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What does the tarot card of the Pages of Wands mean, how it combines with other arcane

Arkan Page of Wands: meaning in the upright and upside down position, combinations with other cards

Page of Wands foreshadows new beginnings, receiving long-awaited news. The map indicates that it is time to take active action.

All that the questioner seeks, he can achieve if he takes the initiative.

Page Wands promises to receive news from younger relatives or friends, as well as information that will positively affect the future enterprise. In some cases, the card represents an important spiritual lesson.

On the map of the Page of the Rods (Staves, Scepters, Maces) you can see a young man holding a rod in his hands and looking at its top.

What does the tarot card of the Pages of Wands mean, how it combines with other arcane

In some cases, the lasso portrays not a young man, but a girl.

What does the tarot card of the Pages of Wands mean, how it combines with other arcane

In the Toth deck, the card is called the Princess of the Rods. The lasso portrays a girl who defeated the fear tiger (one of the symbols of the zero arcane Fool). The rod in her hand means the sun.

On the head of the Princess are feathers, speaking of a heightened perception, sense of justice. She found these qualities, having managed to overcome her fear.

Next to her on the altar is a bright fire. It means new beginnings, projects. Now the Princess is dancing in this flame, symbolizing inspiration, vitality.

In her other hand, she holds the body of a tiger, personifying the fears that can now be safely buried.

What does the tarot card of the Pages of Wands mean, how it combines with other arcane

In this deck, the Tarot card is called the Herald of Wands. On the lasso you can see a young man who came to the girl with a gift.

The hostess is glad to have a guest who keeps her surprise behind her back.

Arkan personifies those opportunities that occur in a person’s life path. Herald says that the questioner is waiting for something exciting.

Novelty can relate to both the usual business or existing relationships, and radically new beginnings.

What does the tarot card of the Pages of Wands mean, how it combines with other arcane

The lasso portrays a young man in the desert. In his hands he holds a staff on which green shoots appear.

They symbolize new projects and opportunities.

Even if the situation now does not have to creative ideas, and news has not been received for a long time, the Page of Wands says that the situation will change soon.

Page of Wands (Jack of Wands, Page of Staves, Slave of Scepters) in its positive aspect symbolizes honesty and openness. Arkan says that in this situation, the questioner can fully trust the people with whom he deals.

Their thoughts are pure, they have no egoism or hidden motives.

The negative side of the map is the development of its positive aspect. The page of the Staffs is naive, he refuses to perceive reality as it is.

The real actions of others, he does not adequately assess. The focus is on what kind of behavior people should demonstrate in accordance with the existing ideal.

The traditional meaning of the map is traveler, messenger, good friend. The appearance of the Page of the Wands in the scenario is like a slap of a servant on the floor, announcing the arrival of a new guest at the feast.

Arkan speaks of the emergence of a fresh trend in circumstances that have already begun to seem deadlocked.

Page of Wands testifies to the awakening of interest in the case, the unusual look at the usual things. The card symbolizes creative enthusiasm, the desire of the fortune-teller to go the other way.

Usually, when a given card appears in the layout, a large number of new opportunities are opened around the questioner.

The page symbolizes those perspectives that open to the querent on his life path. Wands represent the element of fire, and the chance that Page of Wands gives, usually has the image of an interesting proposal or idea, perceived with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

This opportunity allows you to go beyond the gray days of everyday life, show courage, take a risk. Sometimes it is participation in a sporting competition or competition or another opportunity to test yourself.

Page of Wands heralds receiving unusual impressions, the spontaneous start of a new project. Sometimes the lasso recommends waiting for an external stimulus, "hot" news, which will give impetus to the motivation to work, will affect the planned project.

In the reverse position, the lasso indicates a loss of enthusiasm, inspiration, and fear of an impending future.

The traditional interpretation of the card in an inverted position — negative news, unexpected information, bringing disappointment; gossip.

Inverted Page of the Rods signals the underdevelopment of character, trying to pretend confidence. He has a burning desire to develop this quality in himself, but he is not able to rely on himself due to naivety, lack of composure.

Egocentric position allows him to somewhat compensate for the feeling of anxiety, inferiority. This character is a mannered individualist who, at every opportunity, seeks to emphasize his own superiority and pretend to be experienced, "gazing".

