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What does the Tarot Queen of Swords card mean? How does it fit with other cards?

The value of the Arkan Queen of Swords in divination, combinations with other cards

The Queen of Swords says that the querent has to face serious difficulties or conflicts, excessive demands or rudeness. To achieve this goal, you will have to work very seriously, actually making your way through the established prohibitions.

In order to achieve success, the Queen of Swords recommends approaching decision-making with full responsibility, and use only weighty arguments in disputes. It is important for the questioner to fully control his actions and reactions.

In classic decks, the map depicts the Queen, seated on the royal throne. She has a golden crown on her head, and she herself is dressed in expensive clothes. In her hands she holds a sword raised upwards.

Outwardly, she is cold, which indicates the submission of the senses to the mind. The posture of the Queen is flat, she does not bend under the weight of any burden — neither physical nor mental.

What does the Tarot Queen of Swords card mean? How does it fit with other cards?

The Queen (Lady) of Swords personifies a woman who has had to go through many trials. This is a seasoned personality, she can keep her emotions under control. In its power surpasses even the King of Swords.

If the latter means an intellectual rival who, ceteris paribus, will not morally suppress his rival, then with Dame Swords is different. She is uncompromising in her judgments and suppresses her opponent at the level of emotions.

What does the Tarot Queen of Swords card mean? How does it fit with other cards?

For Ryder-White, the Dame of Swords indicates widowhood, women’s suffering, sterility, divorce. According to the traditional interpretation in the upside-down position, Arkan depicts an even more unattractive picture — crimes, deceit, incontinence and fanaticism.

A more modern interpretation borrows from the preceding notion "loneliness"but does not attribute to Dame of Swords of a terrible reputation "black widow". The lady is restrained in expressing her feelings.

She relies on effective methods of solving problems, and not on momentary emotions.

This Arkan Tarot also has the following meanings:

  • Careful planning of your actions, well thought-out strategy. Dame of Swords is well illustrated by the principle of judo, in which the power of the enemy is used against himself.
  • Personal loss, loss, frustration.
  • Conflict, critical comments, unreasonably exaggerated demands.
  • A situation that is destructive in emotional terms, unhappiness.
  • Heavy negotiations, brutal confrontation of two opponents. The Lady of Swords does not promise easy results: things are moving, but only within the framework of strictly defined rules and laws.

More positive values ​​of Ladies of Swords:

  • The importance of casting logical arguments. The questioner is independent in his actions and is able to make the right decisions.
  • Clarification of a difficult situation, full control over their internal experiences and actions (which in practice usually foreshadows the successful implementation of the plan).
  • Influential role of a certain person who behaves detached, but at the same time can be a competent expert in his field.

What does the Tarot Queen of Swords card mean? How does it fit with other cards?

In the inverted position, the map means the same purposeful person, but its impact against the questioner is much more powerful than in the straight position. Often behind the lasso hides a person whose love turned into hatred. In other cases, it may be a person incapable of constructive dialogue due to any personal loss.

His actions are dictated by the lack of those things that are vital to her. From here originate the intolerable character, limited thinking, embitternment of the outsider.

In the upside down position, the Lady of Swords seeks to control everything to the smallest detail, which leads her to lose control of the circumstances and, as a result, to serious losses. In this position she becomes dispersed, her thinking follows the wrong path. In practice, it looks like revenge, betrayal, pretense.

The old values ​​of the Ladies of Swords in the inverted position — cunning, deceit, the intention to commit a wrongful act.

Inverted Lady of Swords speaks of negative thinking and its destructive impact on life. The man does not stint on the evil words that "kill".

The Queen of Swords symbolizes widowhood, divorce and childlessness. This Arkan clearly indicates the need to rely only on yourself. To a much greater degree he speaks of a bachelor, than on family life.

The meaning of this card is to release from any kind of dependence, constraining or unsatisfactory relationships.

The Queen of Swords often indicates separation or divorce. This Arkan often notes couples in which one of the partners is emotionally removed from the other.

If there are conflicts in the union, then the Queen of Swords openly informs us that until a complete rupture remains short. In conjunction with the card The Page of Swords indicates a heavy break in a love affair, filled with negative experiences.

For single people, Arkan is an indicator of the absence of change in his personal life. The Queen of Swords, under the auspices of the element of Air, is distinguished by psychological independence. She is picky and sees right through any flaws in people.

All this makes her too cold for a close relationship.

In an inverted form, the map indicates a connection in which lies and insincerity reigns. Often speaks of a marriage of convenience.

As an indicator of the disease Dame Swords indicates problems in the lungs, colds, allergic reactions. The cause of the disease can be damp or cold air, mold.

In the hands on health, Arkan is a universal symbol of hypothermia, especially coming because of sitting in the cold.

If there are no health problems, the Queen of Swords indicates a stable condition. If the symptoms of the disease have appeared recently, Arkan predicts improvement and a favorable outcome.

The Queen of Swords patronizes any activity that is accompanied by the drawing up of protocols, codes, registers, inspections or attestations. In the professional sphere, it is close to Arcanum Justice. The Lady of Swords is meticulous, she loves persistent and methodical work, approaches the matter from the standpoint of cold calculation and logic.

If her subordinates lack the last qualities, this causes a seizure of genuine irritation in her.

The person symbolized by the Queen of Swords is guided by the principle "Mind — all head". Therefore, colleagues or subordinates will have to either share this postulate with her, submitting to its elements, or become a victim of cavils. A woman (and sometimes a man) who occupies a leadership position does not suffer from a lack of attention to her person.

But if the employee does not pay attention to the regulations, rules and logic — her reaction will not take long to wait.

