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What does the tarot moon card mean, how does it fit with other cards

Arkan Luna: meaning in divinations for love, work, finance, in combination with other cards

The 18th lasso is closely connected with secrets, intuition, unconscious. The moon does not have its own light, therefore it symbolizes the replacement of meaning, during which one object points to another. The card speaks of heightened perception, heightened emotionality.

The world around the questioner is embraced with a halo of mystery: in the moonlight it is impossible to determine where the danger will come from, and where, on the contrary, nothing can be feared.

Sometimes the moon talks about the romantic attitude to things or about the upcoming journey.

The centerpiece of this map is the moon, but it is depicted unusually. Around the lunar disk you can see the glow, usually characteristic of the sun.

This is not a mistake — the map means the Moon, which has closed the daylight itself. Such an eclipse symbolizes the power of illusions that have eclipsed the clear consciousness.

In the Ryder-Waite deck, small yellow particles emanate from the night luminary, indicating the power of the unconscious.

What does the tarot moon card mean, how does it fit with other cards

In some decks on the lunar disk depicted a human face, symbolizing the Earth (material world). This is an indication of the nature of illusions and fears that eclipsed clarity of thinking: they are connected with mundane, material issues.

The foreground of the map shows a swamp or lake. From him trying to come to the surface of cancer.

It symbolizes the human mind, which in these circumstances, like a cancer, reverses. The swamp indicates a comfort zone that a person seeks to leave.

The exit is always fraught with difficulty.

What does the tarot moon card mean, how does it fit with other cards

Near the swamp you can see two animals — a wolf and a dog. They howl at the night light, which may indicate the presence of negative emotional experiences.

The wolf symbolizes detractors, the dog — positive-minded individuals. This suggests that in the environment of querent there are people who inspire fear or are negatively disposed, as well as those who try to keep him in "swamp".

In the background you can see the road rushing to the horizon. She points out that the person is able to cope with the existing difficulties.

Sometimes mountains are depicted in the distance. On both sides of the road are two towers.

They symbolize the arguments of the restless mind, which lead the questioner from the path of intuitive knowledge.

The image of the Arcana in the Tarot Toth is a little different from the classic decks. Here in the background is a narrow passage. It is guarded by guards with wolf heads (the symbol of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian patron of death).

Behind the sentries towering towers mark the power of these guards. Jackals are prowling at their feet, not letting anyone to the aisle.

What does the tarot moon card mean, how does it fit with other cards

Arkan shows that in order to gain wisdom it is necessary to pass through a narrow path leading through threats and dangers. Anyone who wants to go through this gate must have the courage and be thoroughly prepared.

In the lower part is depicted the sacred scarab beetle, symbolizing a clear awareness. Darkness disappears wherever its light appears.

Arkan shows: the first thing that is necessary for the questioner is to find out what exactly is blocking the light in his life and throw it aside.

What does the tarot moon card mean, how does it fit with other cards

Basic values ​​of the moon in a straight position:

  • Negative emotional experiences. Feeling of fear, envy or jealousy, unwillingness to face the truth. Blurred boundaries between intuition and a sick imagination. Since there is no completeness of data, then the conclusions can be drawn wrong.
  • Loss of control over events. Circumstances are now subject to outside influences, their consequences are difficult to predict. There is a high risk of falling into the trap.
  • Perceptible impact of hidden forces. Reset the mask of the enemy will help other arcane in the scenario, but in fact to find out about the source of danger is extremely difficult.
  • Implicit problems. At first, it is not clear what exactly is a snag. Phenomena, which seemed yesterday as clear as day, today are covered with darkness. The situation is similar to being in the forest: in the daytime everything seems beautiful, but at night the perception changes dramatically.
  • The dark streak in life. Some tarologists believe that its duration will be one month (lunar period).
  • Immersion in the world of illusions. Man falls under the power of unconscious instincts. The unconscious is frightening, but it can also become a source of prophetic dreams, prophecies, and forebodings.

This lasso symbolizes the path to the unconscious part of the inner world of man, his subconscious. But sometimes the moon points to the usual journey, not only spiritual, because one of the most important elements of this arcane is the road.

Often, the Moon speaks of the need for caution: the risk of going astray at the moment is extremely high. Sometimes sticking to the right path is quite difficult: for example, if there is a chance to earn well or achieve a high rank.

But the advice of the arcana is that the questioner needs to weigh almost every step.

Often, the Moon indicates that the present time in the life of the querent is the darkest hour before dawn. Although now a person is experiencing difficult moments, he is on the threshold of a new day.

Such a state can be subjectively experienced as depressive. But in reality, at this moment the soul accumulates strength, receives valuable spiritual lessons — just as it happens in a dream, before awakening to a new life.

