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What does the Tarot Page Card of Cups mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Arkan Page of Cups: meaning in the upright and inverted position, in combination with other cards

The Page of the Cups (Chalice) symbolizes benevolence, compassion, love, high creative potential. The card heralds the receipt of good news. There are positive changes ahead, and the querent should take advantage of the chances offered by the Page Cup.

The questioner will find unusual abilities in himself, he will start to study a new subject. Often the Page predicts the birth of a child or the birth of a new project.

In classic decks on the lasso of the Page of the Cups (Page Cup, Jack of Cups) a young man is represented with a cup in his hands. He is in an upbeat mood.

His complacency suggests that the desire will come true at the person who is easy to lift and does not focus on his performance.

The Page of the Cups makes it possible for the dream to come true — this is one of its classic interpretations.

What does the Tarot Page Card of Cups mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In the Ryder-Waite deck, he is dressed in a blue dress. This speaks of the spiritual purity of the character: he is not mild and will not commit evil deeds in order to satisfy his own needs. The headdress of the Page is also blue, which symbolizes clarity of consciousness, the absence of doubts and fears.

There is a fish in the Page Cup. It means a chance for the fulfillment of desire.

In Tarot Toth, the card is not called Page, but the Princess of the Cups. The lasso depicts a female figure dressed in a flowing dress.

A swan spread its wings over its head, symbolizing freedom and independence.

What does the Tarot Page Card of Cups mean, how does it combine with other lasso

A tortoise protrudes from the cup in the hands of the Princess, meaning protection. The card symbolizes a kind-hearted, infinitely gracious person.

This is a man whose life is filled with romance. He seeks to escape from everyday life to the world of dreams and dreams.

The card can also indicate useful job offers, reconciliation in friendly relations, the emergence of new creative ideas. The questioner will receive help and comfort in a difficult life situation.

What does the Tarot Page Card of Cups mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Page boys are "servants"heralds. They announce the upcoming events related to their suit.

The Page of the Cups is a servant of the kingdom of heart experiences and emotions and talks about future situations in this sphere. Usually it is pleasant feelings, unexpected acquaintances.

Sometimes we are talking about something new in the existing relationship — a gift, a declaration of love. A marriage proposal may be received, news of pregnancy is possible.

For example, cards of the Four of Wands, the Empress, the Sun, lying next to the Page of Cups, point to the birth of a child.

A page of any color can mean a child, but in the case of the lasso under consideration, a small fish in a vessel clearly indicates the appearance of a newborn. Sometimes "pregnancy" maybe figurative — the card symbolizes a creative idea, idea, dream.

The ancient interpretation of this arcane is a person who will provide substantial assistance in the affairs of the querent. He will serve you whole-heartedly, not for the sake of the fulfillment of duty. Behind the Page of Cups are usually a young man or girl, perceived by the querent as a son or daughter.

In more modern sources, this lasso is understood as a person located to the questioner or making attempts to charm him.

What does the Tarot Page Card of Cups mean, how does it combine with other lasso

The Inverted Page of the Cups has the following meanings:

  • Missed opportunities. In the near future, such a chance will not fall out.
  • A high level of emotionality of the questioner who prevents him from achieving his goals. In this case, the querent should be curbed by emotions — then there will be chances to achieve the desired.
  • The need to make informed decisions. Should be guided by logic, not emotion.
  • Windiness in love affairs. Illegibility in connections.
  • Loss of trust. The behavior of the questioner seems inappropriate to others.
  • Low self-esteem. "Buried talents". Refusal to perform a higher purpose.
  • Unwillingness to put up, see you, get in touch.
  • Cancel holiday event, engagement break.

If the Page of the Cups in an inverted position falls on a child, this indicates pressure on his personality of external events, which causes him to mature early.

What does the Tarot Page Card of Cups mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Page Cups means getting a chance for a favorable outcome of events. The help or the decision will arrive from the outside, from strangers.

Arkan foreshadows good news that will influence the development of the situation in a positive way.

Page Chash emphasizes that the questioner is not required serious effort to implement his project. With the Six of Wands, the map indicates the rapid development of the business.

