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What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

Obsession — real cases of people’s obsession with demons

What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many cases in which people behaved strangely, spoke in a different way, convulsed, and so on. It is believed that this behavior indicates that a demon has infiltrated a person.

What is obsession?

When a devil or a demon moves into a person, they talk about obsession. Sub-settlement can occur intentionally and in this case they talk about one of the types of damage.

Another obsession is the result of an improper ritual. Settlement can occur if a weakened energetically person falls into damn places.

The peak of the spread of possessed in the Middle Ages. There are three groups of obsessed people:

  1. The first ones are driven by violent or aggressive demons.
  2. The latter live together with the demon of contradiction or the evil one.
  3. Still others have an unbalanced character and can be either a «sheep» or a «wolf.»

Obsession in psychology

Official science completely denies the possibility of sharing with a person different demons. Obsession is a mental illness called kakodemomanomanii.

More often than others, people who are addicted are passive, open or susceptible are subject to seizures. In most cases, they are easily influenced by other people.

The well-known psychologist Sigmund Freud called kakodemonomaniyu neurosis, in which a person himself invents demons for himself, and they are the result of the suppression of desires.

Obsession — a disease or a curse?

Scientists, who believe that there are no demons, explain the numerous symptoms of obsession with specific diseases. It is worth noting that often doctors cannot help people with similar problems by medical methods.

  1. Obsession from a scientific point of view is a manifestation of epilepsy, in which there are convulsions, loss of creation and a person feels contact with intangible things.
  2. Symptoms such as mood swings from euphoria to depression are characteristic of bipolar affective disorder.
  3. Another disease that can be confused with obsession is Tourette syndrome. As a result of the nervous system disorder, multiple motor tics are observed.
  4. It is known in psychology and such a disease as personality splitting is when there are several personalities in one body who show themselves in different periods. As a result, one person appears as different people with their tastes, habits and character.
  5. Another comparison is obsession or schizophrenia, since the disease causes hallucinations, delusions and speech problems.

Signs of human obsession

If there is an addiction to the essence, then the life of the person begins to change. At first, the symptoms are rare and not so much, but over time, things get worse. The main signs of demon possession are:

  1. Demons can talk through the mouth of a person, cursing others or calling them to renounce the Lord, and not only well-known languages ​​can be used, but also animal roars.
  2. Obsessed people can do prophecy, fly, see spirits, and so on.
  3. Demons give man enormous strength, and he can tear iron chains, move heavy objects, and shove even strong men.
  4. An obsessed person can either degrade or, on the contrary, manifest an increased level of intelligence.
  5. Sleep disturbances occur, a person often sees nightmares and feels as if someone is watching or even walking through the body.

What does an obsessed person look like?

If an entity lives in a human body, then this is directly reflected in its appearance.

  1. There is a kind of drying out of the body as a result of complete exhaustion.
  2. Weight is rapidly lost and dystrophy is observed, and this happens because a person either eats little or refuses to eat completely. This is accompanied by other consequences: fatigue, weakness, headaches, and so on.
  3. If you are interested in how to understand that a person is possessed by demons, then it is worth knowing that one of the obvious signs is a change of eyes that become dull, even though the vision remains the same.
  4. Changes and skin color, which becomes darker. This symptom is very scary.

Signs of demon possession in Orthodoxy

The priests point out that the main sign of the presence of demons in a person is intolerance to everything that relates to the Lord. Even talking about faith will cause unpleasant feelings in him.

The obsessed fear priests, sanctified objects, various shrines, and so on. Believers claim that signs of demonic obsession manifest themselves in various mental disorders, because demons damage a person’s mind.

They are capable of directing many known and unknown diseases on their victims.

What feelings does a person have when possessing an obsession?

Since it is not scientifically proven that the demons can be moved, it remains to rely on the testimony of people who claim that demons lived in them.

  1. One feels the constant presence of some entity inside, which is constantly trying to suppress thoughts and words.
  2. People who are possessed by demons hear a voice that makes them do unacceptable things and subordinates them in every possible way.
  3. There is evidence that the victims felt a surge of strength and wanted to move mountains, or vice versa, their decline and it seemed as if death was coming.

Real cases of obsession

There is a huge amount of testimony about people who have been exposed to the attack of dark forces. Some of them are just a figment of fantasy, but there are stories that have documentary or photo confirmations.

