in a room lit by the light of one church candle, the fortune teller puts 7 identical cups on a table in a circle. One item should be dropped into each container or a small amount of the required material should be introduced:

Having closed his eyes, the fortuneteller rearranges the cups in a chaotic manner for a minute, trying not to turn over one, and then at random takes one of them from the table. According to the filling, which will be in the cup, judge the future for the coming year:

Cup fillingResult
BreadThe year will pass in prosperity and prosperity
SaltHave to face a string of unfortunate circumstances
BowMany tears will be shed
CoinA new financial source will open.
RingForeshadows the groom and the wedding
SugarLife is going to be interesting, with a lot of good events.
WaterNothing significant will change, everything will continue

What ways of divination for Christmas and Christmas time there

The performer will need a white coffee cup with a saucer and a spoonful of natural ground coffee — ideally, if the fortuneteller smiles roasted grains in a hand mill just before the ceremony. Having brewed the drink and having drunk it hot, the girl covers the cup with a saucer, shakes the sediment intensively three times and tilts it upside down.

What ways of divination for Christmas and Christmas time there

By returning the cup to its normal position, one can make sure that the spreading thickness has formed intricate shapes on its inner surface. In the resulting drawings, in the presence of fantasy, it is not difficult to guess the outlines of familiar silhouettes:

DogThe promise of strong friendship
ForestFinancial well-being
StairsFulfillment of long-standing desire
CrossComing events requiring patience
WreathHonored Glory
WindmillLying feelings or promises
Cliff, cliff, gorgeOppressive loneliness
PersonA welcome meeting with someone whose image is guessed.
HouseThe promise of «full bowl»
Arable landEfforts succeed
Pasture with cattleNew dream and its execution
Temple with a bell towerHomecoming
Deer or antlersJourney
Gate, gateThe arrival of the long-awaited guests
Mountain rockDifficulties of overcoming in all life tasks

By analogy with the previous method, tea brewing is also used, only a divination cup is taken wide, with convex sides. After drinking tea at the bottom of the tank leave a thick and a little liquid.

They put a cup with sediment on a saucer, take it with both hands and turn it sharply three times in a clockwise direction, and then quickly turn it over with a pen to itself. Having counted a few seconds, turn the cup back with your left hand.

The figures formed by the tea cups near the handle of the device mean the near future for the fortuneteller, and those pictures that are seen at the bottom indicate the perspective of the second half of the year.

Drawing in a cupDesignation
BottleHealth hazard
Tree or bushA cure for a long illness, a state of relief
The mountainsDifficulties and obstacles in the chosen direction
KeyDiscovery of the chosen path and good luck following it.
Large starLife path is wrong, it needs to be changed
CoffinFarewell to the dream, sadness, loss
A circleMarriage or appearance of a new life
Two circles nextParting, disappointment
RuinsThe collapse of all hope, the loss of faith
AircraftBusiness trip or travel
StairsCareer growth
Heart on the wall of the cupGaining affection
Heart at the bottom of the tankProblems with the heart and blood vessels, the threat of heart attack
ArrowBad news from the unexpected
CrossAnd hardship

One of the little-known divinations for Christmas is with the help of scraps of matter. It involves the participation of several fortunetellers, but to make it more serious, the ceremony can be held alone.

In a small bag performers put one piece of cloth of each color:

  • light green (lime);
  • green;
  • light blue (azure);
  • blue;
  • Orange;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • yellow.

Then each of the participants puts his hand in the bag and randomly pulls out two pieces of matter. Their color combination gives a hint.

