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What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

What scratches the right breast — national signs and interpretation

Through the centuries, omens have come to us, and if the chest is scratched, this too can foretell something. In order to answer the question of what exactly the right breast is itching for, it is necessary to take into account some aspects that we describe in detail in this article.

Most often if the chest itches, it is associated with a loved one. Interpretations differ from the fact that it will take a lot and they have a different origin.

To find out what this sign may portend, we suggest to get acquainted with some of them in our article.

For example, one can cite that if the right breast is itching, then by some signs this indicates a future infidelity of a loved one. But in order to properly understand what your body warns you about, you need to take into account all the factors.


Some of them will warn of troubles, others predict good luck and success in the work begun. For a person, unlike other living beings on earth, there is a fear for one’s life and the life of one’s loved ones.

  • The unknown future also provokes us to search for answers to important questions, even if they are not always logical.
  • The magical side of superstition and will take particularly interested in those who suffered a lot and endured heavy losses.
  • The undoubted predominant part of this audience is women. In view of the highly developed intuition and strong attachments to their relatives, the fair sex is ready to «believe in everything and everyone.»

The most important prerequisite for the emergence of various signs, signs and superstitions is the desire to know your future. For centuries, women trusted not only their intuition, but also tried to recognize the secret language of their body.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation


Various signs exist in large numbers not only in the Slavic culture, but also in other nations. Therefore, huge volumes of scientific works are devoted to their study and interpretation.

The patterns, which for the most part have no scientific substantiation, are separated into a group of superstitions or will be passed down from generation to generation. Grandmothers tell their granddaughters about them, aunts teach their nieces, mothers of daughters, and so they go on for centuries.

For example, I will accept «the right eye is itching — you will be happy, and the left one will cry,» even men probably know. Many adults and children believe in it.

Sometimes, even at some subconscious level, we pay attention to it.

But the truth is, it often comes true. In some families, they believe in the power of prophetic dreams.

Others trust in intuition, relying on it even in solving financial transactions or large purchases. Special aura will take and superstitions, of course, surrounded by the most important events in the life of each of us:

It doesn’t matter what a sign is based on, on religious beliefs, on observations of natural phenomena or simply on the sixth sense, they are all the result of accumulated experience and centuries.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Why can itch the right breast

Often I will accept why the right breast scratches is associated with love affairs. It is believed that in this way longing is transmitted from a man to his beloved woman.

Tosca is so strong that the object of adoration feels it physically.

  • If the right breast itches for three days or more, while the woman feels some discomfort — it means sweet has found comfort on the side. This is not necessarily a serious relationship, but treason is taking place.
  • However, not always the sign is a harbinger of infidelity beloved. It happens that the periodic, quickly disappearing itch, occurs when there is a secret adorer. In this case, such a fan is most likely located in the immediate environment of the woman.
  • Another superstition concerning the married women, says about the approach of an emergency sexual relationship on the side. Which is very rarely based on love. The right chest itches — the blonde thinks, the left — the brunette.

In a dream, scratching the right breast — call yourself into trouble. Soon, a beloved husband can go on the sidelines so much that it will not be possible to return him by any means.

Such a prediction forces women to become more attentive to their halves.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Weather changes

Some interpreters claim that if itching is periodically felt in both breasts, this indicates a full and rich life of their mistress. Do not be afraid of betrayal and problems in intimate relationships.

Our ancestors associated this sign with the weather changes, and for the worse. It was necessary to expect bad weather with rain or snow. Be sure to get cold.

Discomfort can indicate the presence of rivals.

Discussing and making fun among themselves a woman consisting in a prosperous marriage. There is an ancient belief that, with such suspicion, it is best to wash with sanctified water and read any protective prayer about the family aloud.

During pregnancy, special attention should be paid to the acquisition of protective amulets and amulets. Best of all from the envious eyes of other women helps red ribbon tied around the abdomen under the clothes.

