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What does the Tarot card of 2 Cups mean, how does it combine with other cards

Tarot value Two of Cups and interpretation of its combinations in the hands

Tarot Deuce Winners — the most positive card in the alignment of relationships, a lasso of a happy partnership, the creation of a union by joint efforts, actions together. All projects related to people are uniquely successful. Current affairs will gain a positive direction, a new beginning in relationships, affairs, various situations.

There comes a period of openness of heart, good luck and luck. Sometimes the appearance of twos in the scenario speaks of the need to choose.

A 2 Cup card means partnership, marriage, union, intimacy, passion, affection, sympathy, love, unity, luck, mutual understanding, disposition, cooperation — any relationship, old or new, that will be based on harmony. This is a sensual impulse, the disclosure of feelings that will no longer be a mystery, the harmony of the conscious and the unconscious.

Tarot Two Cups symbolizes love, satisfaction with personal life, trust, harmony, unity. For singles, he prophesies a happy meeting and love adventures that will leave a pleasant impression.

What does the Tarot card of 2 Cups mean, how does it combine with other cards

The map shows a pair of lovers with filled glasses in their hands. Above them is a mythical creature, the patron saint of lovers, blessing this union.

In the background nature and the house are depicted as a symbol of a happy future.

They swear allegiance to each other or drink acquaintance. The pair symbolizes the unity of opposites, the novelty of feelings and the sharpness of emotions.

On a subconscious level, disclosure takes place at a deep level.

In direct position Arkan refers to the height of feelings between people, suggesting the beauty of relationships, passion, friendship, marriage. At the event level, lasso means partnerships, agreements, matchmaking. The right time to find a compromise, to organize cooperation.

Ahead of the solution of problems, reconciliation. In love — surprises, mutual understanding, improvement.

In the sphere of consciousness, the guessing person is puzzled by the issues of love and harmony, the situation is characterized by an optimistic attitude.

Self-development lesson and advice: the contribution of both partners to the relationship should be appreciated. Kindness and mutual trust will have a positive impact.

It is necessary to negotiate, agree, go forward, a new beginning is promising. The final answer on the question is positive.

The inverted Deuce of Cups symbolizes quarrels, disagreements, conflicts with loved ones; greed, jealousy, illusions, jealousy that threatens to break relations or cooperation. False friends, difficult connections, discrepancies between people, failed meetings. In the work collective there are misunderstandings with the authorities, the rejection of the opinions of others, ill-considered actions.

When a card falls in an inverted position, the planned projects should be postponed.

What does the Tarot card of 2 Cups mean, how does it combine with other cards

What does the Tarot card of 2 Cups mean, how does it combine with other cards

Values ​​of Two Cups in the Tarot Thot deck: love; cooperation; reconciliation; joy of meeting.


Two streams are poured from the lotus on the backs of dolphins in the bowls, and from them — into the lake. The card symbolizes the harmony of masculine and feminine principles, harmony in joy and ecstasy.

Original title: Lord of Love.

  • consciousness: the merging of souls;
  • personality: beautiful, sophisticated;
  • relationship: partnership; a meeting; reconciliation;
  • answer: positive;
  • warning: acquaintance conceals something serious;
  • advice: to agree, to meet.

What does the Tarot card of 2 Cups mean, how does it combine with other cards

What does the Tarot card of 2 Cups mean, how does it combine with other cards

The card is the most favorable of all in the scenario for a relationship. Negative lassos in her presence can only postpone the embodiment of a happy period, but tarologists often prefer a free interpretation of Deuces Cups. This is a card of luck and strengthening existing relationships.

The period of love, courting, reciprocity, development, strong empathy, willingness to share. Date after a long parting.

In the inverted position, the card warns of possible gossip that adversely affect the relationship; wedding breakdown; discord in communication; no further future. The interaction with the beloved once man brings despair. Incompatibility of views, characters, passion without love, divorce.

Sometimes the situation takes time to form a truly lasting alliance, passing tests.

Good atmosphere of cooperation, nice staff. Building strong ties and cooperations, successful business partnership, moving towards a common goal by joint efforts.

When changing jobs, a warm welcome awaits. Business relationships are transformed into romantic ones, this is a sympathy card between colleagues and flirting with management.

Trust contributes to fruitful work, but at a certain stage can be a hindrance.

To the question about starting a business or starting a project, the card responds positively. Capital pooling, moderate profit in business.

Similar answers are expected to other similar questions in the field of career, business. Equal distribution of inheritance, total income for the benefit of the family, real estate sharing.

The inverted map is a symbol of instability, anxiety, refusal to accept a position, and lack of trust. Partners can not agree, lower profits.

