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What does the Tarot Magus card mean, how does it fit with other arcane

Tarot Mage Card: meaning, interpretation in the up and down position, combinations with other arcane

The magician (Wizard, Magician) is the first map of the category of senior arcane, symbolizing activity and creativity. It embodies the momentum from which a specific process or project originates.

Magician indicates the presence of a creative gift, disclosure of abilities. Arkan says that it is time for action and decision-making.

The reserve of the questioner is enough for the realization of creative undertakings and intellectual aspirations.

As a rule, the magician is alone on the map. The numerical value of the arcana — unit — symbolizes leadership, self-sufficiency.

Magician’s motto: "You have to do everything yourself".

What does the Tarot Magus card mean, how does it fit with other arcane

The magician has no first number in the deck. This lasso indicates that all life is a mystical combination of the elements of creation. The miracles of life are nothing but the deeds of God, the cosmic magician.

Lemniscata above the character’s head indicates access to great knowledge. It reflects the hermetic idea: "What is above, then below".

In the hand of the Magician is not a sword, but a rod symbolizing the control of the elements. The character of the arcana is able to skillfully manipulate the four elements: Chal, Swords, Wands and Pentacles.

This map represents the power over the forces that control the human world.

The magician is the one who has come into contact with previously unavailable wisdom, and now his power is increasing.

What does the Tarot Magus card mean, how does it fit with other arcane

In the Ryder-Waite and other traditional Tarot decks on the first lasso you can see a man who skillfully masters alchemical objects. The magician appears in the form of a person who is in the mood for knowledge, self-confident.

Often the character resembles a conjurer.

The traditional values ​​of the Magician in this deck are high professionalism and diplomacy. One of the old interpretations of the map is illness, loss (if there is a master or a doctor, then there must be a patient).

Sometimes the map may indicate the most questioner, if he is a man.

What does the Tarot Magus card mean, how does it fit with other arcane

In this Tarot you can see a skilled illusionist balancing on a coin (pentacle). In his hands is a bowl and a rod.

On the nose, he holds the sword, dissecting the sign of infinity.

In this deck, a card means that the inquirer embarks on the difficult path of professional self-realization. To acquire art, like the one depicted, he will have to put a lot of effort.

What does the Tarot Magus card mean, how does it fit with other arcane

Unlike the Tarot Ryder-Waite, in the Thoth deck the Magician is not serious, but playful. It is presented in the form of the god Mercury, skillfully balancing on a dark egg.

Behind Maga — silver wings. Four symbols rotate around it, meaning the elements — a rod, a goblet, a sword and a disk.

The head of the Magician is decorated with two snakes woven into caduceus (the ancient Egyptian sign of healing).

The card indicates that the questioner now has excellent opportunities. He should think about in what area you can realize your talents.

The magician is a positive card that calls the querent to an active life position. This lasso tells the questioner that he has authority.

Only a little volitional effort should be made to take advantage of the possibilities of the current situation and transform your life.

The magician says that the querent has every chance to reach heights in various life spheres — material, romantic, spiritual. As the first lasso, he points to the beginning of a completely new stage, when nothing has yet been predetermined and no mistakes have been made.

The situation about which the querent asked the question takes place under his direct control, therefore it is in his will to decide in which direction to turn the events. According to the lasso, Mage, life changes take place at the will of the questioner, although in rare cases the cause may lie in external factors. Usually, the querent understands exactly which sphere of life now requires its activity.

Before that, he could resist for a long time and disown from the new, but it is the Magician who reports: now all the conditions and resources have been created, everything works for the good of the person.

In reverse position, the lasso Magus points to two phenomena:

  • Blocked internal energy flow. We are talking about a weak will, lack of knowledge, lack of self-confidence. Arkan can signal that the questioner has a dismissive attitude towards his abilities or this attitude is not based on real facts. Some tarologi argue that the Arcane Magician is always positive: if the card is inverted, the questioner only underestimates the ability to control the situation.
  • Incorrect use. In this case, the map in an inverted position indicates that the favorable moment was missed, and now the situation has already begun to unfold according to other laws. All that the questioner can do is to wait patiently for the result.

