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What does the Tarot Star card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Arkan Zvezda: meaning and combination with other cards

The star is the 17th lasso in the tarot deck. This is one of the most positive cards.

She says that the questioner can trust the intuition, listen to his inner voice. Now is the time to realize talents, achieve ideals. The star is a sign of hope, faith in the best, divine love, freedom and fantasy.

It symbolizes the finest hour, creativity, vivid events, which will be remembered for all your life.

In the classic Tarot decks (for example, in the Ryder-Waite deck), a girl with two vessels is depicted on the map, surrounded by a picturesque natural landscape. Before it flows a spring or river. From one pot, she waters the grass that grows alongside it.

Thanks to the water, the flowers and plants around it begin to smell sweet.

From the second vessel, the girl returns the water to its source. That is why this lasso in the old days was called "Rotation".

Sometimes the Star warns the questioner that he risks falling into the maelstrom of his dreams, breaking away from the reality of the physical world.

Getting out of it will be extremely difficult. In this case, the person will revel in unrealizable illusions, and real life will pass by, without his direct participation.

What does the Tarot Star card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

The stars shine above the girl’s head. The seven small luminaries personify the seven chakras. The eighth star is the brightest.

It symbolizes the integrity of the spiritual principle and the physical world in man.

There are other interpretations of the eight stars of the seventeenth of Arcana. Some tarologists identify a group of small stars with seven archetype planets whose energy determines human existence:

  • The moon symbolizes the physical body.
  • Mercury — interaction in society.
  • Mars — aggressiveness, assertiveness.
  • Venus is love.
  • The sun — clear consciousness, glory.
  • Jupiter — the acquisition of power.
  • Saturn — dying and the subsequent transformation.

The eighth luminary is the source of the other seven. He is called God, the Supreme Power, the Spirit, the self.

In Tarot Toth also depicted a girl with two bowls. Creator of the deck Aleister Crowley pointed out that Nuit, the goddess of the night, is depicted on the map. Her long hair symbolizes susceptibility and penetration.

They serve as a kind "antenna"with which Nuith gets information.

What does the Tarot Star card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In the upper left corner shines star Babalon, symbolizing a crystal clear vision of the situation. It means the wisdom that allows the questioner to overcome their difficulties and become the guiding star for the people around them.

In some decks there are no traditional images of a girl with two jugs, but astrological motifs are present. For example, in the deck Lenormand on this lasso is depicted an astrologer.

What does the Tarot Star card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Card Star says that the hope for the best is an integral part of human existence. But if you do not take action in the physical world, dreams will remain unrealizable.

What does the Tarot Star card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

The star symbolizes optimism, a favorable outcome of the situation, a stage of calm, confidence. Other values ​​of the arcana in the straight position are as follows:

  • Hope, broad prospects, update.
  • Achieving the goal due to mental work; developed intuition.
  • Clear understanding of your goals.
  • The questioner will find what he wants.

The star says that in the near future a new perspective will open up before a person. They will be extremely important for his distant future.

This may be a new job, meeting people, gaining a certain status.

If there are other positive arcana in the scenario, it means that dreams will come true in the near future. The star encourages the questioner, saying that they should not lose hope.

Everything will turn out well, even if it does not happen right today.

If the questioner has difficulties in his life, the Star recommends him to remain internally above current circumstances. That problem that interests the querent is resolved in a completely different plane, which he does not even think about.

What does the Tarot Star card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In an inverted position, the map indicates that the questioner has lost all hope. He landed in a whirlpool of bleak circumstances and could not change them because of his disbelief.

If in the upright position the card indicates slow progress, then in the reverse position the Star indicates a stop, stagnation.

Often the card symbolizes a pessimistic person who sees no way out of this situation. He does not believe in a positive outcome of events, even if there are good reasons for this. In this state, getting out of difficulties will not be easy.

PThe inverted Star often speaks about the need to attract outside help.

What does the Tarot Star card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

The seventeenth lasso points to dreams of happiness, which in the future may well become real. It is a positive sign for those who are worried about conflict or quarrel with their beloved.

The card says that reconciliation is coming soon.

If fortune telling is done on one of the partners in a love affair, the Star indicates psychological obsession. The person is in an unfavorable state, he behaves in the hope that the second partner will change.

Since the seventeenth lasso describes creative and vulnerable people, close attention should be paid to the difference in temperaments of men and women.

If the question concerned relations between business partners, the Star means a fruitful creative tandem. At the moment, these people may not have favorable conditions and prospects for the realization of their ideas, but they will certainly arise in the future.

In the inverted position, the Star speaks of the gradual destruction of the love affair. There is fraud in the pair, partners cannot trust each other.

Sometimes the desire to part with both, but this is hampered by external causes.

If the lasso falls in relation to one of the partners, it is a complete disappointment. A person is fed up with relationships, they do not bring him positive emotions.