  1. Clara Hermann Cele. In South America, lived Clara, who was 16 years old. In 1906, at a confession, she said that she felt inside a demon. At first they did not believe her, but the state of the girl deteriorated every day. Testimonies of people who heard that she was not speaking in her own voice and behaved inadequately were documented. The ritual of exorcism is held for two days.
  2. Roland doe. The list of people who were possessed by demons, includes this boy, the story of which occurred in 1949. He had fun with the spiritualist board, and a few days later his aunt died. Trying to connect with her, Roland replaced that strange things were happening around: the icon of Jesus was shaking, different cries were heard, objects were flying, and so on. A priest was invited to the house, and he saw objects flying and falling, the boy’s body was covered with various symbols, and so on. Thirty exorcism sessions were held to achieve healing. There are more than 14 documentary evidences of how the bed with the boy hovered in the air.
  3. Annelise Michel. The obsession of this girl began to manifest when she was 16 years old. She was diagnosed with epilepsy, but the treatment was useless. The girl’s condition deteriorated in 1975, the first ritual of exorcism was carried out. 70 ceremonies were conducted and 42 of them were recorded on a dictaphone. Rescue Annelize failed.

How to help the obsessed person?

If, unexpectedly, a person began to behave strangely and shows a possessed rage, it is important not to become confused and to create all possible conditions so that the obsessed person does not harm himself and others. There are a few tips on how to deal with obsessed people:

  1. No need to provoke a possessed person and cause aggression in him, because he is not responsible for his actions. It is better to agree with everything he says, controlling the situation.
  2. It is best to lay obsessed on the bed or sit on the sofa. It should maximally limit his movement through the rooms so that he does not harm himself.
  3. Try to calm the person so that he returns to normal consciousness as soon as possible. If the attack provoked some object, for example, an icon, then take it away.

How to get rid of obsession?

Long since the main fighters against evil spirits are the clergy who conduct the rites of exorcism. Not everyone can fulfill this mission and there are special church schools where they teach the ordinances of rites to remove obsession.

There are magical rituals that can be performed independently, without having any training, the main thing is to follow all the rules and believe in their power.

Obsessed people should ask the rite to be held by close people who have a close relationship with each other.

  1. For the ritual should prepare the water, which is to draw from a clean reservoir during the morning dawn. When you come home, put it on a flat surface, light a candle near the church you bought. Read over the water seven times plot number 1.
  2. After this, it is necessary to yawn strongly and tell plot number 2 three times to remove obsession.
  3. When the last words are spoken, turn over your left shoulder, blow, spit, and spray the obsessed with water. The remaining liquid should be given to him to drink. You can perform this ritual on yourself.

Obsession prayer

There is a special prayer text that can be used to banish a demon. It is necessary to read it all alone, otherwise the demon can go to another person.

It is important to always wear a cross, no matter how the demon inside resists.

Prayer from obsession should be repeated in moments when evil spirits manifest. The text must be repeated until the state improves.

It is important to resist the influence of the demon and continue to read the prayer text.

When demons are expelled, it is imperative to set yourself an orthodox defense.

Demonic obsession books

The theme of exorcism is popular, so you can find several worthy books on this topic in bookstores.

  1. “Exorcist” by U.P. Blatty. The story tells about the life of a film actress, who notices that her daughter’s behavior has changed and as a result she sees in her signs of an obsession with the devil.
  2. «Encyclopedia of witchcraft and demonology» R.Kh. Robbins. In this work a lot of information has been collected and systematized related to demons and the Devil.

Signs of human obsession

What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

Obsession is a terrible phenomenon. People in whom a demon, spirit, or devil has settled are considered possessed.

These people are completely under the influence of an evil spirit that completely controls a person, determines his thoughts, words, actions and behavior. There are quite certain signs of obsession person

In Orthodoxy, the possessed are called demon-possessed, people in whom, for one reason or another, the demon has moved.

There is an opinion in Orthodoxy that signs of an obsession with a person may not appear in usual circumstances and in ordinary life, but if he comes to church or at least see an icon in his house, the devil immediately starts to show himself.

There are very frequent cases when, during worship in the Orthodox churches, one of the parishioners present starts crying loudly, screaming on the floor, howling, shouting curses at God and others for no apparent reason. All this is the manifestation of human demonic positivity.

The ministers of the church explain these cases by saying that the demon sitting inside the person is trying to protect the person from divine influence.

Signs of a person’s obsession can be divided into several signs. Thus, in one case, the demon whispers a man into various obscenities and induces them to do evil, to go against the will of the Lord.

In another case, the demon moves into the body of a deceased person, and begins to harass people in the form of various kinds of ghosts. There are also cases when the demon completely captures the human body and causes harm to other people and himself.

Some theologians expel the devil from animals, it happens from inanimate objects, it can be a mirror or a picture.