The card speaks of selfishness, the use of their skills for the purpose of destruction, not creation.

A few more arcana values ​​Mage in an inverted position:

  • The trick and manipulation of the weaknesses of others, fraud, blackmail.
  • The questioner reached the goal, but it turned out that he did not really need it; self-deception.
  • The goal is noble, but the means to achieve it are unsuccessful.
  • A certain person makes a magical effect on the questioner.

The love affair characterized by a lasso Magus is endowed with great potential. In this alliance, the partners are completely open and honest to each other. It’s about true love.

Each brings something new into the life of another that can enrich it with unusual impressions.

Magician especially favors the relationship that originated recently. In long-term alliances, the map indicates an obsessive need for the dominance of one of the partners, his egoism.

In combination with unfavorable lassovs, the Magus speaks of parting or a long period of cooling, loss of interest. The values ​​of the partners did not coincide, and at this stage each of them wants to be alone.

If the card does not indicate a relationship as a whole, but a specific person, this is a skillful manipulator, a despot. To achieve his goal, he considers acceptable by any means. This person prefers to receive everything he wants, and as soon as possible.

Sometimes the Magician points to a bachelor-individualist. This is an independent and erudite person, incapable of building close relationships with people.

Arcana’s recommendation Mage in love relationships: do not wait for change, but take the initiative in your own hands. Guessing has all chances to turn the situation in the right direction.

The map predicts the conquest of new professional peaks in the area of ​​interest of the questioner. The magician is a real fan of his business, and usually he has outstanding knowledge in his field.

The map points to a competent professional, a true master. He is ready to change the whole world, applying his talents to realize his plans.

Arkan also points to self-confidence in the profession, the presence of creative abilities. In business, it symbolizes a call for activity.

Warns of intrigue, complication of the current situation or the emergence of a serious competitor.

The magician can symbolize writers, writers, scientists — therefore, the table shown on the map is sometimes written. This piece of furniture is an important attribute in the work of the Magician: in different layouts, it can be operational, teacher, laboratory. The magician is a talented negotiator.

If the questioner is looking for a job, he should feel free to declare himself.

Arkan says that the financial situation changes almost every hour. Today, the querent is a wealthy person, tomorrow — a beggar, the day after tomorrow — the rich man again. Money is not an end in itself for the Magician.

He is not able to enjoy them, although often earns a lot. Magus has a strong intuition that allows him to make unmistakable bets and easily break the jackpot.

But he rarely manages to bring the project started to the end, as his interest quickly dies away.

Your financial situation can only be partially controlled. The magician owns the situation, but financial management is clearly not his prerogative.

The card does not indicate a possible increase in revenue. Arkan emphasizes that by means of active actions it is possible to preserve the state of movement in which incomes and expenses will be in a rather wide range.

If the question is about the possibility of increasing income, the card says that in this respect everything new will be effective. Even the most insane creative ideas will bring good money.

Arkan points to good health. The card represents a high tone, vitality.

The body of the questioner has large internal reserves. Kverent leads an active, healthy lifestyle.

If he falls ill, he prefers the newest methods of treatment of modern medicine.

In the upside down position indicates mental disorders, depression. If the card is followed by a jester, this combination speaks of serious stress, even the risk of losing one’s sanity.

Mage, like other arcana, must be considered in the context of the surrounding cards. The magician corrects the value of the younger Arcana, and in combination with the older can acquire a new meaning.

