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What does the Tarot Tower card mean, how does it fit with other lasso

The Tower Card is the 16th Senior Arcane in the Tarot deck. Its other names are: Overthrow, Destruction, Heavenly Fire.

This is the most difficult and ominous card in the scenario. It symbolizes the punishment and the ruin of illusion, sent by God. In a sense, this punishment for all that was before.

It serves as a reminder: whoever the person is, whatever the authority, the retribution for his business is inevitable. Its more global significance is catastrophes, terrorist attacks, wars, the fall of the regime.

The main place in the lasso is allotted to a high, fundamental Tower, which collapses from a lightning strike. A golden crown is flying from its top, and people are falling from the windows, right on the stones.

What does the Tarot Tower card mean, how does it fit with other lasso

The events predicted by the map may be different, but all of them are united by one thing — destruction, crisis. Arkan shows that even behind the strongest walls you cannot feel safe, because by God’s will, everything can collapse at any moment. One situation changes to another rapidly and very painfully.

Even being on top of power, you can not resist the quads of higher powers.

The classic meaning of the Tower is a sudden frustration and a collapse of hopes; in the worst case, a final failure, a catastrophe, suffering.

The card symbolizes that a person is torn out from usual circumstances. Often this is unexpected and undesirable. A sudden blow is inflicted by forces that are useless to resist.

It can be both external losses and internal shocks. Trying to restore something to recover after that makes no sense, and it will not work.

  • destructive start;
  • crash;
  • coup;
  • disastrous consequences;
  • death of illusions;
  • rapid change.

In astrological terms, Saturn and Uranus correspond to the lasso — the two heaviest planets in combination with each other bringing explosive situations.

What does the Tarot Tower card mean, how does it fit with other lasso

The map indicates that a person for a long time considered his position stable and reliable, and suddenly everything collapsed in an instant. It is a symbol of global changes in the life of the questioner: the destruction of the house or marriage, and sometimes the imprisonment.

Domestically, it is a quarrel, scandals, involvement in dangerous activities.

In the scenario, it changes its value depending on the position and situation. In fortune-telling for the future, 16 lasso is a warning that big changes are brewing.

As an indicator of the past, she says that the old has died and will not be revived again: the newer, the better and the vital are already replacing the outdated.

After the crash, a person experiences shock and shock, but when everything calms down, he begins to realize that he has freed himself of unnecessary ballast, has eliminated obstacles and is reborn.

In very rare cases, a map can mean triumph, but this is rather a Pyrrhic victory, which comes at a very heavy and expensive price.

What does the Tarot Tower card mean, how does it fit with other lasso

The inverted position weakens the value of the Tower. It indicates that the destruction will not be fundamental or catastrophic.

Such a position may indicate a postponement of the crash or misfortune, which at the last moment will be avoided.

Sometimes the lasso indicates that the destruction has already happened, and the questioner is at the stage of recovery. At such a moment it is important to take into account past mistakes and move on to true changes.

In this position, the map indicates the dependence of a person on circumstances that cannot be changed at this stage, on his restriction and inhibition.

The traditional meaning of the inverted Tower:

The appearance of the arcana is also a advice not to rush to the destruction of the old ties, to avoid conflicts and, if possible, solve matters peacefully.

What does the Tarot Tower card mean, how does it fit with other lasso

The tower is characterized by a restless personality, who always craves for change and which is closely within certain limits. Such a person is confident and accustomed to taking risks.

Arkan represents a person who does not know how to build relationships with other people. Regardless of the gender, this is a fighter, rowdy, always climbing on the rampage.

These are people eager for power. In relationships, they often hurt the partner and are the initiators of the gap.

The tower indicates permanent conflicts at work. This is an indication that the questioner believes that he is not valued; he is treated with a prejudice, which is why he is constantly offended by his colleagues.

Arkan means sudden dismissals, with scandal and slamming the door, as well as frequent changes of the workplace. This is preceded by reprimands, failure to comply with contracts, failure of projects, non-payment of a premium or bankruptcy of a company.

If the cards are laid out on a certain transaction, then it is safe to talk about its failure. The reason will be the lack of compromise between the parties or the incompetence of the project participants.

The total value of the layout for work activities with 16 lasso:

  • dismissal;
  • project closure;
  • loss of prestige;
  • abuse of power;
  • venture.

