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What is a wraith and romorka in magic, how to bring

What is a wraith and romorka in magic, how to bring

Oveye Signs of Omorochka

What is a wraith and romorka in magic, how to bring

What is a little snail? What are the signs of Omorochka, how is it done and what is it used for? Omorochka is an ancient Russian word that has many meanings, but we are interested in the meaning of the term “omorochka” in practical black magic.

To understand it is necessary to look into the history of a few centuries ago, when other words were used that were now completely forgotten, or were out of use.

The first word that leads to the understanding of what the Omorochka is like a magical rite is mor, a terrible disease that takes people’s lives and leaves no chance for recovery.

This is not the original concept, for it came from the eponymous god of death Mora or Mary, a strong demon who has several names and is represented in different cultures, both Slavic and Roman, and in many others.

Defining the exact origin of the word Omorochka, we should mention the Slavic deity of lies, deceit and illusions named Morok — in the scriptures and chronicles it can be represented in different ways.

There is no reliable information about Morok in the literature, and what has come down to today is like myths and stories for high school students.

Demon Morok was much more than a deity deity — the creation of illusions, the suggestion of ideas, the inspiration of obsessive thoughts, the manipulation of human consciousness and the complete submission of the will — everything was and is in the power of Morok.

From the above, it becomes clear that the omorochka is a magical rite leading to the illness and clouding of the mind of the person who has been mortified. Omorochka is used to gain control over a person’s mind in order to follow their own interests.

Make a little blue eyes to get full power over the mind and thinking of man. To instill the beliefs, thoughts and intentions that will lead to practical actions on the part of the omnated.

How to take advantage of the received power over the black-eyed one, the case of the one who ordered the little blue fish.

Variations of the use and use of Omorochka in black magic are different.

On the path of life there are many people who are an obstacle to achieving goals and satisfying interests.

Some life situations when the ominochka was made: — The suffering person was eager to improve in his career, to move up the career ladder, which promises him even greater material benefits.

It happened so that, regardless of the indices of his own labor, it is impossible to get a promotion, due to disagreements and conflicts with the higher authorities. When the core was made, the increase was given after a month and a half. — Another example was the need to make a specific decision by a specific person.

This occurs in many areas and issues, ranging from hereditary disputes and ending with the imposition of court sentences. Having made a ominochka on a judge or other authorized person, the decision will be in favor of the sufferer.

— It can also be used in the everyday situations, when it is impossible for one person to receive this from another and by worldly methods. With the help of a romorochka for a man, you can force a spouse or a “loved one” to donate a car, rewrite an apartment, and so on.

These examples are taken from real life. They make it possible to understand the power of the rite and the situation in which a small bone can be made.

Signs of the ominorochka can be different — as with other magical influences from black magic. You should make sure that you do not deal with phantom effects. With the situation, when there are signs of ominochka, but there is no omorochka itself.

This is revealed in the process of diagnosis, similarly with phantom damage and curse.

The presence of all of the following symptoms will not always indicate the presence of ominorka. — Sharp change of point of view on a specific question. A person holds the same opinion, but under the action of the romorochka changes him to the opposite, even if it contradicts his convictions.

— Drowsiness, lethargy, mood swings, passivity in decision making, lack of appetite and low tone. Such a state may indicate that a human was made on the person.

Sometimes it is not necessary to seek a concrete decision from the beaten-off one, if it is sufficient to exclude it from the decision-making process.

“A little bitch can cause strange visions in a person, like hallucinations and panic attacks.” This is characteristic not only of the redeemed, but for anyone under the influence of black magic.

— Blurred reason, partial or complete loss of adequacy. It can be expressed in different ways — the one who is tarnished can be both physically healthy and wallow in delirium with intense heat.

Dicky — how to induce and remove the suggestion

What is a wraith and romorka in magic, how to bring

Rime is a rather rare way to influence a person. With the help of such witchcraft, you can completely subordinate your will to the enemy, lover or boss.

Black magic will always help achieve the desired, but the price paid for this can be significant.

Dicky — what is it

What is a wraith? This distortion of perception, respectively, the omorochka is a magical way of distorting a person’s perception.

Such witchcraft is always aimed at the fact that a person against his will did something important for you, or to refuse to make a decision that could harm a sorcerer.

In addition, the small eyelid can be aimed at confusing the thoughts of a person who, being in a sober mind, can be dangerous for you. The victim of such a conspiracy will perform actions, thinking that this is happening according to his will, but in fact it will be completely subordinated to the initiator of the ceremony.

In general, this kind of magic is aimed at suppressing a person’s will and changing his thoughts and intentions. Such work will always be difficult, in order to succeed, you need extreme concentration and serious magical training, as well as a considerable level of personal energy.

