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What does the Tarot Knight of Cups mean, as it is combined with other lasso

What does the Tarot Knight of Cups mean: combination with other cards

The Knight of Cups is considered a positive card in the Tarot deck and personifies renewal, inspiration, lightness, carelessness, kindness, piety, courage, emotionality, romanticism. A card means decency, sincerity, well-being, success, opening up prospects, inviting action.

Possible negative values ​​are related to the fact that having experienced strong feelings, a person overwhelms himself with illusions and looks at the world biasedly.

The fall of the Tarot card The Knight of the Cups says that pleasant news, messages, suggestions of a romantic nature, the appearance of an interesting person important for a guessing, an invitation are expected soon. Outbreak of love will raise over the routine, heal the soul, if there were wounds from the past. The combination of feelings and dreams — the foundation for self-development and self-realization in the external environment.

A person is able to develop figurative thinking, as well as to succeed spiritually.

If in the past a controversial issue caused concern, it will be resolved positively. A compromise will be found, and the conditions will suit everyone. New opportunities will appear on the horizon, a person is waiting for a vacation, successful shopping, entertainment, romantic evenings.

Difficult questions will be easily solved in the unity of feelings and reason, on an emotional lift.

What does the Tarot Knight of Cups mean, as it is combined with other lasso

Arkan will answer the following questions:

  • what is the meaning of friends and close people for the guessing person;
  • is it possible to rely on the person in question;
  • is there a fear of your own future;
  • how to choose friends.

What does the Tarot Knight of Cups mean, as it is combined with other lasso

The Knight of the Cups in a straightforward position characterizes the situation in a positive light: optimism, enthusiasm, dreams, long-term plans, and faith in the best. In high manifestation, the card is associated with chivalrous qualities, nobility of thoughts and actions.

Kverent is in a state of peace, peace, harmony, and all current issues will be resolved easily, if he does not involve gloomy thoughts.

In the inverted position, the main value of the card is deception. There is an unsightly side of a person or situation. The position of dependence or sacrifice in business, love is not excluded.

Arkan points to a crook, a greedy man and a manipulator using the trust of loved ones.

  • gossip; betrayal;
  • losses;
  • emotional damage;
  • departure from reality;
  • hiding important information.

What does the Tarot Knight of Cups mean, as it is combined with other lasso

The card personifies a person under the age of 40 years old who possesses such qualities as honesty, gallantry, justice, integrity, reverie, romance. He has charm, masterfully communicates, is interested in the mystical side of life, is inclined to continuous learning, does not tolerate harsh restrictions, is able to mobilize in an extreme situation.

Human actions depend on the inner impulse, sincere warm feelings. He is a friend, assistant, fan, faithful partner, messenger, diplomat, initiator; dreamer, idealist, inventor, poet, person, realizing himself in art, darling of fortune.

The main interpretations of the Knight of Cups:

  • the ability to inspire the necessary information;
  • hidden intent;
  • developed imagination;
  • art talents;
  • harmony with yourself;
  • mood swings;
  • dreams of the unreachable;
  • perfectionism.

The positive personality traits are as follows: this is an ideal lover, a mysterious, creatively gifted person. He is ready at the first request to come to the rescue.

Next to him, the partner is ready to open up and surrender to the senses. The Knight of the Cup is unique in intimate relationships, and also does not cease to amaze with talents, sophisticated courtship and is able to conquer the most icy heart.

While others are making a lot of effort to attract the attention of their ladies, he, completely devoid of mercantile spirit, is to say a few words to fall in love with a woman.

In the upside-down position, the card denotes a person who is seeking his own way by any means, capable of baseness, hypocrisy. A person is lazy, capricious, does not hold words, one cannot rely on him. One of the strong feelings is jealousy.

In the scenario, the following values ​​are possible: deception, betrayal, concealment of truth, gossip, fraud.

A person’s lie is so verified that it is pleasant to everyone, including himself, and borders on the truth. The Rider of the Bowls does not seek to exhausting actions, he manifests himself in the area that brings the maximum number of results. He has long been in the choice of a profession and life partner.

When confronted with a negative experience destructive emotions, depressed, prone to alcohol abuse.

A person is recommended to be careful, attentive.

What does the Tarot Knight of Cups mean, as it is combined with other lasso

In a direct position in the scenario of health, the card indicates diseases such as anemia, cold, depression, emotional instability, indisposition due to trauma. A person is recommended to let go of fears, to tune in to the positive.

It is important to appreciate the friendly participation, imbued with inspiration.

In the upside down position, the card indicates that the person being imagined may have problems with alcohol dependence and drugs. Diseases of the urogenital system of an infectious nature, susceptibility to mood swings are possible.

Bad habits can be the result of negative experiences in the past.

The intensity of relationships in a couple varies from medium to high, from sympathy to strong friendship. For a well-established union, a family card may imply a cooling of relations to the level of friendship, when sex is excluded and unifying affairs and conversations remain.

For colleagues — communication, in which there are not only working moments, but also a joint rest, and an interesting pastime. For relatives, this is a positive sign of mutual sympathy.