What does the tarot moon card mean, how does it fit with other cards

If in the direct position the Moon indicates deception or loss, then in the opposite position it is a question of quickly disclosing lies, finding the lost object. The situation of ambiguity is coming to an end.

Illusions are dispelled, and negative influences from the outside lose their power.

Sometimes the card indicates the process of eliminating complexes or disorders as a result of psychotherapy. Important information came to the surface from the unconscious, and now the questioner realized that he was wasting his strength on fighting windmills.

In the reverse position, the Moon says that the querent denies any supernatural phenomena, tends to look at things through the prism of rationalism and practicality. In particular, this position is manifested in a situation of fear, confusion.

A person is afraid of sorcerers, defying damage, ghosts, but does not give himself a report on this and is fenced off from his fears with the help of logic.

The inverted Moon sometimes testifies that the fortunate saw something unusual, faced with frightening circumstances. We can talk about a sudden robbery, as well as an amazing dream, in which the questioner talked with aliens.

There may be memories of previous incarnations.

The traditional interpretation of the inverted lasso — river, sea, any body of water. If there are a number of negative maps, the Moon indicates the danger of drowning.

What does the tarot moon card mean, how does it fit with other cards

Arkan Moon is a sign of mental disorders. This card is also associated with magic and may indicate that the cause of the disease is a magical effect.

Often the moon indicates a deep depression, when the questioner needs the help of a qualified psychologist.

Other values ​​of the arcana in health divinations:

  • hysteria;
  • nightmares, sleepwalking;
  • phobias, paranoia;
  • escape from reality with the help of psychoactive substances;
  • post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • infections, epidemics, any diseases associated with contamination of the external environment by bacteria or chemicals;
  • hidden diseases, hormonal disorders;
  • urinary incontinence.

In the upside down position, the Moon indicates autism, deep depression, speech problems (stuttering, dyslexia, complete muteness).

The moon points to an obscure situation. Sometimes the lasso arises in the case of improper business management, support is not unreliable data. The questioner is forced to reap the fruits of past mistakes.

At this stage, illusions about a career or business are finally destroyed.

At the event level, this is reflected in the breakdown of the signing of contracts, the delivery of defective products, vague terms of the loan. A person is not concentrated on work, which negatively affects its effectiveness. Sometimes the lasso points to a vague person, providing obviously false information about himself.

Example: a candidate for a position overestimates his qualifications.

If the question concerned the working group, we are talking about the predominance of backstage intrigues, mistrust. The moon often falls on politicians.

The card has a positive meaning for people of creative professions. The moon points to a developed intuition, rich imagination.

On this lasso pass musicians, poets, artists.

The moon is also favorable for those whose work is connected with the occult. For professional magicians, the lasso is a sign of a successful witchcraft rite.

Inverted Moon promises serious difficulties with work. Quirent faces open lies.

It can be substituted by business partners, subordinates, and contractors. In the upside down position, the Moon points not to hidden enemies, but to open conflict.

In this case, for entrepreneurs, the positive moments are completely absent. Even for people of creative and occult professions they are not.

An inverted lasso indicates a war within the working collective, harmful actions against each other: slander, podzhizhivanie, lies.

The moon points to instability — today there is money, tomorrow there is none. Financial circumstances are changeable, a crisis is possible. Some facets of the monetary aspect remain unclear, since there are mysterious circumstances.

Commercial transactions are questionable, investments can not be called reliable.

The moon says that man spends money, and after a while does not know how to make ends meet. In the opposite position, the map indicates serious financial difficulties.

The moon in traditional interpretations is a treason card. It combines emotional cooling (night light does not warm), mystery and variability. The moon points out that if there is no obvious betrayal in the love affair, then at least one of the partners has hidden motives.

He prefers to keep some facts of his life a secret.

There are all sorts of excuses associated with the moon — when it is impossible to communicate information as it is. It is possible that since the beginning there was no sincerity in the relationship.

Whatever the motives of the other partner are, the Moon carries the sad news: he cannot be trusted (at least for now).

The card has another interpretation — the predominance of unconscious instincts and needs. On this lasso pass intoxicating temptations and mysterious influences on the personality: sometimes the Moon says that one partner is obsessed with another.

The lonely man the moon leaves no chance of meeting love. The reason is that the questioner is not just lonely, but completely enclosed in his inner world. But this concentration does not bring peace of mind, but only leads a person into dreaming divorces from reality.

Guessing suffers from their unfulfilled needs.

The moon talks about the fear of being alone. If you are near her "heavy" Arcana, this indicates the growing fears in obsessive phobias. For example, the Devil’s lasso in combination with the Moon for a bachelor suggests that his perception in this respect is distorted.

A person can go into a long hard drinking because of loneliness.