It is believed that before performing such complex rituals, it is desirable to keep fast for some time, to rest in a place remote from civilization, to meditate.

But not always there is such an opportunity, often there are situations when immediate magical assistance is required.

Black magic will always help a person who has devoted a lot of time to the study of the occult sciences, but remember that payback can be as serious as your goal.

The effect of such witchcraft, as a rule, short-term. Usually these rituals are used to achieve the goal, after which they reduce the impact on the victim to nothing.

If you need long-term exposure, they will have to be repeated very often. It is not always the stereotype about nightmarish romor has a place to be, parents can turn to such magic in order to protect the child from bad company.

Dicky to inspire the right thoughts

In order for a person to obey all of you, think as you would benefit, and do what you need, perform a simple rite with his photo. Hold the image in your hands and whisper as many times as intuition tells:

You can bring such a romorochku to the enemy, to achieve reconciliation, or to force him to take the wrong decision, on the head, who unfairly applies to you in many other situations.

If you do not have a photo of the object, you can read the following option, being in the same room with the right person. In this case, you will have to read mentally or in a whisper.

If there is a photo, the text can be read in the photo with the window open. Read nine times:

Little ass for all occasions

It is possible to use the romorochku not only to instill the necessary thoughts. With the help of the following rite, one can confuse not only thoughts, but also ways, and in general influence any aspect of a person’s life.

In order to confuse thoughts, take the blue thread from any material. If you need to confuse the way, that is, to make sure that a person is lost on the road, does not come to any place — it is advisable to take the cord from his shoes.

But if such a component is too difficult to get, take a black or brown ribbon, you can take a new shoelace.

The length of the lace is approximately from the foot of the person, the threads for the romorochka on the thought and the head are approximately like the girth of the head. You cannot measure such threads and ribbons on yourself, you have to do it by eye. Well, if the victim’s hair is there, witchcraft will work better.

If you manage to get a man’s hair, they need to be woven into knots.

At the same time with any suitable plot of the romorochka or another, which perfectly suits the meaning, seven knots are tied on a string or string. Nodes should be confused, their whole design should look complicated.

But at the same time in order to remove witchcraft, you will need to unleash them in reverse order.

Popular wisdom says that knowing the right words, you can close any mouth. You should learn a few of these words in advance, which are said in a whisper or about yourself.

In general, the meaning of these words is one — to silence a person, but there are a lot of situations in which such witchcraft can be used. For example, it is easy to force an inveterate brawler to bypass your side:

Such words will always save you from the wrath of a boss who will change his mind about scolding you:

Dickhead on the enemy

There are omorochka for all occasions, including ceremonies that can be directed to detractors. If you are unable to cope with the enemy without witchcraft, try to select his mind so that he could not with you.

In order to perform the ritual, you will need any black berries. From them cook kissel. When he starts to boil, talk to jelly:

When the drink is ready, drink a third. Another third you need to drink at sunset, and what remains — at three in the morning. Count nine days from now, and repeat the rite.

Also do forty days after the ninth day. They count the days at night, after the last portion of the jelly is finished.

You can put a confusion on the enemy in order to confuse all thoughts to him. This plot is similar to the previous one in its action, however, to read it, no attributes are needed, visualization will suffice:

Love romochka on a man

A love snake on a man or a woman is a complex concept. This is not to say that it evokes feelings, like a white spell, or passion, like black. Submission to one’s will can not cause any love feelings.

But to persuade to give gifts or make close your eyes on a few shortcomings of any degree of severity is quite realistic.

Many men do not listen to the words of their wives. To remedy this situation, braid the braid and do not weave it for three days.

Rite, unfortunately, is only suitable for owners of long hair, which really braid in a pigtail. On the fourth day, you need to wake up at three o’clock in the morning, braid the braid and comb your hair with these words:

Women who know this romorochku for a husband can affect a spouse and incline him to any opinion. And even if you carry complete nonsense, your loved one will listen to you with pleasure.

As mentioned above, a wraith is a change in people’s perceptions in their favor. Of course, such magic can be used to seem more beautiful than it actually is. The plot is read to itself, on the way to a place in which there are men:

If there is a person in this room whose attention you particularly want, add another line to the plot:

Such conspiracies work well on holidays and corporate parties, in public institutions, but do not work on the street.

Fatheads taking forces from the enemy instantly

There are special romorochki, select forces from the enemy instantly. No need to be frightened, this is not a negative impact, but a protective witchcraft. The following conspiracy applies only in those cases where you are sure that intrigues are already spinning against you.

If your enemies have started some actions, you can take away the forces that they had to spend to the detriment of you.

