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What does the Tarot Devil card mean, how does it fit with other cards

The value of the arcane Devil in the up and down position, combinations with other cards

The Devil (Demon, Satan) is the 15th lasso in the Tarot deck. It symbolizes a trap into which the questioner has landed.

A man seeks to get rid of bondage, but he has no strength to resist the circumstances.

The devil symbolizes the dark side of other cards: lust, seduction, greed. This lasso offers instant pleasure, quick problem solving.

But if the questioner succumbs to temptation, he will soon face destruction in his life.

In most classical decks (Ryder — Waite, Universal Tarot, Lo Scarabeo deck) in the center of the arcana you can see the image of the Devil with its classical attributes: horns, wings, pentagram upside down. He sits on a huge cube to which prisoners are chained by iron chains — a man and a woman. They suffer, but their postures are calm.

Their freedom is limited, they are completely dependent on the will of the terrible Devil.

All three figures repeat or parody the poses that can be seen on the Hierophant map. The devil is a mirror image of this arcane.

His image is opposites or sarcasm over the blessing that the High Priest gives to people.

In some Tarot decks, the deep meaning of the arcana is revealed through one of the integral attributes of the Devil — fire. But this is not hellfire.

Tarologists believe that the lasso reflects the real world rather than the mythical depths of Hell.

The presence of fire means that a person is not exempt from cause-and-effect karmic connections. To receive a reward, one does not have to wait for the Supreme Court.

It occurs already on the Earth, and the tormenting fire will burn everyone who commits an impartial act.

What does the Tarot Devil card mean, how does it fit with other cards

The sufferings of people are the hell-fire that is in the hands of the Devil. It is through suffering that people become attached to the material world.

In some decks the Devil has horns — a sign of his animal, instinctive nature. It gives rise to incontinence, weakness before passions.

The same horns are depicted in captives. Their meaning is the same, but with less intense severity. A man and a woman can be depicted with tails.

The brush of the male tail is the infernal flame of anger. Women’s brush — a bunch of grapes: a sign of dependence on material well-being and lust.

What does the Tarot Devil card mean, how does it fit with other cards

The wings of the Devil personify independence — he can break loose and fly away at any moment. Shar says that it is impossible to hide from temptation anywhere: the whole Earth is a vale of suffering.

What does the Tarot Devil card mean, how does it fit with other cards

The devil says that the questioner does not control the situation in which he is. By his behavior he may incur great trouble.

What does the Tarot Devil card mean, how does it fit with other cards

The map indicates that a person has chosen the path of self-destruction on a certain segment of his path (or there is a similar perspective). Arkan warns that in indulging his whims, the querent goes over all possible boundaries.

There is an abuse of power (including erotic), submission to another person, or dependence on something.

The devil speaks of the overwhelming situation. A certain personality or weakness gains too much power over the querent, depriving it of creative freedom.

Sometimes it comes to the destructive influence of bad people.

The way the questioner is acting now leads to the destruction of his life. There is a temptation to forget about all the rules under the influence of external circumstances, fear, psychological pressure.

It is tempting to stop working and indulge in momentary lust.

The devil is a warning for the questioner to get back on the right path as soon as possible: if you continue to persist in indulging your weaknesses, inevitable retribution will come.

According to the lasso the Devil is a psychological obsession, physical dependence. It can be passions that harm the performance of daily duties, the temptation of dishonest acquisition.

Sometimes there is no turning back (drug addiction option).

What does the Tarot Devil card mean, how does it fit with other cards

The description of the arcane The devil in reverse position is similar to the direct one: in both cases the map indicates dependence. But here the situation has practically no way out.

The questioner had a chance to find possible solutions, but in due time he did not use them, neglected the signs of fate and now fell into a trap.

The card speaks of a finely crafted lie, the sophistication of some dishonest person. Other arcana in the scenario will indicate those areas where it is worth waiting for betrayal.

But often one deception entails another, and the questioner remains in the carousel of lies.

In the inverted state, the Devil points to unrestrained passion when obsessive aspirations begin to be realized. If, in the forward position, the lasso indicates those temptations to which a person may not succumb, then in the reverse position we are already talking about actions.

The card can describe the negative aspects of character that have taken root over many years, which have become psychological complexes and prevent a person from living a normal life. Kverent is deprived of the opportunity to choose because of missed chances or because of the fatality of the circumstances themselves.

Most often, the lasso devil says that a person "sold soul", is subordinate, from which it is not possible to get out. The scope of activity in this case can be any: politics, show business, production area.

In any case, there is a strong dependence on another person or serious pressure.

Circumstances force the questioner to commit such acts, which in the future he will seriously repent.