In terms of events, the Horseman Bowl foreshadows changes in the personal sphere: meetings, acquaintances, marriage proposal, wedding. Lovers exchange confessions, delight each other, strengthen relationships.

Obstacles are overcome and the union is strengthened.

Direct position of the card: love, tender feelings. Sometimes a figure falls into a situation in which the fan is unable to open his heart.

For the union, it means idyll, complete understanding and harmony.

The upside-down position foreshadows disappointment, betrayal, manipulation, quarrels, separation. If the card falls on the situation, which is characterized by the beginning of a relationship, then you should show maximum care.

Most likely, the person of interest hides his true intentions.

The card describes the human condition, but is silent about the essence of what is happening. The turn of events will depend on the mood of the fortuneteller.

It is necessary to show attention to details during the development of the situation, and then a favorable outcome is guaranteed.

A straight Knight of Cups promises favorable prospects, the situation is developing positively for the querent. Currently, everything happens in accordance with his ideas and desires.

But to continue this trend, it is necessary to make an effort.

Inverted Rider foreshadows instability, problems in connection with the betrayal of loved ones. Guessing is depending on the circumstances.

The illusiveness of what is happening prevents you from seeing yourself in the true light.

Professions on the map:

  • party organizer;
  • showman;
  • musician;
  • dance teacher;
  • psychologist;
  • employee of the sphere of tourism and entertainment;
  • beauty salon worker.

The work collective maintains a friendly, calm atmosphere. Everything moves according to plan, work is enjoyable, provides income.

No changes are foreseen. There is a possibility of career growth, increase in income, there are new opportunities.

Map advises to obtain relevant experience and knowledge. To achieve success, it is recommended to be creative, not to be afraid to put forward non-standard ideas.

In fortune-telling on an employee, a card indicates a person’s competence, the ability to see important details and apply knowledge in practice. His work is characterized by balance, harmony and consistency.

The Inverted Knight of the Chash speaks of tensions, problems in work due to carelessness, avoiding responsibility, loss of interest in activities. The card warns against rash decisions and actions. In the work it is necessary to exercise vigilance, to eradicate excessive emotionality, conflict; managers — to dismiss unscrupulous employees.

Looking without stereotypes and conventions will help to properly assess the situation.

If the question is asked about the change of position — the answer is negative. When asking about bosses and colleagues, there is an indication of gossip, fraud, unprofitable cooperation.

It is necessary to carefully study the contracts and all the nuances of business cooperation; should use the experience of qualified professionals.

In the area of ​​finance and property, a monetary reward, a tempting offer, and the receipt of charges are possible. The inverted position of the card cautions about excessive spending, fines or unsuccessful acquisitions.

The value of the card in combination with the Senior Arcana:

  • Jester — frivolity, failure, frivolous attitude to the case;
  • Magician — an advantageous position or offer;
  • Priestess — extracting important information;
  • Empress — planning, searching for like-minded people;
  • Emperor — new collaboration; An offer of marriage;
  • Hierophant — marriage;
  • Lovers — wedding;
  • Chariot — moving;
  • Strength — intent to make peace;
  • Hermit — failure, lack of assistance;
  • The Wheel of Fortune is a big change;
  • Justice is a retreat, a truce;
  • The hanged man — dreaming, lack of action;
  • Death is sadness;
  • Moderation — support of loved ones;
  • The devil is an ambiguous sentence;
  • Tower — divorce; dismissal, destruction of plans;
  • Star — correction of past mistakes;
  • The moon — adventurism, negative;
  • Sun — getting a positive response;
  • The court is a lack of understanding;
  • Peace is a success, a pleasant surprise.

Value in combination with rods (staffs):

  • Ace — love reciprocity;
  • Two — long trips, change of housing;
  • Troika — work in a team of like-minded people;
  • Four — date, meeting, matchmaking;
  • Five — discontent, dissatisfaction;
  • Six — compromise and development;
  • Seven — tests; obstacles;
  • Eight — good news, meeting;
  • Nine is an ambiguous sentence; temptation;
  • Ten — the inability to reconcile;
  • Page — a letter, good news; love message;
  • Knight of Wands — the hasty action, a flash of emotions;
  • Queen — mutual love, recognition;
  • King — a request, creative inspiration.

Value in combination with swords:

  • Ace — news from afar, secret admirer; new idea;
  • Deuce — antagonism, unpleasant talk;
  • Troika — frankness;
  • Four — the need to defend their interests;
  • Five is a business trip; call;
  • Six — difficulty; retreat;
  • Seven — a chance to easily solve problems;
  • Eight — a sense of guilt about the past;
  • Nine — the ability to prevail over fears; pluck up courage;
  • A dozen — indulging in whims; completion of the situation;
  • Page — criticism, discussion behind his back;
  • Knight of Swords — rivalry; contention;
  • Queen — the assistance of authorized persons; consent to divorce;
  • The king is an authoritative patronage; sentence.

