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What does the Tarot Card Hanged means, how it is combined with other cards

Arkan the Hanged Man: the meaning of the card in the forward and upside down position, in combination with other cards

A 12 lasso fallout (The Hanged One) unequivocally indicates that the questioner is currently in a hesitant state. His progress is constrained. In life there is a revaluation of values, which leads to a feeling of confusion, confusion.

However, if the querent abandons his old views, new opportunities and prospects will be opened up before him. The appearance of the arcana suggests that the questioner has no choice but to passively wait.

The map also indicates the need to make tangible sacrifices in order to achieve the goal.

The hanged man is usually depicted on the map a male figure suspended by one leg on the gallows. On the sides there are two props that support the upper crossbar (the symbol of a gate or two columns).

Most decks on the crossbar depict leaves — this suggests that the gallows is a living tree, which indicates that the lasso does not symbolize death, but life.

The character is suspended behind the leg with a rope or belt. His second leg is bent.

Hands are usually tied behind the back. Important point: the hanged man does not give signs of suffering.

On some cards, his expression is calm and peaceful, on others — enthusiastic. Such a description means that the test is a voluntary choice of the character, and he will achieve the goal for which he is now in constrained circumstances.

What does the Tarot Card Hanged means, how it is combined with other cards

What does the Tarot Card Hanged means, how it is combined with other cards

The hanged man (Hangman, Sacrifice) is considered to be one of the most unfavorable Tarot cards that can only appear in fortune-telling. The experience that the questioner expects will not be easy.

But at the same time this experience is valuable for personal development.

The questioner will have to give up something important, sacrificing selfish interests for the sake of a higher goal. There may be a rejection of plans for reasons beyond the control of the querent. Other characteristics of the card in a straight position:

  • renunciation, self-sacrifice;
  • transitional period, ordeals, dedication;
  • personal growth, development of intuition and clairvoyant abilities.

The questioner is at the crossroads of life. New doors open to him, but in order to choose the right road, it is necessary to make a sacrifice.

Perhaps it will be a loss of material values ​​or a rejection of previous beliefs.

Sometimes the card indicates that the questioner should look at the situation from a different point of view. In the circumstances, the questioner can both perceive himself as a victim, and see in them the possibility of spiritual growth — the choice is his.

The hanged man sometimes means time for rest between two large-scale projects. The questioner is in uncertainty, and his fate stands still. At this moment, a feeling of apathy towards the world around you may appear, capitulation to circumstances.

In this case, it is impossible to influence external events for some time.

What does the Tarot Card Hanged means, how it is combined with other cards

Interpretation of Arkan The hanged man largely depends on the theme of a given deck of questions. If it concerns a specific goal for which the querent is willing to sacrifice his interests, the card promises the fulfillment of the desired.

Sometimes the lasso symbolizes a long university study or a loan for several years.

The card states unequivocally that the querent is ready to get involved in a particular case (the Hanged Man is connected), and this state will be relatively long (the character of the card hangs). The querent himself will lose the opportunity to manage his time or money, as they will be dedicated to the highest goal.

In that case, if we are talking about loyalty and the fulfillment of your duty, it is this lasso that falls out.

What does the Tarot Card Hanged means, how it is combined with other cards

If the question for the deck can be described as a household one, not related to global projects or entering a new level of personal growth, then the answer of the card can be called negative: the project will not be crowned with success, a friend will not lend money, and relations with a new friend will stall. In general, all plans will require much more time than the querent expected.

In the reverse position, the map means that the questioner is not ready to change his views on the world. Sometimes the lasso indicates selfishness, over-busy personal affairs, or following an unattainable and empty dream.

In the inverted state, the Hanged Man does not make any sacrifices. The frequent importance of the arcana in this case is the offering of sacrifice. "for the sake of a tick", hypocrisy, an attempt to avoid responsibility. A person pretends to be busy, but in reality his actions are ostentatious.

He is not burdened with any kind of life, although he may argue the opposite. Another interpretation of the card is the uselessness of the sacrifices made by the questioner.

In the upside down position, the Hanged Man resembles the lasso of the World, but between their meanings is a precipice. In reality, the hands and feet of the hanged man are tied, and he is incapable of dancing, depicted on the lasso world.

Hanged in the opposite position only pretends that he is all right. These two Arkanas are deeply connected.

But in the case of the Hanged Man in an inverted position, there is a lack of a sense of responsibility, ostentatious bragging, a renunciation of obligations.

