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What does the Tarot Card mean, its combination with other lasso

Arkan Taro Court: interpretation in layouts for love, health, career, in combination with other cards

The court is the twentieth lasso in the tarot deck. This card symbolizes deserved reward, transformation, cardinal changes.

Depending on the actions performed in the past, the questioner awaits reward or punishment. The meaning of this arcana is expressed in popular wisdom: "What goes around comes around".

The court points to the need to honestly evaluate yourself and your affairs. This will move to a new stage of life.

Other names for the Judgment card are Revival, Return, High Court, Resurrection from the Dead, Sentence. In the classic tarot decks on the lasso are depicted three people — a man, a woman and a child. They personify three beginnings: the active, passive and material world.

One of the central places on the map is occupied by the image of a winged angel blowing in a pipe. With the help of his horn, he proclaims God’s will, passes judgment.

In the Ryder-Wate deck, people get out of the tombs:

What does the Tarot Card mean, its combination with other lasso

The uprising from the graves symbolizes the resurrection to a new life, a spiritual renewal. The angel personifies the call for activity, the reappraisal of past values.

In tarot "78 Doors" people are not portrayed as rising from their graves, but as following to heaven or hell:

What does the Tarot Card mean, its combination with other lasso

This means that everything in the life of the questioner must fall into place. He will understand exactly which psychological attitudes do not correlate with reality and which of his actions lead to constant difficulties.

It will become clear what principles are viable, leading to success.

The image of Arkan in the Toth deck is radically different. In the central part of the map, you can see the dark blue body of the goddess Nun, bent as an arch, spreading the night above the ground.

During the day, the sun absorbs it. It is represented by the god Cadit, a burning orb with wings.

The union of Nun and Kadita begets a child — Chora.

What does the Tarot Card mean, its combination with other lasso

What does the Tarot Card mean, its combination with other lasso

Card Court in any situation and in any scenario foreshadows dramatic changes. She always points to moral transformation in the most questioning.

If the Court card appears, no transformations in the material world are possible without an inner change of a person.

What does the Tarot Card mean, its combination with other lasso

The court points to the passing stages in the questioner’s life. Changes are a natural continuation of the events of the past, and not a sudden destruction (as it happens when the Tower of the Arcana falls).

A person has to make an important decision that will open a new page in his life.

The court symbolizes the beginning of a new business, improvement of the situation, the establishment of relations Sometimes a map means a situation when, after a long stagnation, they start moving forward.

The questioner is waiting for a well-deserved reward, a wage increase, a long-awaited rest after a long and hard work. The past is rethought, all important lessons are learned, the goal is achieved.

What does the Tarot Card mean, its combination with other lasso

In the opposite position, the Court points out delays in resolving the situation. The card emphasizes that the causes of stagnation lie exclusively in the most questioner. The lack of progress is associated with the unwillingness of the questioner to take active steps, his inertia.

A person leaves his job or runs away, because the situation is dangerous for his well-established habits and attitudes. As a result, a situation arises where in the future the questioner still more than once regrets missed opportunities.

The upturned Court says that change cannot be avoided. Therefore, you can not pull with a decision.

This is an unfavorable sign, serious illness, divorce, and serious monetary losses are possible. Creative personalities card foreshadows difficulties with the implementation of the project, damaged reputation, unwanted media interference. Arkan may indicate riots that are difficult to control.

In rare cases, the Court says that the questioner was not called to an important event.

The twentieth lasso means a person who loves change and strives for it. Such a person cannot sit in one place for a long time.

He is ready to change internally and transform the reality around him. If there is no such possibility, he will be quite pleased with the rearrangement of furniture.

Such people are usually creative, enterprising. These qualities are manifested in any business for which they undertake.

They have a high level of intelligence. The man of the Court seldom engages in purposeless self-searching.

He prefers deep introspection, which leads to continuous improvement.

In the opposite position, the Court points to a person who is stuck in a comfort zone and does not want to leave the familiar atmosphere. He is prone to self-digging, which does not lead to positive changes, but only further alienates him from the goal.

Such a person often feels guilty, self-pity.

Inverted Court often means an old-fashioned person who does not want to change anything in his life. Repair in his apartment was made many years ago, and after becoming accustomed to any thing in the wardrobe, he will wear it even in spite of the shabby look. Such people perceive everything new in their life as extremely painful.

Changes always seem unfair to them.

The court promises big changes in the love sphere. Usually the card gives a chance to atone for the past, to make amends for the mistakes made, to restore harmony in the pair.

Existing relationships are restored and updated. Old insults are forgiven.

Those contradictions that burdened the questioner’s life are smoothed out. Lonely people The court foreshadows familiarity with the second half.

Love that seemed long lost will rise again. The questioner has a reason to respond to this call, since a second chance is unlikely to be presented.

In rare cases, the Court may portend serious changes in your personal life, which will prove to be a difficult test for a person. Example: on the part of the partner there are deep feelings and dedication, which must be answered by responding to the offer of a hand and heart. But the questioner feels this as a debt that is difficult for him to perform due to external circumstances.