Tip: rely on yourself.

Arkan is considered an indicator of excellent well-being. The individual is in great physical shape.

Psychologically balanced, calm, sociable.

In an inverted position, the map indicates a malfunction of paired organs, inflammatory processes of the lymphatic system, infectious diseases starting from airborne droplets and ending by sexually transmitted diseases.

The people represented by the card are reliable partners, happy couples, lovers, colleagues, friends, relatives, but not spouses. Personality: charming, sweet, sincere, charismatic, attractive both externally and internally, and able to endear others.

Profession: psychotherapist, diplomat, artist, designer and other professions related to the perception of beauty.

An inverted map characterizes former partners, people who did not justify trust. The person is unattractive, non-communicative.

In any difficult situation guessing support close people. The card promises quick resolution of all issues.

In an inverted position, the card symbolizes deception, loss, ambiguous position in the relationship. It may be worth while to narrow down your social circle. Parting is not excluded.

Keywords: failure, disappointment, incompatibility, unrequited love, problems in relationship, separation, distrust, disputes, inequality, disharmony, resentment, injustice. Relationships do not develop as desired.

Someone behaves selfishly, reckless actions or flight of a partner.

In combination with other cards, the Two Cups has different interpretations:

  • Jester — no confidence in the future;
  • Magician — manipulation of a loved one;
  • A priestess is a favorable time for a love confession;
  • Empress — conception;
  • Emperor — an offer that is difficult to refuse;
  • Hierophant — trust and harmony in relationships;
  • Lovers — due to problems in his personal life, his career will suffer;
  • The chariot — the difference in preferences with a loved one;
  • Strength — the search for a compromise in building relationships;
  • Hermit — cooling, closeness;
  • Wheel of Fortune — transition of relations to another level;
  • Justice is marriage;
  • The hanged man is a betrayal of loved ones;
  • Death is a difficult period in life;
  • Moderation — to maintain harmony will have to make concessions;
  • The devil is a fraud in action, a council of caution;
  • Tower — a conflict with a loved one, the risk of loss of relationships;
  • Star — finding unity with a partner;
  • Moon — the influence of a third person on the union of two;
  • The sun is the birth of an heir;
  • The trial is ahead of the test;
  • Peace — waiting for a romantic meeting.

The value of combinations with junior lasso

Wands (Scepters, Staffs):

  • deuce — time to plan a vacation with your loved one;
  • three — troubles before the wedding;
  • Four — do not try to change the opinion of a loved one;
  • five — minor misunderstandings and quarrels;
  • six — luck in love;
  • Seven — new rules in the relationship; signing of documents;
  • eight — a long journey;
  • nine — the risk of becoming a victim of someone else’s scam;
  • a dozen — unfulfilled promise to the querent;
  • Page — a new love;
  • Knight — hectic decision making;
  • The queen is a fateful meeting;
  • King — time to get rid of annoying people in life;
  • Ace — communication with children.
  • three — a manifestation of attention from a stranger;
  • four — to be dissatisfied with their own behavior;
  • five — conflicts with relatives over trifles;
  • six — the restoration of the previous relationship;
  • the seven — love at first sight;
  • eight — distrust of the beloved;
  • nine — moderation and calmness in life;
  • a dozen — a date with relatives;
  • Page — tempting offers;
  • Knight — awkwardness, notoriousness, self-judgment;
  • The Queen — a violation of the usual way of life;
  • King — a relationship with a loved one will be more friendly than love;
  • Ace is a romantic proposition.
  • Two — uncertainty with a partner in a relationship;
  • three — temporary separation;
  • four — destructive relationships that bring sadness;
  • five — loss of trust from a friend;
  • six — enforced restriction;
  • seven — insincerity of a new acquaintance;
  • the eight — to be captive to your emotions;
  • nine — nervousness, soreness;
  • a dozen — rejection loved ones;
  • Page — recklessness, groundlessness;
  • Knight — to be drawn into a problem situation;
  • The Queen is a quick solution to a complex issue;
  • King — chilling in relationships with loved ones;
  • Ace — to conquer the sympathy of the person of interest.
  • two — impermanence, insecurity;
  • three — decency, the serious intentions of the chosen one;
  • Four — surprise, good news;
  • five — the randomness of love relationships;
  • six — elderly relatives need attention;
  • seven — the lack of prospects in the relationship;
  • the eight — efforts to restore friendly relations;
  • nine — empty dreams;
  • a dozen — family relationships;
  • Page — update relationships;
  • Knight — moderation and stability;
  • The Queen — the execution of the plan;
  • The king is content with his life;
  • Ace — a new stage in your personal life.

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