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What does the Tarot Chariot card mean in different hands, its combination with other lasso

Tarot card value of the Chariot in different hands and in combination with cards

The senior lasso of the Tarot Chariot personifies strength, movement, power. The absence of the driver’s rein is symbolic: racecourts painted in opposite colors lead the cart in different directions, which indicates the need for choice or internal struggle. It is time to take responsibility for the situation.

Success is possible through labor, real progress requires self-control and a willingness to act.

A cart with a scepter, an image of wisdom and power. On his head is a crown with a star, he confidently looks ahead.

The chariot is being brought in by sphinxes, symbolizing the duality of the world and the riddle, an unexplored force that, in controlling it, the chariot reaches various worlds.

Judging by the description, the fallen 7th lasso says that the situation will begin to change rapidly. Kverent is able to say goodbye to any problems, but not avoid a collision with reality face to face.

What does the Tarot Chariot card mean in different hands, its combination with other lasso

What does the Tarot Chariot card mean in different hands, its combination with other lasso

Activity, optimism, movement to the goal after making a choice; high motivation, speed, acceptance of responsibility.

Senior lasso means masculinity, courage, strength, bordering on the mystical. A warrior filled with magical power is an instrument of divine will.

It is not easy for him to control the Chariot, but nothing prevents it from coming to the end point of the path.

Tarot Chariot Card foreshadows rapid changes, whatever it may be, sending the usual state of things into oblivion. It symbolizes a jump in development, the intensity of the passage of the stages of life, speed overcoming difficulties and the passage of lessons of fate.

The value of the card in the Tarot Ryder-Waite deck: developments and the achievement of goals. In a situation on the map there is always a risk, advice is to be vigilant and not turn off the chosen path.

Often the lasso falls in the scenario of a person who has completed the next stage of life, parting with the old and anticipating the new.

Other Tarot Chariot Card Values:

  • Activity. Active actions, optimism, a person moves to achieve the goal after making a choice. There is a high motivation, willpower, taking responsibility for their decisions. The chariot offers to temporarily invoke all his composure: there is a development and a transition to a more harmonious state, movement through the test of strength.
  • Victory. Symbol of victory, superiority over competitors, the last battle. The result is a well-deserved success, since the path to it was carried out through heavy trials.
  • Promotion. Map of travel, travel, meetings with distant relatives. It is also a way inward, spiritual practices, astral travels.
  • Destruction. With the transition to a new quality requires the destruction of the old. The chariot gives impetus to any process, and this is tangible energy that should be used to advantage.

When asked about the current problem, the map responds in such a way that the first step towards solving it is already taken. If the question suggests an unsuccessful situation, the card indicates that there is nothing irreparable and gives hope.

The man has the determination to move forward and does not intend to stop.

What does the Tarot Chariot card mean in different hands, its combination with other lasso

In the upside down position, the Chariot can’t cope with control and falls, the map bears bad news, loss, stagnation, failure, despair.

An inverted card can predict dismissal, financial problems, uncontrolled emotions, lack of understanding, losing one step before winning. In matters of travel — delayed flights, breakdowns, accidents, extreme situations on the road.

What does the Tarot Chariot card mean in different hands, its combination with other lasso

An ambitious, power-seeking person with a peak of success. He is competent and big-minded, knows how to overcome obstacles and goes through life like an arrow flying toward a target. People in the map description: military, professional drivers, messengers, travelers, jockeys, winners.

In the upside down position: a person abusing his position; bribe taker

Positive qualities: willpower, discipline, innovative thinking, resourcefulness, speed, conscious application of effort, incessant progress, focus on the process. A man owns himself, quickly thinks in a changing circumstances, is able to set the rules and be consistent.

Negative qualities: fear of internal conflict, the probability of cowardice. Unaware of his tasks and taking too much upon himself falls from the Chariot.

You can not abandon their path, you need to trust what is happening.

The chariot symbolizes power, high office, enterprise management, career growth. On the map there is a place of competition, there is the possibility of capturing new territories.

In some interpretations — a change of leadership and the usual way of working process.

Arkan describes teamwork, successful collaboration through joint efforts. Map of awards, achievements.

Work may be associated with tourism.

Property: prestigious housing, high maintenance costs. You can move to another city, country.

When it comes to investing, the card recommends speed in order not to lose recoil after a while.

Not the best card for the lay out of love, it describes the path of a lone warrior who is purposeful and does not spray on several tasks, it is difficult for him to be in a relationship.

The driver is not tied to a partner, he is impatient and unrestrained in love, and after winning an object he is striving for new victories. Sometimes it is a sign of relationships at a distance.

The chariot often foreshadows a fleeting affair, an adventure, but not a lasting alliance.

For a person who is worried about current relationships, the card will indicate agreement and truce. She points to vivid manifestations of love passion, but also speaks about the inconsistency of interests and needs of partners, shows the desire to change everything, break free from restrictions — the right time has come to accomplish this.

One of the values ​​of the Chariot is a conscious departure from the relationship.

The chariot symbolizes good health. On the map, sports are possible, requiring discipline and willpower.

It may indicate getting rid of a bad habit and readiness to feel a new quality of life.

When asked about the disease, the card answers: "change for the better"full recovery. The chariot is also treated as a wheelchair; wound.

Modern interpretation of diseases: accidents in traffic accidents, injuries at speed; heart attack, stroke. In the upside down position indicates sports injuries, depression.