There is a call to action. If the questioner does not obey him, the consequences will be the most destructive — up to complete solitude and health problems.

In the opposite position, the Court says that love relationships have become a real swamp. In a couple there may be no conflict, but living together does not bring either happiness or pleasure.

If partners still live together, it is only due to the absence of any alternatives.

For bachelors, an inverted lasso speaks of the impossibility of finding a standing partner. The reason lies in the peculiarities of the questioner’s lifestyle, which he does not wish to change.

It is necessary to show a little activity, and he will have all the chances of finding the second half.

In divination for work, the Court also speaks of serious changes. About exactly what they will, tell lying next to the card. Negative Arcana usually promise negative changes: the dismissal, the collapse of the business, the closure of the case, the failed transaction.

It is worth noting that the Court map notes those changes that are perceived by the questioner not from a negative point of view, but as an exemption from a heavy burden. This happens for the reason that a person’s worldview has long ago begun to transform, preparing him for subsequent changes.

If positive cards are side by side with the Court, this indicates a positive nature of change: career growth, a bargain, a joint business project, and a stable financial position.

The value of the card Court in the opposite position — the lack of prospects. In this case, the lasso is undesirable to start a new business, change the working team or try to go to another level of business.

The nearby negative maps of the Major Arcana indicate a critical condition. If the questioner does not change his attitude to the situation, he will face serious losses, including loss of work or business.

If the question is about self-development, the lasso does the Court point out the need to reassess its past. It is the events of bygone days that prevent the questioner from moving forward.

He needs to rethink his previous experience, forgive himself for the mistakes made, and also try to forgive the people around him. This will allow to reach a new stage in life.

In the opposite position, the Court says that the questioner cannot cope with the events that occur in his life. He does not understand the reason for what is happening, and is looking for the guilty among the environment. This makes the situation even more confusing.

His attitude to his own actions is uncritical. Responsibility he tries to charge others.

To overcome this situation and move on, a person must overestimate his thoughts, actions, attitude to the people around him. Then it is necessary to realize that no one else but him is to blame for what is happening.

This direction will allow to turn the lasso into a straight position and open wide horizons for personal growth.

As for health, here the map appears in a dual way. On the one hand, the Court means a surge of vitality, recovery from a serious illness.

A person relieves physical and psychological stress. The map may indicate health measures, a course of treatment, and a rest in a sanatorium.

On the other hand, if a seriously ill person is in intensive care, the lasso indicates a fatal outcome.

As a signifier of the disease, the Court speaks of severe allergic reactions, intestinal colic, irregularities in the work of the heart, an asthma attack. In the opposite position, the card foreshadows an incurable disease.

The situation is almost hopeless.

The court foreshadows an auspicious day, full of good opportunities for self-realization. Today, the questioner can rightly feel happy.

It is useful to do things for which there was always not enough time.

On this day, the chances of resolving old problems and recent difficulties are high. If the questioner has a situation in life that seems insoluble, today there is every chance to find a way out. The card advises in no case to remain in a passive state or indulge in laziness.

If you do this, there is a risk of missing a lot of great opportunities. When such moments occur, you should immediately get down to business.

In an inverted position, the Court recommends abandoning big plans. Even if the circumstances are favorable, at the most inopportune moment there will be difficulties.

It will ruin all the plans.

Other cards in the scenario will tell about exactly what changes are awaiting the questioner. Senior arcana in conjunction with the Court speak of global life changes: in outlook, relationships with other people and the world.

A trial with younger lassovs indicates a change in daily life.

In combination with older lassoons, the Court indicates the outcome of the events symbolized by the neighboring lasso. Example: In conjunction with the Wheel of Fortune, the Court talks about the serious life changes that will occur during the trip.

This journey will in fact be crucial for the questioner.

Combined with heavy cards, the Court talks about getting out of a difficult life situation. It is about accepting inquiring negative circumstances, realizing their root causes and getting a chance for redemption.

Combinations of the Court card with older lasso:



  • For negligence, there will definitely be demand.
  • The changes did not lead to anything good.
  • Decision made in court
  • Preparing for a serious life transformation.
  • Changes in employment: the worker will retire, the unemployed will get settled well.
  • Disclosure of new talents
  • The secret will be revealed. The search for the causes that provoked the situation.
  • The main role is assigned to the female person.
  • Memories of past lives. Practicing generic karma
  • Show willpower. Solve the problem.
  • To conceive a child.
  • Uneasy relationship with the mother.
  • Experience the creative rise
  • Life tests a person for strength.
  • Everything gets its place. Reopen business. The return of her husband.
  • Practicing karma in the male line
  • The difficulty that the questioner must overcome.
  • There is a chance to gain freedom or, on the contrary, to become a prisoner.
  • Religious views of the world
  • The questioner made a choice, but in reality the decision was predetermined by fate.
  • Strong love. Caring for relatives
  • Win in court.
  • Unexpected changes. External problems managed to be resolved.
  • Getting a new post. Career growth.
  • The questioner must keep his plans secret. The direction taken by him is correct
  • Stand on the position of justice, even to the detriment of himself.
  • Honored reward. Recognize the blunders committed in the past.
  • The conviction. Imprisonment
  • Circumstances will force to overestimate their views on the world. Change is necessary to accept. Time to put an end.
  • Find peace in the soul
  • Important decision. If the questioner does not accept it, fate will do it.
  • Changes that bring inspiration. Necessity to move to a new place.
  • The fateful trip.
  • Good luck on the side of the questioner
  • Ahead of the test. To pass them, you need courage and endurance.
  • Strengthening creativity.
  • Dramatic changes in life
  • Atone for sins. Donate something important.
  • Pay a large fine
  • Fatal changes.
  • A long legal battle.
  • Reconsider world views. Transformation of personality. Appearance changes
  • Unexpected changes in the sluggish process. Fast recovery.
  • Regain lost
  • Temptations and temptations.
  • Unwillingness to change. Late to fight addiction. There is no way back
  • Heavy tests. The need to internally accept what is happening.
  • Difficulties with the law
  • Payback for past misconduct.
  • Favorable coincidence of circumstances. Take a good chance.
  • Believe in the best again. Hope for change. But if you do nothing, do not avoid the intervention of fate
  • Feel fear of retribution. State of confusion.
  • Get help from the subconscious
  • The questioner can change a lot in life. The implementation of creative ideas will transform his everyday life.
  • Creative ability, fame
  • Changes affecting all areas.
  • Great accomplishments.
  • Interesting journey

Wands next to the Court map indicate a change in the social plan, a transformation of business relations. These changes were preceded by a review of the questioner’s own personal qualities and the principles on which he built the communication process. In conjunction with the suit of wands, the Court has the following interpretations:

  • Ace — a chance to start all over again.
  • Two — choose the right strategy.
  • Troika — gaining valuable experience.
  • Four — help with the housework.
  • Five — to change their views.
  • Six — take responsibility for yourself.
  • Seven — help in dealing with difficulties; reliable rear.
  • Eight — begin to act actively.
  • Nine — gather strength.
  • Ten — the execution of his duty.
  • Page — to realize talent.
  • Knight — to be in the midst of great events.
  • The Queen — professional growth, creative self-realization.
  • King — the motivation to act.

If the Bowls lie next to the Court, changes in the questioner’s life are related to his emotional state. With the suit of the Cups, the Court means:

  • Ace — open up to another person; liven up the relationship.
  • Two — to compromise.
  • Troika — internal update.
  • Four — a sense of guilt; lack of new features.
  • Five — to regret their deeds.
  • Six — to stir the past.
  • Seven — isolation from the real world; barren dreams.
  • Eight — abandon the usual ways.
  • Nine — deserved reward.
  • Ten — family relationships are getting better.
  • Page — use your talent.
  • Knight — a favorable outcome in a conflict situation.
  • The Queen is a new beginning for a woman.
  • The king is a new beginning for a man.

If the Court is adjacent to the cards of the Swords suit, this indicates major changes associated with the ideological system. Changes are preceded by great upheavals, events that are accompanied by spiritual experiences.

Often this separation, termination of business relations, death. Interpretation of combinations of the Court with the suit of Swords:

  • Ace — to be decisive; encourage others to take action.
  • Two — no way out of the situation.
  • Three — a serious illness.
  • Four — to recover from a difficult period; financial stabilization.
  • Five — blackmail, harassment, harassment.
  • Six — remind yourself.
  • Seven — look for alternative solutions.
  • Eight — a guilty feeling.
  • Nine — to be abandoned; suffering because of loneliness.
  • Ten — a situation from the category "cannot be worse".
  • Page — obstacles in the process of rehabilitation; betrayal.
  • Knight — psychological pressure.
  • The queen is a woman who has gone through pain and suffering.
  • The king is the magistrate.

Next to the suit Pentakley we are talking about changes in the material. Before that, the questioner realized the fallacy of his attitude to money.

Such changes are so important to the questioner that he may even receive a weighty gift from fate, for example, to win a large sum in a lottery game (a combination of the Court and the Ace of Pentacles).

The value of the combinations of the card Court with the Pentakley suit:

  • Ace is a good start; big win
  • Two — to be in a state of confusion.
  • Three — opens new horizons.
  • Four — to work on laying the foundation for the future.
  • Five — the situation will worsen.
  • Six — forgiveness; reward for deeds.
  • Seven — the case will be resolved later.
  • Eight — work patiently to get out of this situation.
  • Nine — favorable changes in the field of finance.
  • Ten — receiving a rich inheritance.
  • Page — see new opportunities for the promotion of a business project.
  • Knight — events happen slowly.
  • Queen — get financial support.
  • King — career growth; well-deserved money reward.

This lasso recommends the questioner to find the strength to execute an internal court, which will help clarify his role in the events relevant to him.

The card gives advice: plunge into the past, find the reasons for what is happening now, make efforts to transform your present and future. This will allow life changes to be positive.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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