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What names are 100% suitable for each other

What are the names of each other — how to find out compatibility

Is there a relationship between the names? Boris Higir devoted many years to studying this issue and made certain conclusions.

Consider what names are 100% suitable for each other? For a harmonious marital union, the names must conform to two principles — similarity in meaning and harmoniousness in sound.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

A woman named Anna has an attractive appearance and modesty. Anna will never flirt for the sake of interest, she is looking for a serious relationship and is offended when she is flirting with her just like that.

Empathy and a tendency to empathy shape her character since childhood. Anna can get married and not out of love, but from a sense of pity for a partner or driven by the desire for care.

Anna is not prone to violent feelings and in bed does not feel passion and excitement. For her husband, she will be a faithful companion and friend until the end of her days.

Anna loves children very much and can even take care of the child because of feelings of compassion. Suitable names:

What names are 100% suitable for each other

A girl named Anastasia is in love with and windy. She marries very early, choosing a strong and purposeful partner.

Anastasia’s credulity is limitless, so it is easy to deceive and cause suffering. Anastasia loves children very much and can often sacrifice her own interests for their sake.

This is a good housewife, faithful wife and caring mother who can create comfort and harmony in the house.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Valentina is sociable, easily starts relationships and has a cheerful disposition. For Valentina, the main thing is material well-being and wealth in the house.

She will be able to create a cozy home, surround the household with care and attention. Valentina’s high moral standards extend to the whole family structure — she strictly follows the traditions in raising children and forming worthy people out of them.

Valentin is very fond of her father-in-law and her father-in-law, since a more caring wife can hardly be found. However, with all the positive qualities, Valentina has drawbacks — grumbling, jealous, some capriciousness and self-will.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Vera is different conflict character, but it does not like a quarrel. Excessive demands and excessive love of order forms its way of life.

Faith will never consent to a marriage unless it is satisfied with the loyalty of a partner. She is prudent and meticulous, prefers men over age and achieved a certain social status.

Sexuality of the Faith needs to be revealed, as it is rather shy and inactive. To feel the tides of excitement, Vera must be in a comfortable atmosphere and completely trust her partner. Vera loves children, but does not risk having many offspring.

She looks after the child well, but is stingy in expressing feelings.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Victoria is not wordy, shy and balanced. Victoria’s appearance attracts men, but she absolutely does not know how to use her advantages. By choosing a husband fits responsibly and slowly, as it is looking for a reliable person.

Victoria needs strong support first. A woman named Victoria can completely sacrifice her career for the good of her husband and family.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Galina has success with the opposite sex and is always surrounded by the attention of men. Having a choice, prefers the most beautiful and balanced of the contenders for the hand and heart.

However, in family relations, he is trying to gain a leadership position and does not seek to sacrifice a career for the sake of the well-being of a spouse and family.

As a rule, Galina gets married twice. In the first marriage can not get along because of the mismatch of goals and capabilities.

The second time she chooses her husband very carefully. Galina cannot refuse to give sexuality, but she seeks to satisfy herself, and only then thinks about her partner.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

A girl named Dasha is windy and fickle. She can easily get carried away by a young man, but quickly loses interest in him. Looking for the perfect partner can enter into relationships with many fans.

Having finally chosen a spouse, she calms down and begins to lead a leisurely family life.

Daria has a docile temper, knows how to please her husband’s relatives and cooks well. She is not prone to conflicts and can turn any misunderstanding into a joke.

Affectionate and sympathetic Daria can decorate the life of her chosen one and turn the hearth into a cozy warm nest.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Katya has an eccentric, extravagant temper. This is an unbalanced person who considers herself the most refined and unique. The family is trying to establish its own order, does not tolerate objections and «dissent.»

He does not trust anyone, always careful in dealing with men.

The first marriage often ends in divorce, after which Catherine rushes to the grave — makes dubious acquaintances, sorts out fans. To sex is from a practical side — it is necessary to maintain hormonal balance.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Irina is in love and emotional. Society of men she likes more than women. She is not in a hurry to get married, as she has enough fans.

She likes to go on a date, receive gifts and signs of attention. In her husband chooses a man over age, with a certain social status. For marriage fits practical.

Spouse loyal, but never allows you to take possession of a whole.