How can a demon enter a man? The holy fathers on this account there is an opinion: the devil is a place where there is sin.

Through a sinful way of life, sinful thoughts, when the human soul is weakened by vice, it is then that the devil can take possession of man.

Physical signs of human obsession

The Holy Fathers identified certain phenomena by which it was possible to determine that a person is possessed. Peter of Tyr, in the treatise «On Demons», list the following manifestations:

— any changes in voice, voice acquires a terrible demonic timbre;

— paralysis of some parts of the body, and sometimes everything;

— tremendous power for an ordinary person.

Some demonologists emphasize the same way:

— huge size bulging belly (in people who do not tend to);

— rapid weight loss, which leads a person to death;

— the smell of sulfur (since the demons come from hell);

— indecent thoughts and behavior;

— blasphemy against the Lord, the sacrament and holy water;

— knowledge of languages ​​never known to man, muttering in a non-existent language;

And this is not a complete list of signs of human obsession. Naturally, many of the above signs of obsession are understandable and are signs of symptoms of certain diseases.

For example, in the Middle Ages, the symptoms of epilepsy were very often confused with obsession. Public sexual acts were confused with mental disorders.

Cases of animal imitation — with schizophrenia and so on.

The traditional «treatment» of obsession is to exorcise the demon from the human body. In this case, the priests perform a special ceremony, with the reading of special prayers, fumigation with incense smoke, chrismation.

Very often, when performing this rite, people possessed by a demon begin to resist very much, sometimes fainting.

That is why during the performance of the rite, in addition to the priest there are several other ministers of the church. Of course, psychologists and physicians, these explanations of the church do not take on faith, saying that these are just mentally ill people.

But how to explain the fact that the attacks of man occur in the temples? Why does the rite of expelling the demon from a man really save people from suffering? Unfortunately, this question has not been answered yet …

Signs of obsession in our day. Emily Rose Story

Many, perhaps, heard about the case of Emily Rose (maybe they watched the movie). This is one of the most vivid examples of human obsession with demons. In fact, the heroine of the film was called Annalize Michel.

When she was 17 years old, her life turned into a complete nightmare: she was attacked by paralysis in the middle of the night, it became very difficult to breathe, as if something very heavy was laid on her chest. Doctors of a psychiatric clinic in the city of Würzburg, was diagnosed — Grand mal seizures, in a word — epileptic seizures.

In the end, she was put in a psychiatric clinic for a year. During her stay in the hospital, she began to see demonic faces telling her that she was cursed. Drug treatment did not help at all; rather, on the contrary, it only aggravated the patient’s condition.

She became very irritable, her faces did not disappear. She developed a deep depression.

In 1970, Michel Analise was discharged from the hospital. She appealed to the ministers of the church with a request to conduct a rite of exorcism over her, believing that we are talking about the obsession with demons.

However, the church refused her, advising to lead a more religious and spiritual life.

Her condition began to deteriorate sharply. She began to bite family members, eat spiders and flies, injure herself, began to copy the dog’s habits.

She also began to destroy rosaries, religious books and icons in the house. It lasted five years.

After that, the family still managed to persuade the church to conduct an exorcism rite, with only one condition, that the drug treatment would continue in parallel.

In 1975, Bishop Joseph Stung ordered two priests, Arnold Renz and Ernst Alt, to conduct an exorcism with her. In September 1975, the ceremony began, and ended only in June 1976.

During this time, according to the priests, they expelled from her body: Lucifer, Belial, Nero, Jude, Cain and Hitler.

During the ceremony, which was held twice a week, the girl spoke in demonic voices in different languages, with the voices of those people who died. During these ten months, her health has deteriorated significantly.

She practically did not drink and did not eat, saying that the demons did not allow her to do this.

She was written a letter to the priest, in which she asked to stop the rites, saying that the Virgin Mary appeared to her and offered her two options for deliverance from the demons: immediate deliverance or to allow the demons to have a longer body, but in return for the deliverance of the soul.

The girl chose the second option, except that she was able to predict the date of his own death. On the night of July 1, 1976, she went to bed and did not wake up.

At autopsy, it turned out that she died from malnutrition and dehydration. No abnormalities in the study of the brain were also found.

Despite the fact that all sessions of the rite of exorcism were recorded on tape, two priests and her parents were charged under the article «Murder by negligence.» They were found guilty.

This is the only recent case officially recognized by the church when confirmed signs of obsession person

Video. The rite of exorcism. (Not recommended for people with a weak psyche)

How to identify obsessed?