Color combinationDecryption
Light green / blueYou should keep yourself from experimenting and be more restrained in actions
Blue / BlueNeed to give up unnecessary dreams in favor of «mundane» tasks
Yellow / blueWe must learn to focus on the tasks of primary need.
Green / BlueYou shouldn’t complicate everything, many current tasks are solved by applying less effort.
Red BlueA person lives in harmony with himself, but he needs to develop communication skills.
Blue / orangeInborn tact can interfere in defending one’s own opinion and aggravate existing problems.
Yellow / blueThe fortuneteller must be able to listen to the opinions of others — this will help avoid mistakes
Blue / light greenWe must trust the instincts and the inner voice
Green / BlueConfidence in others and finding a new friendship will help out of a difficult situation.
Orange / BlueIn a relationship, a leadership position worth giving in to a partner
Pink / BlueThe thirst for adventurism inherent in a fortuneteller can bring him into trouble
Red / BlueWaiting for holidays will be replaced by a gray stripe of everyday reality
Green / orangeSoon there will be a situation in life in which you will need to abandon compromises and defend your decision.
Green yellowThis year will come true love
Green / light greenThere will be a long rest period without particularly memorable events.
Green / pinkIt should retreat from ordinary narcissism and give other people a chance to prove themselves.
Green / redWe’ll have to defend their point of view on a vital issue.
Light green / orangeNeed to listen more to the opinion of loved ones
Yellow / light greenThe carefree stage is over — it’s time to take responsibility for your words and actions
Red / light greenHabit with a head immersed in problems need to be urgently changed to the ability to act quickly
Pink / OrangeYou need to temporarily retire and give yourself time to relax
Red / pinkThe fortune teller is in danger of being a loyal person.
Red / orangeYou should not trust unfamiliar people and provide benefits to those who do not need it.
Yellow RedHappiness awaits the person, and he needs to remain himself
Pink / yellowNatural charm can attract unhealthy attention of strangers to the fortuneteller
Yellow orangeThe leading position must be replaced by the second plan, otherwise the burden of responsibility will break the performer
Light green / pinkThe main task for the coming year is to learn how to enjoy life.

WITHvyatochnoe divination with salt refers to the comic, so it is better to spend it in a noisy company, on any day of the holidays. For the divination, participants will need to pour three packs of coarse salt into the basin. Then the fortune tellers cut sheets of white thin paper into many narrow strips, and each takes several pieces.

On pieces of paper, you can write whatever you want: from good wishes to prophetic utterances.

All pieces of paper are recalculated (their number should be a multiple of the number of participants), tightly curled, and all fortunetellers immediately mixed in the pelvis with salt. Starting from the youngest party fun and on, clockwise, each in turn takes from the heap one prediction and reads it out loud.

Entertainment continues until all notes are announced.

Guessing at the crossroads on the night before Christmas or on Epiphany Christmas Eve, not every girl will be decided, but this method is more reliable than others.

A fortune teller needs to appear at the intersection of two desert roads a few minutes before midnight and stand motionless in the center of the intersection. According to the magicians, exactly at midnight, fortune-tellers will hear certain sounds that can be interpreted as a foreshadowing:

LaughYear promises to be joyful and fun
CryThere are many challenges ahead
SingingQuick matchmaking and marriage
Church bell beatsBig losses and troubles should be expected.

This divination for Christmas will help the performer to answer his question by means of numerological calculus. Since the method involves a focused approach and does not contain entertaining moments, it is better to guess alone.

Sequence of actions in divination:

  1. 1. On a separate sheet of paper, the diviner writes a question that requires an answer “yes” or “no”, and deletes all vowels in the resulting sentence (for example, the word “receive” will look like this: “n … l … h …”).
  2. 2. The whole Russian alphabet is written on another sheet, from which all vowels are also deleted.
  3. 3. All consonant letters are given a sequence number (for example, “B” -1, “C” -2, etc.).
  4. 4. Now on the sheet with the question it is necessary to number all consonants in accordance with the alphabetic code made.
  5. 5. The numbers stamped under the letters need to be multiplied, and the result divided by 7. It should make up the remainder relating to one of the days of the week.
  6. 6. Days of the week are numbered starting from Sunday — it corresponds to “0”, Monday — “1”, Tuesday — “2”, etc.