You need to read nine times, in the photo of the enemy or with the visualization of his image:

This romorochka selects all the resources of enemies that must be directed against you — energy, the desire to harm, and even money, if they do not like you so much that they are ready to spend money for revenge.

Little ass — how to make the victim do something

With the help of the romorochka to force the victim to do something quite real. Even if the object of witchcraft did not agree to some kind of suggestion, he will try to listen again to your arguments.

It will seem to him that he agrees with your ideas voluntarily, but this is not so.

Read this text should be alone, in a whisper. At the same time, it is necessary to represent the image of the necessary person, mentally shrouding him with the web of his influence:

How to remove a little snail

The question of how to remove omorochka is often asked by women who have experienced adultery and the subsequent departure of her husband to a rival. Before proceeding with the removal of the omorochka, make sure that it is in her.

In addition to quite material reasons, there is also a spell, for example. However, the following method removes all the charms imposed by a rival on her husband.

To do this, you need to invite him to visit and ensure that he came alone.

It is necessary to sentence food and set the table, even if it is modest. On the meal before the arrival of the spouse you need to read:

The conspired food is just for you and your husband. No one else should eat it. So do three times.

If the spouse is still living with you, it will be much easier to take off your baby in such a way. By the way, this simple ceremony also removes all the romorochki for beauty.

If your husband’s mistress used such witchcraft, it will be rendered harmless.

If you are wondering how to remove a little snail from the head, that is, one that is aimed at instilling other people’s thoughts or weakening the mind, there is such a rite. Do it only on a waning moon.

It is good if it works out so that at this time there is a church holiday — Cover, Easter, Christmas or another, but large. For the ritual will require only fish, absolutely any.

It is necessary to remove the scales from it with a knife and read at this time:

After cleaning the fish can cook and eat. If you do not like fish, you can give it to someone.

It is necessary to do this from three to nine times, once strong romorochki are not removed. But the results will be noticeable after the first time.

The rite also acts as a talisman against such witchcraft.

In general, the romorka can be useful to absolutely anyone. There are omorochka for deceiving someone, and for submission to his will, and even protection from enemies.

Virtually everyone can use this witchcraft, so you should know how to remove such slander.

Dicky — how to induce and remove the suggestion

Husky to instill the right thoughts to study, the enemy, the husband, the beloved

What is a wraith and romorka in magic, how to bring

I will not be shy, the ritual for the young man is one of my favorite and most popular rituals. Hilar on enemies, love romorki, romorka on the right person — well, what could be better. This is really the perfect way to not only get what you want, but also the option of revenge on the enemy.

Remove the romorochkoy harder than her to point.

Dicky — the best way to get what you want

The peculiarity of the magic on ormorochku

Omrochka with the aim of instilling a person the necessary and useful things for you is the perfect magic weapon.

Just think, because with the help of such a ritual you can bring a person to madness. Especially the professional work of a magician in such a field can even lead to the suicide of the victim.

But it is a rarity, more often a person becomes, for a certain period of life, a little weak-minded if it is embedded in a ritual, or his thoughts and actions are completely subject to the magician who works with him.

Such witchcraft belongs to the category of aggressive magic, what you used to call Black rituals. Not every magician can do this kind of work.

I came to the first serious results, somewhere in the year 5 of regular practice. It is very important to be able to fully concentrate on the images, you need to be able to play with energy.

Then you can make high-quality omorochki for beauty or love, which should not be.

Hilarious suggestion as a way of protection

It so happens that your enemy is stronger than you in something, and he can harm his actions by setting someone up against you or thinking a bad thing against you. If there are no life choices to defend oneself from the dirty trick of the enemy, call on magic to help you, namely, a little sweater for tangling thoughts and roads.

They are different and the effect is different, but there are similarities in these rituals.

Omeochka «Madman»

Madness to those and good that she does not require strong skills, it can make a novice practitioner, the main thing is that he was able to concentrate on the image of the one whom the omorok would direct.

What is needed for the ritual

In order to conduct the romorochka ritual for the temporary madness of a person, you need to prepare:

A black candle is needed for the ritual.

  • black candle;
  • photo of the enemy;
  • a thin ribbon of blue (only non-silk);
  • victim’s hair.

There is one caveat in the choice of ribbon or lace for the ritual. I have already said that the tape should not be silk or satin, since this fabric holds knots badly, they quickly weaken, and we do not need this.

The second condition concerns the length of the tape. It should be at least approximately equal to the girth of the head of your enemy.

In no case do not measure by yourself, do not forget that there is never a definition in magic and rituals, and therefore you should not endanger your clarity of mind once more.

