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What does the mystical number 666 really mean?

What really means the mystical number 666

You must have heard about the mystical, horrendous number 666. It is believed that the number 666 is a sign of the Beast, the Bible tells us about it.

What actually means the number 666 and whether it is worth being afraid of it — you can learn about it from the following material.

What does the mystical number 666 really mean?

General information about the number of the Beast 666

The most popular world religion — Christianity pays great attention to the number of the Beast. In modern society, it is known even to those who are far from religion.

This mystical number is found everywhere: on TV, on the Internet, in print publications. And absolutely everywhere it has an extremely negative meaning. So the number 666 is associated with the Devil, the Beast or Satan.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is actively used by sects associated with dark forces. For example, the Church of Satan, created by Anton Shandor La Wei.

Satanists are fans of an evil, destructive start, they put this terrible number on their clothes, talismans and household items.

As proof that the three sixes have a very powerful negative power, you can bring the famous route 66. It passed for the most part of the states in the United States and was previously known as the largest American highway. Although according to official data, it consisted of only two sixes, and not of three, terrible accidents constantly occurred on it.

Many fanatics stole signs with the track number and added a six to it that was missing.

There is even a legend associated with the first builders of this route. They are said to be mostly Satanists. They knew that superstitious Americans would never allow road number 666 to be given, since all residents of the states know about its eerie meaning.

And they came up with a tricky way out of the situation — how to fill the track with destructive energy. This version was confirmed repeatedly by the multiple deaths that occurred on this road.

What value is inherent in this mysterious number

To answer this question, let us turn to the most ancient science of numbers and numbers — numerology. Since it arose even earlier than Christianity, you can be sure that its interpretations are absolutely correct.

According to many sources, the clergy of antiquity regularly resorted to using numerology. Most of the characteristics of the numbers that are traced in the Bible correspond to numerological values.

So, from this teaching, we will surely find out what the number 666 stands for.

According to the Bible, the seven symbolizes the usefulness, purity. And the six, on the contrary, is a symbol of everything imperfect, because one unit is missing in it.

That the Most High regards as a sin pleases the Father of Lie. The triple use of the number six in the number 666 further enhances the negative aspect.

As a result, 666 indicates absolute imperfection.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use this symbol in a rash way in your life, as it can destroy your life and the life of your close environment. For example, if you add up all the numbers represented by a roulette table, then we get exactly the number 666. And what else are gambling, if not the Devil’s desire to get our soul?

It is gambling that often leads a person to the wrong, sinful way — the misfortunes relating to them can be enumerated endlessly: they begin with avarice and reach betrayal and even murder.

Devilish number in the Book of God

Many people wonder why the number 666 is devilish? Even if you know its meaning, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the true cause.

Then you should refer to the Bible and remember the history of the creation of the world. The Lord created the earth within seven days, but he labored for six days. The seventh was the day of his rest.

Hence the mystical meaning of the seven, as numbers, which is associated with the complete completeness of any undertakings.

What does the mystical number 666 really mean?

At the same time, the six, on the contrary, speaks of incompleteness and even denies Divine grace. Lucifer did the same — he denied the grace of God, because he had a very rebellious character.

But still, why is 666 the number of the Beast? Here again we turn to the Bible, which directly indicates the reason.

Having opened John the Divine, Rev.13: 18, 15: 2. we find the following advice: «Count the number of the Beast, the human number is 666.»

These lines make you think, because the prophet tied in them the number of the Beast and man. What can it say? Most likely, that John spoke about the sinfulness inherent in each of us from the moment of birth.

Our human desires constantly tempt us and make us commit various sins. And only with us is that power that helps us fight these temptations.

Or, on the contrary, we can succumb to passion, forcing ourselves and other people to suffer.

How to treat the fear that attacks many when they just see this number? If you study the Bible carefully, you will find the following line in it:

«Who has the mind, count the number of the Beast.»

But not a single hint that this number should be feared. It can be concluded that the Bible with the help of this line tries to make it clear to us that only we can give this number the strength with our thoughts.

And this power will grow with our superstitions. After all, the Almighty wanted a man to always follow the true path, having a pure soul and heart.

And for this it is important to say goodbye to any superstitions and look at the world soberly.

In addition, the number 666 is beginning to be associated with the Devil for one more reason. He was often associated with power and wealth.

The Old Testament tells us about King Solomon and his great wealth — or more specifically, 666 talents of gold, which he was given annually. And since the Bible has always indicated that ordinary people should live modestly and humbly, such a figure represents the height of sin.

Could anyone exceed the wealth of Solomon?

This recalls another expression:

«Rather, a camel will be able to pass through the eye of a needle, than the rich will be in Paradise.»

Here the meaning is: big money rarely cashing in on their work. And why should an ordinary Christian have a lot of money? They only prevent him from trying to knock him off the right track.

And Satan will surely take advantage of this, because it is his goal to drag human souls to Hell. This is another of the reasons why the number 666 began to be associated with the Devil.

Historical information about the number 666

Understanding why 666 is considered a devilish number, you need to refer to historical references about this number. After all, history is able to tell about the influence of any phenomenon and allows you to get various interesting facts.

Speaking about the number of the Beast, most modern researchers believe that 666 is not the number of the Devil. They say that this concept arose by the mistake of translators who translated the New and Old Testaments.

This opinion is the place to be, because in fact the Bible has been translated many times. Therefore, it is likely that there are translator errors in the texts.

But still no one has scientifically confirmed this point of view.

The number 666 affects not only modern human life, but also affects the entire history of mankind. This cipher hides many well-known names of rulers who left behind traces of blood in human memory. For example, the emperor of the Roman Empire, Nero.

His terrible deeds can horrify even the most courageous people.

In addition, the name of Napoleon Bonaparte, who was the French emperor, is also derived from 666. This decoding was done by Professor Getzel.

A theologian named Etelberg Shtaufer saw in this mystical number the name of Domitian — the emperor of the Roman Empire.

It becomes clear that all the names derived from the number of the Beast are associated with personalities who left a trail of blood. They seemed to be at the mercy of the Devil, who called for murder and the destruction of one and all.

What does the mystical number 666 really mean?

It’s time to summarize the article. What can we conclude from all this? The number of the Beast is determined by the Bible itself, however, it does not at all indicate that we should be afraid of it.

After all, Satan is fed by the emotions of our fear and superstition.

Fear makes one doubt, and one who doubts is like an open gate. Various ideas of even a very destructive impact can calmly enter it.

The number of the Beast has not yet been studied as well as one would like. Therefore, it is worth exploring all the information about him, because the enemy can be defeated only when you know him as well as yourself.

At the end of the topic, we recommend viewing interesting video material:

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