The result is sought in the table. The letter appearing at the intersection of values ​​is the answer to the asked question:

  • “H” is not;
  • “D” — yes;
  • «X» — at the moment the solution of the question is impossible.
Day of the week (when guessing)one23fourfive60

This little frightening method of divination is very popular in the West, suitable for a company of 4-6 people. To hold it at home, you need to wait for Christmas night.

The algorithm of the ceremony:

  1. 1. Participants draw a large circle on a sheet of drawing paper and divide it into 33 identical sectors (by the number of letters in the alphabet).
  2. 2. On the outside of the circle, each cell is labeled with a corresponding letter.
  3. 3. Above the circle on the right side, put a number to the nine.
  4. 4. A moving element is being prepared — a white saucer, on the bottom of which, on the reverse side, is drawn with a black marker arrow.
  5. 5. Participants extinguish the light and light 3-5 candles around the working platform.
  6. 6. Guessing people sit down at a round table on which the paperman’s paper is lying, and choose among the “medium” present.
  7. 7. He places an inverted saucer in the center of the drawn circle, and at his command, all participants in the action place the index and middle fingers of both hands on the edge of the device.
  8. 8. It is necessary to discuss in advance the spirit of which the deceased will be called upon in order to answer the questions of diviners. When all participants concentrate on the person of this person, the “medium” makes a call: “Spirit (name), come.”
  9. 9. After 20-30 seconds of concentrated silence, the presenter asks: “Spirit (name), are you here? «
  10. 10. The deceased’s soul responds to this and all subsequent questions by moving the saucer from letter to letter. Questions are asked in turn.

At the end of the session, the disembodied assistant is thanked and asked to leave.

Guessing for the future with a chicken egg is carried out when it is known that the performer has no damage or a strong evil eye — otherwise the information will be greatly distorted. Any day is coming up except for January 7th.

Being alone, the performer lights a church candle on the table, places a bowl of cold water in front of it and discharges the entire contents of the egg through a hole punched in the shell. Next, you need to carefully consider the protein in the water.

Protein domedThe wedding will be soon
The protein has spread in the form of a ringThe matchmaking and wedding is coming
See the vehicleIt is a long trip
It turned out a square (cube)Death funeral
Protein went to the bottomYear will be remembered by a strong fire

On wax, they are guessing at baptism — the only day when looking into the future is not forbidden even to the youngest fortunetellers. In order not to be scared, girls gather in small groups.

In the light of a white or church candle, melt some wax in a tablespoon and pour it into a glass bowl or a wide cup of cold water in one motion. After a minute, the resulting figure can be picked up and well considered.

FigureInterpretation of figures
FlowerQuick marriage
Predatory animalAmong the friends will manifest detractor
CrossTrouble, illness or death of loved ones
StarSuccesses in studies or career growth
Little manNew interesting acquaintances
Many droplets (points)To big profits
Many stripsYear will pass on the road
FanThere will be difficulties in communicating with colleagues (fellow students, classmates)
Bunch of grapesGood luck and success in everything
MushroomGood physical health
Woody leafThere is a risk of becoming a victim of gossip.
The DragonFulfillment of a cherished desire
Bell (beautiful shape)Good news
Bell (uneven)The bad news
A monkeyFake friendship and intrigue
PantsCrossroads in solving a difficult question
An AppleThe temptation, which is best avoided
EggPregnancy or good life changes

The method is well suited for group divination, but every girl should have their own chain. At midnight from January 6 to 7, the fortuneteller removes the chain from the neck, clamps it in the fist of her left hand and concentrates on the question: “What prepared the future for me? «. Then the ornament is shifted to the right hand and in one sharp movement rushes to the table.

The prevailing figure is interpreted as a prediction.

Straight lineAll plans come true
Circle, ovalThere will be difficulties on the way to the desired
NodulesHealth problems and monetary failures
TriangleSuccess in love and friendship
CloudFulfillment of a cherished dream
SnakeTreachery, intrigue, heartache
BowMatchmaking and Wedding
A heartLove

For girls in Russia, the most exciting topic of divination was the question of marriage, because of this event brought not only the fate of the young person, but also the history of all subsequent generations of the family.