The man is unhappy in his professional activities. Arkan the Hanged Man also refers to those work situations when the questioner turns into "scapegoat" collective.

He is substituted and accused of all sins, which leads to even greater condemnation of society.

The hanged man can talk about the need for personal sacrifices for the sake of work. Sometimes it is undermined health, unpaid debt, and even the need without the desire to attend a corporate event.

According to this lasso, man subjectively perceives his work as hard and hopeless. For businessmen, a map means the need to master new areas of business, since previous initiatives are stagnant.

The card marks a dual situation where the querent is not able to make a decision, which is why it turns out to be in a suspended position.

The map indicates the representatives of the spheres that require time and effort from the serious victims: ballet dancers, agents of special services. Also symbolizes programmers, cryptographers.

The hanged man speaks of a tendency to decrease profits. Revenues can be obtained only after time and after financial investments, for example, on special equipment or materials for business.

Prospects can not be called bright. The situation is not financially fatal, but can lead to a serious crisis. Money and energy is becoming less, there comes a moment of disappointment.

To achieve even a small goal, you have to take a loan.

Sometimes the Hanged Man indicates the need to spend money for the sake of the opportunity to occupy a particular niche business. For example, it may be the acquisition of a license.

The card indicates the inability to control the events occurring in a love relationship. The behavior of the partner is not subject to any logic, because of what the querent feels like a victim.

He is forced to abandon his deepest desires, and sometimes freedom for the sake of such a relationship.

The hanged man means a crisis situation in love. This crisis is not sudden (as in the case of the lasso Tower), and does not come to an end (as in the fall of the Dozens of Swords). These are long and sluggish problems, which can be seen neither end nor edge.

Although sometimes the finale can be seen: if the relationship is not settled and almost hang in the balance, the Hanged Man indicates a serious probability of losing everything.

In combinations with other lasso, the Hanged Man may indicate participation, perhaps even an unknown, in the love triangle. In this case, the card is combined with lovers, Troika of Swords or Troika of Cups.

The situation in the relationship is perceived by the questioner as a vicious circle. It can be transformed, but this cannot be done in any way, if one does not begin to act in a different way. The dilemma is resolved only by sacrificing, which is often not done because of the limited ideas, the narrowness of world views.

As a result, the questioner is even more bogged down in contradictions and more and more emotionally exhausted. As a result, feelings may eventually fade away from him and from his partner.

For bachelors, a card means a long and unsuccessful search for a new partner. The hanged man says that in the coming months, the creation of a pair can not be counted on: completely different personal tasks are facing the soul at this stage.

Fruitless attempts to make acquaintance or start a novel will not bring satisfaction.

The card says that one of the reasons for this dissatisfaction is the unpreparedness of the querent for relationships and the victims that they inevitably demand. As long as the querent is fixated on his own egoistic needs, the situation on the love front will not change.

The hanged man is in itself one of the symbols of a person who is sick with a long and sluggish ailment. Arkan points to chronic diseases, mental disorders, dependencies of a different level (especially those related to immersion in an altered state of consciousness).

The card speaks of exhaustion, undermined health, lack of physical strength. Sometimes indicates prolonged physical immobility (for example, due to a fracture).

Some interpret the map as a sign of serious condition: coma, stay in intensive care, the use of radiation therapy.

The hanged man is a symbol of self-seeking, dedication and sacrifice. The questioner got stuck at a certain stage of his path, he reached a dead end.

But behind his seeming immobility lies the need to change his views, to make global changes in his life.

The map indicates the depth of character, the presence of an internal core, the willingness to make sacrifices both for the sake of their development and for the sake of close people. For the desired questioner is willing to pay generously. He clearly understands what he needs, although this goal seems to be unattainable.

The hanged man points to a person who looks at familiar things differently, refuses to keep up with society. In this case, of interest is a halo shining around the character’s head on this lasso: he hints at high intellectual abilities, the ability to think differently.

According to tarologov, in this capacity, a lasso means that today everything will turn upside down; This will lead to loss of landmarks. Some time will have to go idle.

In this case, it is worthwhile to ignore the view of a busy person, so as not to attract too much attention from their superiors. Sometimes the Hanged Man speaks of the need to perform an unpleasant, but necessary thing.

The card gives advice not to abandon its execution, since it will subsequently bring tangible benefits.