In combination with the senior lasso, the card has the following interpretations:

JesterThe charlatan, the deceiver. Plans do not come true. Death on the water
High PriestessThe initiated project is frozen in the air. Meet a Woman
The EmpressThe case promises to be successful. Passion for new activity
The emperorRestructuring, new manager. Material acquisitions
HierophantThe fulfillment of God’s will, the highest calling. The questioner will receive help if he is not annoyed.
LoversSigning important documents; making a difficult choice
ChariotThe rapid progress of the project, the establishment of existing links
StrengthSkillfully manage your emotions. Difficulties will be overcome, but forces will not be less after that.
HermitResearch in the scientific or philosophical field. It is time to think, to find yourself, to be alone
Wheel of FortuneThe questioner will be the initiator of change or innovation.
JusticeTaking on the role of protector. The beginning of a difficult stage in life. Severe but fair sentence
HangedThe case is moving slowly. Unexpected trap impeding execution of plans
DeathMediumism, summoning spirits. Resurrection for a new life
ModerationWorkshop care about the project. Insight, high level of professionalism
DevilLack of will; psychological manipulation. Cheater, crook, sorcerer
TowerThe will of the questioner is broken. Dangerous accident
StarAstrologer or predictor. The process of improvement, recovery
MoonDeceiver, liar. Big event. Fire
The sunPublic recognition of ideas, inventions, talents
CourtCareer growth, the use of abilities
WorldA new concept that has found a worthy embodiment

With suit of wands (staves):

  • Ace — the questioner should listen to the intuition.
  • Two — a new idea should be thought out.
  • Troika — moving forward in the professional field.
  • Four — now the foundation is laid for the future.
  • The five — power over the situation, the ability to change events.
  • Six — strong will, empathetic leadership.
  • Seven — to keep their positions, any means will do.
  • Eight — the situation is becoming increasingly clear.
  • Nine — successfully pass the test, pass the exam.
  • Ten — lack of talent; feeling tired of social intercourse.
  • Page — the ability to invent new things.
  • Knight — the introduction of unusual ideas in life.
  • The queen — a rapid increase in the level of professionalism.
  • The king is a talented leader or scholar.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — the genius of financial management.
  • Two — an attempt to catch two birds with one stone.
  • Troika — a profitable order will be received soon.
  • Four — careful control over income and expenses; tightening the financial framework.
  • The five are unallowable expenses.
  • Six — medical assistance.
  • Seven — monetary fraud, deception.
  • Eight is a well-established business that generates income.
  • Nine — good investment, good profit.
  • Ten — a family business.
  • Page — the study of disciplines required for business.
  • Knight — setting the motion vector of the case; promotion of a progressive concept.
  • Queen — skillful business management.
  • King — successful distribution of cash flows.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace is a profitable business associated with technological progress and innovation; clarification of the situation.
  • Two — lack of understanding with partners, failure to comply with agreements.
  • Three — a cruel miscalculation, which led to failure.
  • Four — you need to take a pause.
  • Five — an attempt to arrange life on another misfortune, to go over their heads.
  • Six — moving the business to a new place.
  • Seven — political intrigue; neglect their abilities.
  • Eight — limited contacts, lack of initiative.
  • Nine — started business is in decline.
  • Ten — the inability to turn back.
  • Page — to put forward an unusual concept; skilled surgeon.
  • Knight — a crisis situation.
  • Queen — parting with a man; business breakdown.
  • The king is to demonstrate independence.

With the suit of Cups (Cup):

  • Ace — literary ability; the use of love magic.
  • Two — the conclusion of the contract.
  • Three — team assembled.
  • Four — the questioner does not see the routine of important things; omission of opportunity.
  • Five — unfulfilled expectations.
  • Six — the embodiment of a long-standing dream.
  • Seven — failed plans, big losses in business.
  • Eight is not moving towards the goal; stagnation.
  • Nine — the beginning of a new business; Often — opening your own restaurant.
  • Ten — the correct conduct of the case.
  • Page — the arrival of an interesting offer.
  • Knight — a bargain.
  • Queen — the engagement.
  • The king — a great specialist will give advice to the questioner.

The magician is a positive card, the nature of which speaks of high adaptability, ability to manage circumstances. If this lasso fell out, the questioner should take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the current situation.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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