While the child is waiting, the right breast may itch if one of the enemies has conceived to harm the expectant mother. Beliefs based on the special sensitivity of the female breast occur from far times.

The most common of these women are not casual emphasize.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation


Our ancestors were very observant, because the majority will take really work. Women’s folk signs why the right breast scratches allows you to learn about how the relationship with the opposite sex will develop in the near future.

Some superstitions concern well-being and wealth in the family. The interpretation of this signs by day of the week is as follows:

  1. The right breast most often itches on Mondays, we can expect a long novel. Chances are that such a relationship will develop into a strong alliance.
  2. This sign happens on Tuesday — soon to meet a guy from a rich family or very hardworking.
  3. On Wednesday, the right breast scratches — waiting for future love relationships promise peace and harmony in the family. However, you can not start a relationship with a married man, there will be constant quarrels and scandals.
  4. If itching in the area of ​​the right breast is felt on Thursday, and even in the late evening — to long loneliness.
  5. According to Friday’s superstition, the right breast is itching to a secret admirer. What is the name of a man in love, you can find out if the next Friday to eavesdrop on a male name under the window of the neighbors. If instead of the name you hear a scream, then to a long separation.
  6. On Saturday, the right breast itches to a new love relationship based on calculation. This also applies to married ladies.
  7. On Sunday, the right breast itches to a quarrel with loved ones, mostly male.

In the old days it was very revered Monday. For a long time, it was decided to start all the important things from the beginning of the week.

New acquaintances promised strong friendship and understanding on Monday. Young people who kissed for the first time on Monday laid a solid foundation for mutual and true love. Today, on the contrary, Monday is considered a hard day.

It may be worth reconsidering this superstition and it is easier to perceive this day of the week


What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

To prevent the development of undesirable events associated with omen, why the right breast is itching, you can use some rituals or «fold-outs» signs. Their peculiarity is that they will bring no harm to anyone, but they can help. The most common of them are “tied” to the observance of certain conditions:

  • it is impossible in the period of doubts and omissions that a husband and wife should wipe with a towel;
  • during periods when the right breast is itching, a woman should not let young women into her house, especially those who are not blood relatives;
  • on the marital bed, even outsiders should not sit down, and not only go to bed — to divorce;
  • you should not look in one mirror with a girlfriend, can fall in love with her husband;
  • the right breast was itching; you need to knock three times on the glass, then the husband will quickly return home will be immune to someone else’s spell;
  • in the days when the right breast scratches in a dream, it is recommended to read the family prayer-charm in front of the mirror;
  • you can not complain about itching in the chest to strangers — this makes a woman energy dependent on her interlocutor;
  • Sometimes the witches advise to make a wish if the right breast is itched, but it must be kept secret for at least six weeks.

Women trusting signs in any case should exclude the possibility of other, very real reasons for the development of itching. This applies to changes in breast size during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Synthetic underwear or an allergic reaction to food can provoke such a skin reaction. It is important to seek medical advice immediately if an extensive rash appears at the place of scratching.

Sometimes domestic signs and beliefs are so «take root» in our minds that the desire to find out where and why they occurred absolutely does not arise. Psychologists have long proved a positive impact on the emotional sphere of the individual.

Beliefs bring stability to our lives, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, they often inspire doubts. Let the first be more, especially since women, as wives and mothers, lacked stability at all times.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Medical practice

Regarding the medical substantiation of the phenomenon of itching in the area of ​​the right breast, there are several of them, too.

The first is that the chest may itch due to papillomatosis of ducts. To exclude such a disease, it is better to make ductography of the mammary glands in time, especially for women.

A less dangerous but equally unpleasant conclusion is that allergic reaction both external and internal stimulus.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, kidney or liver diseases, hormonal imbalances of the body, drinking alcohol, smoking and using narcotic drugs can also cause itching in the chest.