What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

Contrary to popular belief, obsession is not manifested in the ability to run across the ceiling and turn your head 180 °. More this phenomenon rarely has vivid manifestations.

Sometimes a person can be under the control of a negative entity all his life, and neither he nor even the closest people to him notice this. Alien influence is manifested by short periods and is most often explained by mood swings or mental disorder.

Sometimes one and that entity is passed down from generation to generation, like a tribal curse.

Apart from a general change in nature, there are classic symptoms of obsession:

  • strange, perverted desires;
  • unpredictability;
  • mood swings;
  • propensity to violence, greed;
  • attempts to control others and manipulate them.

Moreover, the possessed can acquire unnatural eloquence, the power of persuasion, since they are controlled by a much more developed being. Being close to the possessed other people, especially children and more sensitive individuals, can feel the heavy, oppressive atmosphere emanating from him, and note the deterioration of health and mood.

Usually, control over a person is carried out by influencing various functions of the body. When an alien entity is introduced into the energy body, it will be able to control the physical.

To instill a victim with a certain behavior, the carrot and stick method is used: the obsessed person is “rewarded” with the release of endorphins for correct actions, punishment follows rebelliousness — anxiety, nervousness, depressive states, sleep disorders.

In rare cases, when a negative entity takes full control over a person, it is really possible to notice significant external changes in it: a change (shading, curvature) of facial features, skin color and eyes.

The muscles of the face can involuntarily contract, giving it an unpleasant, sometimes frankly eerie expression.

The movements become a little slowed down, calculated — as if the person loses natural dexterity and mobility.

However, it should be remembered that in such a state, the person possessed is completely deprived of his own will and capable of completely inadequate actions. In addition, the body under total control is able to develop unnatural power, so the best thing to do is to try to run away from the possessed, and wait until the situation stabilizes.

Video — 5 Real Cases of Demon possession

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The ritual of exorcism and signs of obsession

What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

For many centuries the believers of the whole world tried to save their souls from evil. Sometimes evil was stronger and penetrated human bodies, enslaving and destroying them.

Then a caste of mysterious fighters — exorcists who performed an exorcism ritual — entered the battle for people.


The ritual of exorcism is at least a couple of thousand years older than Christianity. In each of the world religions, rituals, spells and other ways of dealing with a hostile entity that has taken possession of the human body can be found.

For example, in the shamanistic practices of the rite of exile evil spirit was held with the participation of two «specialists» at once.

The healer tried to restore the mental balance of the person possessed with herbs, tinctures and other medicines. The shaman at the same time entered into a trance and talked with spirits, forcing them to leave the body of the patient.

The combination of these two methods usually allowed the evil to be driven back to the lower world and make it forget about the abduction of human bodies.

With the advent of the era of Christ, all the pagan gods gained the status of evil, and Christian fighters with obsession fairly increased work. The greatest flourishing of exorcism fell on the Middle Ages, when the church actively studied to save human bodies from the spirit of the devil penetrated into them.

At this time, a new term «paladin», denoting the knight, who devoted himself to the fight against evil.

The exorcist paladin was, as a rule, a member of the monastic order and possessed of the power bestowed by God — to drive out evil by prayer.

It is interesting that shoulder masters could also engage in exorcising demons in the Middle Ages: torture was considered a sure way to force an evil spirit to leave the body, because, causing pain, the executioner tormented the demon, as it were, forcing him to move away.

By the beginning of the notorious “witch hunt”, the Catholic Church built the completed rite of exorcism: in 1614, Pope Paul V published “Roman Rituals,” based on the centuries-old experience of the exorcists.

The document was accepted for execution, and during the years of the struggle with the servants of Satan, the lists of the symptoms of obsession and the ways to drive out evil spirits that overwhelmed human bodies were finalized. They were recognized to be quite effective and survived to the end of the 20th century almost unchanged.

Varieties of obsession and methods of struggle

Christianity comes from the postulate that in every believer a particle of the Holy Spirit lives. If a person does not believe in Christ, the place in his soul is empty, and evil can easily fill this void.

In other words, the place of the devil where there is already sin, if the soul is weakened by vices, then it is then that demons can take possession of man.

Church experts who study obsession have identified several signs, in their opinion, indicating the presence of outside demonic force in the human body.

A calm person can become irritable and even aggressive, previously indifferent to «doping» — to show an ever-increasing craving for drugs and alcohol.

Possessed by demons can not tolerate being in the temple, during the service can lose consciousness, the touch of the cross and sprinkling with holy water cause him acute pain as if from a burn.

