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What does the Tarot Hermit card mean? How does it combine with other arcane

The value of the arcana the Hermit in a straight and inverted position, in combination with other cards

Arkan the Hermit symbolizes the rejection of material goods, striving for higher values. The card is directly related to the state of loneliness, which is extremely important for the spiritual growth of the questioner.

The hermit says that soon the querent will meet a wise mentor who will show him possible ways of development, personal growth. Arkan indicates a person’s readiness to move to a new level of self-understanding. But the fortunate one should be patient, since the path of spiritual growth is always long and thorny.

In order to successfully move forward, one should be guided by intuition, listen to the inner voice.

On the map, the Hermit (Monk, Recluse) is usually depicted as an old man with a gray beard. He is dressed in a simple hoodie with a hood and rope instead of a belt, similar to a robe or other religious attire.

This image symbolizes a person who is wise through life experience.

What does the Tarot Hermit card mean? How does it combine with other arcane

The character of the card usually stands still or goes forward. The background of the lasso is a desert or an open area, symbolizing loneliness, isolation from society.

In some decks in the distance depict the mountains. They mean obstacles in the way that the Hermit easily overcomes.

He does not pay attention to them and does not lose concentration on his inner world.

In her hand, the Hermit carries a lantern to help him see the way forward. This lamp means the accumulated experience, valuable knowledge.

What does the Tarot Hermit card mean? How does it combine with other arcane

The treatment of cards varies from deck to deck. The greatest semantic load of this Arcana is observed in the Tarot Tot.

What does the Tarot Hermit card mean? How does it combine with other arcane

In this classic deck on the map, the Hermit depicts an old man with a staff, carrying a lantern, dressed in an extensive cloak with a hood. The character has a slightly bent back, which speaks of human charity.

In traditional interpretations, the Hermit in this deck was considered a sign of betrayal, secrecy, and pretense.

What does the Tarot Hermit card mean? How does it combine with other arcane

In this deck on the card is depicted an old man sitting on a stone in the middle of the desert. An unearthly girl with a tray full of ripe fruit invites him to taste the dishes, but the character turns away, waves her hand away from her, like an annoying fly.

It symbolizes the rejection of earthly goods and pleasures in favor of spiritual quest. You may notice that the Hermit does it with determination.

The card speaks of an inner readiness to prefer the spiritual quest to the temptations of this world.

In Tarot Toth the Hermit stands with his back, holding a lantern in his hands. His appearance is completely impossible to see, which speaks of renunciation of the outside world.

A hermit examines a light green egg entwined with a snake, which symbolizes the Universe. Thus, the Hermit is busy studying the phenomena of this world.

At the bottom of the map you can see the image of the sperm, which indicates fertility. In this context, we are talking about spiritual fruits.

Among people who bring new ideas and concepts to the world, there are quite a few single people. A genius feels his alienness to this world, like a seed thrown into the material world and containing in itself a germ of spirit. To bear fruit, the seed must die.

In the same way, the Hermit must give up his own needs in order to bring true spiritual fruits to the world. The spikelets of wheat, depicted against a distant background of the lasso, also indicate fertility.

Below is the three-headed dog of the underworld Cerberus. It symbolizes unconscious forces that oppose the spread of the light of consciousness.

The hermit foreshadows loneliness, but this state will be extremely beneficial for spiritual development. Usually, loneliness scares a person, but in fact, the lasso speaks only about loyalty to himself, the need for self-knowledge.

Unlike the Hierophant, the Hermit points not to concepts and rules, but to the inner core, true spirituality.

The basic values ​​of the arcana in the direct position are as follows:

  • Wisdom, inner harmony, prudence.
  • A conscious way out of external circumstances. Detached pondering his position. Finding the best solution.
  • The search for hidden truth. Cognition through experience.

The hermit says that it is time to withdraw into himself and start revising his values, finding his own truth. It is time to move away from social life, to abandon the usual entertainment: they interfere with devoting time to spiritual matters.

The hermit — a card of self-sufficiency, autonomy and inner power. All this allows the questioner to continue to go his own way even in the absence of fellow travelers.

When it comes to man, the Hermit symbolizes a person who refuses to participate in social life. By her behavior she can slow down a social project. But to put pressure on the Hermit, forcing him to return to society, is useless.

He will still do as he sees fit.

If the arcane Justice turns out to be close by, the person will accurately determine what is useful for him and what should be kept away from.

In cases where the question of the deck is of an ordinary nature, the Hermit symbolizes the answer. "Not". For example, a negative question would be "Will I get a job?" In this case, the card gives advice: to use free time properly, for personal growth.

But for deeper issues, the Hermit is a positive and strong card. It means reaching the heights in spiritual development.

The hermit gives to the querent of internal forces to move forward.

If the minor arcane of the suit of Swords is in the context of the everyday situation next to the map, this is a direct indication that the questioner needs to be careful. If people are depicted on neighboring maps, the querent must show secrecy.