This lasso carries a positive value for the relationship of two creative individuals. Example: co-writing a literary work or the interaction between a poet and a musician.

Inverted Moon indicates a clear lie. Unpleasant moments are accompanied by emotional heat.

People do not hold feelings in themselves, but express them at once. In such relations, quarrels and scandals, recriminations and open demonstration of neglect are frequent. Such a union will not last long.

It must first be transformed, turning the lasso, and then follow the path of the moon in a straight position. Otherwise, the gap is inevitable.

For bachelors, the moon in an inverted position indicates a serious depression. The man was desperate to meet the other half.

Usually such negativism is unfounded and only indicates the need to change oneself. The questioner should look at the world more realistically and assess exactly what prevents to meet a new partner.

Usually these are the circumstances in which the querent drove himself with his own hands. For example, a woman whose life proceeds according to the scenario "home — work — home". She does not seek to diversify her everyday life, to visit those places where you can meet a man.

All she needs is to change the rhythm of life.

If the alignment was done on self-development, the Moon talks about the state of stagnation. A person is in the comfort zone, which can not affect his future life. If he does not take active steps now, this swamp will continue not only to restrain him, but to drag him even deeper.

At some point, the questioner will stop seeing prospects change anything.

The moon emphasizes the importance of the inner state that accompanies this situation. Any emotional experience is the work of the human mind, which holds back the movement forward.

Awareness of these illusions allows you to listen to your intuition, to make the right move. Arkan Luna speaks of a heightened sixth sense, but the voice of negative emotions completely suppresses it.

In this case, the development of intuition is not necessary — the questioner should learn to trust her.

The moon warns the querent about three possible obstacles to personal development:

  1. one. Surrounding people who will keep him in the familiar circle of life. The impact on their part can occur both at the level of psychological pressure and at the level of actions that restrain changes in the questioner’s life.
  2. 2 Own restless mind. Thinking will throw up negative information, build arguments that speak of the impossibility of change.
  3. 3 First successes on the way. The questioner may mistakenly decide that all the necessary has already been achieved, and calm down on this.

Taking into account the above factors, the Moon points to the Querent to the need to find the inner forces and to overcome these barriers: stop reacting to the environment and their own experiences. Instead, you should start taking active steps, following the prompts of the intuitive mind.

If a person succeeds in overcoming all obstacles, wonderful life prospects will open up before him.

In the reverse position, the Moon indicates that the person’s perception is currently aggravated in relation to a particular situation. He is overly sensitive, reacts violently to events. The fountain of emotion impedes development.

In this case, it is necessary to abstract from anxieties and experiences, which will allow to turn the lasso. Further actions are built on the path of the moon in a straight position.

As a card of the day, the Moon recommends a person to pay attention to his emotional experiences. Whatever happens today, do not panic. Any questions can be resolved as the questioner himself wants.

But this will happen only if he controls his experiences. In this case, the day will be successful.

In the inverted form, the Moon indicates the possibility of meeting with unpleasant people. There is a risk of fraud, fraud.

Serious cases are recommended to be postponed — especially those related to real estate or large finances.

If the senior arcana falls out, it speaks of the general trends in the situation, the fundamental experience of the questioner. The younger ones point to superficial, everyday events.

The values ​​of other cards in the scenario are corrected by the Moon: it symbolizes the presence of hidden information in the situation displayed by neighboring cards.

Arkan Moon is dangerous if others are located near "heavy" cards — for example, the Hanged Man or the Devil. In this case, we are talking about the complete loss of questioning control over the situation.

This happened because of indulging their emotional experiences or loss of confidence.

Particular attention should be paid to the combination of the Moon and the Hanged Man. It signals that a person is on the verge of suicide or in deep depression. In conjunction with the lasso, Devil Moon points to mental disorders up to schizophrenia and violent insanity.

Next to the Clown speaks about the state of hysteria, when the person runs away from reality.

The combination of Lunar Moon and Death is not fatal. It speaks of the questioner’s withdrawal from the difficult situation depicted by the Moon.

In this case, Death is interpreted only as a transformation, a transformation.

The only lasso that the Moon does not affect negatively is the Sun. Such a combination indicates the victory of consciousness over illusions.