How to conduct a ritual

In general, I advise you to withstand a three-day fasting before every ritual, study is not easy either. And this concerns not only food, but also sexual relations.

But if on other rituals, namely, I advise, then for this magical action you will need so much strength that I just insist that you endure a strict fast.

Since this ritual is aimed at depriving a person of clarity of mind, for the ritual we choose the day in the period of the aging moon. But at the same time, if emergency actions are needed, and there is still a long time to wait until the desired period, simply perform the ritual from midnight until dawn at any time, at a period when the moon begins to move towards sunset.

  1. Free the floor from carpet or tracks. Install a candle, light it and wait until the flame brightly flares.
  2. On the candle, install a photo of the enemy. It is best if the wax will drip directly onto the image on the head.
  3. Next, you need to pick up the tape and say such words to it:
  4. Now start tying complex knots on the ribbon, from left to right. Tying knots you can weave the hair of your victim in them. In the process we repeat the words of the conspiracy:
  5. Knit the knots tightly, but so that you can untie them.
  6. When there is no free space on the tape, put the photo away from the candle, take the candle in your hands and seal the last knot with wax with these words:

Further, if you plan in the future to free the victim from the action of magic before the power of witchcraft itself comes to nothing, fold the ribbon of photo and the candle into the envelope.

If you do not think to shoot a small snake, then just burn a candle and a photo, and tie the ribbon tightly to a tree branch, let it ruin and confuse the wind.

Tying the ribbons to a tree, say these words: Not only my power is your decree and head, let the wind go wild, let it torment you now, but my work is done.

Love romochka help capture the attention of the desired partner

From the moment you pour wax on the last knot, the magic will start. But there is one more condition.

After the ritual, you need to sit down and concentrate.

Think of your ill-wisher, of your victim, imagine how he begins to lose the brightness of the mind, does strange things. I use the visualization option.

That is, I imagine that here in front of me his thoughts are twisted, like color ribbons I take and start tying them in knots, confuse them among themselves and fill them with black mud.

Snape for the enemy’s silence from Natalia Stepanova

Natalya Stepanova, a Siberian seer and a healer, also offers the ideal option of targeting the sea front to the enemy in order to confuse his thoughts and take them away from you. Such a riot on the enemy will help to withstand even a strong conflict.

What is needed for the ritual

In order to conduct this ritual you need to find a lonely hump in the field.

Before you begin, designate the place where you started your journey. This is done so that you can go through a few full rounds and close your turn.

Stand in such a way that the hump is from you on the left side, and begin to go around it, uttering a conspiracy against the martins and confusion in your thoughts:

This is a pretty strong ritual. But in its implementation there are some nuances:

  • it is necessary to read the plot with a barely audible whisper, but not mentally, but with a whisper;
  • intonation should be regally imperious, almost mandative tone;
  • it is important in the process of reading a conspiracy to imagine that the enemy finds dementia, he begins to forget everything and becomes aggressive.

After reading the plot three times, close the circle, that is, reach the place where you started your turn. Stop and say:

From this point on, the ritual will come into its own power and take action. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can repeat the ritual for several days in a row.

Remember that these omorochki different in their effect and put their action on one level is not worth it.

Husky on the suggestion of beauty and love

Love romochka or romochka on the suggestion of beauty rightfully occupies the second place among all types of romorka and it is not just that.

Love romochka help capture the attention of the desired partner

They are different, they have a different effect, there are love spells, but this is not our option. Such a romorochka is not a love spell, but if you need a certain person for some time to consider you an ideal of beauty and listen to you, in everything, you can perform this ritual.

What is needed for the ritual

To make a beauty snapshot you need to know three things:

  • conspiracy words;
  • the room where the meeting will be;
  • sweet preference of the victim.

The sweet preference of the sacrifice is meant because you need to know which of the sweets is preferred by the one to whom you will perform the romorochka ritual.

How to conduct a ritual

Such a ritual is best carried out in the room where there will be a meeting, but if this option is not available, then you can carry out work on locating the sea side and at home.

In the period of the growing moon, take a treat in your right hand that your victim loves and bite off a piece.

Having tasted the treat, mentally say these words:

Then bite off another piece and say:

Now bite the third time and say this:

From this moment on, a light cut on love and on beauty will begin its action.

Rime is as black magic with runes

Runic decompositions, and more specifically runic stavy, have long been known to us as one of the most powerful and most effective ways of witchcraft. It has also been known for a long time that aggressive Black Magic and runes have found their application in the areas of targeting a heavy martus to humans.

Runic becoming — one of the most effective way of witchcraft

I will suggest that you familiarize yourself with the two most effective mills. In general, the runes are made omorochki different everything depends on what you want to achieve their work.