In conjunction with the Queen of Wands, the card indicates an urgent need to start working on yourself — for example, attending psychological training to gain true self-confidence.

The card speaks of indecision, lack of constancy and readiness to observe the rules of the game accepted in society; points to the children’s antics. The idea of ​​the querent was wrong move and fell.

Even if his plans are translated into reality, their results will be incomparable with what was expected.

Arkan points to relatively small losses, missed chances. There are circumstances that interfere with the realization of intentions: a sudden illness, a strike of employees, bad weather are difficult situations that can later be told as an anecdote.

One of the interesting interpretations of the map’s tarologs upside down is the story, the chronicle, the news review, the story.

Page of Wands says that soon the querent will have a chance to do something exciting. This work will open up new professional horizons for him, will bring opportunities for creative expression and valuable experience.

Particularly great are the chances of success when combining a lasso with the Ace of Wands card.

This chance, which proved itself in fortune-telling through the Page of Wands, is the first step in the right direction. This lasso often indicates the initial phase of the project or the need for additional education.

Page of Wands symbolizes enthusiasm, enthusiasm for a new project, student view of the world. A person is overwhelmed by a thirst for unusual experience, a desire to perform an interesting job.

It can be studies, and the beginning of a business project, and the acquisition of a profession.

The card recommends the questioner to wait for news, the appearance of new people or offers. The questioner is advised to pay attention to the new opportunities that open up before him; be proactive, declare yourself first to achieve your desired goal.

The more confident the questioner puts into the matter, the more successful it will be. Page of Wands expresses itself through physical, bodily aspects.

It symbolizes the profession of a dancer, model, actor.

In the reverse position, a lasso can mean infantilism, which does not allow either to build serious plans or to maintain adequate relationships with people. In combination with the card, the King of Swords speaks of the order of superior persons, which infringes upon the position of ordinary workers.

The map says that the situation is quite stable. Yet the Page of Wands is not a positive card for finance.

The questioner has the ability to only track the changes that occur, but he cannot control the situation.

Financial investments can make a profit, but their potential at the moment has not reached its full development. Page of Wands says that the querent should be creative in resolving financial problems.

Do not hesitate if you have a chance to do something new or to be in the role of apprentice: in the future it will more than pay off.

One of the classic interpretations of Page’s Wands — a young man from a good family, looking for a bride. Arkan can denote a lover who can be trusted.

But more modern interpretations refer to this character with skepticism, believing that he rather symbolizes a lover for one night rather than a regular partner.

Page of Wands indicates the enthusiasm in love, forcing a person to conquer new heights. Seduction is perceived as a social victory — often irrespective of who it is associated with.

Arkan speaks about attractiveness for the opposite sex, flirting. Whether the genuine feeling will burst from this spark will be indicated by other cards in fortune-telling.

Page of Wands does not feel the need to be faithful to the partner. He looks like a newlywed or young parent who is not able to imagine all the responsibilities associated with family or raising children.

The presence of emotional affection arkan speaks only in combination with the Queen of Cups card.

The Page of the Rods is filled with passion exactly until that moment, until it encounters a new object of sighs. His youthful maximalism can win the heart, but the spiritual qualities of this character lack depth. If the Page of Swords is two-faced, then there is no such quality in the Page of the Wands of this quality — it is naive and inconstant.

The man, who is personified by the Page of Wands, is more suitable for friendship than for love relationships.

In combination with the Pagebook of Cups card, the card indicates the receipt of a love message from a retreated past boyfriend.

The map marks the physical and mental youth, good health.

As a signal of the disease may indicate dehydration, minor injuries, sunstroke, minor burns, mental exhaustion.

Page of Wands says that today the questioner will have a meeting with a long-time friend, an interesting new lesson, an unusual task. It is possible to receive good news or a package.

Card Tip: take advantage of interesting offers — this will help make the day more fruitful.

In fortune-telling, it is necessary first of all to be guided by the older arcane players lying next to the Page of Wands. They will tell about the general trends of the situation. If such a lasso is positive (for example, Mage or Star), the questioner can safely take on new projects.

Otherwise, do not quickly agree to the incoming proposals. About whether the outcome of the situation is favorable, tell neighboring cards in divination.