There is no love, no respect.

Inverted Star says that the partner is able to easily go to the betrayal or deception.

Especially dangerous is this card in the layouts on the relationship between business partners. Arkan speaks of the great risk of theft, monetary fraud, dishonest calculations.

The lasso is also unfavorable for bachelors: it promises solitude for a long period of time.

In the upright position, the map indicates a surge of strength, the emergence of new ideas, great opportunities in the profession. The star symbolizes those areas of activity where one cannot do without inspiration: poetry, design, art, dance, theater.

On the other hand, a map can denote any work by vocation, be it ballet or army service.

This lasso speaks of great enthusiasm for the occupation, which the questioner could feel in his early childhood.

The seventeenth lasso favors any career issues. It symbolizes those situations where the inquirer is "star" in its place.

He received a vocation, and in his professional competence no doubt. Sometimes a card is treated as a reward in the literal sense (for example, a new "star" on shoulder straps).

The star says that the cause that the questioner is busy with now will not bear fruit immediately. The results will become noticeable only in the distant future, and therefore now a person may not fully realize what he is doing.

Only in hindsight will it become clear to the questioner how crucial his decisions were in the past.

Inverted Star is not so favorable value for work. Arkan says that gradually labor activity comes to a state of decline. When it comes to business, it becomes a burden for the questioner.

Gradually accumulated debts, which can lead to serious trouble — even bankruptcy.

If the question concerned a new project, the Star in an inverted position speaks of the need to abandon this idea. Such a map has a tendency to go back to the XVI lasso Tower, which indicates a sudden destruction of all plans to the ground.

Business connections, indicated by an inverted Star, are recommended to stop. Arkan points out that the questioner does not rely on those people who can be trusted.

In the field of finance can not be expected cash receipts. There are losses, losses.

Debts will grow. Arcana near the inverted Star will indicate what exactly the costs will affect.

There is a risk to face theft, fraudulent schemes, unreasonable spending.

If we are talking about finding a new job, the inverted Star does not portend employment. The work collective designated by this lasso is divided: everyone in it thinks only of itself.

In the upright position, the Star indicates that the questioner is relatively healthy. All processes in his body pass naturally, and the cycles are ordered.

In the upside down position, the Star talks about hormonal diseases and inflammatory processes. Arkan indicates a violation of cycles, problems with metabolism.

Attention should be paid to the lymphatic and urogenital areas.

Sometimes the Star talks about the health difficulties caused by prolonged depression. The situation is similar to the cycle: as soon as the questioner enters from a depressed state, the new circumstances again deteriorate the psycho-emotional background, which has a negative effect on health.

The star is an ambiguous card for questioners interested in aspects of personal growth. On the one hand, it says that a person has power over his future, and now broad prospects are opening up before him.

On the other hand, it points to the danger of getting bogged down in dreams and illusions.

The questioner cannot break away from reality: it is now important to turn creative ideas into practical undertakings, otherwise a person will be swallowed up in futile fantasies.

The star clearly indicates that to achieve any high material goal one cannot do without inspiration. But spiritual quest must be accompanied by practical implementation.

Only then can the questioner interrupt the endless whirl of dreams and fully enjoy the results of his efforts.

Seven stars on the lasso indicate that a person can achieve success only if he pays attention to every area of ​​his life activity. This will allow you to become holistic, to find a true vocation.

In the inverted position, the Star indicates that the questioner should revive faith in the world around him. An inverted map is often a symbol of personal degradation.

If you do not make enough effort to bring the lasso into a straight position, the consequences can be the most devastating. Usually, pessimism and loss of faith in a better future prevent this.

Therefore, the Star is considered one of the most difficult arcana in the reverse position.

If the star fell in a straight position, it is a call to boldly take on the case. Today, any difficulty can be easily overcome or go to the right way to solve the problem.

It is useful to bring an element of creativity into everyday activities.

In the inverted position, the Star indicates the risk of long-term stuck in an unpleasant situation, and this day is not favorable for solving the problem. All attempts to get out of the cycle of events will only lead to nervous exhaustion or waste of money.

Meetings or events are recommended to reschedule. Today, not only will it fail to achieve the goal, but there is a risk to further aggravate the circumstances.

In the opposite position, the Star indicates the questioner’s dependence on weather conditions. This may be manifested in physical discomfort or inability to hold an event.

The star is a positive message to the inquirer from the Higher Forces. What kind of life sphere this message concerns will be shown by the maps lying next to it.

The star has an important feature in the layouts: it speaks of inexhaustibility. No matter where this lasso lays, he points to the continuation of the process for quite a long time. The question asked by the questioner will not lose its relevance for a long time.

In what exactly this property of the Star will manifest, neighboring arcane will also indicate.