To see the future groom, to know the main features of his character or appearance, the girl could only in private address to the higher forces. When divination in groups, the participants recognized the name of their contender, and also determined which of them would go under the crown first, and who would not have to experience this happiness at all.

For the ceremony held on Christmas Eve or Epiphany, the girl takes two sewing needles and rubs them well with raw bacon. Close to midnight, you need to light two white candles on the table, put a wide cup of cold water between them and place both needles on the surface of the liquid.

If the tips of the needles converged, then next year the girl will be wooed, if they split up — marriage is not expected in the near future. The best sign is considered, if the needles seemed to stick to each other — the groom will be tender and kind.

But the sunken needles mean a quick disaster or the fact that the girl is not destined to marry at all.

On Epiphany Christmas Eve, young girls were guessing at a gold ring hung on a red string. Authenticating fortune telling is considered to be if the performer is not yet married and not even in love.

How is the rite performed?

  1. 1. The fortuneteller pours a glass of holy water into a third of the volume and places a container between two church candles lit on the table.
  2. 2. The ringlet suspended on a string is carefully lowered into the glass so that the decoration does not touch the water.
  3. 3. Leaning over the glass and holding her hand still, the girl quietly says: “Ring, ring, how long will I get married? «

The decoration itself will begin to swing in the manner of a pendulum and at the same time hit the walls of the glass. How many blows will follow after the question, so many years and wait for the girl to marry.

Among the many types of fortune telling with books, this method is interesting with the possibility of group holding, and the more participants are in the action, the more interesting will be the Christmas party.

How is the ritual:

  1. 1. Participants take the old thick book, in the middle of which is laid the old key with a head in the form of a loop.
  2. 2. The book is pulled tight with twine and suspended from a key sticking out on a nail driven into the lintel.
  3. 3. When she stops swaying, those wondering take turns coming to her and call their names.

When the name of the girl who is destined to be married to the first of those present sounds before the book, the volume will begin to sway or turn around its axis.

Find out the name of the betrothed will help the old method of fortune-telling on the shell of a walnut. After waiting for midnight on Christmas Eve, the girl puts a basin of water on the floor and fastens a set of pieces of paper with male names on its sides.

If there are several guesses, then the most common names can be repeated.

In the intact half of the shell a small burning candle is fixed, and the “boat” is floated on the water of each of the participants in turn. The name written on a piece of paper that will catch fire from a candle flame will be the name of the groom.

If the candle floated to the note, but she did not catch fire — the relationship will not lead to a wedding.

Unmarried girls can be interested in not only the name of the future husband, but also other details about him, which can be found in fortune-telling with buckwheat grain and millet. On the eve of Baptism, at midnight, mix these two types of cereals, taken equally, in a large bowl.

Then each participant of the ceremony takes a large handful of loose mix and releases it from the fist onto the table with a trickle. By the way the grain is laid down, the characteristics of the betrothed are judged:

  • if light grains predominate on the surface of the heap, the groom will be blond, if dark grains will be a brunette;
  • if the grains are slid down — the future spouse has a lot of money, if they are scattered flat — life will be poor.

Owners of good imagination, if desired, can even see the initials of their betrothed in the drawing of spilled grain. If the letters are well guessed, then this is a sign that matchmaking is close.

This method is one of the few that can be used in a sleeping room, but in the morning the room should be sprinkled with holy water.

At bedtime, on the Epiphany Eve, the girl puts a desktop round mirror on her bare knees and lipstick on her name of her beloved boyfriend. At midnight exactly the mirror should be put under the bed, and around it spruce 3-5 spruce twigs.

If fate favors the fortuneteller, then the young man will appear to her in a dream, and the inscription on the mirror will disappear overnight. If the couple is not destined to be together, then the inscription will remain intact, and the girl’s sleep will not be disturbed by the image of the beloved.