The physical signs of obsession traditionally include abrupt changes in voice, convulsions or paralysis of certain parts of the body, manifestations of great strength for an ordinary person, the emergence of abilities to levitation, muttering in non-existent languages.

To defeat the demon and convince him to leave the victim alone, you must strictly adhere to the ritual. In short, it includes the following stages.

The priest must make sure that the victim is obsessed, and does not suffer from mental illness.

A crucifix is ​​given into the hands of the obsessed person during the exile, and the person conducting the rite must use holy water, available relics and read certain passages from the Bible, marking the sacrifice with a cross.

Then the exorcist is obliged to firmly ask the devil about the names and the number of demons who have mastered the possessed, and about the ways in which they penetrated the human body. Having learned the names of demons, he must lay his hand on the possessed and urge the spirit to leave the body in the name of Christ.

Each action is accompanied by prayers, signs of the cross, and is repeated until the demon agrees to leave the body of the possessed person.

Then protective prayers are recited, and the exorcist asks Christ for protection for the sacrifice from the future assault of the demons on her body.

Professional recommendations

Since the works of the exorcists were venerated in the church environment especially dangerous, theologians worked to compile for them a set of professional recommendations that are absolutely binding. This craft was and remains truly dangerous, and therefore the exorcist must follow the rules in order to help the suffering and at the same time save his own soul from invasion.

It is believed that the one who decided to serve as an exorcist is better not to have close relatives, especially young ones. The danger for close people is too great, and the one who devoted his life to exorcism of the devil must bear his cross alone.

The main professional qualities for such studies are the ability to suggestion and hypnosis, strong will and absolute confidence in their abilities. Fear and doubt during the ritual should be completely excluded.

The important point is the sincere desire of the patient to fight for their future. With his efforts to defeat the inner evil, the chances of an exorcist to win greatly increase.

The initiator of the rite must be fully aware of the mechanism of expelling the demonic essence, understand all the possible complications of the process, be able to preliminarily assess the degree of possession and the overall chances of their actions for success.

He must do this difficult work as many times as necessary, until the obsessed person is completely cured, and provide for him, after his expulsion, custody of people who can facilitate the “rehabilitation” period.

In general, the exorcist’s struggle with the forces of evil almost never stops, and any of his weaknesses are immediately used by the servants of Satan to strike.

The devil or the disease?

Scientists are skeptical obsession, like many other phenomena, not yet explained by science. Doctors and psychologists find in the description of this illness a number of very real diseases that are not related to the tricks of Satan.

According to experts, obsessive inherent pronounced symptoms of hysteria, mania, epilepsy, schizophrenia, split personality and other mental disorders.

And if this is so, then they do not need readings and the expulsion of demons, but medications and close contact with a psychiatrist would be excellent.

The difficulty lies in the fact that usually the patient is completely convinced that he is not sick, namely, possessed by the devil or other evil forces. And it treats any treatment as a waste of time, even if the external symptoms of the disease disappear after the start of treatment.

This belief has destroyed many already in our day, and the doctors were unable to help them, because even with exorcism, awareness is considered important as the victim of his illness. And in order to be treated by a psychiatrist, the consent of the patient or his relatives is required.

Exorcism in the modern world

Modern society, it would seem, is too inclined to realism to fear the machinations of Satan. However, even in the 20th century, there were several high-profile cases of exorcism that made society believe the facts of obsession.

In 1973, the film The Exorcist was released, based on real events that took place with a boy known under the pseudonym Robbie Mannheim.

The troubles began with him after the boy tried to call the spirit of his aunt, who had recently died, with the help of a seance. The session was unsuccessful, but after it the furniture began to move in the boy’s room, someone’s footsteps and noise became audible.

Robbie himself shouted all night, drew a map of the underworld on sheets, and mysterious marks appeared on his chest.

The doctors could not help the child, and the parents called a priest to him. During the first attempt of exorcism, the boy broke the priest’s nose and scattered five adult men who tried to keep him.

The exile of the demons lasted for several days and ended in success only when, according to Robbie’s testimony, the archangel Michael himself intervened in the matter and helped him to read the prayer. In total, it took two months and about 30 sessions of exorcism to cure obsession with Robbie Mannheim.

Unfortunately, sometimes the struggle with obsession ended in defeat. One example of this is the story of Annelize Michel, told in 2005 in the film “Six Demons of Emily Rose”. The first signs of obsession appeared in a girl of 17 years.

The doctors who examined her diagnosed epilepsy, but the Annelise family was very religious and did not believe the diagnosis.

Soon after the strong convulsions and partial paralysis of the body, the girl began to hear strange knocks and see demonic faces.

