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What information does the line of influence hide on the arm?

What can tell the line of influence on the hand

Man acts as a collective being who cannot live in solitude, outside of society. Other people have a very strong influence on his life, from the closest (parents and relatives) to his work colleagues and unfamiliar buddies.

When this impact is strong enough, a line of influence appears on the arm, more about which we will talk about in this material.

What information does the line of influence hide on the arm?

What are the lines of influence and where are they on the palm

The photo above shows that the lines of influence can be located on the arm in different parts of it. In this case, in each case, they will have a different value, namely:

  • in the case of being located near the line of Life on the hill of Venus — this refers to the influence of the spouse, as well as blood relatives and often children;
  • next to the line of Destiny — such lines will tell about the influence of a spouse, mate;
  • next to the line of the Heart — a partner influences you, also the line can talk about a lover;
  • Influence lines extending from Life and Destiny lines are of the most significant interest. In the first case, we can talk about the strong influence of some kind person or husband / wife, based on how far the line is distant from the line of Life.

In the case when the beginning of the line falls on a point that corresponds to the index and finger of Saturn (correlated with the age of 20 years — acceptable for entering into a marriage), then we can talk about the influence of the husband.

And when the Influence Line comes off from the starting point of the Life Line, it will tell about a powerful maternal impact on the individual.

  • it may happen that at the end of the Influence line on the hill of Venus there will be a cross, a star or a cross — this is a very bad sign, speaking of the death of a loved one;
  • when many lines of influence are located on the mound of Venus, by how close they are to the area of ​​the thumb one can judge: the lines of influence of the husband, and then the mother and then the father are located as close as possible;

When a person becomes independent, the lines of influence on the hill can weaken and disappear completely, or else they can strongly withdraw from the line of Life.

  • Influence lines heading towards the line of Destiny in most cases speak of people with whom you must contact during a certain period of your life. This may include both a happy love affair and a life lesson that a person must pass by drawing the necessary conclusions for himself.

If the partner is really “your” person — the line of influence will enter the line of Destiny and you will follow the same path of life. Otherwise, the line of influence will cross the line of Fate or may even be at a certain distance from it (talking about false hopes).

The number of lines of influence on the hand

Influence lines can have both vertical and horizontal directivity. Those lines that are on the hill of Venus are called “the lattice of Venus”.

They are designed to make the quality of this line on the hand stronger; first of all, it refers to a person’s sexual desire.

Therefore, if a person has a lot of different lines on the arm on the mound of Venus, this will speak about his “lovingness” and numerous connections with representatives of the opposite sex. Also, a large number of them tells about the fact that a person is strongly influenced by other people.

Such people are distinguished by increased sensitivity and susceptibility to what is happening in their lives.

What information does the line of influence hide on the arm?

If there are not very many lines on the hill of Venus, it means that a person does not suffer from serious inclinations. He was able to direct his energy to this hill in a different direction — he prefers beautiful clothes, art, exquisite entertainment, and so on.

He does not seek to establish a serious relationship, is not able to experience strong affection, plus he does not have a strong relationship with relatives. But this is a kind of big plus — after all, this speaks of a strong independence, manifested both in thoughts and actions.

As for the thick lines of influence that are well manifested in the palm of your hand, they will tell you about the strong influence of other people on the individual. And in direct proportion — the smaller the line, the smaller will be the degree of influence from the outside.

It may happen that at first the line is rather thick, and then it gradually comes to naught — it becomes thinner and moves away from the line of Life. This indicates that the influence of a person on a person’s life will initially be very large, but will gradually subside and may even disappear completely.

But the situation may change with the exact opposite.

What will tell the different signs on the line of influence

Influence lines can have a different look, and also end with various symbols. In palmistry, various trifles are necessarily taken into account, even very insignificant ones, because they are very important. Let’s talk about them more further:

  • The line of influence on the arm is very strong and long, but it ends, reaching another similar line — having the same characteristics. The latter comes out of the base of the thumb and goes to the Life line. This may indicate a rupture of a love affair through the fault of relatives.
  • A strong line of influence that reaches the Life line and crosses it is also not a very favorable sign. This indicates a strong feeling of jealousy, which will spoil your relationship.
  • The line of influence is not solid, but intermittent. This suggests either a temporary separation, or that a loved one will not affect your life for some time for some reason.
  • Strong line of influence, ending with a star. An extremely unfavorable sign is a predictor of the death of a spouse or one of relatives. It is possible and the option of a very painful parting, when a person does not die, but disappears completely from your life.
  • The line of influence, ending with a cross — here the situation is similar to the previous one. But the difference lies only in the fact that in the first case the news will be shocking, unpredictable, and in the second — the person will already be morally tuned for this (a prolonged illness may occur, for example). Of course, in such situations, relatives first prefer to fight and not give up; they put a lot of effort into coping with the disease, but, unfortunately, this does not always end in success.
  • The island at the end of the line of influence will indicate different problems in the relationship. And they can relate to the period of acquaintance, and already to the subsequent life together.

What information does the line of influence hide on the arm?

In the case when small horizontal lines start to emanate from the island, this will indicate a weakening of the health of a loved one. Because of these problems, serious inner experiences will follow.

Line of Influence and Line of Fate

In palmistry, all lines have a very close relationship with one another. The line of influence is very much concerned with the line of Destiny, based on their mutual location, you can learn a lot of information about their relationship.

The first step is comparing the thickness of the lines — if this indicator is more at the line of influence, then your partner takes a leading position in the relationship. Similarly, the situation is the opposite.

The most harmonious option in this case is when the lines are the same with respect to each other, because then you can talk about equal relations.

In the case when the line of influence crosses the line of Fate and then the latter becomes thinner, disappears — we can talk about a very problematic marriage, fraught with a bunch of different troubles. Plus, such a relationship will also negatively affect the career of the person being studied.

If, on the contrary, after entering the line of influence, the line of Destiny strengthens and then goes to Jupiter — you will be in a very happy, harmonious and emotionally stable relationship with a good material background.

If the line of influence does not reach the line of Destiny — you can not count on a serious relationship. And its intersection of the Fate line will testify to the imminent rupture.

In the case when, after the intersection of two lines, the line of influence goes to the hill of Jupiter, one can speak of marriage for mercenary reasons.

When the line of influence merges into the line of Destiny, but does not originate from the hill of Venus, but from the hill of the moon, a successful marriage with a citizen of another state lies ahead.

Finally, it is worth viewing an interesting thematic video material on this topic:

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