The tendency of the hanged man to slow down events, to suspend movement significantly affects the value of other arcane alignments. The value of the Hanged Man is reinforced by the lasso of 10 Swords, symbolizing martyrdom, and the High Priestess, indicating a long but necessary waiting period.

In the upright position and in combination with the 17th lasso Star the Hanged Man acquires an unconditionally positive meaning, since it means a quick exit from a difficult situation.

In combination with older lasso, the Hanged Man gives the following values:

FoolRelease from imprisonment, for example, the removal of gypsum
  • Idle time is coming to an end.
  • The questioner takes the position of a pawn, toys in the hands of others
High Priestess
  • Long waiting period.
  • Sometimes a combination speaks of a mix of black and white, inappropriate bliss.
The EmpressAbility to benefit even from unpleasant circumstances
The emperor
  • Stupor, complete calm in affairs.
  • Excessive pedantry
  • Revolution in the worldview.
  • Repentance of the deed
  • Serious sacrifices for the sake of relationships.
  • Choice imposed from outside
  • Sacrifice for the sake of self-affirmation.
  • Car accident or vehicle theft
JusticeSentenced by law, fair punishment
  • Period of forced loneliness.
  • Unfavorable prospects: a person is in despair and does not accept the help of others
Wheel of FortuneA draining wait. Another meaning is humiliation, for example, low-paid work for an unworthy person.
StrengthWaiting period, trying to delay time

Arkan Death in combination with the Hanged Man means the inevitable changes that will simultaneously serve as a way out of the impasse. Also, the value of such a combination is the need to be patient, otherwise circumstances can lead to suicide.

With lasso wands suit:

  • Ace — loss of zeal; fall into the trap of your own illusions;
  • Deuce — stopping on the way, slowing down progress;
  • Troika — the sad results of a certain decision;
  • Four — desperate circumstances in the family;
  • Five — attempts to find a way out of the situation;
  • Six — meaningless work, unnecessary sacrifices;
  • Seven — clearing the way;
  • Eight — make serious sacrifices, tighten the loop even further;
  • Nine — to deal with non-existent obstacles;
  • A dozen — chains; sacrificing oneself;
  • Page — evaluate what remains of the former abundance;
  • Knight — get out of the rut;
  • The queen — heavy sacrifices for the sake of work, creativity;
  • King — old-fashioned views of the world.

With cards of the Cups suit:

  • Ace — sacrifices for the sake of the beloved: the person is a hostage of his own feelings;
  • Two — a waiver of previous commitments;
  • Troika — opposing oneself and others;
  • Four — questioning the view of reality distorted;
  • Five — heavy losses due to betrayal;
  • Six — crisis circumstances;
  • Seven — to be in the grip of illusions;
  • Eight — unsuccessful attempts to escape from a vicious circle;
  • Nine — to sacrifice an old dream;
  • Ten — to sacrifice family well-being;
  • Page — refuse a profitable offer;
  • Knight — a distorted perception of reality;
  • The Queen is an unexpected betrayal by a woman;
  • The king is a betrayal by a man.
  • Ace — to be hostage to the idea;
  • Two — there is no way out of the circumstances;
  • Troika — a serious punishment;
  • Four — to suffer from idleness;
  • Five — a betrayal of a friend;
  • Six — a slow way out of a difficult situation;
  • Seven — the questioner will escape punishment;
  • The eight — to drive oneself into a corner, to be trapped in limited representations;
  • Nine — self-incrimination, choking yourself with tears;
  • Ten — payment for sins;
  • Page — persecution in the team;
  • Knight — deserved punishment in the army;
  • The queen is a single woman "straw widow";
  • The king is the accuser, the prosecutor.

With the lasso suit Pentakley:

  • Ace is to see only one aspect of the situation;
  • Two — large debts;
  • Troika — to review the case;
  • Four — strong affection;
  • The five — the financial situation will worsen;
  • Six — donations;
  • Seven — abandon their own interests;
  • Eight — Slow Changes;
  • Nine — a worthy reward for stamina;
  • Ten — to abandon family traditions;
  • Page — see your opportunities from a different angle;
  • A knight is a heavy burden;
  • The Queen — warmth and support in difficult circumstances;
  • King — stagnancy of views.

This Arkan says that it is useful for the questioner to leave everything as it is, not to force events. Even if the situation now seems very tense or threatening, a hand and foot connection will not allow it to be affected.

Allowing the events of life to go on as usual, letting go of the situation is the best strategy for the questioner with the Hanged Man card.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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