If earlier the question of the questioner was not systematized, the Queen of Swords strongly advises to do so.

In difficult work situations, the Queen of Swords may indicate a nagging leadership, dismissal. In the upside view Arkan cautions to be attentive to his colleagues: some of them "heats up" kverenta, seeking to take his place.

Regarding personal growth, the Queen of Swords teaches the questioner of harmonization of the inner state and the outer. No events should knock him out of a rut.

Nothing can control the questioner or restrict his freedom.

In the inverted position, Arkan says that chaos reigns in the life of the querent. He is inattentive to details and therefore turns out to be powerless against the events that fall on him.

This disorganization leads to the fact that the questioner weakens every day. You can begin to correct this situation by arranging thoughts, feelings, actions.

Queen of Swords in fortune-telling on the situation indicates a conflict situation. Often the cause of the problems becomes a strong-willed woman accustomed to control others.

Particular attention should be paid to those layouts that are made to clarify domestic issues. The Queen of Swords, who appeared in them, says that there is a threat to lose property, housing, and money.

The big risk of the conclusion of doubtful transactions and contracts.

When turned upside down, the Lady of Swords promises a lot of trouble, in which the contender will always be the winner. The map indicates the complete aggression of a person who will devote all his efforts to creating problems for the questioner.

If the Queen of Swords fell out as a card of the day, this indicates the need for drawing up a clear plan and strictly following them. It is necessary to show special caution in relation to a woman who is used to demanding strict observance of her orders, or showing anger.

In an inverted form, the card indicates possible monetary losses or malicious intrigues. The events of this day will cause great stress.

The Lady of Swords generally indicates a tendency towards independence and freedom. She can designate a specific woman surrounded by a querent (as a rule, it is an imperious and selfish person), or it can correct the basic meaning of the Arcans lying next to it.

The Lady of Swords in combination with the Elder Arkans means:

  • With the card Jester — infertility or intentional rejection of motherhood;
  • Magician — the beginning of the implementation of projects;
  • High Priestess — rejection of vocation, ignoring the inner voice;
  • Empress — unwillingness to be a mother;
  • Emperor — official divorce;
  • Hierophant — rigidity, mercy;
  • Lovers — a cross on a love affair;
  • Chariot — persevere;
  • Force — aggressive reaction;
  • Hermit — solitude;
  • Wheel of Fortune — unpleasant changes in life;
  • Justice — the divorce process in court, the division of property;
  • The hanged man is a betrayal of a loved one;
  • Death is widowhood;
  • Moderation — recovery from trauma in solitude;
  • The devil is an insidious and unprincipled woman;
  • Tower — separation, loss, division of property;
  • Star — the desire to end the bachelor life;
  • Moon — diseases, treachery, hopeless circumstances;
  • The sun — to warm a lonely person who needs support;
  • The trial is to recover from the loss;
  • The world is a complete triumph of lofty ideals.

With the suit of the Rods, the Lady of Swords has the following meanings:

  • Ace of Wands — the heart of a cold person will thaw;
  • Two — missed chances;
  • Troika is a dubious partnership;
  • Four — separation or divorce;
  • Five — litigation, disputes related to the division of property;
  • Six — weakening, loss of credibility;
  • Seven — to defend their position in court;
  • The eight — strong jealousy;
  • Nine — fatigue from a long divorce process;
  • Ten — oppression, sadness;
  • Page — sad news;
  • Knight — to calm the man down, cool him down;
  • The Queen — a conflict with her friend;
  • King — a divorce.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — unrequited love;
  • Two — memories of the former happiness;
  • Troika is an insidious friend who builds snares;
  • The Four is an intellectual fallacy;
  • Five — depressing experiences, severe depression;
  • Six — an unexpected visit or meeting;
  • Seven — the truth becomes apparent, clarifying the situation;
  • Eight — expulsion from society or voluntary isolation;
  • Nine — success in money matters, especially in trade;
  • Ten — fulfillment of moral and ethical obligations;
  • Page — disappointment in love or falling in love with a person much younger in age;
  • Knight — the collapse of plans and hopes, the destruction of relationships due to conflict;
  • A queen is a depressed woman; unwillingness to listen to your intuition;
  • The king is a male rival, the lover of a legitimate spouse.
  • Ace — difficult love relationships, the union of two strong personalities;
  • Two — complete independence and indifference to the feelings of others;
  • Troika — the loss of faith in people and higher ideals;
  • Four — a temporary lull before the storm, the development of strategies for behavior in a difficult situation;
  • Five — the neglect of the spouse, undivided feelings;
  • Six — new career opportunities or dependence on a male patron;
  • Seven — vague prospects, a rival in love affairs;
  • Eight — marriage for monetary gain; severe conditions imposed from outside;
  • Nine — the death of a spouse, an authoritarian bosses, malignant tumors;
  • Ten — abandoning the values ​​of life, murder;
  • Page — a betrayal of a loved one or a change of work;
  • Knight — divorce, separation;
  • King — rivalry with a man, divorce, failure in love affairs.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — unexpected enrichment;
  • Two — unpredictable whims of fate;
  • Troika — a new colleague or subordinate;
  • Four — the accumulation of cash or physical strength;
  • Five — a serious illness or bankruptcy;
  • Six — getting the long-awaited promotion, awards, regalia;
  • Seven — intrapersonal conflict, problems in business;
  • Eight — nagging commanders, difficulties at work;
  • Nine — a happy love affair, the primacy of a woman;
  • Ten — intrigue behind his back;
  • Page — big money in the hands of the querent; fraud or fraud;
  • Knight — suppression of emotions and feelings;
  • A queen — the unbearable character of a woman, or the betrayal of a man;
  • King — parting, divorce or widowhood.

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