If the question is whether to go on a trip — the map says that it is better to do it. Soon will come joyful news that will inspire to realize our plans.

It is recommended to do what the soul desires: to risk, develop, travel.

At this stage, the individual must pass the lessons that develop his valuable skills. It will benefit discipline, it will give strength to the inner core.

You can not overestimate your strength, as well as lose control of yourself, otherwise this behavior can lead to trouble.

Tip of the 7th Arcana Chariot: to achieve victory you can not stop halfway; It is important to be prepared to be responsible for the consequences of your choice.

Interpretation of the Tarot Chariot card in combination with other cards:

  • Jester — chaos injection;
  • Magician — master control; willpower triumph;
  • Priestess — purposeful study; help from above, mother’s sign;
  • Empress — advance to the result;
  • Emperor — restoring order;
  • Hierophant — the achievement of mutual understanding;
  • Lovers — maturity, the end of chaos in a relationship;
  • Hermit — the risk of being lonely;
  • Strength — lack of self control;
  • The hanged man — the risk of injury; a state of submission when a person is inferior to others;
  • Tower — the probability of disaster, disruption of plans, humiliation; accident, accident;
  • Wheel of Fortune — change, luck;
  • Justice — the restoration of justice;
  • Death — to face the inevitability;
  • The moon is a mystery, changes in connection with the question of which bring catastrophe; in combination with the inverted Chariot — intrigue in order to seize power;
  • Moderation — to adapt to the situation;
  • The devil — the danger, violence, rampant;
  • The star is the path to the star;
  • The sun — seek clarity;
  • Court — to control events in their favor;
  • Peace is the attainment of peace; travel abroad.
  • Two — to be at a crossroads;
  • three — inconsistency in cooperation;
  • Four — visit;
  • five — give the necessary arguments;
  • six — the right course, a breakthrough to victory; case management;
  • Seven — efforts to maintain the position;
  • eight — a trip;
  • nine — injury;
  • a dozen — a tiring road, stagnation, fiasco;
  • page — overcoming resistance;
  • knight — recklessness;
  • queen — promotion;
  • the king is self-realization;
  • Ace — to experience uncertainty.
  • Two — to manage relationships through agreement;
  • three — a trip for the festive pastime;
  • Four — disappointment with success;
  • five — circumstances will lead to a quarrel;
  • six — past mental abuse;
  • seven — deceptive success;
  • the eight — move away;
  • nine — happy trip;
  • a dozen — moving, family trip;
  • page — you will have to seek an offer;
  • knight — to create the world;
  • the queen — overcoming the complexes, the conquest of the queen;
  • the king is the conquest of the king;
  • ace — conquest of love; emotions under control.
  • two — indecision;
  • three — offense;
  • Four — the need for prevention, forethought;
  • the five — the way ahead, go, destroying obstacles;
  • six — a long journey;
  • seven — action in their own interests;
  • the eight — to adhere to the established rules;
  • nine — violence;
  • a dozen — loss of control;
  • page — intervention in a dispute;
  • knight — confrontation, confrontation;
  • queen — delineation, indicate your limits;
  • the king is strict submission;
  • ace — sort out the confusion.
  • deuce — spraying on several tasks;
  • the troika is a power struggle;
  • four — pause; greed;
  • five — imbalance, imbalance;
  • six — to restore justice;
  • seven — stagnation; lack of incentive;
  • eight — billing;
  • nine — breaking the rules, chaos;
  • a dozen — the struggle for the inheritance;
  • page — mastering driving skills;
  • knight — overcoming obstacles;
  • queen — the correct calculation;
  • the king is control of money;
  • ace — cash management.

The value of the Chariot map in Taro Manara. Movie camera symbolizes illusory, memories, as well as predestination.

Hence the map takes on the meaning of the inevitability or cyclical nature of events.

Description. In the fog of illusions depicts a girl riding a movie camera.

She is in the world of memories, fantasies and visualizes only what she wants to feel. Character in the power of past experience, under the influence of nostalgia, something leads him away from reality and makes him repeat mistakes.

There is a negative experience in the relationship.

  • In relationship: long-term relationship with a wealth of experience; if it is the beginning of an acquaintance, past experience has an influence on relationships; lack of activity; a person is not ready for a new relationship.
  • The senses: feelings are present, partners unites much of the past, an attempt to escape from the dreams; nostalgia; memories are included every time, and the relationship follows the same scenario. The heart is under the power of old love; sensitivity; sentimentality.
  • A warning: not letting feelings guide you; approach to building relationships creatively.

Tip: remember the details of the past, to resolve the issue in the present, use past experience; leave the past alone.

Key Values ​​of the Chariot of Tarot Thoth: a new beginning, a change for the better, a spiritual path.

The driver in gold armor is in a pose of meditation, and the chariot is not yet moving. The Grail, on which he meditates, symbolizes the Wheel of Fortune.

The driver is busy exploring the various consequences of his actions, since a return from a trip is impossible.

The upcoming changes carry a lot of anxiety, it is recommended to avoid relationships in which there are no feelings. The routine of everyday life is in the past, overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration, expanding the scope of activities.

Despite this, the spiritual path remains. Belief in your abilities will grow.

What the card says:

  • Directions: changes will lead to the desired phase of life.
  • Tip: get ready, put things in order, analyze the possibilities. Create a supportive environment through which you can plan a change or journey.
  • Questions: Is the querent ready to give up the old in favor of the new? What area of ​​life will changes take?
  • Statement: "I organize my life and I am ready for new successes.".

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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