Other values ​​are listed in the table:



  1. 1. Blurred mind. Hysterical disorder, neurosis, state of intoxication.
  2. 2. Ideas received in a dream. Insight in a state of trance.
  3. 3. Pregnancy
  1. 1. Skillful manipulation of consciousness. Fear of action.
  2. 2. Start a new project or product
  1. 1. Occupation occult. Prophetic dream.
  2. 2. Threats and blackmail
  1. 1. Hidden from the human eye reserves.
  2. 2. Excessive sentimentality, touchiness. Alcohol abuse.
  3. 3. Fear of childbirth, motherhood
  1. 1. Cheating by a high-ranking person. The secret affairs of the rulers.
  2. 2. Fear in the face of a male. Immature, effeminate man
  1. 1. The spiritual path is not defined. Disappointment in their own life principles.
  2. 2. Work with a psychotherapist
  1. 1. A love affair built on insincerity.
  2. 2. The need to decide which road to go on
  1. 1. Difficult circumstances. Stray from the right path.
  2. 2. Travel by water transport
Someone stubbornly falsifies the facts. Inability to adequately assess the situation due to lack of dataFuture, awe-inspiring uncertainty. Changeable emotional state
  1. 1. Lack of strength.
  2. 2. The dark side of character is extremely strong.
  1. 1. For a long time have to spend alone.
  2. 2. If we are talking about suffering from alcoholism — a long binge
The period of uncertainty is coming to an endDevil
  1. 1. Mental disorder. The impact of black magic.
  2. 2. Cruel deception
  1. 1. Fear of lonely old age. Heavy emotional experiences.
  2. 2. Diseases associated with impaired metabolism
Insanity. The destruction of the psyche, not visible to the eye
  1. 1. Unstable environment. Lack of self-confidence.
  2. 2. Occupation Occult.
  3. 3. Getting an inheritance from parents
  1. 1. Insight coming from the depths of the unconscious.
  2. 2. Positive outcome of the problem
Find the strength to cope with difficulties. Put your life in order

The veil of darkness dissipates. The situation clears up

If the lasso is surrounded by cards of the wands, it indicates the need to take decisive action to break out of the state indicated by the Moon. For the questioner, the time has come when it is impossible to postpone the case until tomorrow — otherwise you can miss all the chances.

With the suit of the Rods the Moon has the following interpretations:

  • Ace — loss of interest in business.
  • Two — serious errors, confusion in the situation.
  • Three — getting unexpected information or a gift.
  • Four — relations between relatives, built on lies; sick man in the house.
  • Five — the spread of gossip, weaving intrigue.
  • Six — moving forward on the wrong road.
  • Seven — problems will prevail.
  • Eight — to build machinations.
  • Nine — lack of confidence; passive-aggressive reactions.
  • A dozen — to squander power; feeling of despair.
  • Page — an error in the calculations made.
  • Knight is bad news.
  • The queen is a lying woman.
  • The king is to betray the trust.

Cards of the Sword suit speak of the presence of delusions of the querent or point to secret detractors (especially if there are figured arcana in the scenario). In this case, the moon symbolizes deception, the dual behavior of those people who are close to the questioner. Other values:

  • Ace is a dangerous idea; poorly expressed thought.
  • Two — hidden motives.
  • Troika — sneak a blow.
  • Four — the desire to escape from reality.
  • Five — irritability, nervousness.
  • Six — look at the world without unnecessary illusions.
  • Seven — to hide the real state of things.
  • Eight — addiction.
  • Nine — mental difficulties.
  • Ten — to become a victim of foreign intrigues.
  • Page — tainted reputation.
  • A knight is an unexpected danger, a hidden threat.
  • The queen is a woman who has been deceived.
  • The king is a gray cardinal.

Cups (cups) indicate emotional experiences. Sometimes they talk about the arrival of dubious information. Other interpretations:

  • Ace — deceived hopes.
  • Two — false promises.
  • Three — treason.
  • Four — a dubious offer.
  • Five — losses due to deceit, lies, infidelity.
  • Six — ambiguous past.
  • Seven is a strategy built on lies; unusual visions; attempts to recall facts from the distant past.
  • Eight — finally get confused in feelings.
  • Nine — dreamless dreams; alcoholism; the appearance of well-being.
  • Ten — treason.
  • Page — prejudiced judgments.
  • A knight is a young man who gives empty promises.
  • The queen is a secretive woman.
  • The king is a lying man.

Pentacles point to unfulfilled dreams of material goods.

Other values:

  • Ace — questions about the origin of finance.
  • Two — a mess in the money.
  • Three — shadow accounting.
  • Four — useless waste, lack of financial literacy.
  • Five — bankruptcy.
  • Six — refusal to request to return the debt.
  • Seven — failure.
  • The eight — doing business carelessly.
  • Nine — lack of stability in the money.
  • Ten — a rival under the same roof.
  • Page — failure to comply with the terms of the contract.
  • Knight — apathy.
  • The queen is impractical.
  • The king is a business crash; head of the shadow organization.

For a person it is important to go the way displayed by the 18th lasso in order to get into the next one — the Sun. It reigns victory, won by the strength of the spirit of the questioner.

Lingering on any obstacles symbolized by the Moon, the querent removes this moment.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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