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What does the Tarot World card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Arkan Mir: interpretation in layouts for love, money, work, in combination with other cards

21st lasso (Peace, or "Crown of Mages") is a card of excellence, the end of the path. She personifies the understanding of the questioners of his own nature and the forces that surround him. The world foreshadows meeting new people, achieving future success.

Sometimes it symbolizes travel to other countries or relocation. It is a card of fullness and satisfaction, but the reward must be honestly earned.

In the center of the map is the nude figure of a dancing girl. In many decks, including the Tarot Ryder-Waite, it is depicted covered with a thin purple scarf.

This is the color of the seventh chakra Sahasrara, corresponding to the lasso Mir. In the hands of the girl holds two wands, symbolizing love and wisdom.

She performs dance with the universe. The girl does not oppose the flow of events, and merges with him.

What does the Tarot World card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In the corners of the arcana are depicted the heads of four creatures. Usually it is an angel, a lion, an eagle and a bull. They mean different elements of the universe:

  • eagle — air;
  • the bull is the land;
  • lion — fire;
  • the angel is the water.

The whole figure of the heroine is surrounded by a laurel wreath, symbolizing a well-deserved victory. In some Tarot decks it is made of flowers, which means a transition to a new state.

In the deck "The Age of Aquarius" the girl is surrounded by a snake. Biting its own tail, the snake forms Ouroboros — a symbol of eternity, a continuous cycle of rebirth.

What does the Tarot World card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

The meaning of the lasso World is the incessant return of life, the closure of the circle started by the lasso the Fool. This is a cycle that contains the end of the project and returns vital energy to its unquenchable source.

The world is a powerful map. The fortuneteller has every reason to hope for the best future.

The value of the arcana in the scenario may be unexpected for the querent. The good that is prepared for a person by higher powers often disagrees with the questioner’s ideas and does not coincide with his plans.

But in any case, the World symbolizes the successful completion of the project, the achievement of a goal, the completion of a chain of events.

Most tarologists agree that the world promises a positive outcome of the enterprise. How difficult it will be to achieve success, tell other arcane in the scenario.

According to the lasso, Mir the questioner experiences an interesting experience: he has found something important in life, and everything else magically takes its place. Difficulties are resolved, health is recovering, people around are becoming more benevolent, and enemies disappear.

Everything in the life of a fortuneteller "laid out on the shelves".

It seems that this does not even need to make an effort. This means that the querent has reached its intended point in its development.

Now he feels harmony with himself and with the world around him.

Sometimes lasso means connections with foreigners. The world expands existing opportunities, gives new perspectives.

The map symbolizes long journeys, travel.

What does the Tarot World card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In the interpretation of the inverted World map, there are three main approaches. When choosing one of the options, the questioner should be guided by his own life observations:

  1. one. The map retains its positive values ​​even upside down. But at the same time there is a slight time delay. Implementation plans or project completion are delayed.
  2. 2 Inverted position combines a sense of achievement and frustration. A person strives for success, but, having achieved it, he understands: happiness for him is not in this project.
  3. 3 Serious loss. Losing something expensive. The lack of meaning of life.

Other traditional interpretations of the world map upside down are as follows:

  • Unwillingness to move forward, delay in the implementation of plans. Apathy and depression.
  • The feeling of emptiness after the completion of a large project.
  • No change. Dacha plot, village house (there is no movement). The life of the questioner is narrowed, limited. Conditions do not contribute to personal growth.
  • Inability to go on a trip. Problems related to this situation: flight delays, hurricanes, earthquakes that "turn over" world.
  • Bad start to the project. Querent will have to redo anything already begun. Serious risk, not foreshadowing a favorable outcome. Actions bring only negative consequences.

In the opposite position, the World is regarded as a negative map for the whole deal if it occupies the final position in divination.

What does the Tarot World card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Arkan Mir personifies a confident and balanced person. He possesses these qualities of character due to his inner peace.

Such a person can rightly be called spiritual. Her attitude to life does not change due to external circumstances.

Inside herself, she is aware of the need for certain events.

Usually such people have strong intuition. But at the same time their intellectual abilities are also highly developed. A person can achieve in his life all that he wishes, although his aspirations often encounter a barrier of misunderstanding.