In financial terms, the Tower predicts bankruptcy, an economic crisis, poverty and deprivation. In this case, the person will be in a confused state, which will prevent to find a way out of this situation.

In any position of the map, it means conflict. He is so long and serious that it can lead to a break in relations.

It could also be a marriage crisis or divorce.

The tower may indicate the disclosure of secrets, a long-hidden truth, as a result of which a person will come to a decision that there is no point in continuing the relationship. For example, it may be news of the betrayal of one of the spouses.

Arkan may indicate a sudden death of a partner, widowhood. Because of this, the questioner will lose his footing, will experience shock, be broken.

Sometimes the Tower talks about oppression in a couple, a dangerous situation that could end in violence.

Often the map symbolizes great sexual energy, and the tower itself is viewed as a phallic symbol.

In the upright position, the card is regarded as an indicator of a good erection, and in the upside position — problems with it. It means sex, passionate, unrestrained, unexpected.

Sometimes, however, the card becomes a harbinger of sexual abuse.

If the questioner is lonely, then the lasso promises him a quick change in his personal life. This will not necessarily be happiness and love, but the changes on the love front are guaranteed for him.

In the upright position, the Tower shows diseases or psychological problems for the moment. In the inverted form it says that now the person is in the recovery period after the illness.

Arkan represents diseases that overtake a person suddenly, like a bolt from the blue. This is about:

  • injuries, burns, fractures with acute pain;
  • emergency surgery;
  • hemorrhages, heart attacks or strokes;
  • nervous breakdowns, tantrums, panic attacks.

In exceptional cases, the map can predict death in a crash or from an accident.

In general, the Tower that appeared in the scenario changes the interpretation of neighboring cards in a negative direction:

Senior lassoValue near the Tower
  • Dismissal due to inattention;
  • forced change of activity
MagicianThe ability to burn bridges behind you and start life anew
High PriestessGaining new knowledge or revealing a secret, interfering with the life of magic
The EmpressHappiness at the expense of another person, selfishness
The emperorBankruptcy or Divorce
HierophantChanging beliefs, the risk of being involved in a sect
LoversUnexpected decision about parting
ChariotProblems with transport, an accident on the road
StrengthAttempts to withstand the blows of fate
HermitLong loneliness after breaking up, retirement home
Wheel of FortuneSudden obstacle, change
JusticePunishment for misdemeanor prison
HangedNegative event that will affect the future life
DeathThis neighborhood foreshadows a catastrophe in the literal sense: injuries, accidents, accidents
ModerationReduces the negative value of the Tower, mitigates the effects of unhappiness
DevilCash losses, the penalty for financial fraud
Starhope for the best
MoonParting, psychiatric clinic
The sunThe dangers of investing money in enterprises or in debt, depression
CourtStrengthens the destructive power of the Tower. The most unpleasant combination: the events will be fatal to humans
WorldLife destructions will be perceived by the questioners calmly, and recovery after them will pass quickly and painlessly.

The predominance of senior arcana speaks about the importance and duration of the events. If the scenario is small, then the situation will be less significant.

The most significant combinations of the Tower with maps of minor arcane games are:

Junior ArkanTreatment in the vicinity of the Tower
Nine of SwordsA serious, destructive disease
Four of SwordsRecovery
Six wandsPride
Five PentaclesHard times
Nine PentaclesBig problems
Ace of wandsArson, fire
Ten wandsSent by fate ordeals
Dame RodsLoud scandals
Page of cupsMorbid love
Troika cupsRelated conflicts
Nine CupsCollapse in personal relationships

In the scenario, which is done throughout the deck, it is important to pay attention to the accumulation of junior arcana of the same suit. They will tell you in which area the destruction will occur:

  • Swords. Sudden deterioration in health. Possible attack, stroke, critical condition, which will require immediate hospitalization.
  • Cups. Conflict, separation or divorce. This will happen unexpectedly, even if nothing foreshadowed such a turn. Events will be accompanied by strong emotions, feelings and depression. In general, the suit reflects relationships in a team, a couple, a family and between friends.
  • Pentacles. The destruction will concern the financial side. This may be a dismissal from work, loss of real estate, improper investment of money, bankruptcy.
  • Wands. Disorder in the business field. Means not work in the truest sense, but any human activity. In combination with the 16th lasso, this suit foreshadows the destruction of plans, the forced relocation with worsening conditions, the loss of credibility.

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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