Once she was discovered on the bridge when she was getting ready to jump into the river. According to her, the devil ordered her to do this, and then the parish priest decided to hold an exorcism ritual over the girl.

In the next 10 months, two priests alternately held about 70 sessions, 42 of which were recorded on the recorder.

During the rites, Annelise screamed, spoke in different voices, and when her body was touched by the priest’s hand, she screamed: «Let go, the fire burns!»

In recent months, the girl stopped eating and drinking, and eventually died during the next session. After her death, the priests who carried out the expulsion of the demons were charged with causing the death of Annelise through negligence, but during the investigation they continued to adhere to the version of the obsession of the deceased.


Ayurveda and treatment of diseases. Obsession

What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

Ayurveda and treatment of diseases. Obsession

In most ancient cultures, mental disorders were viewed as a different kind of obsession with evil spirits, and procedures for their expulsion were carried out for treatment.

Ayurveda generally shares this point of view, but in a more subtle way, considering the problem of obsession through the prism of yogic knowledge.

Such a view of the nature of obsession is not a naive superstition, but a reflection of the knowledge accumulated in Ayurveda about the astral plane and the occult worlds.

The physical world is closely connected with the more subtle worlds, and between these worlds — various dimensions — there is a constant energy interaction. Forces that inhabit more subtle planes can have both positive and negative effects on us.

Depending on the kind of entity with which such an interaction takes place, different types of obsession are distinguished in Ayurveda.

More often than other obsessions, people are too passive, dependent, vulnerable, open or impressionable. Often they lack self-esteem, they are overly sensitive and are easily influenced by external influences.

The aura of such people is usually weak, and they do not have clear certainty about themselves.

There are cases when groups of people are in a state of obsession, which can be observed in the actions of the crowd, and even the population of entire countries, as was the case in Germany during the Nazi rule.

It is necessary to reckon with the existence of these subtle forces, learn to recognize them and repulse their negative influences — otherwise we will be scared, like children in a dark room, and suffer from unnecessary negative experiences.

Of particular importance here is astrology, which gives us an idea of ​​the astral forces acting in the life of each of us.

Principles of treating obsession
Treatment of obsession is similar to the treatment of mental disorders and insanity, but more specific methods of exorcising spirits must also be used. These include mantras, burning incense, ringing bells, and calling out to guardian deities.

In the Hindu pantheon there are various deities exterminating demons, including Durga — the wrathful form of the Divine Mother, Rama — the divine son, protector, warrior and hero, Rudra — the terrifying form of Shiva (Divine Father). Buddhists, especially Tibetan, have their formidable deities.

Any form of the divine that is close to our heart helps to get rid of the influence of negative forces on the psyche.

Features manifestations (types) obsession
Obsession is more often associated with violations of wool, and it is precisely with the cotton constitution that there is a tendency to lose reality and to break communication with the physical body. With the vata constitution, the energy level is lower and it is easier to fall under the influence of more powerful forces.

With vata-type obsession, fear prevails.

The cause of Pitta-type obsession can be over-hot temper. Man falls under the influence of entities that play on his vanity, pride and desire for power.

Kapha-type obsession is usually based on excessive sentimentality and affection. People may fall under the influence of the souls of the dead, who, by virtue of deep affection, do not wish to leave the earth and may enter the bodies of the living.

Obsession with deities
In this case, we are talking about lower-order deities living in the middle astral world, which is full of awe, light and delight. These deities enjoy the game, the beauty and the drama.

We touch their energy through the aesthetic side of our mind.

Such deities take possession of people solely for the sake of the game, they do not cause obvious harm to their victims and can even endow them with knowledge or inspiration. Many of the mediums are in such an obsession and find it delightful.

However, from the point of view of Ayurveda and Yoga, any form of possession is dangerous. Any obsession stirs up vata, weakens our connection with our own soul and causes such vata disorders as insomnia, arthritis or premature aging.

These deities do not like garlic, and with its help they can be scared away. For this purpose it is also good to use nutmeg, valerian, asafoetida. It is possible to get rid of this kind of obsession by opening yourself to the highest divine powers.

In general, you should maintain control over your own mind and lead a correct lifestyle.

Obsession with perfume
Many souls are too attached to the physical world. When death comes suddenly, it is difficult for them to leave the earth.

Therefore, such entities can continue their stay on the physical plane, entering into a relationship with living people.

A special Ayurvedic herb to eliminate the effects of perfumes on the mind is calamus, which can also be used in enemas or with ghee. It helps purify the psychic atmosphere and helps to feel the eternal divine power (Vishnu) sacred basil.