If there were conflicts in the life of the querent, which aggravated the situation, then they will be resolved in the near future.

The Inverted Page of the Bowl signals the question of the questioner being absent-minded. He is captivated by his own illusions, places unreasonable hopes on people or events.

Circumstances in the presence of an inverted Page of the Cups are more like an adventure. They originated under the influence of momentary emotions, further actions were not carefully planned. Now the questioner has to deal with the consequences of his own stupidity.

In particular, the combination of this arcane with the Knight of Cups indicates negligent behavior. How the situation ends, will show other cards in the scenario.

If there are negative arcana nearby, the adventure will cause significant damage to the questioner.

Often upside down Page Cups indicates alcoholism. Current problems can be caused by drunkenness, or vice versa — a person leaves from reality, pouring grief with wine.

In conjunction with the card The Page of Swords, the lasso speaks of the presence of a vicious friendship that exacerbates dependence.

The page of Cups has long been considered a reliable worker. He seeks to offer his own services and do everything to achieve a common goal.

If, in addition to the type of employment, this person appeals to, he will try to improve every aspect of his work.

In the business world, the card indicates the willingness of counterparties to meet each other. An attractive commercial offer is possible.

Page of Cups is a readiness card for productive cooperation, does not exclude the achievement of success in business.

This lasso symbolizes any profession where you need to be creative. They are designated artists, florists, designers.

Developed intuition allows a person to correctly guess the desires of customers. The Page of the Cups denotes the humanities, art, psychological counseling. This lasso symbolizes apprenticeship, success in mastering knowledge.

In combination with the King of Cups indicates the goodwill of the authorities.

In monetary matters, the Page of the Cups in any position indicates an inability to manage finances. The person is too trusting, does not possess the necessary legal information.

The transaction is not respected due to amateurism.

In the opposite position, the card indicates dissatisfaction with work, which concerns all aspects: labor brings neither money nor professional growth opportunities. There is disunity in the team.

Each of the workers is fixated on himself. The only thing that temporarily unites colleagues is joint booze (inverted Suit Cards in general often indicate the abuse of food or alcohol).

If the question is about relations with management, Page of the Cups points to cavilings, lack of desire to compromise with subordinates. The situation is aggravated by heightened emotionality, which often provokes stormy trials.

The Page of the Cups foreshadows pleasant events in the love sphere. Symbolizing tender feelings, this lasso brings the pursuit of emotional intimacy, understanding, reconciliation.

Notes of compassion and sympathy, kindness and responsiveness are inherent to the Cups of Cups. It reflects intimacy on a spiritual level, the ability to be grateful, and the healing of past feelings.

With the Queen of the Cups, the map indicates deep affection. But if the Page of the Cups lies after the Page of the Wands (Staffs), this indicates the presence of a dangerous rival in love.

Often the card denotes the child for whom the relationship continues. If the Jester is located next to the Page Cup, it indicates frivolous relationships, flirting or affair.

This combination often speaks of a holiday romance.

In the inverted position, the map indicates a difficult relationship. In the pair there are quarrels, disagreements. Both partners suffer from excessive emotionality.

Conflicts are often accompanied by subsequent alcoholic drinks.

In fortune-telling on a person, an inverted Page of the Cups indicates an infantile partner. Such a person often deceives the questioner, demonstrates disrespect.

Page Cups points to:

  • difficulty expressing emotions;
  • neurotic states;
  • psychosomatic diseases.

In traditional interpretations, the Page Chash was considered drooping from unrequited love.

Often, the lasso points to childhood diseases, but this can be judged only in those cases if there are negative lasos in the scenario.

In the opposite position, the Page of the Cups speaks of mental deviations, breakdowns. Often indicates prolonged binges or gluttony that adversely affect health.

The page of Cups promises a busy and fun day. The questioner will receive emotional support, new, unexpected horizons will open up before him.

Today, the querent has a pleasant chat, meeting with old friends. For serious questions will not be the right mood.

It is useful to devote time to entertainment and recreation.

Card Tip: Be open to surprises and pleasant surprises.