In fortune telling on everyday situations, a map means that the questioner has a life expectancy in conditions of poverty. This applies to any sphere: there is a limited amount of money, inability to get a job, lack of communication.

The hermit can talk about poor health, psychological exhaustion.

The questioner comes to the need for careful planning of his life, a complete revision of the everyday way of life. He seeks to resolve existing difficulties on his own, even in the face of growing restrictions.

In the upside down position, the Hermit points to a lie, alienation, inability to trust other people.

Other values ​​of the arcana in the reverse position:

  • Improperly chosen path of development, unwise actions.
  • Stubbornness, unwillingness to change the attitude to the situation. Attempting to hide behind a mask.
  • Neglect of intuition voice. Fear.
  • Isolation from society. False values ​​and ideals.
  • Cheating, betrayal, bribes, fraud.

In the opposite position, the card says that the person refused the help of friends or relatives, and now he has a hard time. In addition to financial difficulties, he suffers from a feeling of isolation, loneliness.

The hermit indicates that the questioner continues to adhere to an unproductive lifestyle. His behavior is irrational, and disregard for reasonable advice can bring serious damage.

In the inverted position, the Hermit shows that the querent has a chance to change the current situation. This is possible if he accepts wise advice from an experienced person. But usually the difficulty lies in the fact that the querent appeals for help to an unworthy, superficial person.

As a result, he receives advice that does not fit his situation.

Choosing an assistant should be treated with caution. Querent must learn to distinguish deep from superficial judgments, to pay attention to the hidden motives of advisers.

Sometimes the lasso recommends consulting a specialist, since it is unlikely that the questioner can get out of the circumstances at the expense of his strength from the questioner.

The hermit is a character indifferent to honors and titles, fully concentrated on his highest goal. The map corresponds to the representatives of creative professions, free artists who are not tied to the workforce.

Arkan is positive for those involved in fundamental sciences. He speaks of perseverance and consistency, which is enough to achieve the goal, new discoveries.

But this is only true if the chosen branch is indeed the true calling of the questioner.

Arkanu the Hermit correspond to the people of those professions that are associated with the search: archaeologists, detectives looking for a trace with a lantern in their hands.

The card is conducive to education, as the Hermit’s lantern symbolizes the light of knowledge. It also represents a positive sign for those who are going on a business trip: usually the Hermit is on the road, and the staff in his hands is the road one.

Arkan is unfavorable for businessmen of any kind. He points to the fruitlessness of the case.

The hermit can be seen as a deck advice to leave the chosen case and switch to a more fruitful occupation.

The hermit says that at the moment the questioner seriously thinks about the meaning of his professional activity. In some cases, this lasso passes retirement or training of the younger generation, the transfer of experience.

The Hermit card is unfavorable for money matters. Her character is content with little, living in isolation from the pleasures and worldly goods. The Hermit calls for the same actions and the questioner.

This lasso symbolizes restrictions in finance, salary or pension cuts, ascetic life.

The way out of a difficult situation will be indicated by those lassos that lie next to the Hermit. They will indicate the direction in which to look for a solution.

The hermit says that the questioner is more focused on himself and his personal path than on questions of love. In traditional interpretations, it is regarded as an unfriendly arcane for a love affair: it is built on adapting to the second partner, who is seeking solitude.

The Hermit himself is not inclined to adapt. Such a person goes his own way, and therefore often the card is a harbinger of parting.

On this lasso there is a cancellation of the marriage and the break of the engagement.

The card says that it is necessary to think about the current relationship, about the role that the questioner plays in them: do they correspond to his attitude, do they fit into his life path?

The positive aspect of the card is that the Hermit takes the love relationship seriously. He will not look at the faults of his partner through his fingers, endlessly forgiving his flaws and being guided by the idea that everything can "settle down".

Another quality of the Hermit — stealth. In some ways, he is like the High Priestess and means that part of the intimate life of a person is fanned by mystery. Sometimes the card indicates a secretive person who is not accustomed to sharing his experiences.

In other cases, he may say that he has something to hide (for example, adultery). Hermit — distance map, distance from each other.

The hermit is an unfavorable card in the layouts of health and says that the body loses its vitality. There is a decline in energy, the vital functions of the body slow down. In classical interpretations, the Hermit is a map of aging, decrepitude.

But it can also indicate a depletion of physical strength in a young or adult, the need to save them.

Other card values ​​in health matters:

  • Depression, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Hormonal disruptions, menopause.
  • Rheumatism. Health problems inherent in old age.
  • Disorders in the gastrointestinal tract.

The hermit points to the following possible sources of solitude:

  • Addiction to introversion. A person who does not want to strive for communication.
  • The consequences of psychological trauma. The person tries to avoid emotional experiences in order not to injure himself.
  • Lack of ability to build relationships.

In any case, the Hermit card speaks of a person not interested in establishing and maintaining contacts.