Cleansing incenses help, such as camphor, as well as the ringing of bells.

There should be no stale air in the dwelling. Lofts and basements need to be cleaned of trash and how to be aired.

Usually negative mental entities choose for their habitat places with bad air.

We should push such entities to move on, and not get stuck on the ground, explaining to them the need for a new incarnation in which they can fulfill their mission.

Obsession with demons (asuras)
Human life is described in the Ramayana as a battle between the devas and asuras, the deities of light and the demons of darkness.

Asuras are constantly striving to penetrate a person’s life in order to influence it. They rule the lower world.

Crime and most wars are their work.

The goal of the asuras is to prevent the evolution of mankind, not to allow a person to comprehend his true spiritual nature.

The most serious cases of insanity, in particular psychosis, are associated with asuras, and this form of obsession is the most dangerous.

Demons can move into a person who is in a state of unrestrained anger, hatred, and bigotry when his self-control is completely lost.

As a rule, such an obsession is a state of pitta, and it is treated in the same way as mental disorders of pitta-type. An important role is played by love and forgiveness.

Cleansing with laxatives helps. Of the herbs, brahmi is particularly effective, which should be taken with ghee.

The use of mantras with obsession
The mantra “Hum” — a special mantra of fire and the sound of Shiva — is most suitable for expelling asuras. It is able to neutralize any negative effects and is useful for the expulsion of spirits.

However, to use it, you need to have a special purity, because the object of a crushing attack can be our own negative qualities.

It is possible to invoke the protection and patronage of divine light with the help of the “Ram” mantra. This mantra reveals an aura for the divine mind and protects from the effects of the lower forces of the astral plane.

It is completely safe and useful for any mental illness.

Side effects of spiritualism
Spiritualism is a very ambiguous phenomenon: revealing many possibilities to us, it definitely has side effects.

Whenever we allow any entity to act through our mind, we risk our health, both physical and mental.

Indeed, in order for contact to take place, we must partly die on the physical plane and weaken the connection of our own life force with our mind. At the same time there is a danger of losing control over emotions.

Spiritualism usually excites vatu, so representatives of this type should be especially careful. Over time, it can lead to such disorders of vata as arthritis, insomnia, epilepsy, or even paralysis.

So, Jane Roberts, who was in contact with Seth and who initiated the whole medium movement, died at a fairly young age from rheumatoid arthritis, a typical disorder of wool.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, the practice of spiritualism was most likely the cause of her illness.

Spiritualism is just as dangerous to health as smoking and taking drugs. It may take years before its negative effects manifest themselves, but several sessions may be sufficient.

Mediums should keep in mind that an unconscious state that occurs during a session can be unfavorable for both the body and the mind. If self-control is maintained, the risk is less.

As for the physical constitution, mediumship is less dangerous for the representatives of Kapha, since their very heavy constitution itself helps to maintain “earthiness”.

Those who have poor appetite or poor nutrition, who are exhausted and physically weak, are subject to greater danger.

For disorders arising from spiritualism, the treatment of mental disorders, especially possession, tends to help.

Blue stones, such as amethyst or blue sapphire, especially in a frame of gold, help to avoid the effects of negative factors. Protects aura Hessonite.

Ayurveda and treatment of diseases. Obsession

How to develop extrasensory abilities. What is obsession?

What is the obsession in spiritualism and its signs

The most unpredictable and most unpleasant type of damage is obsession, the introduction of devil or demons into a person. This disease is often referred to as frenzy, seizures, and climacteric.

Obsession was most common in the Middle Ages.

Mostly women who had a “sinful temptation” to enter into a love affair with the devil himself were subject to it. In those days, it was often observed that those who were debilitated by a long illness or were obsessed with a pernicious love passion.

They were spoiled by adding “love potions” to their food or drinks and reading spells over them.

One of the types of obsession is the so-called slicker — a disease that is very similar to shamanism and is also characteristic of women. Its main signs are obscene body movements and cries.

Another form of obsession is amok, i.e. paroxysmal disorders of consciousness occurring suddenly and expressed by sharp excitement. In this state, patients are extremely aggressive.

Usually they run somewhere, destroying everything that gets in their way.

The demon-possessed specialists are divided into several groups.

The 1st group includes obsessive violent, aggressive demons, the 2nd group — demon-possessed contradictions, a sly devil, and the 3rd group — people whose character is poorly balanced: they can be presented as a mild «lamb» or a «wolf «. And now we dwell on the nature of obsession.

Materialists believe that the devil does not exist. Of course, there is no creature under this name in nature.