The devil indicates that a person can easily become a victim of manipulation, be involved in illegal operations: theft, corruption, intrigue, violation of the law. We can talk about falsification of data, shadow accounting, disclosure of confidential information.

Often this is followed by ruthless exploitation.

In the upside down position, the lasso points to unseemly activities: theft or fraud, prostitution, witchcraft. For an employee of the organization means the non-payment of money earned. If a person works in a team, a meanness awaits him.

Other cards in the layout will show who exactly to expect to cheat. But the Devil always says that the person himself is driving himself into a trap, allowing others to circle oneself around the finger.

If the question of the querent concerned the possibility of gaining material stability, the Devil is a relatively positive card. He promises to achieve financial goals, although not the most godly means.

The card symbolizes profit, venality, payment with interest. He points out that a person’s efforts are focused only on achieving material well-being.

The situation of financial dependence (typical for kept women) passes through the same lasso. The map indicates the constant pursuit of new acquisitions, accounting fraud, enrichment at the expense of foreign slave labor.

In the upside down position, the Devil points to a dishonest business, accompanied by great risk. There are usually many other people involved in it.

In fact, we are talking about illegal scams. In the upside view, the lasso predicts that the querent will be betrayed under a certain situation.

If next to the Devil are the cards of Strength or the Emperor, we are talking about threats and blackmail.

The devil speaks of a strong attachment, instinctive attraction, passion. The card often falls to those who decide to enter into intimate relationships on the side, or lose their head because of love.

Desires that embrace a person are so powerful that they completely muffle the voice of reason, making it difficult to adequately assess the current situation. The partner becomes an object of fatal passion, highlighting in the questioner all the shadow sides of the character.

The primitive energy of a love affair makes a person forget about everything, lose himself in its depths.

On the same lasso passes tyranny from the partner. Relationships are built on addiction, based on fear.

There are material dependencies, blackmail, betrayal, jealousy, manipulation. Typical is the situation of deprivation of honor, immorality. Even if the Devil provides a thrill for a while, in the end he brings agony and sorrow.

Looking back many years later, a person will regretfully think that this dark spot in his biography might not exist.

In the upside-down position, the card indicates dependence in relationships, always built on fear. In the pair there are mutual aggression, sexual perversion. If the Devil is the significator of one of the partners, this means that it is he who provokes aggression in a pair.

If the lasso of the Two Cups arises in the layout, it is a sign of constant betrayal.

Troika Cup next to the Devil points to alcoholism.

For idle people, the Devil symbolizes the impossibility of building a normal family union, since a person builds all relationships in his life on aggression. In this case, the creation of a family is possible only with a resigned, obeying special.

Sometimes the Devil points to the damage, love spell or other influence of black magicians. In this case, it is necessary to confirm other cards in the scenario — the Hanged Man (love spell), the Magician, the High Priestess indicate the use of witchcraft.

The devil speaks of serious health problems caused by addictions, bad addictions, weakness. On this lasso are addiction, alcoholism, sexually transmitted diseases.

If there is a card, Death or the World indicates physical death.

Arkan the Devil points to an extremely attractive, magnetic person who knows how and loves to make money, appreciates material comforts. This person treats everything with a bit of humor.

To achieve their goals, a person denoted by this arcane, uses any means — intrigue, deception, manipulation. But even with this, others are often fascinated and fall in love with such a person.

The characteristic of a person whose signature is an inverted Devil is different: the map indicates a dark, depressed person. He is surrounded by an unpleasant halo.

Sometimes it is a vulgar person, subject to different dependencies.

As a card of the day, the fifteenth lasso has several different interpretations. He points to:

  • The need to exercise caution. It is important to carefully weigh each step. Do not accept incoming tempting offers without considering their consequences. If there is even the slightest doubt, you should postpone all business and travel.
  • A surge of negative emotions. A person on this day can be extremely annoyed, touchy. You can not blindly obey the senses. Making important decisions is recommended to be postponed for another day.
  • Meanness by a person. This may be close people, and complete strangers. It is necessary to show suspicion in everything. Leaving the apartment, you should check its safety: on such a day there is a high risk of hacking and theft.

Card tip: refuse to meet or meet other people. Communication will be associated with deception, meanness.

The meeting itself may not take place because of the falsity of the partner.

The devil emphasizes the shadow side of other cards. In many cases, it is interpreted depending on the arcana, which is located next to it:

  • the value of the card Death corrects in the direction of an obsessive desire for change;
  • the card next to the Devil is treated as an unreasonable use of aggression;
  • with the Chariot speaks of bravado, self-love.