Today has to spend time alone. The hermit recommends not to rush, to devote time to contemplation and meditative exercises.

Do not rush things. If you have to do a certain business, it should be done thoughtfully, slowly.

In combination with other cards, the Hermit gives them the value of privacy, searching for themselves.

In the scenario, it is useful to trace which cards are behind the lasso, and which are ahead. Tarologists believe that those cards that the Hermit does not "illuminates" their flashlight (located behind it), do not carry such serious values ​​as maps "in front" The hermit.

In combination with older lassoons, the Hermit is treated as follows:

FoolLeaving the world. The questioner is mired in illusions
MagicianOpening in itself new talents. The questioner should do what is best for him
High PriestessSelf-knowledge, the study of secret information. Deepening into your inner world
The Empress
  1. 1. A wise woman who can lean on herself.
  2. 2. Work alone. Business, hidden from prying eyes
The emperorThe questioner learns to gain power over himself. Doing business without outside prompts
HierophantRighteous, holy. The search for a spiritual teacher will be crowned with success.
  1. 1. The choice in favor of personal growth.
  2. 2. Termination of the loneliness period
  • Someone breaks the loneliness of the querent.
  • Long journey without traveling companions
JusticeThe search for truth. Kverent will take on the role of judge
Wheel of FortuneThe time of imprisonment comes to an end. Thorning seizes the thirst for change
StrengthObservance of strict fasting, religious vow
HangedThe need to be alone against your own desire. The questioner needs to communicate. Lack of finance, emotional support, difficult circumstances
DeathInconsolable grief. State of mourning. Possible suicide attempts
ModerationHealing of spiritual wounds after a heavy loss. The end of a difficult period
  • Obstacles in the way of arranging personal life.
  • Sectarianism
TowerEverything fell into place. Long-awaited enlightenment
StarSpiritual quest will be crowned with success. Loneliness will soon come to an end. The questioner has every chance to change his fate.
  1. 1. Cash savings to late age.
  2. 2. Hidden disease. Cheating, secrets
The sunFinding the true meaning of events. Joy. Resumption of activity after a long stagnation
CourtGaining valuable spiritual experience. Chances to take on a successful project, difficulties in the way of which are able to overcome
WorldRejection from other people. Leaving work or from family

With the suit of the Rods:

  • Ace — to find the light in itself.
  • Two — indecision in action.
  • Troika — learn to appreciate yourself.
  • Four — to find shelter.
  • The five — the feelings of the questioner are contradictory.
  • Six — take full responsibility for what is happening.
  • The seven — the querent is reaping the fruits of its previous actions.
  • Eight — insight, sudden insight.
  • Nine — learn the lesson presented by fate.
  • Ten — patiently carry your cross.
  • Page — to become stronger, younger.
  • Knight — give free rein to emotions.
  • Queen — feelings thawed.
  • King — authority among colleagues.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — the discovery of new abilities in oneself.
  • Two — travel, wanderings.
  • Three — to earn respect.
  • Four — single life, dissociate itself from society.
  • Five — poverty, begging.
  • Six — lend a helping hand to your neighbor.
  • Seven — religious fasting, temperance.
  • Eight — personal growth.
  • Nine — the questioner deserved rest.
  • Ten — retirement.
  • Page — study in the seminary or at the monastery.
  • Knight — serving high ideals.
  • The Queen is a nanny, an au pair.
  • The king is a respectable professor.
  • Ace — finding important spiritual truth.
  • Two — spiritual suffering, heavy agony.
  • Three — loneliness, not bringing joy.
  • Four — isolation from society.
  • Five — personal degradation.
  • Six — pilgrimage to holy places.
  • Seven — treason own values.
  • Eight — to be a prisoner of their own limitations.
  • Nine — remorse for their deeds.
  • Ten — internal emptiness.
  • Page — watch the events from the side.
  • Knight — manifestations of fanaticism.
  • The Queen is a widow.
  • The king is a bachelor, a lonely man.

Combination with the suit of Cups:

  • Ace — unrequited feelings, loneliness.
  • Two — to accept yourself, the development of a sense of self-worth.
  • Troika — the end of a lonely life, abstinence.
  • Four — resist the temptation.
  • The five — separation, conflict.
  • Six is ​​a bachelor aged.
  • Seven — to renounce reality, go into the world of fantasy.
  • Eight — separation, breakup of relationships.
  • Nine — gaining peace of mind.
  • Ten — to be in harmony with oneself and others.
  • Page — genuine interest.
  • Knight — learn to forgive.
  • The queen is a meditative state, contemplation.
  • The king is a clergyman, a psychologist, a mentor.

The hermit is a positive card that promises a powerful leap in spiritual growth. But even if the questioner is self-sufficient, he should not completely isolate himself.

No matter how perfect the inner world may be, man, by his nature, needs communication. Even in those cases when solitude is required for personal development, a guessing person needs to remember that it is necessary to periodically communicate with his fellow people.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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