Find out what the lovers will bring next year, will be possible with the help of 10 coins from the yellow metal and photos of the partner.

The ritual is held on the eve of the Old New Year or Epiphany, at midnight:

  1. 1. Left alone, the girl puts a photo of her beloved on the table, lights a candle on both sides of it and clamps the coins in her hand.
  2. 2. Looking at the image of a guy, you need to ask: “What kind of future awaits us? «
  3. 3. After asking a question, the singer throws, trying to get into the photo, all 10 coins at once, and then looks like they are laid down.

In evaluating the result, a combination of fallen “eagles” and “tails” plays a role.

ten0If the girl does not reconsider her attitude towards the partner, the couple will break up
9oneThe girl will face difficulties that put the relationship at risk
eight2Couple couple temporary passion for each other
73Ahead is waiting for a serious test of the pair for «strength»
6fourDue to the lack of time for each other, partners risk lonely
fivefiveThe guy has no love feeling for his companion.
four6Soon the young child will be born
37The beloved is in financial difficulties, and without the help of a friend he cannot cope
2eightWork for a guy now means more than a relationship, but this is a temporary phenomenon.
one9The guy loves the girl much more than she does.
0tenThe attitudes of young people are so perfect that nothing can threaten them.

On the eve of the old New Year, the girl should cut off a lock of hair from herself and, if possible imperceptibly, from her beloved one. You can ask the guy’s hair, but he should not know what it is for.

After the onset of midnight, the fortune teller pours running water into a glass bowl and pours in a teaspoon of sugar, oven ash and salt. After the crystals dissolve in the water at some distance from each other, both cut hair strands are lowered.

Waking up in the morning, the girl looks at what position the curls are in. If the strands are spread out on the sides, living together with a guy will be unenviable, and if they are joined, the couple will become happy.

For beauties, spoiled by male attention, a simple onion will help you decide on your betrothed. The ceremony is carried out on the first day of the Christmas, and by the end of the holidays it will be possible to see the result.

The girl takes as many onions as the boys woo to her, and each signs the name of the applicant directly over the husk. All the bulbs are placed in separate jars with water, and the name of the future husband will be determined when one of them shows green feathers first.

On Christmas Eve, a girl cuts a white sheet into narrow strips (1 cm wide) and writes a male name on each one. There will be as many of them as the fortune teller will remember the names.

The papers are rolled into rolls and poured into a cloth bag, which the performer puts under her pillow.

Waking up, the girl first of all pulls out one twist at random and reads the name of her future spouse.

By dog ​​barking, you can find out the age of your betrothed, as well as the main feature of his character. Guessing the girls in this way must be alone or leaving the courtyard in turn.

After midnight, the fortuneteller runs out of the gate of her yard and, trying to make more rustling, begins to shred the snowdrift closest to her with a sharp knife. At the same time, she reads such a conspiracy: “Damn, damn, don’t be silent, damn, damn, tell me, what kind of husband will I get, will I have to laugh or cry? «. Having said the last words, the girl freezes and listens to the voice of the first dog, which will raise barking.

Dog barkfindings
Sharp, flashyHusband will fall strict, principled
YelpingThe betrothed will have a quarrelsome, harmful character
Cheerful, playfulThe girl will be lucky to have a good groom with a sense of humor
Hoarse coughingHusband will be aged
DunkyIn the spouse will be the same age
Howling drearyGirl widow early

A ritual with mirrors that is very difficult and energetically in terms of energy will be suitable for fortune-telling to inquisitive people who want to see in detail the face of their betrothed by fate or to check whether the current bridegroom is such.

The ceremony is held on Christmas Eve in strict accordance with the rules:

  1. 1. First, around the table and her chair, the fortune teller draws a protective circle using a smoldering torch or a burning church candle.
  2. 2. Behind her back — on the wall or high stand — the performer sets up a mirror, and in front of her on the table — two more of the same, turned at an angle of 200 to each other. In these mirrors, next to which one candle is lit, the girl should see well what is behind.
  3. 3. Peering intently at the mirror gallery formed by three reflective surfaces, the girl freezes and sits motionless until the male image appears in the illusory corridor.