It can even happen that a romorochka will make your enemy suffer from love for you; with the help of rituals with runes you can spoil the reputation and health of the enemy.

First camp: suggestion.

Black magic and runes capable of suggestion simply work flawlessly.

Second camp: induces a sense of guilt. It’s no secret that if black magic and runes to spread feelings of guilt are laid out on a person more often, you can make his subconscious slowly kill yourself, or this will help you manipulate your victim, because it will carry a heavy burden, the feeling that something is guilty before you.

Using the runes, consider the play of the hand, one wrong line and the rune drawn by you become completely different, and it carries a completely different goal and will give a completely different effect and these omorochka are different in essence already.

What is a «omorochka»? — Magician.com

What is a wraith and romorka in magic, how to bring

Recently, I have very often started to meet in the Magical literature, especially on the Web, with terms of this kind, such as “omorochka”, “omorochka for love”, etc.

Many Mages manipulate an unknown concept and try to “introduce” this novelty into their services as something special and very effective.

In this article, I would like to explain in essence what is a omorochka, how it works, and also give some working versions of omorochek that I personally tested.

Dear friends! Many have asked me. what is a «omorochka», and it’s time to shed light on this question, at least a little.

So, what is a «omorochka»?

Morok — distortion of perception; unlike a mirage in Magic, a wraith can be “induced”. It is believed that a hassle, a hassle is a temporary distortion of reality, that is, in any case, such work will be short-lived.

In Slavic mythology Morok — «… the spirit is gloomy or drowsy (analogue of the Greek. Morpheus), smothering, Mara’s nightmare, the spirit of charm, illusion, entanglement, witchcraft, fortune-telling, hypnosis, patron of deception, associated with the goddess Mara (!) …»

Some argue that Morok is a servant of Chernobog, but this is not so.

If we talk about Moroka as the Spirit, then it is an independent Spirit, which has the ability to “fog up” and fool, knock off the right thoughts, knock off the desired path.

Morok also masterfully masters the technique of illusion, in fact, “wraith” — this is one of the names of “hypnosis” among the ancient Slavs. It was believed that «enter into a wraith» — is to stupefy, confuse or confuse the thoughts of a person.

From the word «wraith» comes the sacrament «confused», religion defines it as «subordinate to the forces of evil, to some extent zombie», but this is nonsense, since «confused» is just a confused person whose thoughts are confused , defunct.

Of course, religion relates Moroka with the Christian fallen angel — Satanoil (Lucifer), but in fact this is a misconception, since these Spirits have completely different abilities and scales.

In Slavic Magic, there are certain types of rituals that are based on special plots (They are also sometimes called “Mansurs”, but this is not quite true.), they are often aimed at forcing a person AGAINST his will to do something, or not to do something. But the very essence of the rite is not in the memorized texts, but in the technique of performing omorochki, of course, there were many secrets that our ancestors of the Slavs passed down from generation to generation, so you should not think that everything is so simple: read the text of omoromka and everything in the bag.

The old Omorchek techniques are known to me directly from my Ancestral Ancestors, but I also contributed to my rituals a share of my own experience and creativity, since any rite must go «from the heart.»

Also have Omorochki, aimed at confusing the thoughts of a person who may be dangerous for you, that is, the romorochki are aimed at ensuring that a person does exactly what you need, while he himself will assume that this is according to his Will. There are also such Omorochki, which simply make a person DO NOT do anything and in general, stop thinking about you.

Rimes they change the thoughts and intentions of a person, this is the most difficult work at the astral level, roughly speaking, it is nothing but an act of Higher Magic, if it is more convenient for you, let it be Higher (Black) Magic, but I do not divide Magic into “white” and «black» is wrong.

Some mages believe that there are also love lovers, but I do not support this view, as the romorochka can only make a person do what you need, but it is not capable of evoking feelings, such as a spell or a binding. Do not confuse love romorka with ovalochkami on charm, as the latter have a place to be — such omorochki will simply help you to please your surroundings and attract more attention to yourself.

Some «dupe» very often take the texts of simple conspiracies of love for the texts of the romorochek, but this is actually not the case!

In pure form love lovers does not exist, therefore you should not confuse these concepts. In general, we should not forget that the omorochka is a short-lived thing, just like an illusion, therefore there can be no «omorochek for love», this contradicts the very nature of this technique.

The main the advantage of Omorochek is that they are very simple in execution, as a rule, the rollback (negative consequences) is small, because they can be performed by people who are not Mages as such.

Shortwads phenomenon, therefore, they are directed, as a rule, towards the achievement of a goal that is needed very urgently, or, if it is necessary to urgently stop the active actions of the enemy (foe), without particularly harming him.

