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What does the Tarot Queen of Wands card mean, how does it combine with other cards

The value of the Queen of Wands in the Tarot deck: a combination with other cards

Queen of Wands refers to the younger lasso in the Tarot cards. Her other names are Dame Staves, Sibyl or Lady Sceptres. This is the imperious queen and steward of passion, wise and all-understanding.

This card is never a coincidence. None of the Queen of the deck has so much charisma, energy, individualism and self-realization.

It is always on its own, but at any time open to new emotions and businesses.

In the classic Ryder White deck, the card is a woman sitting majestically on a throne. She is confident in herself and proudly holds her head. Strong and massive throne indicates the solid position of the ladies.

In one hand, the queen holds a rod, meaning the symbol of power. In the other — the sunflower, which personifies the sun and positive energy.

A black cat sits at the feet of the woman, symbolizing independence and magical power.

In the astrological sense of the map represents the moon and the zodiac sign Leo, talking about a strong temperament, pride and self-will.

What does the Tarot Queen of Wands card mean, how does it combine with other cards

The Queen of Wands always points to a strong and self-sufficient person who knows what she wants and arranges her life as she needs. The appearance of this card in the scenario speaks of leadership and ambition.

She is a harbinger of career growth, financial well-being and fame.

In the classical sense — this is a spectacular woman with a passionate kind, who loves to manage. This lady is freedom-loving and courageous, not allowing anyone to manipulate.

She is unfamiliar throwing, she clearly sets a goal and goes to her ahead.

  • love of life;
  • ambition;
  • imperiousness;
  • independence of thoughts;
  • success in business;
  • sexuality;
  • versatility;

In the mythological sense, the lasso represents Aphrodite, corresponding to the symbolism of Fire and Water. Her spiritual goal is to unite these elements and change the world.

What does the Tarot Queen of Wands card mean, how does it combine with other cards

First of all, the map indicates the identity of a woman who has achieved a lot in life. She is tolerant towards enemies and friendly with friends. Endowed with natural magnetism.

He has a great life experience and is very practical. This is a business lady, often single. If she is married, she is a devoted wife and a caring mother.

She may be young, but not necessarily mature psychologically. Externally, it is a dark blonde or red-haired lady with brown eyes.

If divination is carried out for a man, then this is his wife or girlfriend who should be married. If the alignment is made for a woman, then this is a faithful friend or reliable companion.

In the upright position Arkan is interpreted as a need for decisive action to continue what has been started. The map makes it clear that the right direction has been chosen, but you need to be prepared for unexpected turns when an immediate decision and lightning-fast reaction is required.

Queen of Wands — a sign of growth and development, she is strong in itself and little depends on the nearby senior arcana.

What does the Tarot Queen of Wands card mean, how does it combine with other cards

The Inverted Queen of Wands is arrogant and selfish. This woman is able to resist anyone. You have to be careful with her: she is a skilled intriguer and a strong rival.

A lady who gives out wishful thinking is unbearable and does not understand what she needs.

The map indicates that the expected help from an influential woman will not be provided — this person does not feel the need to show assistance to anyone.

If in the straight position the lasso symbolizes a faithful friend, then in the upside-down position it is a quarrel and problems associated with friendship. She can be a strong and insidious enemy or an unfaithful wife.

The map says that the target is far from reality, the forces have been overestimated and our plans are unlikely to be fulfilled. It is interpreted as an unreliable person, discrediting the questioner.

What does the Tarot Queen of Wands card mean, how does it combine with other cards

Queen of Wands is able to build a bright and productive relationship, unlike the relationship with other women. If desired, she can conquer any man and knows it well.

But above all, she is interested in men just like herself, energetic and passionate.

This is one of the few women who have sex for sex. She does not try to disguise this desire with love or calculation, as it happens with others.

She is able to motivate her man for feats and career growth. This lady does not need a companion who will stay at her feet with eyes in love.

This is a woman — the inspirer and socialite.

If interpreted situationally, this lasso means the revival of old feelings or a new acquaintance, the union of two equal personalities.

In an inverted form, the map indicates jealousy and selfishness in a couple, as well as distrust and betrayal.

In terms of health card has little value. Always interpreted as a person endowed with high vitality and strong immunity.

He is constantly experiencing fullness of strength and is in good shape.

In the inverted form may indicate the occurrence of inflammatory processes with high temperature. Sometimes it means exposure to mental illness, in particular manic-depressive psychosis.

The map is materially favorable. It indicates not so much money as the opportunity to earn it.

Characterizes an assertive and resourceful person, ready for any new tasks. He can live equally comfortably in luxury as well as modestly.

The lasso that fell out in the alignment has to be a sign indicating the right time for career growth and getting a high post. He promises great prospects in his own business.

In the upturned position, the lasso indicates an incorrectly chosen profession or an unsuccessful direction of forces, unpromising undertakings. And the reason for this is the questioner’s ambitions.

Queen of Wands, despite her attitude to younger lasso, has a significant and independent card. Her interaction with the older lasso is as follows:

Senior Arcana CardMeaning with the Queen of Wands
JesterHuman exposure to frequent mood swings
MagicianA person who takes into account only their own interests
High PriestessProfessional woman
The EmpressSuccessful in all areas of the person
The emperorCareer growth
LoversDevotion and loyalty in feelings
ChariotStriving for independence and control
StrengthIntolerance stiffness
HermitUnsupported enthusiasm
Wheel of FortuneWorthy call of fate
JusticePersonality with a heightened sense of justice
HangedVain and unappreciated victims
DeathSearch for the meaning of life
ModerationThe need to come to his senses, temper
DevilDeceive in hopes
TowerLoss of self and meaning of life
StarBelieve in yourself
The sunSuccess in creativity
CourtLift forces
WorldPerson who is an example to others

If older arcana dominate fortune-telling, then all the fallen situations will be of great importance. If there are few of them, then the events will be insignificant and fast.

Younger arcana is necessary to clarify the characteristics of a particular person, relationship or development of events. They complement the senior arcana.

Their neighborhood with the Queen of Wands can be quite diverse.

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