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What does the Tarot Emperor card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

Arkan Imperator: interpretation in the layouts for work, love, health, in combination with other cards

Arkan Imperator personifies discipline, organization and vigorous action aimed at the realization of opportunities. Under the jurisdiction of the lasso are all processes that obey the order and established laws. The card symbolizes the stabilizing position of the questioner, the receipt of legal income.

Sometimes the Emperor speaks about a particular person in the circle of communication with the querent, who is vested with power. The map indicates energetic and rational people with developed willpower.

Usually on the map the Emperor is depicted as a male ruler, seated on a throne. In his hands he holds a scepter or other symbol of power.

There is hardness in the look of the Emperor.

What does the Tarot Emperor card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In the Ryder-Waite deck, the Emperor is represented as follows:

What does the Tarot Emperor card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In the background of the map you can see the desert rocks. The sky against the background of the character of a red shade.

These symbols denote Mars, the planet of masculine aggressiveness. The throne of the Emperor is decorated with the heads of a ram, which indicates the astrological sign of Aries.

The emperor opens the zodiac circle among the senior arcana.

The card symbolizes the head of the family or leader. Generally Arkan personifies social determination, stability, power, patronage.

This power is often ruthless, since it completely negates the emotions, based on the superiority of dry logic.

What does the Tarot Emperor card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In Tarot Toth, the character is depicted clothed in a rich mantle. In his hands he holds a globe with a Maltese cross, indicating imperial dignity.

What does the Tarot Emperor card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

The throne of the ruler, like the whole map, is painted in the fiery shades of Mars and the Sun. On it you can see the images of the heads of wild sheep.

They symbolize belonging to the constellation Aries. At the feet of the Emperor is a humble lamb with a flag.

For the sake of another banner he is ready to give his life.

The double eagle on the shield means the internal and external changes occurring under the influence of the energy of the Sun. The emperor proclaims the beginning of a new life stage, career changes, paternity.

Disks on both sides with the stars depicted on them symbolize important revelations, the acquisition of new knowledge.

What does the Tarot Emperor card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

In some decks on the lasso is depicted not a male ruler, but a female ruler. For example, in tarot "Union of Goddesses" this is fearless and recalcitrant Athena.

What does the Tarot Emperor card mean, how does it combine with other lasso

The sky of dark blue color indicates a quick storm, but this does not frighten the heroine of the map. Athena is surrounded by a loyal army.

She is confident that the soldiers will not let her down.

The card symbolizes the ability to take action, developed leadership qualities, strong will.

Classical interpretations of the Emperor card in the straight position:

  • Reliability, stability, wise leadership and patronage.
  • Clearly formulated strategy. Prudence. Clear assessment of reality.
  • Protect and strengthen your position.
  • Possession of power, authority. Power.

The emperor is a positive card, and his appearance in divination is a positive sign. Arkan points to actions performed from a position of strength, with full conviction that he is right.

One of the main values ​​of the map in the direct position is the realization of the intended one. It is for this reason that the lasso is considered positive.

He notes the real perspectives of the questioner, his readiness for action.

The emperor says that the querent is consistent in his actions. The questioners chose the right strategy. The energy of this arcana allows you to bring the matter to its logical conclusion.

Often the map indicates that events or plans are written into the body of established laws and regulations. The emperor often means public organizations, the authority of current legislation.

The card indicates the ability to protect their personal boundaries, to establish their own rules. In some cases, the Emperor points to an influential patron.

Usually it is a man older in age.

The emperor personifies volitional control. If there are negative senior arcana nearby, it indicates a strong opposition, authoritarianism, despotism.

In reverse position, the Emperor means:

  • Lack of a clear vision of the situation. Infantilism
  • Indecision. Passivity, weakness. Inaction, which has no excuse.
  • Failures in the work. Plans are not destined to come true.
  • Stupid stubbornness. Failure to understand the meaning of their actions.
  • Impossibility to reach the goal. Waste of power.
  • Unjustified claims for leadership, attempts to seize power.

The inverted Emperor says that someone among the environment of the questioner (or even himself) is perceived as a ruler overthrown from a pedestal. This card emphasizes that a person is now unable to control anything in his life. All his power is fictitious.

The reason in many cases lies with the authorities. In the life of the querent, there are people who have managed to completely subjugate him.

In this position, the Emperor points to the inability to resolve the slightest difficulty and control even superficial emotions.

In the reverse position, the Emperor personifies the unwillingness to recognize the authorities, to take part in public life, to disclaim responsibility (including ignoring fatherly responsibilities). In some cases, the card notes the psychological difficulties associated with the implementation of the male principle.