Everyone has the right to decide for himself whether it is worthwhile or not to pay attention to the phenomena surrounding us associated with superstitions and signs. However, listening is probably worth more to your body, which will always prompt and indicate either a foreshadow or a symptom.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Itching right chest in terms of medicine

Deciphering superstition is related to the duration of the itch. For example, if it persists for several days, this is an indication that a loved one has changed with another woman.

When the chest itches periodically, it means that someone of your friends at the moment is very sad for you. And look for fans is among the blondes.

  • In some cases, such a phenomenon may prophesy a quick sexual relationship. There is another interpretation of the signs, why it hurts the right breast, which has a negative character.
  • An unexpected itch indicates that life has failed, and the time has come to admit to it.
  • Thanks to this, it will be possible to start everything from a new sheet and try to achieve the goal. Itching in the area of ​​the right breast is a recommendation that it is worth reviewing life priorities.
  • A sign that tells what the right breast is itching for was used by our ancestors to predict the weather.
  • Itching in this area most often predicted cold or rain. If the chest itches in a dream — this is a recommendation that you should look at your loved one, because he can betray.

Consider the question of why it hurts the right chest in men. For the stronger sex, itching in this area indicates that the black bar is over and everything will be fine.

A sign indicates that luck will be a long time in all spheres of life.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Other bust superstitions

People’s signs have come down to us, explaining not only why the right breast is itching, but other situations as well. For example, owners of identical-sized breasts can count on a secure and measured life.

If the right breast is larger than the left, it means that in the first half of life a woman will have to face various trials and tribulations, but with time everything will change and get better.

  1. A mole on the chest can tell about the character of the fair sex. The natural «sign» on the right half indicates mutability, such a lady often changes her mind and direction in life.
  2. In antiquity, if a girl developed a breast early, then it was thought that she was conceived before the wedding, or she herself would live by such a scenario.
  3. Our ancestors performed some rituals that seem ridiculous to modern society.
  4. For example, to increase the bust of the girl, they ate round-shaped vegetables, which they pre-heated, holding her bosom.
  5. They also drank water according to the rules: in big gulps. Even girls applied to the breasts of opposite-sex kittens or puppies.

It is important that animals have so many days of age, as many years as a representative of the beautiful half of humanity. In ancient times it was believed that sucking animals should lead to breast augmentation.

If the woman wanted, on the contrary, that the breast decreased, she moistened it with water, which had previously washed the dead man.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Our body is capable of predicting

A large number will take connected with the human body. For example, if it is itchy any part of the body, many people around are joking, they say, “you should wash more often”.

Of course, nobody argues with the use of regular hygiene procedures. But our ancestors believed that such events can predict subsequent events.

Especially if such “scabies” occur suddenly, without reason and very quickly.

One of the most common signs is that it scratches the left or right breast in a woman. This phenomenon was emphasized.

If the right breast is itching

Most often, the question “Why, why does the right / left breast scratch?” Is answered that this is due to a loved one. Perhaps the lover is very depressed and this is conveyed to the object of his adoration in such an interesting way.

  • It is believed that the right side of the female body is responsible for mental processes, and the left — for emotions. Therefore, for the «love affairs» is the responsibility of the left breast. However, beliefs on this subject are quite contradictory.
  • For example, it is believed that the strong discomfort in the area of ​​the right breast, which appears for several days, is a harbinger of infidelity of the beloved.
  • And if such an itch appears only sometimes and at the same time quickly disappears, it means that there is a fan near the woman, and the longing for her simply “eats”.

Sometimes “scabies” in the area of ​​the right breast may foreshadow an early sexual relationship. Our ancestors also believed that the right breast could itch if the weather changed.

Most likely, to a cooling or precipitation.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Other interpretations

Not very good is a sign, if the right breast is scratched in a dream. This may mean betrayal of a loved one, after which he is unlikely to want to return to you.