It is dangerous to look at the groom for a long time or to contact him. You can not turn around or touch the mirror hand.

It is necessary to finish a session, having crossed and having told: «Chur me».

Guessing on the floor of the future baby or the number of children during the entire marriage life in Russia was not welcomed, but somewhere and was strictly condemned. It was believed that a woman “thinks” both of her life and the fate of the unborn baby, questioning the inscrutable ways of the Lord.

However, married girls, who had not yet experienced the joy of motherhood, were actively guessing at Christmastime and even sharing information about the predicted “share”. The only strict prohibition, the deviation from which was not allowed, was the collectiveness of the ritual.

Guessing on children always assumed strict privacy.

One of the most truthful methods of fortune-telling on the floor of the future first-born child is a ceremony with a wedding ring.

For authenticity in ritual action, holy water is used — it is poured into a half glass and placed in front of a lit church candle. The woman lifted the ring from her finger on her own hair pulled out of her head and gently lowered it into the glass, but in such a way that the jewel would not sink into the water.

If the fortuneteller is destined to give birth to a boy, then the pendulum will swing from side to side, and if the girl is to describe circles above the water. A ringlet hanging motionless will say about childlessness.

When planning a family life, every girl is interested to know how many children are destined for her, and whether she will be as sweet to her husband as motherhood. The ceremony is combined with washing in the bath.

Among Christmas days, the most suitable for fortune-telling is Epiphany Eve.

Steamy woman need one so that no one interferes. Having washed off first in hot water, before going into the steam room, the fortuneteller naked sits down directly on the floor and says: “Bathing forces, I will show you the genitive, and I expect the number of children from you”.

Immediately after these words, a woman should take a good steam bath with a birch besom. Then, leaving the steam room, examine and count the leaves attached to the body:

Number of sheetsResult
One sheetOne child
Two sheetsTwo children (if the leaves are different shades, then opposite-sex)
Three sheetsThree children and at the same time loving and caring husband
More than three sheetsMany children and the tireless care of a hard-working spouse

The question of financial prosperity has always been relevant for the representatives of the stronger sex, because it was on them that the main function of raising funds for the whole family was. Currently, monetary rituals have lost their principled «male» position.

The only condition is that the guessing person himself participates in the formation of the family budget.

To find out whether a year will be profitable in a trade or loss, a domestic cat or cat will help the entrepreneur. After sunset, the animal is carried out beyond the threshold and then silently ask a question on a financial topic that requires an answer of «yes» or «no.»

When the cat comes back into the house, it should be noted what foot it will step over the threshold:

  • if left, the answer to the question is «yes»;
  • if right — “no”.

You can only guess so once, so if the result is not satisfactory and he needs confirmation, you should use another ritual.

The following version of divination for Christmas is useful for analyzing the current financial situation of the family and future prospects in this regard.

Towards midnight, the fortuneteller fills a wide bowl with water and puts it on the table, in the center of a triangle of three burning candles in green. After that, two identical pieces of 12-15 cm are cut off from the new skein of yarn, twisted into several turns with each other and are thrown into the water from a small height.

  • if the threads immediately turned around and divided, the year will be financially successful;
  • if the flagellum drowned, then there will be difficulties with earning funds;
  • if the threads remain twisted, problems with money will haunt the family all year.

The rite is held by the family member who is responsible for the main liability in the house.

Christmas divinations do not always please the executor with the expected result, however, the person doesn’t charge himself with the most negative thing at the moment of disappointment with a disappointing answer, but when he takes the unpleasant information for granted.

If you take the predictions not as a guide to action, but as a chance to correct your life position and eliminate difficult situations, it becomes clear that there are no bad prophecies. This is the initial meaning of the rituals that allow you to look into the future — the ability to respond in a timely manner to the information received.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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