So, having understood the concept of “omorochka”, I would like to give some working examples, which I hope

I studied this question for a long time, and I want to say that the pagans had a large arsenal of interesting marines, for example, such as: nodular omorochka, fish omorochka, omorochka on a spider’s web, on a kissel, on a fog, and many others.

All texts of Omorochek are verified, but you should not assume that, having memorized them, you will become a Magician &# 128578;

one.Great mindset for confusing thoughts the right person:

To speak in a whisper in such a way, focusing your will on the subject of influence, presenting it in a cobweb (or, better, being near a cobweb):

“Attack you a dream and a wraith, not one by one, but all 40. I take your eyes away, I confuse your consciousness, I am mulling up in the black web.

Like flies and mosquitoes, they stick to the web tightly, so my words, deeds, glances, put you to sleep. Sleep your mind, your mind go to sleep.

As the earth absorbs water, so do my will! Swoop on you hassle on each side and on either side! Damn you, clear your mind for one hour of the earth!

Confuse, muffle, twist, do as I want. On your eyes — blindness, on your arms and legs — numbness, on your will — my any command.

As on your face I will feed you, so I will immediately smash you! Brothers-devils, my fetters in (name, of whom you confuse) throw, throw, impose, subordinate his (her) will to my will! Your eyes are in the fog, and your mind-mind is in the dope.

Your eyes are in the fog, and your mind-mind is in the dope. Your eyes are in the fog, and your mind-mind is in the dope.

2. Horn for confusing thoughts, tracks, anything

To confuse thoughts, we take a thread of blue color (any material) and (preferably, but not necessarily) the victim’s hair. One — two hairs will be enough.

They will need to be woven into knots, to entangle.

For tangling the road — well, for example, to get lost somewhere and be late somewhere, not come, etc. — the shoelace’s shoe would be very good, but if not, then the tape. Color — black or brown.

Length — if for a head to be rooted around the approximate circumference of the head, if it is for the legs, naturally, to the size of the leg.

The first knot at the end of the lace-ribbon — the knots are made here as much as possible, but necessarily strong. The second is at the other end.

The third is in the middle.

The fourth — between the first and third in the middle, the fifth — between the second and third in the middle, the sixth — connect the ends together, and the last — firmly connect the whole structure in the middle with a normal (not confused) node.

The design is then stored until the time to which you want to fool. No need — untie the knots in the reverse order.

When tying, you can say any omorochka (you can improvise), the main thing is to tie 7 knots! Always remember that any ceremony made from the heart, with a share of their own creativity, is much stronger.

3Dickhead on the enemy

To bring on the enemy omorochku, Cook from black berries kissel. When water boils, pour starch into it, as usual, and say:

“I will remember with jelly your business, Quickly, very quickly and bravely. As Ilya-Muromets fought, defeated, So I am my enemy (his name), I will crush, I will destroy his cause. Kissel, jelly, Cook all day.

Rise, boil, Firmly fix my case. I am the first, the enemy is behind me. My creator is everywhere, everywhere with me.

Key, lock, tongue. Let it be so!»

Kissel should be drunk in three steps. As soon as you cook, then at sunset and at 3 o’clock in the morning.

To do so on the 9th day (countdown from the day of 3 o’clock at night) and on the 40th day.

4. Horny to man entered as you need:

Take a photo of a person, light a candle (red) and read:

“Find, confusion, from any side, with windy and responsive, from sunrise and from the west. Blink your head, look away thirty-three times.

Morocpical leprosy, eat your thoughts of purity, give unconscious emptiness.

As a baby sees and does not see, hears and does not hear, hears and does not understand, so that my enemy (name), saw and did not see, heard and did not hear, listened to the speeches and did not understand a damn thing (Information that needs to be inserted) » .

After that: “The bones of the skull will disperse, thoughts of jelly will spread (3 times).

This is my will! Let it be so!»

The entire text of the romorochka is read 3 times.

five.To the man changed his mind

In order for any person to change his opinion and act as it is beneficial for you, hold his photographic card between your palms and walk around with your back and forth, repeating these words:

«Back to front, the opposite is true, you will walk, you will think, you will do everything in my favor, everything, as I say.» If you do not have a photo of the person you need, use a piece of paper on which to write his name, patronymic and last name, and carry out all the above steps with this leaf.

I hope that these simple but effective Omorochki someday you will come in handy.

Respectfully, Your Julianna Witch.


Morok and Omorya

What is a wraith and romorka in magic, how to bring

+7 one VitaRose (12/05/2014 12:15) Lidika, thanks for the material If you can, will I add a little? There are also links (the same category of troubles).