  1. There is an opinion that if the right breast is scratched, then a blond thinks about a girl (woman), but a brunette thinks about the left one. Perhaps this is due to the alleged location of the angel on the right shoulder, and the devil on the left.
  2. Some predictors or people with special knowledge claim that itching in both breasts, which are of the same size at the same time, is an indicator of a harmonious, measured and rich life.
  3. Also, according to beliefs, discomfort in the right chest can be felt in the case of envy from opponents. At that moment, when they discuss you among themselves, such an itch may appear.

If you are not quite sure what caused the itching in the right breast, then you can perform a ritual that will prompt you the correct answer.

Conducting ceremony

There is a description of several rituals that help correctly treat the carding of the right breast. So, some mystics offer to knock on the glass in the window at the moment when the chest itches.

This will be a signal for the beloved to come to your meeting.

You can also use a mirror for these purposes. After all, it has magical power and is often used in many mystical rituals and rites.

Some witches and witches advise when it is itching to breast (right) to make a wish. Only it must be very strong.

And then you can count on his performance.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Other causes of itch

The cause of discomfort in the area of ​​the right breast may be the use of synthetic underwear. It is known that it can cause irritation and even an allergic reaction.

So you should watch yourself. If you feel itchy after you put on and wear certain underwear, try replacing it with a more comfortable option.

  • Also, carding of the breast may occur before the onset of menstruation or during the first stages of pregnancy. If you have such suspicions, you should consult your doctor for advice.
  • Very often the chest itches in nursing mothers. This happens due to changes in the breast under the influence of hormones.
  • Increasing or decreasing its size, the inflow and outflow of milk can cause a feeling of discomfort in this area. Usually with the cessation of breastfeeding, this unpleasant phenomenon disappears.
  • Breast discomfort can occur due to allergies to the used cream or laundry detergent.

Do not forget that any painful and even simple discomfort can be symptoms of some diseases. Therefore, the systematic occurrence of itching and pain in the chest is exactly the reason to go to the doctor.


What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Meanings and interpretations

According to popular beliefs, it is believed that the entire right side of the human body (hand, foot, eye, ear, and so on) is controlled by light forces. Behind the right shoulder there is always a guardian angel.

But behind the left side is evil, which seeks to push the person to undesirable actions and actions. From this it follows that if it is the right breast that itches, then we should expect positive events, but there are some nuances.

It is important here, at what time of day itching occurs, in what situation and under what circumstances.

If the right breast is scratched by a young girl, then it means that somewhere in the distance her dear one is saddened. A girl should call a loved one to console him with words, cheer him up. But if this person does not yet have a regular boyfriend, then he should definitely appear.

The sign suggests that a young man is already drying out of her, which she does not even suspect.
When this phenomenon happens in married women, it means that the spouse is not completely satisfied with sex. A lady should show more activity, otherwise her husband will start looking for adventure on the side.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Some nuances

Here it is necessary to note one nuance. A sign works in the event that the chest was combed when the woman was alone.

If itching happened at the time when she was with her husband, then it means that the man at the moment is very good at her half and is happy with her choice.

  • When it only scratches the nipple or areola around it, it shows the passionate nature of the woman.
  • She likes to be the center of attention, she loves to be on the first roles in love games.
  • In some cases, this sign may indicate that the object of her adoration is ripe and ready for a serious relationship.

Why does it itch at night? If a woman’s breasts itch at night, then she should think about the correctness of choosing a partner. Analyze sharing time.

Perhaps she is deceived in her expectations and he is not the one she needs.

What other values ​​are signs

When both breasts are scratched at once, this can be interpreted in two ways. It speaks of a crisis in relationships with your loved one.

She is quite satisfied with an intimate life with this man, but she does not like his position in society or material wealth. Or he is rich and successful, but the woman does not have enough sex.

  1. Sometimes the breasts of women can itch alternately. Right in the morning and in the evening left. The sign says that she should stop throwing from extreme to extreme.
  2. She makes big zigzags in her personal life. At first he brings a person closer to himself, encourages him, and then sharply rejects him for no apparent reason.
  3. And so can be repeated repeatedly. We need to decide for ourselves what to do. You should let go of the person or stay with him forever.