Value in combination with pentacles (coins):

  • Ace — income growth, good news, benefit;
  • Two — the desire for financial independence; get even with debts;
  • Troika — there will be training and new opportunities; payment for services;
  • Four — the need to adhere to their beliefs; give accumulated;
  • The five — the aggravation of the financial situation; instability;
  • Six — debt; charity;
  • Seven — hope for positive changes; be patient;
  • Eight — success will depend on the applied forces; to take part in the case;
  • Nine — doubt and uncertainty;
  • Ten — a manifestation of character, setting plans; help for relatives;
  • Page — lack of experience or information;
  • Knight Pentakley — difficulties; execution of obligations;
  • The queen — lightheadedness, waste, inexperience;
  • King of Pentacles — the desire to provide themselves with a sponsor; business offer.

Value in combination with cups (bowls):

  • Ace — inspiration, romance; express gratitude;
  • Deuce — meeting, date;
  • Troika — the seriousness of intent; invitation to go out;
  • Four — marriage; in addition — refusal of the invitation;
  • The five is the lack of reciprocity;
  • Six — success in the personal sphere; friend’s proposal;
  • Seven — impulsiveness; unrealistic expectations; 7 Winners — error warning due to emotional instability; the need to go away from home;
  • The eight — good news, gifts;
  • Nine — betrayal, separation;
  • Ten — the intervention of unauthorized persons;
  • Page — a marriage proposal;
  • Queen of Cups — a person who causes strong emotions;
  • King — harmony, reconciliation, respect.

In combination with the Knight of Wands, the card foreshadows a surge of emotions, the desire to carry out his plans, joy, enthusiasm and the attendant circumstances.

With unfavorable maps (Devil, Tower, Hanged Man), the Knight of Cups acquires the value of a liar and a seducer, a loser, a person who needs help.

The greatest danger comes from an inverted Knight of Cups in combination with the Moon or the Devil. Combinations symbolize "hang" in despair because of lies, stranger or own.

The result is mental breakdowns, problems with the law and other destructive factors.

Variants of values ​​of some combinations:

With the color of the staves:

  • with five staves: pursuing different goals, people do not find mutual understanding — they each conduct their own monologue and do not try to reunite;
  • with eightstaves: communication with friends will improve if you take a pause;
  • with a lady staff: the intensity of communication is dangerous conflict.

With the suit of cups:

  • with six of cups — have the opportunity to count on friendly support;
  • with eight cups — for big achievements costs are required;
  • with page cups — love arises in friendship.
  • with nine swords — external lightness can hide a wound of the soul;
  • with a page of swords — caution should be exercised;
  • with a lady of swords — The card denotes a positive omen.

With pentakey suit:

  • with deuce pentacles — a man does not deserve attention "Chatterbox";
  • with seven pentacles — careless promise will make life difficult;
  • with page pentacles — alignment gives advice to practice communication skills.

The card symbolizes openness, creativity, freedom of action, the realization of their desires, impulses. Today isolation and caution can spoil the situation, suspend the natural development of events.

Expected auspicious day, pleasant meetings, flirting, courtship, a date. The problems arising at this time should be perceived easily, and then they will all pass by.

In the upside-down position, the card means the time of the heat of emotions, depressed mood, manifestations of jealousy, offense, fraud, betrayal. Heart-to-heart talk will not bring anything good.

The card’s advice is as follows: you should not embarrass yourself in your personal manifestation, refuse small pleasures, success will come close to an open and creative nature. But to idealize a partner, the event is also not worth it: not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance.

Year promises a romantic acquaintance with far-reaching plans. There will be interaction with creative people, an opportunity to realize oneself, to discover talents in oneself.

In the inverted form, the Rider talks about unjustified hobbies, dealing with people who will impose impossible goals.

In the Toth Alistair Crowley deck, the Knight of Cups means inspiration, imagination, enlightenment, talent, and sensitivity.

Another card name is "King of the army of the sea". Peaceful warrior, in whose hands the bowl, offers "to drink" love.

What does the Tarot Knight of Cups mean, as it is combined with other lasso

Knight of Cups in the Toth deck

  • arrangement to the beloved;
  • ability to give;
  • higher emotional manifestation;
  • spiritual attitude.

Knight Bowl is depicted floating in the sky on a white horse. He has giant wings, green armor; The bowl contains cancer and crab — symbols of the water element, characteristic of the Tarot suit of cups.

The sign of Cancer may imply the idea of ​​a family, as well as other selected relationships, the difference of which is the presence of a spiritual connection. The wings of light shades symbolize the height of the emotional interchange, approaching the spiritual.

The peacock, a symbol of beauty, offers itself to serve the higher. Armor is a creative ability that consists in the manifestation of deep emotions.

  1. 1. Directions: the questioner is eager for emotional interaction with his fellow spiritually.
  2. 2. Offer: finding a true partner for the family; a society in which there is a sense of belonging to the house; the need to proceed from the needs to the quality of communication in the choice of a person.
  3. 3. Approval: "I get the partnership I need".

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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