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What does the palm of the right hand scratch

Right hand itches: why does it itch palm, omens, video

Recently, my right palm is constantly scratching. A friend says to the money, others think that to a meeting.

I was interested in this topic, because human hands are a special zone. Many people know that there are energetically active points there, and the science of palmistry in general teaches us to recognize the future and the character of a person from the lines on the hands.

What does the palm of the right hand scratch

Yes, and psychics, healers also heal it with his hands. It is clear that we are building the future ourselves, but the signs of fate should also not be ignored. This also applies to those.

Consider what it hurts the right hand in more detail.

The basic meaning of folk omens

The people say that when the right hand begins to itch, this is just a sign that money can appear. It is required to do one of the following actions in order to really reach the addressee.

  • Find a wooden surface (maybe a table) and rub your palm against a tree.
  • When the itch has arisen, take and hold a bill or a coin.
  • Immediately find the object of a bright red color (the color of money) or a piece of cloth, grab it.

The second value is the upcoming meeting. It can be unexpected and fateful or important.

It is believed that the active energy zones of the hand seem to “feel” the approach of a meeting with the right person. Many believe that the impending date must necessarily be pleasant and joyful.

In this case, you do not need to scratch your palm, but on the contrary, squeeze it into a fist and lower it into your pocket.

Especially big luck awaits a person who has itchy thumb on his right hand. But there are not very good values.

Unkind signs

What does the palm of the right hand scratch

  1. When itching begins on the edge of the palm, and it covers the wrist from the back side, you should be careful and cautious. It is possible that you will want to make a gift that will not be given out of good intentions. It is better if you give it up.
  2. When the back of the hand itches, it can also mean a not-so-good incident — money can come not from a pure heart, but with selfish motives (for example, a bribe or bribe).
  3. The same negative value may occur if the left palm begins to itch on the back side. Be extremely careful, as you may be deceived and or offer a dubious deal. A conversation with a person inclined to adventures and money frauds is possible.

It combed 2 palms

When one palm (left) was combed, then this is to an unpleasant event, some kind of frustration, but if at the same time an itch appeared also on the right one, then one joyful event will necessarily neutralize the coming trouble.

It happens that two hands begin to itch at once. In this case, be calm, because you are waiting for a very good event, long-awaited and joyful.

Scratched right palm — well-known interpretation

In fact, there are several factors that you should pay attention to if you start itching on your arm. Let us analyze in more detail what the most popular values ​​exist for a long time.

For women

What does the palm of the right hand scratch

  1. If we turn to history, we will see that for many centuries a woman was not a breadwinner in the family. The main thing for the girl was to marry well and be able to competently manage the family budget. Therefore, when a right hand begins to itch a woman or a girl, this can often mean that she will meet a man of wealth.
  2. Nowadays, it can be not only a future husband, but also a friend, as well as a business partner, since in the modern world women often earn good money, often at the head of companies and firms. When the right palm is itchy — get ready to make a profit from any side: it may be the earnings of your second half or the profits from your transaction at work.
  3. Everyone knows that the female’s intuitive abilities are more developed, so when such an event happens, every young lady or middle-aged woman needs to think about what that means. If there is a feeling that there will be a meeting, then pay attention to the day of the week.
  4. Basic values: Monday — a short meeting with a long-time acquaintance; Tuesday — you will meet with a man whom you know for a long time; Wednesday — you expect an interesting acquaintance, which can develop into a serious relationship; Thursday — a date with a loved one, maybe a romantic and even a gift; Friday — the meeting will be completely unexpected for you; Saturday — a love date with an existing gentleman or the first; Sunday — you can meet a man much older than you, who has money and power.

For men

What does the palm of the right hand scratch

In a strong sex mood is often no longer on romance, but on the material side of life. Therefore, when itching in the right palm, it can mean a profit related to work or a long-awaited promotion.

Those who are looking for their soul mate, are in search of a girl or a woman, can be sure that they will signal an upcoming meeting with the one they want to make their bride and mistress in their home in the future.

Time of day means a lot

Depending on when the itching in the palm begins during the day, you should tune in to a specific event. Let’s see what exactly is meant.

What does the palm of the right hand scratch

  • If the hand begins to itch in the morning, then the messages will be very good. The entire first half of the day, when there is an itch in the hand, says that all financial spending will go to good.
  • This is a sign that you can make financial transactions, enter into contracts, do business and make large purchases. Good luck on your side.
  • If you expect to receive finance, then you can be sure that there will be news of profits soon.
  • When itching begins in the afternoon, then, most likely, the next day, expect a joyful event, meeting or financial gain. Perhaps the meeting will be very important, with plans for the future.
  • It is not recommended to immediately scratch your hand, because you can scare away luck. It is necessary to endure an itch, squeeze a hand into a fist and kiss it.
  • An interesting sign is when in the evening you are at a gala event or simply in the company of friends, and your right palm begins to itch. It is recommended to look around and observe — if you see that some guest has similar symptoms, this is a sign that you are related and close souls.
  • If you have not communicated especially closely before, try to become closer friends with this person, meet if you did not know each other before. Try to see this person more often, as you may have a serious romantic or business relationship.

Compare the day of the week and time of day

Be sure to pay attention when exactly itching began to itch. It is important not only the time of the day, but also what day of the week.

What does the palm of the right hand scratch

  1. On Monday, expect a small income, perhaps come unexpected «easy» money. But they also quickly and leave. On this day, you can play the lottery, unexpected findings are possible. Also, the day promises to meet with friends, easy communication.
  2. Tuesday — can be a day of memories, nostalgia and meetings with old friends of childhood or adolescence. Itching in the palm of your hand often means returning a debt or meeting with future business partners. On this day, you can plan long-term business relationships and make plans with trusted people who have repeatedly supported and rescued in the past.
  3. Wednesday — if the hand is itchy for an unmarried girl, and even in the morning, it is likely that in the evening there will be a romantic date or acquaintance that will grow into a novel. On Wednesday there may be slight financial losses, but they are not negative. This may be financial support from your side for your family, perhaps also an expensive and serious purchase to the house.
  4. Thursday — the hand itches in the morning — wait in the evening to meet a person who is close to you. The conversation may not be very pleasant, there may be quarrels and conflicts. If possible, postpone the meeting to another day or refuse it altogether.
  5. Friday — this day there is a chance of an unexpected acquaintance, perhaps a romantic one. You can also be called to the boss and announce a promotion. The sign of this day is a complete surprise and, in most cases, a pleasant one.
  6. Saturday — be especially careful on this day, promising to be troublesome and fussy. Most likely the plans will not come true, and the planned business meetings will not be paid off. But on Saturday, romantic-minded people promise a pleasant evening and positive emotions.
  7. Sunday is a day of rest, preparing for the next week. If friends are invited to nature — settle without hesitation. A quiet day awaits you in the circle of loved ones. However, if the itch in the palm of your hand does not stop even late in the evening, then expect from the beginning of the week changes in your financial condition, as well as unexpected meetings, which can be both business and romantic.

What does the palm of the right hand scratch


  • Since ancient times, it is known that when the right palm itches, then this is to an unexpected profit or meeting. Financial receipt can come in the form of money or the conclusion of a bargain, signing a long-awaited contract.
  • You can also meet old friends or relatives. For young ladies, this sign can promise a romantic relationship and acquaintance with your soulmate.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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