When a woman’s chest does not just itch, but, as it were, gently languishes, sweetly whines, then this is to a wonderful romantic date with your loved ones. In this case, she can make any wishes before the meeting, they will come true.

To be objective, it is worth considering why the breast of a strong half of humanity is itching. If this part of the body was combed by a man, then a noisy party awaits him among friends, there will be a purely male company.

If women itch in the chest continues for a long time, then you should consult a doctor. The sign in this case does not play any role.

There may already be health problems.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Folk omens

A young romantic person will answer that the left one is scratching because the cute one remembers, and the right one — to the separation. An experienced realist in response to this question will advise you to look at your chest for a rash, and a lady with an impressive bust will say that you need to keep your charms clean.

All the answers, of course, are correct, and even the young lady, who believes in omens, is right. After all, inner experiences can affect your well-being.

The body reacts to the impact of the outside world and at the subconscious level can prompt any events or warn. And often folk signs confirm this. What are the signs associated with itching in the right breast?

There are a lot of them and some are even associated with the deterioration of the weather. So, there is a sign that if the chest itches to the right is to the rain.

It is also believed that such a phenomenon in a young girl speaks about the envy of her friends. But if it itches for several days, it means that the beloved is looking to the left.

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity at least once in their life is faced with itching in the chest.

To believe the signs, ask the advice of the mother or girlfriend, consult a doctor or ignore the itching in the chest — each girl or woman decides for herself. The main thing that health was in order.

What to do?

To begin with, it is necessary to note the fact that the skin of the female breast is very delicate and sensitive, so care should be taken to avoid its premature wilting. Female breasts have no muscle fibers, so wearing a bra is necessary, especially if the size is large enough. Very often the itch arises because of the close and synthetic bra.

Since 80% of women have one breast a little more than the other, it becomes clear why one part is itching.

  • Another reason is the dryness of the skin due to the aggressive effects of hard water and household cosmetics. It is necessary to lubricate dry skin with cream and use detergents without fragrances, including for washing underwear.
  • In young girls, the right or left breast may itch due to the fact that during puberty, separate parts of the body may develop unevenly, and with the growth of the mammary glands, one breast first itches, then the other. The intensity of itching may increase during menstruation.
  • In pregnant women, breast growth also increases dryness of the skin, which causes itching. It will be advisable to use nourishing or moisturizing creams (depending on the season) and wear underwear made from natural materials.

Another reason is pregnancy, because during this period there are internal changes in the mammary gland itself.
Breastfeeding mothers constantly change their size, and the skin is therefore irritated and itchy. Therefore, a slight itch during this period does not indicate any pathology.

To protect the nipples from cracks and irritation, they must be lubricated after feeding the child baby cream. It is advisable to ensure that when feeding the child completely captured the areola with the mouth around the nipple, this will prevent the appearance of cracks.

With a large bust size, regular prickly heat often occurs under the breast, especially in the warm season, and hygiene is not the last place in eliminating the causes of itching. Some medicines can also cause itching. You should consult with your doctor and replace or cancel these medications.

Banal stress can also cause itching in the chest.

If the above reasons do not occur, and itching is strong and prolonged, you should consult a doctor, especially if there is pain in the chest. Even a minor blow to this area can trigger cyst development.

If there is a rash, blisters or discharge from the nipples, it is necessary to seek medical help, as these symptoms can speak not only of dermatitis or eczema, but also of a serious disease — infectious or, if it is excreted with blood from the nipple, Paget’s disease. This is a nipple cancer (nipple cancer).

Only a doctor will be able to diagnose, select the necessary medications and prescribe the correct treatment.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Not worth scratching

In any case, do not brush your nails with an itching spot. Otherwise, you can put an infection under the skin and complicate the situation.

If it is not possible to immediately contact a specialist, with intense and prolonged itching, aloe juice can ease the condition a little. Also should not be exposed to solar radiation, which only aggravate the skin condition.

