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What does the Tarot Death card mean, as it is combined with other arcane

Arkan Death: meaning in layouts for love, work, health, in combination with other cards

Death (13th lasso in the Tarot deck) symbolizes the departure of the old and the release of a place for the new. The map speaks of the expedient changes in the questioner’s life.

Sometimes this is a move to another place of residence, change of place of work, divorce. Death indicates that the hour of long-awaited transformation has struck, and now it’s time to turn off the old, fruitless path.

In rare cases, the map can mean literal, physical demise.

Death is usually indicated in the image of the skeleton with a scythe. In some decks (for example, in the Tarot Ryder-Waite) you can see this skeleton in horseback riding in gloomy armor.

What does the Tarot Death card mean, as it is combined with other arcane

The skeleton is not so much a sign of dying as a transformation, followed by a new birth. This symbol reminds that all obsolete must be erased from the face of the Earth.

In the hands of the rider holds a long shaft with a black canvas on which you can see the image of flowers. This flag symbolizes the unconditional power of death, followed by further rebirth.

Sometimes the character depicted on the lasso has a mocking appearance, sometimes — a vengeful one. The background of the map is also changing.

For example, in the Mythological Tarot is a desert landscape.

What does the Tarot Death card mean, as it is combined with other arcane

In the background you can see the river flowing in the direction of the sunrise. It symbolizes cleansing transformations. In some decks, on the background of the map, parts of bodies, bones, people of various ranks are also depicted.

For example, this is shown on the tarot of the Golden Dawn Tarot.

What does the Tarot Death card mean, as it is combined with other arcane

Death says that no one will be spared in front of her face. The power of Death is immutable, and the events symbolized by this lasso cannot be avoided.

What does the Tarot Death card mean, as it is combined with other arcane

Death card means the completion of a certain situation. Tarologists agree that this lasso is not negative: it promises favorable changes, movement of the circle of life, deliverance from the painful and unnecessary. On this lasso the end of processes and cycles takes place.

By itself, Death does not represent success, but it clears the way for new achievements.

Death means answer "not" to the question of querent. Things fail, goals and projects are a thing of the past. Relatively rarely, the lasso indicates real demise and mourning.

In cases where this can be expected, Death speaks of the need to accept the inevitable.

It may be hard for the questioner to let go of what is now considered valuable and important, but Death indicates the inevitability of change. This lasso recommends consciously abandoning the past, say to yourself: "It’s finally over!" After some time in the life of a person will begin a new phase.

Dramatic changes may be related to the breakup of friendships, change of residence, or divorce. About which metamorphosis waiting for the querent, will tell other cards.

Often Death falls in fortune-telling from people who are at the turn of the age: 14 years, 21 years, 36 years, 42 years, etc., when personal transformations are inevitable, a transition to a new level. Death means that one should not be afraid of future changes: they are useful for the questioner’s spiritual development.

What does the Tarot Death card mean, as it is combined with other arcane

In the inverted position, Death means that the end of the cycle is close, but the guessing resists the natural course of things. This is similar to the situation when a person has a toothache, but he postpones his visit to the doctor because of fear.

In this position, the map indicates difficulties associated with the final resolution of a particular situation. Circumstances bring torment, change is late.

Observed inaction, stagnation.

In rare cases, Death says that the questioner has miraculously escaped a life-threatening situation.

What does the Tarot Death card mean, as it is combined with other arcane

In love, death usually means the natural end of a relationship. If this lasso falls out, the partners can part with ease and remain friends.

Death often represents divorce, when feelings are no more, and marriage has exhausted itself.

The thirteenth lasso gives the questioner freedom even if he does not particularly want it. If the problem was that the querent had long sought a divorce or tried to break off the relationship, Death carries the good news: now there is every chance of leaving a bondage behind.

The card may indicate a marriage that exists only formally, devoid of emotional fullness. The man on whom this lasso falls out, made a firm decision to part.