If there was not a single figure card (minor arcane with a picture of people) older than the Page of Wands, this indicates that the questioner is not ready to act actively. You need to wait a bit, then make another attempt.

Dip into a lively activity in this situation is not worth it, since it speaks of immaturity.

In combination with the senior lasso, the Page of Wands has the following meanings:

  • Jester — lack of diligence, absenteeism in classes.
  • Magician — the young crook.
  • The High Priestess is to engage in research, scientific experimentation.
  • Empress — news from a child or a younger relative.
  • Emperor — read business literature, study the science of entrepreneurship.
  • The hierophant is the guardian of the promising young person.
  • Lovers — relationships filled with creative inspiration.
  • Chariot — go on a journey.
  • The power is to study physics or strength.
  • The hermit — to compare their abilities with reality.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is the beginning of a new period.
  • Justice — devote a significant amount of time to legal sciences, legal proceedings.
  • Hanged — test or exam will not be passed.
  • Death is a difficult attempt to find the truth.
  • Moderation is to restrain oneself, to control emotional impulses.
  • The devil — to deal with the issues of black war.
  • Tower — the questioner will be dismissed from the institute or fired; there is a hard exam.
  • Star — astrological or astronomical research.
  • The moon is an inept deception.
  • Sun — to win the competition.
  • The court is a minor offense.
  • The world — querent will find its true vocation.

With the suit of the Rods:

  • Ace — a new project with broad prospects.
  • Deuce — the search for the true destination.
  • Troika — the application of knowledge in real life.
  • Four — getting a diploma, successfully passed the exam.
  • Five — participation in the competition.
  • Six — the choice of the right direction.
  • Seven — a desperate struggle for a position or place in the university.
  • Eight — long-awaited news, getting the necessary information for the case.
  • Nine — contempt of others because of young age or "immature" ideas.
  • Ten — the lack of experience, which led to negative results.
  • Knight — emotionality; passion sweeping away all obstacles.
  • The Queen is an inner job of gaining high self-esteem.
  • King — psychological maturation.

With the suit of Cups (Cup):

  • Ace — a new romance.
  • Deuce — Flirt.
  • The triple is a love triangle.
  • Four — the loss of feelings towards man.
  • Five — remorse.
  • Six — naivety in relationships.
  • Seven — reasoning.
  • Eight — frivolous behavior.
  • Nine — a feeling of satisfaction after the work done.
  • Ten — the questioner appreciates the existing.
  • Page — receiving a love note.
  • Knight — moral support.
  • The queen is an emotional attachment.
  • King — trusting relationships.

With the suit of Swords:

  • Ace is a creative project to which the questioner approaches with common sense.
  • Two — a manifestation of creativity in ambiguous circumstances.
  • Three — getting shocking news.
  • Four — cautious judgments about the events; care for study leave.
  • Five — an assessment of the extent of damage.
  • Six — a logical reflection on possible strategies for future behavior.
  • Seven — a quirky young lady; insincerity in communication.
  • Eight — getting a reprimand, censure; prejudiced judgment about people.
  • Nine — negative news.
  • Ten — a sudden dismissal.
  • Page — creativity, new beginning.
  • Knight — receive official notification.
  • The Queen — the arrival of news about the separation, divorce.
  • King — the agenda of the military office.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Ace — news of financial affairs or state of health.
  • Two — news of real estate.
  • Troika — profitable commercial offer.
  • Four — postponing cases.
  • Five — frightening news; conflicting information.
  • Six — a request kverenta for help.
  • Seven — an opportunity to persuade a senior person to give a reprieve.
  • Eight — work negotiations; research work.
  • Nine — getting money in a cashless way; large gift.
  • Ten — gift, inheritance; lead from the parent home.
  • Page — new chances to earn.
  • Knight — success: things are going uphill.
  • The Queen — the correct disposal of budgetary funds.
  • King — a demonstration of generosity.

Page of Wands — a positive card, symbolizing the dynamics, enthusiasm and inspiration. She calls to go beyond the usual reality, to try yourself in something new and unusual.

The questioner is ready for much to realize his creative dream and find the desired.

Arkan says that you can be bold and dare, but do not forget about common sense: the consequences of levity can be unpredictable.

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