It is recommended to be examined every six months by a mammologist and a gynecologist if pains with itching in the mammary glands are regular. Prevention and timely treatment of emerging diseases will save you from serious problems in the future.

Popular wisdom

Why is the right side of the chest scratched? It has long been believed that the right breast can itch only in very conscientious personalities.

It happens to them because conscience often appeals to the mind, forcing them to recall past actions and to think about whether a person acted correctly at that moment.

  • At the same time, itching must necessarily be at the site of scratching, otherwise the conscience cannot affect the person.
  • Another belief indicates that various love affairs are associated with itching in the area of ​​the right breast. Such observations were made and turned into a sign of a woman.
  • Such superstitions suggest that if the girl suddenly combed her right breast, then her young man (if she has one) flirts with her best friends.

This belief covers women of all ages:

  1. If the right breast is scratched in a mature, married woman, this means that her husband has a mistress.
  2. If a weaker woman in her old age suddenly feels her chest to the right, then this may mean a quick change in the weather, and not for the better, but for the worse.

But the mammary glands are itching not only in women. Why does the right side of the breast scratch in men?

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

Signs for the stronger sex

Usually, the male half of humanity is skeptical of interpretations of this kind and calls them «woman’s fairy tales.» But there are signs revealing the essence of why a man can itch his right side of the chest.

If a man has combed the right side of the chest strongly, then he is unconsciously preoccupied with something, something is very depressing to him.

  • But since men are less sensitive compared to women, the stronger sex cannot realize to the end of their feelings, although it is believed that when itching on the right breast, a person already has some kind of trouble or he subconsciously feels their approach.
  • Another sign says that if a person (usually a man) really wants to scratch an itchy nipple on his right breast, this means that he needs to be very careful in talking to people who are older in age or rank.
  • In such a case, after inadvertently losing words, a major scandal may begin, misunderstanding, mistrust, and perhaps hostility may arise. This is especially dangerous if this happens between close relatives in the family, since quarrels and scandals may continue for a long time.

There is a foreshadowing that can explain why the left breast is itching. Usually, an itch should be present.

Such discomfort foreshadows the long-awaited meeting person.

Now from accept and believe we proceed to a scientific explanation of the scratching of the right breast.

Medical justification of the phenomenon

Based on the accumulated knowledge of doctors, you can make several assumptions that have a scientific background.

Scarring of the right or left breast can be a symptom of a disease such as papillomatosis of the canals and ducts that pass through the organ. To make sure that the person has this disease, you must be examined in a medical institution.

To diagnose this disease on the mammary glands, there is a technique on the basis of which the presence of papillomatosis is established. Especially often women suffer from this disease, since there are more ducts in their mammary glands than in men.

Scratching and itching on the right breast can be symptoms of a less dangerous, but also unpleasant, allergic reaction. It can occur both due to an external irritant, for example, dust, pollen, and due to an internal one.

In most cases, this disease does not threaten a person to mortal danger, but can thoroughly exhaust the body, if you do not consult a doctor in time.

What scratches the right breast: signs and interpretation

What could be the cause

Often the cause of this symptom are diseases that can be associated with lesions of the following parts of the human body:

  1. Endocrine system — various hormonal disorders.
  2. Diseases of the kidneys and liver — failure, hepatitis, etc.
  3. Gastrointestinal tract — colitis, tumor.

Especially often the symptoms, in which there is itching on the right breast, is manifested in alcoholism, use of narcotic substances, smoking.

In case of hormonal imbalance, the appearance of itching on the right side of the chest can be a harbinger of serious diseases, especially in pregnant women, when immunity decreases and hormonal alteration occurs due to fetal development.

Everyone decides whether to pay attention to superstition. To believe in their power or not is a personal matter for everyone.

You can treat the symptoms differently when a disease appears.

But it is better to pay attention to the signals of your body and seek medical help on time, as any delay can lead to disastrous results.

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