This is due to the fact that the person impersonated by the lasso World does not live according to generally accepted values ​​and principles. He has his own laws, relating only to the divine rules.

There are many valuable advisers among such people, but they will not just impose their own opinions.

A person, characterized by the World in reverse position, lives a hectic life. At the same time, chaos in her is observed both in material and in spiritual aspects. A person cannot decide on a profession, a life partner.

He is not able to make the final choice, realizing that not all desires are equally useful for him.

Randomness affects how other people behave in relation to this person. Ambient see him too fussy, frivolous. He does not bring the case to the end.

Such people have talents, but they cannot use them in practice — they start the project, but do not bring it to a logical conclusion, therefore, the surrounding people do not see the results of their work.

Often such a person seems disappointed in life. His problem also lies in the fact that he is too fixated on his disappointments and does not pay attention to the circumstances that would help him get out of this state.

The card speaks about the termination of conflicts, disappearance from relations of aggressiveness or tension. Opposing partners coexist in a single space, with complete idyll.

The card may mean new promising acquaintances. Bachelors foretells the acquisition of the second half.

Usually the questioner is intuitively confident that he will be able to find "right" human, and does not waste time and effort on inappropriate options.

Peace can mean a wedding (lovers go "under the crown"which is symbolized by the wreath on the lasso). Often predicts a romantic trip, pregnancy or the birth of a child. Arkan speaks of the fullness of happiness, the positive experience of unconditional love.

The world can personify relationships that develop without haste. Lovers have no reason to force events.

Often a card means such a stage in the life of the questioner, at which he is freed from painful addictions, emotional attachment.

This lasso, to a much greater degree than others, heralds the possibility of fulfilling the dream of a querent. But usually this card still points to a harmonious partnership, in which there is no place for deception or convention.

Both parties to the relationship realize how important this bond is for them: it is strong, filled with understanding and sincerity.

Arkan Mir in reverse position says that in fact the relationship broke up. People may be officially married or work together, but their interest in each other has long since died out.

They can interfere with and create problems for each other.

If the question concerned one of the partners, then the World in reverse position says that this person is making a mess in the relationship. He projects his personal difficulties onto the union, which spoils it.

Inverted World, fallen bachelor, indicates complete chaos in his life. The questioner himself does not know what his desires are: whether he wants to continue living alone or create a couple.

His aspirations change hourly. In such a state, it can be for a long time, and his dreams are extremely rarely fulfilled.

In the divination to work, the dual nature of the arcana Mir is fully manifested. It can mean:

  • undisputed triumph, achieved through long work;
  • the beginning of a completely new project.

There may be situations in which both options do not exclude each other.

In the first case we are talking about big discoveries, winning in competitions, winning in an important competition. Success was achieved thanks to the efforts of the querent. The card speaks of complete control over the current situation.

Winners and laureates of various awards pass through the world of the lasso (there is a laurel wreath to indicate this among the symbols of the lasso).

The world is one of the most favorable cards for participants in the Olympic Games. The map describes both the moment of celebration, tranquility, and the beginning of the path to the peaks that have not yet been reached.

If we are talking about the beginning of a new business, the map indicates the presence of creative forces, unusual ideas that will allow to realize the planned. There is enthusiasm in work or training. The questioner is able to successfully overcome difficulties.

He is increasingly convinced of the correctness of his strategy, receives public recognition. The world indicates the possibility of finding a job for the soul.

Also, the card may indicate that training in a certain area has come to an end. The worker has reached his "ceiling". Now there is no opportunity, no need for further professional growth.

He should rest and think about where else you can realize yourself. For businessmen, the World means opening branches of an enterprise in various countries, global expansion of the network.

In the upside down position, the map indicates disorder and chaos. The questioner showed inattention at a certain moment, and now the whole workflow went awry. The card says that there are a lot of cases, but due to the wrong approach, the querent is not able to cope with the surging flow of responsibilities.

The situation is accompanied by fatigue, psychological exhaustion. Gradually, passivity begins to manifest itself, the performance of work according to the principle "and so come down".