In combination with the older lasso, the Devil has the following interpretations:

FoolMadness. State of drug intoxication. Action needed
  1. 1. Warlock. Deceiver, scoundrel.
  2. 2. Bad addictions and complexes make it difficult to achieve the goal
High Priestess
  1. 1. Witch. Skillful manipulations.
  2. 2. The situation is extremely difficult. Look for help from other people.
The Empress
  1. 1. Shadow profits.
  2. 2. Difficulties on the way
The emperorCircumstances put pressure on the questioner. Corruption schemes. Political intrigue
HierophantFalse guru. Sectarianism, Satanism.
LoversLove affair based on sex or aggression. Emotional addiction. It is necessary either parting or gaining control over yourself.
  1. 1. Personal growth is hampered by self-love.
  2. 2. Man is under the influence of others; his will is limited
JusticeInjustice. Inability to overcome difficulties on their own
Wheel of Fortune
  1. 1. Game addiction.
  2. 2. Loss of confidence of important persons
StrengthDesperate struggle with manifestations of dependence, carnal passion. Strong aggression
HermitResist the temptation. Extremes in self development
HangedThe inability to change the situation. Temptation that led into the trap
  1. 1. Wrong choice resulting in complete destruction.
  2. 2. The constant desire for change, "fear of fate"
  1. 1. Hangover Syndrome.
  2. 2. Brewing internal rebellion
  1. 1. Get into the financial pyramid. Think only about yourself.
  2. 2. The Fall
StarEven at the bottom of Hell there is a place of hope for the best.
  1. 1. Theft, deception. Insanity.
  2. 2. Dependence on the female
The sun
  1. 1. Light the dark side of being.
  2. 2. Dependence on the male
CourtGet help in getting rid of addiction
  1. 1. End the sins of the past, get off the slippery slope.
  2. 2. Obsession

If there are curly cards (Paces, Queens or Kings) close to the Devil, negative manifestations are to be expected from your own environment. This is usually envy, aggression, fraudulent actions.

The gender of the person to be wary of will be shown by the fallen lasso.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace — an obsessive thought.
  • Two — feel helpless.
  • Troika — a manifestation of aggression; sadomasochism.
  • Four — Chicken in a difficult situation.
  • Five — shame and disgrace.
  • Six — Desperate Attempts "to tie".
  • Seven — petty theft; unclean things.
  • Eight — the load of guilt; neurotic state.
  • Nine — a strong panic.
  • Ten — the criminal.
  • Page — flatterer and slanderer.
  • Knight — licentiousness.
  • Queen — a lie in his eyes.
  • The king is an insidious man, ready to do anything for his purpose.

With the suit of the Rods:

  • Ace — libertine, adulterer; succumb to incitement.
  • Deuce — skillfully set traps; the devil should be sought in the little things.
  • Three — the difficulties turned out to be more than expected.
  • Four — speculation or conflict.
  • Five — an aggressive environment.
  • Six — succumb to deception, trust the unworthy person.
  • Seven — take the position of a slave.
  • Eight — to obey the will of another person.
  • Nine — undue suspicion, reaching for paranoia.
  • A dozen — charities; alcohol abuse.
  • Page — brutally miscalculated.
  • Knight — to behave without regard to the consequences.
  • Queen — to be in a state of depression.
  • King — to succumb to vices.

Combinations with the suit of the Cups (Cup):

  • Ace — betrayal in love; unhealthy relationship.
  • Deuce — false promises; pernicious love affair.
  • Three — doing nothing, laziness.
  • Four — get an unworthy offer.
  • The five are the losses that had to be faced due to bad addictions.
  • Six — a man who in the past suffered from alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Seven — unclean thoughts.
  • The eight — struggle with a bad habit.
  • Nine — bulimia, alcoholism; inability to resist passions.
  • Ten — a negative addiction in the family.
  • Knight — get a dirty offer.
  • Page — liar.
  • The Queen is an immoral woman.
  • The king is a dishonest man.

Combinations with Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — money laundering; financial dependence.
  • Two — dangerous money manipulation.
  • Troika — trading on the black market.
  • Four — avarice, excessive greed.
  • The five are serious difficulties with money due to personal degradation.
  • Six is ​​a favor behind which selfish motives are hidden.
  • Seven — monetary speculation.
  • Eight — the underground trade.
  • Nine — a state acquired by unrighteousness.
  • Ten — criminal clan.
  • Page — a person who can not be trusted.
  • Knight — illegal requisitions.
  • The Queen is a sly, calculating female person.
  • The king is the head of the mafia clan.

The devil personifies evil, seeking to disrupt the divine order in human life. He directly tempts or influences through fear.

But in any case, the Devil is trying to lead the questioner out of the way of his true purpose.

Through the Arcana, the Devil Tarot advises to be patient and succeed on their own. Do not be tempted, even if it is very attractive.

The card recommends you continue your journey and not be afraid of hard work.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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