Disengagement from trouble (in obvious, dangerous situations). It is short, easily remembered and tested: I go, I go, I lead, I lead, I will lead, I will entangle, I will wrap myself up in prayer, I will take my eyes, I will go any way and pass the misfortune.

God bless me. Amen.

+2 3 NataliaSib (12/05/2014 5:34 PM) Lidika, you just read the mind. Yesterday all day for some reason, the mind-omoroki and romorochki climbed into my head. Today I went to the site, and here it is your article. The site is very good, it helps when it is necessary . Super! And the information is useful and good people. Thank you all from the heart!
+one four irinka9975 (12/07/2014 01:59) Well, I think it’s unlikely that the ritual part can work … it’s unrealistic and if it does, it will come back so that Kapetststs
+four five Lidika (12/07/2014 13:50) This material was laid out for the theoretical part, each witch has its own methods of work, which have been used for centuries in the Witch Family.
Each of us remembers his, generic. It seems that a conspiracy or spell is the same, but the words in memory can change.
+2 6 starfoks (12/10/2014 09:16) Lidika I am not familiar with this material, but sometimes I have such situations. For example, I came to the market with my mother to buy meat. We buy. Mom gives money, the saleswoman enters into a stupor and gives change in half below the cost. that is, I bought not for 70 hryvnias but for 35. And what is most interesting, I will find out about it later, when they already left the bazaar and my stop was triggered! And I go to the market as a force and do nothing for it. Mom is my teacher and an honest person also does not. Mom wanted to return the money to the saleswoman, but she was no longer there. And so it was several times. Maybe it led to a woman. But I sometimes felt a little snake on myself. This is how inhibition appears and sozhnalkal not fast. And I, too, several times so covered.
+3 7 starfoks (12/19/2015 8:06)

Buy a canvas, draw a circle on it, put two eggs of black chicken in a circle. When you read the plot to remove the omorochki, break one egg about another and immediately let them vlakak dog.

Burn the rag immediately.

They do it for a guy on men’s days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), for a girl — on women’s days (Wednesday, Friday). They read the plot as follows: In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The throne of heaven is covered with clouds. I walk, the servant of God (name), On God’s earth with my feet, I take the holy cross with my own hands.

I submit to the Lord God. Virgin pray.

You, Lord, help the whole world, all the people. Help, God and me, God’s servant (name), too. The cross is indestructible, holy, Stand behind my back.

Forty saints, forty martyrs, you took torment for the Lord, you experienced severe pain.

Be you to me, God’s servant, a shield, the Unbreakable Holy Cross. Rise up against the works of the servant of God (the name of the enemy), remove her curse on the servant of God (the name).

Let him wake up from witchcraft, Arouse, rise, Look back around Him, go away from the spell, Reason enters the mind, Fall from the inflated love.

My word is strong, a matter of modeling. How he (she) was born into the world.

What he (she) mind rewarded. Pure body, light soul.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