For entrepreneurs, the inverted World is a dangerous card, since randomness often leads to monetary problems.

If the questioner is interested in the possibilities of personal growth, you should pay attention to those signs of the World of Arcana that lead to the highest goal of development. These are symbols of three animals and an angel in the corners of a lasso.

They talk about what qualities the questioner should work on in order to succeed.

The animal principle must be replaced by spirituality, leading to enlightenment and purity of soul:

  • The bull, symbolizing Earth, means the instincts corresponding to this element: greed, aggressiveness, laziness. They must be transformed into confidence, compassion, generosity.
  • The Eagle (the element of Air) personifies ambition, separation from reality, the habit of soaring in the clouds. These qualities are transformed into rationality, the ability to set achievable goals.
  • The lion (element of fire) symbolizes rage. It should be replaced by purposefulness, inspiration.
  • Angel (element of Water) speaks of too strong emotionality. This quality should be replaced by sensuality and the ability to empathize.

Work on the development of positive qualities leads the questioner to a state of rest, inner harmony.

In the upturned form, the lasso indicates that the querent is immersed in earthly concerns, a lack of spirituality. Man became the slave of his fleeting desires.

He could not free himself from anger, greed, or emotionality. These passions are destructive for him.

In such a situation, personal development is inhibited.

The task is to learn how to rationally distribute your forces, stop cultivating negative experiences. Such work will lead to "turning over" Arcana World in the right position.

Arkan Mir indicates excellent health, high levels of energy and activity. A person is recovering, his strength is growing stronger every day.

The body is restored.

When it comes to a seriously ill patient, the world may portend the nearness of death, the end of the life cycle. But the fatal outcome here is the highest good for the spirit.

This is the return of the human soul to his cosmic homeland (just as in everyday life the World can talk about travel).

In the upside down world indicates broken health. What exactly caused the problem, show other arcane in the scenario. Accidents, accidents, termination of pregnancy are possible.

As a signifier of the disease indicates a violation of the musculoskeletal system, osteoporosis, a significant decrease in immunity (in the worst cases — HIV).

In a direct position, the World describes a favorable environment for any business. Everything will be fast today, decision making is not difficult.

Around the querent there will be people who will help and give a hint.

If the world lasso fell out, on this day you can safely plan even the most complex events.

In an inverted position, the World says that today it is useful to stay at home, not to go anywhere. Any events can stop. Communication will bring disappointment, and doing things will be chaotic.

Plans will have to change in the course of events due to external circumstances.

Arkan Mir points out that the querent in his life has gone through a series of successive changes. Now he faces a decisive transformation, after which all the goals will be achieved and aspirations will be realized.

Nearby arcana will tell about exactly in which area of ​​life this transition will take place at a new stage of development. Even if there are negative cards in the scenario, they can not affect the general characteristics of fortune telling.

They only talk about the barriers that will lead to success.

In combination with the older lassoons, the World gives the following values:

FoolLong journey. Follow the dream. Indulge in illusions
  1. 1. Career growth, getting a new position. The projects started in the recent period will be promoted successfully.
  2. 2. Foreign guests. Knowledge of foreign language
High Priestess
  1. 1. Immerse yourself in the world of scientific research. Completeness of information in the field of interest.
  2. 2. Success in the circumstances will come thanks to female intuition. A female person will bring joy to the questioner.
The Empress
  1. 1. Getting a large inheritance. The appearance of the child. Talented housewife.
  2. 2. The started business is progressing more and more.
  3. 3. If we are talking about an elderly woman, the combination means a natural departure from life.
The emperor
  1. 1. Return to native land.
  2. 2. Business trip abroad. Foreign man
  1. 1. Dedicate yourself to business or religion. The adoption of a vow, erection.
  2. 2. Tolerance to other beliefs
LoversFind a soul mate. Good luck in a relationship
  1. 1. Indisputable victory.
  2. 2. Transportation of goods abroad or from abroad. Interaction with foreign business partners
  1. 1. Signing a contract with foreign partners.
  2. 2. Things are getting better. The court will issue an acquittal.
  1. 1. To be isolated from the world. Spiritual quest will lead to new heights. Realization of abilities.
  2. 2. Journey for the sake of spiritual growth
Wheel of FortuneProgress in business. Exceptional luck. Well-deserved reward
  1. 1. Personal integration, union with your unconscious "I". To gain power over yourself.
  2. 2. Work in a large corporation
HangedWorld turned upside down. Time to pay bills. The questioner is stuck in the past
  1. 1. Try to reach the unattainable. The bar is too high.
  2. 2. A sick person will die
ModerationPeaceful resolution of the situation. Combining opposite elements in the system
  1. 1. Be under the dictates of an authoritarian personality.
  2. 2. Foes envy the questioner’s success
  1. 1. The world, destroyed to the ground. Sudden shocking news.
  2. 2. Unexpected mistake
StarA cherished dream will come true. Quick progress, increase in work
  1. 1. The failure of the project.
  2. 2. Changes in the body. Short but unpleasant disability
The sun
  1. 1. Successful completion of the case.
  2. 2. Meeting with a kind person who warms and gives advice. He can be trusted, but the most personal questions are not worth discussing.
  1. 1. The end of an important stage, summing up.
  2. 2. The inability to get away from fate. Changes in all areas of life
WorldCut off from other people. Leaving work or from family