He is skeptical about divorces, considering the stability of relations to be the best and reliable option. Able to improve relations with the mother-in-law, to please the relatives of her husband.

The house is kept in perfect cleanliness, it can create a cozy and homely atmosphere.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Christina is very temperamental and charming. She is able to make acquaintances, to find common points of contact in a conversation.

However, her character is unpredictable, sometimes explosive. Christina does not tolerate any restrictions, so it is difficult for her to choose a partner for long-term relationships.

But Christina loves to restrict the freedom of her chosen one, to which not every man agrees. If the elect nevertheless agrees with the restrictions, Christina will bestow upon him ardent and passionate love.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

A girl named Marina loves male attention and flattering words. She is pretty frivolous and sensual. It is easy for men to win her heart, but it is difficult to hold attention.

Marina can go through the fans, making the right choice. Usually, her favor stops at a beautiful and intelligent man.

However, the monotony of life is so tiring exalted Marina, that she is always ready to plunge into some kind of intrigue.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Rita is distinguished by her business acumen and enterprise and attracts the same men. She is very energetic and mobile, does not tolerate monotony and is always looking for new experiences. Chooses men older than themselves, who were able to prove their loyalty and reliability.

In love, Margarita is passionate, impetuous and diverse, quickly excited and cools. As the hostess, she does not like to cook, but takes care of the household.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Masha is distinguished by a good disposition, but capricious. She gets married early, although she does not strive for this with all her heart.

He loves baking cakes and pastries, decorating the house with exquisite things and luxury. Wife loyal, love knows how to surprise a partner. Caring and kind mother, Maria never stops paying attention to her appearance.

Maria can have many children, as she sees this as the meaning of the woman’s share.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Nadia has a strong character and a strong will. Nadia is a one-man woman, she is strongly attached to a partner and does not think of life without him. In love, very loyal and temperamental, but always defends leadership status in relationships.

Partner chooses carefully, one of the conditions of choice is the similarity of thoughts and ideology. For divorce is negative, as panic fear of loneliness.

In intimate relationships, closed, from which she suffers.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Natasha is very energetic and eccentric. She has a delicate sense of humor and an enormous amount of vitality. She gets married early because she needs to take care of someone.

He does not like critics, he remembers offenses for a long time, although he does not differ in a capricious character. In sex, Natalya is modest, more concerned about the emotional side of relationships.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Nina is very persistent and difficult. In men, it is a success, as it knows how to present itself from the right side. Excessive demands on the future spouse reduces the number of applicants for the hand and heart.

The first marriage usually ends in divorce. By the choice of a second husband, Nina fits in with the experience.

If a man can find the key to her heart, Nina will give him passionate and stormy nights, as she has an inexhaustible fantasy.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl with the name Olga is very cheerful and enjoys success with the opposite sex. Strives for a prosperous life, approaches the choice of a partner very carefully.

To the husband treats with attention. But if he cannot provide her with impressions, he will easily lead the novel on the side.

In this regard, Olga does not differ in scrupulousness, but she will not bring matters to a divorce — she appreciates the family life.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Svetlana is very trusting, but she has a contradictory character. She is kind and compliant, but she cannot determine what she really needs.

Men are attracted by Svetlana’s charm and light temper, but she cannot always decide on her desires. In this regard, her destiny is directly in her own hands — it is only necessary to make the right choice. Svetlana is always a good housewife, able to properly distribute the budget.

It is a dream of many men — to have an appeasable spouse with a mild disposition.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Tatyana holds a high opinion of her person. She always carefully monitors her appearance and does not tolerate monotony and boredom. Tatiana likes male society, flirting and new impressions.

Even after marriage, Tatiana can have an intrigue on the side if she becomes bored. The desire to change partners Tatyana explains the choice of a quality sexual partner, as it is able to raise self-esteem only through sexual contact.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

The girl named Yulia is distinguished by unpredictable behavior and eccentricity. Men do not attract her as potential sexual partners, but she is flattered by courtship.

Julia is frightened by longing and loneliness, so she seeks to surround herself with society. In relationships with men, he demonstrates sincerity, is devoid of deceit and acquisitiveness.

Usually married once, but there are cases of re-marriage.

What names are 100% suitable for each other

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