Sometimes it speaks of non-traditional sexual orientation (in both men and women).

The emperor personifies the real physical world, therefore, is regarded as an indicator of good health. In combination with the card, the Force can sometimes speak of hypertension.

In the inverted position, the Emperor points to migraines, decreased immunity, low blood pressure. Specific importance for men — diseases of the sexual sphere.

Sometimes the card indicates injuries resulting from an accident. Relatively rarely, the card indicates susceptibility to any disease that was genetically transmitted through the paternal line.

In a relationship, the Emperor means an alliance built on solid foundations. The life of such a couple is not always full of romance, but the relationship is strong enough.

Both partners need each other, they have common projects and goals that they successfully implement.

This is a favorable map for family affairs. These questions in the Emperor are not in last place. In relationships there are stability, confidence.

The emperor does not tolerate ambiguity. He understands what he wants and what does not.

The partner on whom this card falls will insist on a legal marriage based on patriarchal principles.

Often, a lasso means a person who marries an unloved woman. The marriage was concluded for material reasons or other circumstances.

The emperor is considered "male" card, but often this experience falls to the share of women. She tames raging emotions and marries for pragmatic reasons.

Often the Emperor in relations manifests itself as a real despot — firm, calculating, secretive. Once this person has curbed his emotions, and now he may seem a little harsh to others.

At a certain point, he drew a line under his past, and is now ready to devote himself to family life.

It is with all determination to protect the existing Emperor, therefore it is not recommended to divert the other half from such people. This person does not compromise, knowing that not all situations can be resolved by understanding and gentleness.

Sometimes you need to take out a sword and take reasonable steps to protect your property.

In the upside down position, the Emperor means psychological pressure from a partner. The second party to the relationship feels discomfort, and perhaps a little afraid of his lover.

Often such a card indicates the absence of romantic feelings, the pragmatic nature of the relationship.

In family life, an inverted Emperor can mean cavils about housekeeping. In combination with other cards you can judge the nature of the relationship more specifically. For example, in combination with the Hanged Man, the Emperor speaks of the desire to keep all family members half starving.

In combination with the Hermit, the card symbolizes the breakup of marriage.

In a scenario for work, the Emperor in a direct position indicates those who are vested with great power, who are in the first roles in an enterprise or organization. The card also means success in public affairs, work in a large company.

Arkan is favorable for the conclusion of official contracts. The key ideas of this card are organization, controllability, stability.

The Emperor is in charge of developing all sorts of business strategies, creating an organizational structure, uniting small enterprises under the wing of a more influential company.

In the opposite position, the Emperor indicates a reluctance to comply with generally accepted laws and regulations. Man is guided by the idea that the end justifies the means. Arkan also speaks of the inability to properly organize working hours.

Often indicates the inability to get along with the leadership.

The emperor indicates a day favorable to the resolution of any questions. Kverent is full of strength and energy.

He is able to cope with difficulties, restore order in affairs and documents, correct mistakes made, to understand love relationships.

Even in the event that there is no help waiting, the questioner is advised to take control of the circumstances. But it is necessary to act wisely, using logic and taking into account the interests of other people.

Organizational skills should be used even by those who do not consider themselves to be a born leader. If there are no specific cases on this day, you can devote time to cleaning the house, paying bills, fixing appliances or a car.

In the inverted position, the Emperor advises to refrain from vigorous activity. On this day, the difficulties associated with the leadership of all stripes.

There is a risk of negligence. If possible, it is better to refuse to visit organizations and institutions, to hold events.

In which vital sphere the main properties of the Emperor card will manifest (power, hierarchy, purposefulness, and others), neighboring maps will tell.

Tarologists believe that the value of Akran is enhanced by the Hierophant and the Hanged Man cards. Weaken the influence of the Emperor cards Jester and the Moon.

In combination with the Major Arcane category cards, the Emperor has the following meanings:



  • To lose credibility. Weak head.
  • Dodge the responsibility. Leave everything out of stupidity
  • Show your abilities.
  • Unusual ideas.
  • The head of a large corporation.
  • Improve material well-being
  • The female will gain power over the questioners.
  • Loss of wealth
  • Transformations that will lead to a sustainable positive result. Stabilization of the situation.
  • Making a material profit.
  • Beginnings will be successfully implemented
  • Have the power and authority.
  • Get promoted.
  • To take the responsibility. Conclude an official marriage.
  • Strict discipline. Hierarchy, orderliness.
  • Mentor, father. University teacher. Older man
  • Make a commitment.
  • Meet a man.
  • Stable relationship.
  • The man who chooses a career profession
  • Purchase a car.
  • Get an offer to move to a new position.
  • Show purposefulness. Responsible approach to work or medical diagnosis
  • The pursuit of hierarchy.
  • Implementation of external control.
  • Litigation with relatives or management
  • Divorce or collapse of the working team.
  • Period of forced isolation.
  • Elderly man living alone
  • Habitual rules will be changed. The transformation of the structure of the team.
  • Change priorities.
  • The ability to properly distribute finances. Show generosity, but do not waste money in vain.
  • Host of a casino
  • The pursuit of power. Feel the pressure of authority.
  • Chances to win a man, getting rid of a rival.
  • Improved health
  • Outdated views on life hinder progress.
  • To be a victim of the leadership, the state, the team. The arbitrariness of their superiors.
  • Wrong choice in love. Under this person will have to constantly adapt
  • Difficult changes. New lifestyle.
  • Break the relationship with a man.
  • Loss of high status, material values.
  • Death spouse, family breadwinner
  • A man who can control his emotions.
  • Combine two posts.
  • Doing business in the medical field.
  • Get help from a powerful man
  • Anarchy hides behind the external order.
  • Carnal pleasures, base desires.
  • Shadow economy. Business outside the law. Mafia.
  • Fatal man at the helm of power. Despotism, dictatorship.
  • Be in monetary bondage.
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Crash. Wreck
  • Serious stress. Conflicts, scandals. Dismissal
  • Revolutionary transformation. Aggressiveness, warlike spirit.
  • To lose the father
  • Get a well-deserved reward.
  • Master new spaces. Expand your sphere of influence.
  • Actor
  • Lack of self-confidence due to the inability to change anything.
  • Feel the fear of a man.
  • Immature person Alcoholic
  • Business goes uphill.
  • Official marriage.
  • Replenishment in the family.
  • Getting a new job
  • Favorable changes in various areas of life. The authority of the questioner will increase.
  • Return of the old order. Spouse will return to the family.
  • Practicing karmic debt for the male line
  • The questioner is waiting for success. Money themselves go into the hands. Career growth.
  • To learn foreign languages.
  • Business international level.
  • Moving abroad

In combination with the wand suit:

  • Ace — new horizons in business.
  • Two — fragmentation in the team.
  • Three — the project is gaining momentum.
  • Four — to do housework, repair the apartment.
  • Five — conflicts.
  • Six — new post.
  • Seven — crisis times for the entrepreneur; call for help father.
  • Eight is a bargain; get the news from the man.
  • Nine — business or home need to be protected.
  • Ten — it survives the last days.
  • Page — get news about family or work.
  • Knight — a break from the difficulties.
  • Queen — start a creative project.
  • The king is to do something new.

With the suit of Cups (Cup):

  • Ace — deep feelings.
  • Two — to fulfill their obligations.
  • Three — the marriage.
  • Four — things stand still.
  • Five — to incur losses.
  • Six — patriarchal way of life.
  • Seven — lose control; shaky position.
  • Eight — leadership will change; disclaim liability.
  • Nine — do business correctly.
  • Ten — to be happy in the family.
  • Page — promising idea.
  • Knight — to marry a decent man.
  • The Queen is a beloved woman.
  • King — the ability to control their reactions.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace — give orders.
  • Two — stability under threat.
  • Troika — psychological pressure; behave defiantly.
  • Four — the lack of progress.
  • Five — to desperately fight for power; violate applicable laws.
  • Six — seek shelter.
  • Seven — a false power; management offenses.
  • Eight — power in strictly defined limits.
  • Nine — the structure of the enterprise is unstable.
  • Ten — to lose credibility.
  • Page — to criticize the current government.
  • Knight — a crisis situation.
  • Queen — official divorce.
  • The king is a despot.

Interpretation combined with Pentakley suit:

  • Ace is a solid monetary foundation; personality based on pragmatic principles.
  • Two — there is no stability in finance.
  • Troika is the right strategy for working with money.
  • Four — the head of a large enterprise or department; responsible host
  • Five — the lack of order in the company or firm; illiterate management.
  • Six — charity; investments.
  • Seven — long-term planning.
  • Eight — the company works like a clock.
  • Nine — financial matters go uphill.
  • Ten — get a business by inheritance.
  • Page — a young boss; do an internship in a big company.
  • Knight — zealous owner, responsible leader.
  • The queen is a caring mistress.
  • King — effective business management.

Emperor — a map that affects the alignment in a positive way. Arcana Council: in deciding to be guided by rational thinking, in time to move from ideas to actions.

Such a strategy will succeed. A querent has every chance to win respect, to achieve stability, independence.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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