If several arcana suits of Chas are located near the World map, this means that the questioner will succeed in a love affair. Pentakley talk about the stability of the financial situation. Wands are a sign of progress along the career or social ladder, gaining universal acceptance.

Swords near the World usually speak about good physical health, healing from a disease.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace — serious achievements; success in a difficult matter.
  • Two — a truce for a short period.
  • Three — the situation will be resolved painfully.
  • Four — behind the outward calm lurks a conflict.
  • Five — open confrontation.
  • Six — the questioner is waiting for moving to a new place of residence.
  • Seven — deceit, meanness.
  • The eight — the world of heavy duties, bondage; narrow view of life.
  • Nine — evil rock.
  • A dozen — all is lost; loss of authority.
  • Page — a big altercation.
  • Knight — cold war.
  • Queen — the destruction of good relations, conflict.
  • The king is the representative of authority.

With the suit of the Rods:

  • Ace — go through a lot of obstacles and not lose enthusiasm.
  • Two — to consider new opportunities.
  • Three — reliable communication.
  • Four — the purchase of real estate; wedding ceremony.
  • Five — reassessment of the situation.
  • Six — a thorny path to success.
  • Seven — by all means try to retain power.
  • Eight — the conclusion of a lucrative contract; news from abroad.
  • Nine — strictly monitor compliance with the terms of the contract.
  • Ten — a heavy atmosphere.
  • Page — questioner moves to a new stage of learning.
  • Knight — go to conquer the inaccessible height.
  • Queen — to gain control over their own lives.
  • The king is a holistic view of the situation.

With the suit of Cups (Cup):

  • Ace — spiritual fullness; to find the chosen one destined by fate.
  • Deuce — warm atmosphere; agree to a marriage proposal.
  • Three — the marriage.
  • Four — the lack of fullness.
  • Five — the lost world.
  • Six — to lose credibility in the eyes of others.
  • Seven — to live with empty dreams; spend a lot of time in virtual reality.
  • Eight — discouragement, refusal to work to achieve the goal.
  • Nine — the successful completion of the case.
  • Ten — a collective work that will bear fruit.
  • Page — get an invitation card for a big holiday.
  • Knight — the signing of the contract.
  • Queen — get married.
  • The king is recovery; truce with a man.

In combination with Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — win the lottery or betting.
  • Deuce — a shaky truce.
  • Troika — newlyweds; Signing serious documents.
  • Four — the accumulation of financial "airbags".
  • Five — cash risks.
  • Six — get a reward for hard work.
  • Seven — wait for the final result.
  • Eight — the use of his talent in practice.
  • Nine — a profitable investment.
  • Ten — to become famous; profitable business.
  • Page — graduate.
  • Knight — long trip.
  • The queen is conceiving a child.
  • The king is the head of an international organization.

World — Tarot card, symbolizing the final part of the path. But it does not mean that the whole journey came to an end — only one aspect of it was completed.

After the end of the path comes a new cycle.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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