eight starfoks (12/19/2015 8:13)Dummy to take his eyes. »I create a recusal, I speak, I read a conspiracy, I slander. Let the eyes do not see the obvious, they will not be offended by. As the blind eye does not see clearly or openly, so every eye will bypass me and will not see me. The word is said, deed is blind, blind eyes should be commanded. Hard word. That’s right. Amen. Dummy on the enemy. Speak river sand and sprinkle them at your doorstep. “Bless, Father, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. In the church, a blind man stood at the porch, he took alms that they give, did not know, did not see what hand he served, what hand he took from him, he thinks Satan knocks him down, not nine, not eight, not seven, not six, not five, not four, not three, not two, not one. Satan, you thought again, again shot down, not seven, not six, not five, not four, not three, not two, not one. Let my enemies get full, confuse them, Satan, not three, not two, not one. I’m lord over my enemies. Key, lock, tongue. Amen. Amen. Amen. ”Deface blurred or omorochka on the enemy. Made from straw volt enemy (you can use dry grass from the cemetery). Lead to a report according to the rules. Carry it to the bath. Pour water on the stove, and how steam goes, read 12 times. After that they leave, leaving the volt in the bath for 3 days on the top shelf: “Find the fog black, the fog gray, the fog red on the slave’s mind (name). Mist, spoil the foggy, the mind of a slave (name). Seeing eyes — they will not see, hearing ears — will not hear, the speaker will stop speaking. All that said it will be. Truly. » After 3 days, the volt can be burned, and if you want to completely deal with the enemy, then you can bury on the same grave of the enemy, which is not more than a year, to rot (then it will not be a sea loin, but a serious damage) Omorochka “Braking”, designed sharply rob a person of strength that he is willing to spend to the detriment of you: “He tightened, grabbed, carried through Windbreaks, gullets, Ditches, snags With a roar, whistling, Lesh laughter, eagle scream. Heavy moans, cries. In the ribs struck, in the heart foamed, Roaring in the throat, claws across the chest, Spurred, splashed into the eyes a wave of yellow-turbid Burning sparks. It is yellow around, it is dark around, The fog is around, it burns around, It is light around, neither around it … Saliva is drunk more drunkenly, Burns and strangles, muffles thoughts. Stoney and cry — do not hide the tears. Laughing grin — a yellow snake, Winds the rings, dazzles in the eyes, tightened the brow with a tight cord, Heart sucks, nibbles the soul, Studies the back, buzzing in the ears. Sleep, fall — there is no way! » Confusing spell. Speak in a whisper, concentrating his will on the subject of influence, presenting it in a cobweb: the short beak is quick and powerful. “Attack you a dream and a wraith, not one by one, but all 40. I take your eyes away, I confuse your consciousness, I am mulling up in the black web. Like flies and mosquitoes, they stick to the web tightly, so my words, deeds, glances, put you to sleep. Sleep your mind, your mind go to sleep. As the earth absorbs water, so do my will! Swoop on you hassle on each side and on either side! Damn you, clear your mind for one hour of the earth! Confuse, muffle, twist, do as I want. On your eyes — blindness, on your arms and legs — numbness, on your will — my any command. As on your face I will feed you, so I will immediately smash you! Brothers-devils, my fetters in (name, of whom you confuse) throw, throw, impose, subordinate his (her) will to my will! Your eyes are in the fog, and your mind-mind is in the dope. Your eyes are in the fog, and your mind-mind is in the dope. Your eyes are in the fog, and your mind-mind is in the dope. Goy. Husky for officials. “I (name) go to the wolf, I am leading the animals. Stand in front of me (the name of the victim), as I am in front of you. Go deaf, numb, petrified, and I say a wicked, forty words. As I say, so be it. All rights are mine! ”

Read before the meeting, you can before entering the office.

+one 9 starfoks (12/19/2015 8:21)THE MIST. Already conceal their affairs and hide themselves from others, then it is necessary to go to the swamp in the evening, wait there to wait, if there is a fog, bed, and a piece of raw pork to throw in the swamp and say: “Akki Christos has banished the legion, Taco One demon drove into a swamp, Taco lives in a swamp, Tako now comes up from the quagmire, Taco is now the victim of this komutitsya, Yes, for me, intercede, Yes, the foggy has gone down, Then follow the path of kinettsya, Along the way, rinet. Then I will be saved From the eyes of witches, From the words of witchcraft, From grave kids, From church whispers, From the sorcerer of the old man, From the witch, daring From the archer From the gallop of the lord, From the court of the vicious, From the executioner of the black dragon, From all that was perishing, From the whole of the sorrowful, Then I’m enveloped in a mist, I’m not seen, I’ll save me with a mist, I’ll hold for a year through it. Amen».

Then read 13 times and leave.

+one ten starfoks (12/19/2015 8:23 AM) Snapper To change a person’s thoughts. “The beavers of the tree are sharpening, they put a barrier and a dam, I put a slave to NAME, a barrier to ideas and thoughts of a person NAME as the Moon changes from day to day, so you are a slave to NAME change ideas. Amen my words Amen your thoughts. «

read the plot once for a hot drink, spend at any time of the year

+one eleven starfoks (12/19/2015 8:26 AM) Oveletka — impenetrable on the mirror. This rite allows you to hide your work from viewing other sorcerers. You can view it yourself. It will take: — Mirror. — Photo of Krol — 3 wax candles — 1 black waxed Time, new moon, midnight. Light 3 ordinary wax candles. Put and fix a photo of the object so that it is fully displayed in the mirror. Light a black wolf candle and begin to drip wax on the mirror. At the same time you read the plot 13 times: “I will become, (name), at midnight hour. I will go, (name) through the woods, through the fields. Behind the fields, beyond the forests of the lake are clean, deep. There is voditsa aki smooth surface mirrored, Yes, you can see the bottom. I will, (name), call the Devils: “Accept, bro, look at the mirror! Pay, Chertushki, voditsa clean, transparent In the pool the dark, impenetrable! Yes, so that like the pool of that bottom was not to be seen! So the deeds of my dark, dashing on (name of the rabbit) could not be seen! Neither a sorcerer, nor a witch, nor a healer, nor a doctor, nor an ass! Damn brothers, bury my business, Make every eye a witch eye, Confuse and confuse the Cards And tell me the whole truth ”. Sworn! «

Mirror, after reading, bury at the intersection. Chertyam- something out there.

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