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What does the short line on the hand mean?

What does the short line on the hand mean?

In ancient times, the short life time line was deciphered as unsuccessful events in a person’s life path. There are also other short-line decryptions, someone said that the owner of such a hand has been given few years of life and will soon die.

However, modern scholars studying chiromancy argue that all these stories are no more than a myth, and you should not trust this either. This line does not speak about your life, but it shows the owner many other factors and prerequisites of fate.

Next, we will tell you how to find out what this line of life tells you, how it looks, what the short line of life means, what an active and passive line means, and so on.

Deciphering life line

What does the short line on the hand mean?

Many people want to open a veil of secrecy over their destiny and approximately to find out how much they have been allotted by fate. This can be done using the line of life, but not everything is so simple.

Since it will not be possible to do this in one palm, it is necessary to compare the lines on two hands.

We also need tremendous knowledge in palmistry, it is possible that a specialist will be required to study this area. Since a few days of studying this secret science will not be enough, as for more or less accurate information, it is necessary to know the palmistry well.

After you compare both lines of life and find the answer you should not rely that it will be exactly the right one since 20 percent of the decryption is deceptive. Since the lifeline does not relate directly to the human life cycle.

Although this line can not give an exact answer about the life of its owner, but do not forget about it because this line is really not simple and talk about a lot of interesting things, about the future of man. Therefore, do not lose sight of her and forget about it.

What is the line of life?

What does the short line on the hand mean?

This wand on the palm is of two kinds, in one case it is a straight form, and in the other it is a curve. You should not dwell on its form, since it will not affect life in any way.

However, it is worth looking at its length.

The life line originates from the edge of the thumb and index finger, there is also located the lower hill of Mars, then it rushes to the wrist. Beginning of the line to be near three strong hills.

On the right side of the life line is the hill of Venus, and on the left side is the hill of Jupiter. At the same time, the plain of Mars is at the bottom of the line of life. It is also worth looking at the different ramifications of this line, since this will cause a decryption.

For example, if the end of the line of life diverges and forms a trident, it means that the owner of such a line has the opportunity to choose one of several life options.

This line is the most important stripe in the palm of a person. Since it displays his whole life.

Experts in the field of palmistry, conducted their own research and came to the conclusion that this feature is the most unpredictable of all the available lines on the palm. However, they agree that decoding it will help a person live a great life.

Often, the line of life is the most prominent in the palm of your hand, as it is the brightest and strongest, according to scholars studying chiromancy. She also stands out against the other lines on the palm.

If you look at it carefully, then you can find out a few of the main characteristics of a person. For example:

  • What is his health and how good is his immunity;
  • whether the owner has an active palm;
  • Lifestyle in a person with this line of life.

In order to obtain a more accurate decoding of the life line, it is necessary to check it immediately on both palms. Only in conjunction they are able to give a clearer answer for the owner.

Short line of life

What does the short line on the hand mean?

If you have a short lifeline, this also means that everything is very bad, since such a phenomenon is very common in the practice of palmistry. Before decoding, it is necessary to find out exactly which hand is passive and which is active.

Since this depends on the correctness of the answer.

Since each person has his own active and passive hand. To date, there is no precise definition of which hand is active and which is passive. A person must answer this question himself.

But there are a few tips for getting the right answer. The main clue is the person himself, depending on what kind of person you are and that hand will be considered active or passive.

It can be both left and right hand. Before proceeding to decryption, it is necessary to find out the answer to this question. Many people are interested to know what a short line of life means.

But to give an answer to it is not so easy, since deciphering will require a detailed study of all the other symbols and with a sign in the palm of your hand.

If you decide yourself to begin deciphering your own destiny, then you need to look not only at the lines themselves, but also at other signs. For example, such as tubercles, phalangeal length and much more.

Only with the full reading of the hand can you get the exact answer.

Short line on the active palm

What does the short line on the hand mean?

If you meet a person who has a short line on the active palm (say, on the right hand), and on the passive palm, the line of life is long or of normal length. This means that there is a person in front of you who has had many difficulties in his life.

But if this person is left-handed, then his active palm is left. In this case, the short life line is on the right hand.

It speaks of human health, the short line on the passive arm proves that the owner has very weak immunity and is more susceptible to diseases than other people.

Most often, the short line on the passive arm is found in those who suffer from bad habits, poor lifestyle and so on. All these factors influenced his fate and health.

As a rule, a harmful lifestyle lies in the modern world, as it dictates its requirements and standards to us. And people very often have to go on about it, since they have no other options.

So any need to advise completely rethink their lives.

If they can overcome their bad habits and return to a healthy lifestyle, then their life can be much better, and it is possible that the life cycle will also last.

Short line on the passive arm

What does the short line on the hand mean?

If you have noticed a short life in your passive arm, you should not immediately panic. Since the short line on the passive river promises the owner only good things.

Experts in this field claim that all the lines on the left palm speak about different situations, these moments are destined for a man by destiny and there’s no way to get away from them.

And on the right palm, there are clues about a person’s life, but all of them are completely amenable to change. Since the right hand tells about the identity of the person, and the personality forms each in its own way.

From this information you can make a certain conclusion. If there is a short line on the passive palm, it means that the owner has a good life.

It also burns that the power of the carrier of such a palm is very strong.

In addition, this feature suggests that your life is protected from various dangers. You may have had difficulties in your life, but you were able to handle them perfectly.

If this is so, then you have to live a long and happy life, it is possible that you belong to the genus of long-livers.

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