In combination with older lasso stars, the Star has the following interpretations:

  • Belief in the guiding star.
  • Graduate school is difficult to determine the further education.
  • Lack of desire to go forward
  • Unusual creative idea.
  • Favorable time to start a new project.
  • Positive news.
  • Mutual love
High Priestess
  • Circumstances are resolved as prompted by the questioner intuition.
  • Confidence in your strength. What is lost will be returned.
The Empress
  • The purpose of the questioner will be reached soon. Efforts are being made in the right direction.
  • Happy events
The emperor
  • Reward for the work done.
  • Soon will make new acquaintances.
  • Help will be provided by an influential person.
  • Getting a high position. Mastering New Horizons
  • Enlightenment. Spiritual growth.
  • Wise mentor.
  • Opening in itself new talents. Inspiration. Self-realization.
  • Astronomy or astrology training
  • A promising love affair. Happiness in a relationship.
  • Travel abroad.
  • Need to choose a favorite thing
  • Go after the guiding star. Get on the right track.
  • Favorable period for cooperation with other people
  • The situation will be resolved in a positive way.
  • Positive outcome of the trial. Everything happens according to the law.
  • Gaining life experience, fulfilling a mission.
  • A worthy reward after a long waiting period
Wheel of Fortune
  • Dreams of pleasant changes. They will occur when the questioner finds his calling.
  • Born under a lucky star.
  • Travel to faraway countries
  • An undeniable victory. Kverentu enough strength to achieve the goal.
  • There is hope to cope with addiction.
  • High level of professional skill
  • Donate something valuable for a higher purpose.
  • Stupid idea. But all is not lost — the star will show the way.
  • There is hope for the end of difficult circumstances.
  • Pregnancy chance
  • Abandoning anything is the best way to transform oppressive circumstances.
  • New page in life. Job changes
  • Gradual improvement.
  • Cure after a long period of illness
  • The goal is real, but the movement in its direction is difficult.
  • Temptations, temptations
  • All is lost, there is no hope. Start life from scratch.
  • Air crash.
  • Health problems
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Unstable situation.
  • Occult Studies.
  • Inheritance
The sun
  • Plans come true.
  • Receiving a cash prize, winning at the rates.
  • Meet a man
  • The questioner will not be convicted.
  • There is hope for change, but in order to transform the situation, actions of the querent are needed.
  • Discover new talents.
  • All projects will be successful.
  • Destiny is favorable to the querent

In combination with the wand suit:

  • Ace — intentionally seek inspiration.
  • Two — to find a true vocation.
  • Three — follow the dream.
  • Four — relative will recover.
  • Five — to find the best way out of the situation.
  • Six — believe in yourself and go ahead.
  • Seven — the hope that all obstacles will be overcome.
  • Eight — soon everything will be formed; positive news; insight
  • Nine — doubt yourself.
  • Ten — see new features.
  • Page — the circumstances are the best way.
  • Knight — believe in your strength.
  • Queen — self-realization.
  • The king is to inspire others.

With the suit Cups:

  • Ace — sublime feelings.
  • Two — the conflict is settled; declaration of love.
  • Three — to feel relief.
  • Four — no confidence in their capabilities.
  • Five — in vain expectations.
  • Six is ​​an old dream.
  • Seven — soaring in the clouds.
  • Eight — to renounce their undertakings.
  • Nine — the desired will be fulfilled.
  • Ten — good-natured relatives.
  • Page — pregnancy.
  • Knight — good and sincere relationship.
  • The queen is a spiritual renewal.
  • King — healing from the disease.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace — a new idea will save the situation.
  • Two — fear of the future.
  • Three — lost illusions.
  • Four — healing.
  • Five — domestic problems.
  • Six — to dream of a better future; take a step towards destiny.
  • Seven — fruitless fantasies.
  • Eight — to despair.
  • Nine — hopeless circumstances.
  • Ten — dreams broke.
  • Page — bad news.
  • Knight — someone trampled all hopes of improvement.
  • Queen — the inability to get pregnant.
  • King — a negative outcome.

Interpretation combined with Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — monetary interest; to take the words of others at face value.
  • Deuce — fate plays questioners.
  • Troika — success in work.
  • Four — to gain financial stability.
  • Five — bleak prospects.
  • Six — get a gift of fate.
  • Seven — go through the test.
  • Eight — to go towards a better future.
  • Nine — award or reward.
  • Ten — inheritance; official marriage.
  • Page — make an unusual discovery.
  • Knight — the game is worth the candle.
  • Queen — the birth of a child.
  • King — great talents.

The star is a positive lasso, giving hope to the questioner. It helps to overcome obstacles and difficulties, to gain faith in a better future.

The star advises not to lose optimism in difficult situations. She recalls: even if it now seems that nothing is changing, this time is given to a person to rethink actions and make plans for the future.

Arkan also recommends using his creative abilities to the maximum. This will allow you to achieve your goals in any area of ​​life.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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