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What does the Tarot Lovers card mean, how it is combined with other lasso

Arkan Lovers: value in the layouts of the Tarot and a combination with other cards

The Lovers card is interpreted as the appearance on the course of life of the second half, intended by heaven. Another interpretation of the arcana — the implementation of choice.

It can concern both the love sphere, and other areas — a trade, a residence, large purchases. The questioner will have to make an important decision: listen to the call of the heart or mind, choose a new or old, follow the voice of a whim or conscience.

In this perspective, the lasso is a sign of internal conflict, disharmony.

On the lasso Lovers in the Ryder — Waite deck are depicted male and female figures. At the top of the map is the archangel blessing them.

He stretches his arms over the characters. The card means a happy love union, filled with mutual understanding and care for each other.

What does the Tarot Lovers card mean, how it is combined with other lasso

In Marseilles, as well as in some other Tarot on the lasso, you can see not two, but three figures — a young man and two girls. Usually one of them personifies chastity, while the other person embodies the temptation.

This story focuses on the risk that lies in wait for a man: to make a mistake, succumbing to momentary passion.

The Tarot Toth depicts the marriage of the Emperor and the Empress. The ceremony is held by a priest in the form of a Hermit.

This means that true love is part of the path of personal growth, not an obstacle.

What does the Tarot Lovers card mean, how it is combined with other lasso

Arkan Lovers in a straight position has the following interpretations:

  • Affection, love relationships, problem solving, productive cooperation.
  • The questioner has to make a choice between two equivalent options.
  • Fighting a positive outcome for the querent.

Classical interpretations associate this lasso with deep feelings of love. With the Six Wands card, he says that the relationship is full of harmony: the partners are well suited to each other in everyday life.

At the same time, lovers show that a person must make an important choice for themselves. He should abandon the irresponsible life in the parental home, throw off the flirting on the side and move to a new level of spiritual love.

Only this step will allow revealing great opportunities, new knowledge about yourself and your abilities, so another name for the card is a choice.

Arkan can symbolize any situation not connected with love relationships, where the questioner has to make a responsible decision: the choice of profession, place of residence, apartment. The main criterion: the available alternatives are mutually exclusive.

The card indicates the responsibility of the questioner on the shoulders of the choice made by him. She warns against rash decisions.

Arkan symbolizes the inseparability of responsibility and freedom, the causes and the consequences that they inevitably entail.

Arkan Lovers often points to an intrapersonal conflict between feelings and mind (especially if there is a Troika of Swords card nearby). Currently, the questioner is at a crossroads, and his choice today will affect the future in a most radical way.

The most typical situation is the desire to succumb to temptation or to suppress it.

If the card falls into the position of the past, this means that the fateful choice has already been made, and today the questioner is experiencing its consequences.

At the event level, the lasso symbolizes the appearance of the chosen one, the second half. Relationships will be full of joy and love.

Even if the querent did not anticipate the possibility of a new relationship, the card foreshadows a new love affair.

What does the Tarot Lovers card mean, how it is combined with other lasso

Upside down lasso Lovers has the following meanings:

  • Unhappy love, unshared feelings.
  • Incompatibility of partners in the intimate plan.
  • Platonic love. Symbolic marriage, in which there is no place for the discussion of material, low-lying difficulties.
  • Hasty marriage, which will disintegrate soon. The man made a choice without following his intuition.
  • Mental confusion, being in a state of confusion.
  • Difficulties in existing relationships (may concern both personal life and interaction in business). Bad communication with people.
  • Possession, jealousy. Lack of harmony.
  • Cancel marriage.
  • The inability to find a life partner.
  • Irresponsibility, the inability to make the right choice.
  • Scheduled plans do not come true.

What does the Tarot Lovers card mean, how it is combined with other lasso

The lovers’ card in the professional field indicates that the questioner needs to make a conscious choice between two areas of activity. Sometimes the lasso can fall out in cases where a person seeks to turn a hobby into a main source of income or receives a tempting offer of a new job.

Lovers — a successful lasso for business cooperation, teamwork. Separate or personal projects this card does not encourage.

Its main idea is in complementarity, trust, ability to work in a team and compromise.

The card can also mean getting pleasure from the chosen type of activity. At the level of external events Lovers symbolize the conclusion of contracts, the merger of two companies, the creation of a new team. Often, the lasso describes fans of the profession, relevant to the case with true passion.

Work for them is so significant that family or friends are relegated to the background and cannot compete with their beloved work.

Arkan Lovers says that a person is in high spirits because of the profit or bonus. As a result, unreasonable expenses are possible — on trips to the restaurant, elite alcohol or other luxury items.

Kverent carries them with pleasure, but this joy passes all bounds.

For such a frivolous attitude to money will be followed by inevitable retribution.

Lovers — one of the best cards for those whose questions to the tarot relate to the sphere of love. Arkan means the beginning of a new feeling and the strengthening of an existing one. In relationships, peace and harmony reign, true devotion and affection.

Partners are ready to give each other time and energy. The card indicates not only passion, but also mutual obligations.

When combined with the Hierophant symbolizes marriage.

Lovers say about the proximity of two personalities, between whom there is a certain barrier. These two must overcome it in order to merge with each other.

Each has opposite features with which the second partner establishes a connection. They are his reflection and addition.

As a rule, one person possesses those qualities that in the second are weakly developed or forced out into the unconscious. The attitude of the person in whom these traits are ousted may be different: seeing in the other what he lacks, he may experience both attraction and irritation.

Lovers — a positive card in relation to health. In the upright position indicates the absence of any problems. In the reverse position indicates some irregularities.

They are usually associated with the hormonal system.

Sometimes Lovers say that the best treatment for a guessing person will be another person.