But there is a universal evil that can be big or small.

It can nest in one person, as a whole people, within the planet and even in space. Evil has its own hierarchical ladder, but each kind of it is contrasted with its own kind of good.

And above this whole system, God, who is the Absolute Good, rises.

But the same science, which does not recognize the existence of the devil, asserts that our body receives what we think, i.e. the body is sick when the soul gets sick. Even Plato argued: «It is foolish to rush to heal the body without curing the soul.»

Only when the soul is in order, will the body be healthy too. It will feel free and joyful in this world.

Thus, if you look at damage from a scientific point of view, when there is harmony and peace in your soul, no demon will overcome it. However, during the life of a state of mind varies greatly.

The soul sometimes has doubts, confusions and other conflicting feelings. In accordance with the above statements, evil (besovstvo, bad thoughts) can live even in the soul of the kindest person.

And there are many reasons for this.

Here is what EI writes in his book “Agni Yoga”. Roerich: “It is instructive to compile a book about the harm done both to oneself and to other bad thoughts.

These thoughts are the source of many diseases.

Previously, only mental illness was associated with bad thoughts, but it is time to see a lot of the most diverse diseases generated by thoughts.

Not only heart diseases, but most gastric and intestinal diseases are a consequence of destructive thoughts. Some people spread the infection without giving in to it themselves. ”

As for animals, dogs and horses are especially sensitive to possession. Thus, in ancient China, a special breed of dogs was specially bred, which was highly valued, as its representatives reacted sensitively to obsession. In addition, in many countries in ancient times it was customary to show guests dogs and horses.

At the same time, they noticed the attitude of animals to strangers.

Cats may also feel an obsession, but behave somewhat differently. They begin to “rejoice”: walking around the house, purring and meowing.

The dog in such a situation hides, the fur on it stands on end. In addition, the animal may unexpectedly rush on the possessed.

The danger of the introduction of a demon increases if a person is weak in spirit. One must try to develop the will in oneself, since obsession is one of those states that are considered unacceptable.

To free a person from the influence of an evil spirit can only be the intervention of a third person who has a strong and pure will.

Only he can deal with this lawlessness, which affects people regardless of their position and age.

If the healer is a pure soul and does not fear the uninvited “guest”, he can try to influence the spirit by force of will. However, even if he left the person, an attempt to retake control over this person is not excluded.

For 1000 days, the patient must keep a close eye on his thoughts, otherwise the obsession may return.

In addition, there are times when the evil spirit is so accustomed to the body of an obsessive person, that after exile leads a person to death. That is, the psychic energy of the “carrier” is so subordinated to the demon that after liberation a person loses the ability to live.

Therefore, the expulsion of the spirit must be very cautious, because, in addition to sudden death, the possessed can have a fit of rabies.

In general, there are many forces in the world that can captivate a person or scare him. Such attacks are particularly frequent and severe in places where people are mentally ill or possessed.

They, like an open door, attract dark entities to themselves and create a kind of “channel” through which demons can get to the people around them.

You are already familiar with what disasters cause curses, curses, and just reckless words, so you can easily imagine what obsessions can be. Conclusion: whenever possible they should be avoided.

If obsession is detected and identified, you should either drive out the devil, or leave the patient alone. In the latter case, the evil spirit will not find for itself the field of action, will “miss it” and leave itself.

In this case, one should not give alcohol or a weapon to those under its influence.

Among the many types of obsession there is one that is called the parent. If you have experienced this kind of seizure, you need to maintain complete calm, make sure that the room has an even temperature and let the patient inhale the smell of rose oil.

It also helps quiet music, as children who are prone to this kind of seizures, as a rule, are musically gifted. In ancient times, the rhythms were considered to be a sign of God’s attention.

At the same time, the child’s soul is as if overflowing, as a result of which an attack occurs.

How to get rid of evil spirits

People who see devils or have dreams in which the unclean is present need to clean the room in order to get rid of evil spirits. Traditional healers advise those who came to the devil in a dream to force themselves to approach him, break off the horns and stick them into his own head.

At the same time, it is necessary to read a prayer and to apply the sign of the cross upon itself. Cross and need the evil one. You can also imagine how you turn the demon upside down and stick its horns into the ground.

Another option is to imagine how you pierce it with an aspen stake and immediately mentally read a prayer.

Healers also advise (depending on the circumstances) to grab the devil by the tail in a dream and discard it with his right hand so that it hits the imaginary wall and flattens. You can also mentally reduce the evil spirit so that it fits in your hand, then take it with your right hand and mentally throw it over your left shoulder.

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