In the upside down position, Death predicts resistance to change, demonstrated by one of the partners. There may be delays with the official divorce, the reluctance of the second spouse to divorce. Delaying separation by itself can be a source of additional difficulties.

The separation will still come, but recovering from it will be much harder than in the case of a timely break.

Arkan is unfavorable in terms of health. Death brings destruction, decay. On this lasso underwent surgical interventions to remove tumors and amputations, necessary to separate the non-viable part of the body.

The map can mean serious difficulties — heart attacks, strokes, chronic diseases. Occasionally indicates coma or clinical death.

Arkan often personifies a depressive state. It also corresponds to menopause or disabling certain biological functions.

In the opposite position, Death indicates recovery. Man managed to avoid the dangers, he comes to himself after the crisis.

Death is a positive lasso in those cases when it comes to the end of an unpleasant and long working situation. The map indicates a quick exit from the crisis situation.

If divination was carried out on the prospects of a new project, Death indicates that it will end, without starting. Even if efforts are constantly being made to preserve it (for example, cash infusions are being made), the project is barely kept afloat, and the goal does not justify the investment.

Death marks those paths that lead nowhere. Often, layoffs, termination of business interactions, and sometimes the final withdrawal from the profession take place.

Sometimes guessing and he is able to see the logical conclusion of the situation. The map only helps to dot the i.

Often, Death represents the bankruptcy of the company, the change of ownership. Arkan recommends closing a small business or re-register if it is large.

Death points to restorers, cemetery workers, surgeons. It can symbolize representatives of professions in which a person is often located between life and death (rescuers and policemen can fall into this group).

In reverse position indicates routine. The long process will continue in the future.

The one who was in search of work, while remains in the status of the unemployed. Things are moving the same way as before.

Death personifies the time of adaptation, coupled with inevitable financial spending. But this card can also indicate how to optimize costs in this difficult time of change.

For example, if a particular process or person in the questioner’s life represents "funnel"where money goes all the time. If possible, these costs should be waived.

Often the map represents the loss of livelihoods. If the question concerned the financial situation, Death indicates serious changes: we can talk about the end of a difficult stage, as well as a reduction in cash infusions.

The thirteenth lasso says that the old ways of earning or investing no longer generate income. The questioner should look for new sources.

In the upside down position, the map indicates stagnation in business. To overcome stagnation, it is necessary to try new strategies and approaches to solving difficulties.

In this case, the lasso will be turned upside down, which will entail global changes and a significant acceleration of progress.

As a card of the day, Death says that today it is useful to bring long-standing projects to their logical conclusion. Clouds can thicken overhead, but inevitably the moment will come when they will dissipate.

Losses only confirm the fact that life will continue.

Card Tip: Do not hold people or events, even if it is difficult to part with them.

In fortune-telling, you should carefully consider other arcana to determine exactly what the life changes brought by Death are:

  • in combination with older lasso transformations are fundamental;
  • in the position next to the younger means superficial changes regarding domestic issues.

In conjunction with the older lasso, Death has the following interpretations:

  • Sudden news, causing a state of stupor.
  • Contrasting events
  • Beginnings that do not lead to success. It is recommended to leave this business and do others.
  • Slow way out of crisis
High Priestess
  • You can no longer trust your secrets even to those who used to be like a grave.
  • Prophecy, prophetic dream.
  • Changes related to material aspects
The Empress
  • Lost housekeeping. Heavy conversion.
  • The night is dark before dawn: positive events will occur in the near future
The emperor
  • Care manager, manager.
  • Transform home or work environment.
  • Giving up the old way of life
  • The inability to continue to learn. Change teacher.
  • New bosses.
  • Transformations in the family environment.
  • Difficult times await the questioner, but there will be a wise mentor for him
  • Changes in love relationships.
  • Start from scratch. Leaving old relationships and starting new ones
  • Impossibility to reach the goal. Change of world view.
  • Anxious forebodings.
  • The questioner’s desire to change psychologically
  • Generally accepted laws will not help when it comes to survival.
  • Search for protection in the face of imminent threat.
  • Need to consider a different strategy.
  • Painful denouement
  • Inability to avoid loneliness.
  • Dramatic changes in life
Wheel of Fortune
  • A favorable situation will become a source of serious problems. If things go worse than ever, a pleasant surprise awaits at the next corner.
  • Unable to stop the change process
  • To get out of these circumstances, you must be tough character.
  • Hold yourself in a difficult situation
  • The desire of the individual to influence the situation. Resistance to impending change.
  • Extremely hard way out of the circumstances
  • The process of adaptation after injury. Wounds heal.
  • Private affairs
  • Circumstances in which the questioner plays the role of a pawn. Cheating, betrayal.
  • Practicing karma. Torment, mental suffering
  • Disasters and natural disasters.
  • Sharp frustration.
  • Serious threat to life
  • Hope for the best. Losing one helps to get another.
  • Change of profession
  • Being in illusions, ghostly fantasies. If you do not give up self-deception, it is impossible to predict the consequences, the final will be tragic.
  • Alcohol addiction, inherited.
  • Magical impact: defacement, evil eye
The sun
  • Rebirth. The questioner will have to change drastically.
  • Successful completion of a medical operation
  • Successful development of karma.
  • Finding a new look at things.
  • Serious personality transformation. Image change.
  • Long litigation
  • The long-awaited debriefing.
  • Death after illness.
  • Moving to another country for permanent residence

Combinations with the suit of wands:

  • Ace — the transformation of existing ideas.
  • Two — to cling to the past is meaningless.
  • Troika — the adoption of reform.
  • Four — the changes will affect the family.
  • Five — the conflict is settled.
  • Six — should approach the case from the other side.
  • Seven — vain attempts to stop the process.
  • Eight — fast and significant metamorphosis.
  • Nine — the fear of change.
  • Ten — internally break down, lay down powers.
  • Page — loss of interest in the project.
  • Knight — slowing down the speed of the process.
  • Queen — flexibility and ability to adapt to the flow of time.
  • King — gaining a new status.

With the suit of cups:

  • Ace — changes in personal life.
  • Two — transformations relating to the current relationship.
  • Three — a change of social environment.
  • Four — missed chances.
  • Five — the inability to recover the lost.
  • Six — escape from the past.
  • Seven — getting rid of the illusory view of things.
  • Eight — the questioner will be forced to leave.
  • Nine — lost hope for the future.
  • Ten — parting, divorce the couple.
  • Page — abortion.
  • Knight — empty words.
  • Queen — separation from a woman.
  • King — separation from a man.
  • Ace — it is impossible to continue to adhere to the old world views.
  • Two — the situation has reached its limit.
  • Troika — a difficult conclusion.
  • Four — the end of the cycle; parting with the past.
  • Five — a loss in a fight with the enemy.
  • Six — gradual transformation.
  • Seven — do not think about the consequences.
  • Eight — a narrow view of the world; The changes are constraining.
  • Nine — inconsolable grief.
  • Ten — the final loss.
  • Page — negative changes.
  • Knight — the crisis can not be avoided.
  • Queen — loss of a spouse.
  • King — the loss of a spouse.

Treatment in combination with Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — sow a new field.
  • Two — great difficulties in doing business.
  • Three — to lay a new foundation.
  • Four — cling to the past.
  • Five — to be completely helpless.
  • Six — desires will not be fulfilled.
  • Seven — to experience disappointment.
  • Eight — long job search; loss of professional skills.
  • Nine — property or money does not bring income.
  • Ten — a loss.
  • Page — bad news.
  • A knight is a meaningless attempt to change something.
  • Queen — financial dependence.
  • King — tarnished reputation.

Death can not be definitely called a negative or positive lasso: it indicates that the changes are already on the threshold, and it is impossible to avoid them. The card symbolizes the harvest: the man sowed his seed, and now is the time to gather the fruits.

He gets what he deserves and moves to a new, higher stage of his development.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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