In the opposite position, the Page of the Cups speaks of a depressed mood. A person does not want to be in society, there is no motivation to go to work or study.

Festivals and meetings will be canceled. But this is for the best, because otherwise it is impossible to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Senior arcana in the scenario indicate a general trend, the main events in the life of the querent. The page of the Cups in combination with them speaks about the importance of emotions and feelings for the questioner.

In which sphere this emotionality is manifested, indicates the elder lasso lying next to Paje.

If the divination simultaneously with the Page of the Cups contains curly cards of junior arcana, this indicates the presence of other people in the situation. They provide knowingly false information, although they do not always do so by malicious intent.

In combination with the senior lasso, the Page of the Cups has the following interpretations:

  • Jester — a meaningless idea.
  • Magician — hypothesis.
  • The High Priestess is a person who will help with her knowledge.
  • Empress — pregnancy.
  • Emperor — official marriage; finding a job.
  • Hierophant is a good offer.
  • Lovers — civil marriage, cohabitation.
  • Chariot — the need to bring the case to the end.
  • Force — efforts should be made to complete the project.
  • Hermit — refusal to offer.
  • Wheel of Fortune — promotion of business.
  • Justice — filing an application to the court.
  • The hanged man is a job or business project that adversely affects personal development.
  • Death is a need for renewal.
  • Moderation — the amendment of the terms of the contract.
  • The devil is a temptation.
  • Tower — a collapse in finance.
  • Star — hope for a better future.
  • The moon is a dubious proposition.
  • The sun — pregnancy, the birth of a child.
  • Court — getting what you deserve.
  • The world is a new project, the creation of a family, the birth of a child.

In combination with the wand suit:

  • Ace — an interesting offer.
  • Two — a project that needs to be thought through in detail.
  • Troika — the transition from idle talk to business.
  • Four — the birth of a child.
  • The five is a rejection of the received offer.
  • Six — a business project that will go up the hill.
  • Seven — the statement of claims.
  • Eight — the official marriage.
  • Nine — a dubious offer.
  • Ten — the inability to carry out his plan.
  • Page — a sentence that needs to be carefully studied.
  • Knight — frivolity; lack of strategic planning.
  • Queen — conceiving a child.
  • The king is an important creative work.

With the suit of cups:

  • Ace — receiving an offer from a man.
  • Two — approval of an important person.
  • Troika — official engagement or wedding ceremony.
  • Four — an unnecessary invitation.
  • Five — resentment from a loved one.
  • Six — a valuable offer of help.
  • Seven — the abundance of words instead of deeds.
  • Eight — rejection of an interesting offer.
  • Nine — a nice and expensive gift.
  • Ten — a proposal made by a group of people.
  • Page — a surprise from a stranger.
  • A knight is a young man offering a hand and a heart.
  • Queen — conception, great love.
  • King — a warm welcome, support for the senior in rank.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace is an interesting idea.
  • Two — conflict.
  • Troika — bad news.
  • Four — a short world.
  • Five — the need to admit defeat.
  • Six — unwanted move.
  • Seven — an insidious proposal.
  • Eight — the questioner will be forced to agree.
  • Nine — sad news.
  • Ten — failure; lack of hope.
  • Page — a dubious offer.
  • Knight — missed chances.
  • The queen is a separation; family conflict.
  • King — the filing of a petition to official bodies.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — a tempting offer.
  • Two — problems with money.
  • Three — getting a good order.
  • Quartet — careful consideration of the proposal.
  • Five — cooperation, which will lead to ruin.
  • Six — charity activities.
  • Seven — wait for the fruits of their labor will take a long time.
  • Eight — a highly paid job.
  • Nine — profitable investment.
  • Ten — a hobby that interested the whole family.
  • Page — research contract.
  • Knight — the promotion of the project started.
  • Queen — conception.
  • King — investing money in the bank.

Page of Cups — a positive card. She recommends that the querent allow her inner child to open up: to be located to the outside world, to look at things with the hope of the best, not to bother with problems.

This lasso teaches you to let go of unpleasant situations, to help other people and to accept help yourself.

Easy attitude to events will allow to achieve success and find the desired.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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