If the lasso lover fell out as a card of the day, the questioner has nothing to fear. The day will be full of joy and pleasant surprises.

In a situation of choice, lovers give advice to listen to the voice of intuition.

Lovers — this is a map, which is largely influenced by the neighboring arcane. Among tarologov there is an opinion that it is a link between those cards that fall on both sides of it.

The lovers link what has broken up into two parts, and are a symbol of reunion, synthesis.

In combination with older lassoes, the Lovers card has the following interpretations:

  1. 1. There is no seriousness in making a choice. This will lead to disastrous consequences.
  2. 2. The questioner again plunges into the former illusions.
MagicianTo be influenced from the outside. High susceptibility to other people’s ideas. The questioner should choose his own way in which he will not need the support of other people.
High Priestess
  1. 1. Before making a decision, as much information as possible should be collected.
  2. 2. The choice of school
The EmpressThe pleasure of communicating with a woman. The choice of spouse
The emperorDecide in favor of restructuring, practical changes in a particular area of ​​life. Choosing a spouse
  1. 1. Sustainable life principles, the ability of the questioner to follow high moral ideals.
  2. 2. Make a choice in favor of an official marriage
ChariotRomantic or honeymoon trip. The choice of vehicle. To decide on the future direction
StrengthCompetition is ahead, but both opponents are slow. It is necessary to drop fear and rush into battle.
  1. 1. The questioner made the decision to live alone. Refusal of marriage, sexual relations.
  2. 2. Doubts interfere. After some time, thoughts will come in order, and it will be easier to make a decision.
Wheel of FortuneAnxiety is a thing of the past. Before the questioner opens new paths, he has the energy to achieve goals.
JusticeMind defeated feelings. Marriage in order to improve financial position
HangedThe questioner has freed himself from illusions, but it deprives him of the courage to go on. He needs outside help. Look for her stands among the inner circle
DeathRegardless of the desire of the querent in his life, radical changes will occur. Everything should start over, while getting rid of unproductive psychological attitudes.
ModerationBreak love affair. To get a chance to fix something, you need to go back to basics, go part of the way again. The questioner is prevented from too much thirst for change, and nervousness does not allow to achieve goals. He should calm his desires
DevilVices, temptations, physical cravings. Even if the questioner is deeply addicted, he should learn to give up bad habits.
  1. 1. Suffering, associated with remorse of conscience.
  2. 2. The path of the querent is full of traps. He should understand that the case for which he undertook is dangerous. The consequences may be the most unpredictable.
StarReasonable fears and doubts, but the decision is close. Soon hopes for a better future will return, and the soul will be filled with optimism and confidence in the future
  1. 1. Superficial relationships, no openness between partners.
  2. 2. The maelstrom of events, the pressure of endless problems
The sun
  1. 1. Serious love affair.
  2. 2. Querent will turn up an unexpected chance that will make him forget about the doubts of the past
  1. 1. Learn new information.
  2. 2. The questioner could not solve his problems, and fate did in his place
WorldLong-awaited happiness. Getting what the questioner has dreamed of for years

With the suit of the Rods:

  • Ace — the questioner succumbed to the momentary emotions.
  • Two — the choice of the most optimal route.
  • Troika — the development of a new strategy.
  • Four — a wedding celebration.
  • Five — consider all available options and select the most suitable.
  • Six — the right preferences; happiness in love.
  • Seven is a choice made due to external pressure.
  • Eight — speed up decision making; news from a loved one.
  • Nine — doubts and worries are getting stronger.
  • Ten — a solution that will lead nowhere.
  • Page — continue to look for the right path.
  • Knight — impulsiveness in decision making.
  • Queen — optimism, cheerfulness.
  • King — maintaining self-esteem.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — actions are dictated by material interest.
  • Two — an extremely difficult choice.
  • Three — to decide in the professional field.
  • Four — to be careful in choosing the future path.
  • Five — a situation that does not have a way out.
  • Six — make a choice in favor of another person.
  • Seven — slow, delaying an important decision.
  • Eight — choose a cause that brings joy.
  • Nine — to make a choice in favor of material security.
  • Ten — prefer family values.
  • Page — choose personal implementation, professional way.
  • Knight — to develop a practical strategy.
  • Queen — choose a woman, guided by practical principles.
  • The king is to prefer a rich and respectable man.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace — detailed analysis; reliance on logic when deciding.
  • Two — choose one of two evils.
  • Three — wrong calculation; break love affair.
  • Four — postpone the decision.
  • Five — treason partner.
  • Six — avoid the situation in which you need to make a choice.
  • Seven — to show indifference.
  • Eight — limited options.
  • Nine — a shame.
  • Ten — divorce or separation from her beloved.
  • Page — make a choice by yourself; cold communication.
  • A knight — the questioner will be forced to make a certain choice; crisis stage in the relationship.
  • Queen — parting or widowhood.
  • King — the decision will be made by a superior.

With the suit of Cups (Cup):

  • Ace — to make a choice in favor of family, love relationships.
  • Two — mutual agreement on an important issue.
  • Three — the celebration of the engagement or wedding celebration.
  • Four — a choice is made, which you have to regret.
  • Five — a family conflict.
  • Six — the old choice has an impact on the present.
  • Seven — to make the wrong decision.
  • The eight — separation, separation, disintegration of a pair.
  • Nine — the right decision.
  • Ten — happiness in the marital relationship.
  • Page — get a marriage proposal; news of pregnancy.
  • Knight — a pleasant offer.
  • The queen is a faithful and loving woman.
  • The king is the beloved.

Lovers — a positive card that teaches the guessing person to make the right choice. This lasso indicates that it is necessary to carefully weigh all the existing arguments, so that later not to regret about the decision.

Faced with the contradictions that the situation of choice carries, the questioner will ultimately be able to better understand himself.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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