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What are the ways of guessing on candles exist, how to guess

The best fortune-telling by candlelight: for the future, for a betrayed rival

Magic rituals with fire are equivalent to invoking the help of Higher Forces, therefore you should not, without having good reasons, abuse this method of prediction. To reduce the likelihood of error and avoid unpleasant consequences, sometimes arising from the inept handling of the forces of the elements, you should be aware that the best period for divination is Christmas holidays, the Cover and the night of Ivan Kupala.

Particularly different divination held in full moon.

Practicing magicians do not recommend to start guessing on candles without a clear goal, affecting the nature of the answers. The first indicator of the direction of the question will be the color of the candle used:

  • white — for any questions;
  • orange — predict the future of the family or clan;
  • yellow — useful for questions on the topic of work or study;
  • purple — tell all about career advancement and the results of litigation;
  • dark green — answer questions about travel, business trips and financial condition.

It is very important to scroll through an interesting question in your head at the moment of lighting a candle, because a powerful energy jump occurs in the moment of activation of the vital force of fire.

What are the ways of guessing on candles exist, how to guess

Having prepared a candle of the desired color and setting it on the table in front of him, the magician first concentrates on his question, and then sets the wick on fire. If fortune telling is performed on energetically weak days (Friday or Saturday), a white candle is additionally lit aside.

After 2-3 minutes of burning, you can begin to monitor "behavior" flame and draw conclusions about what the future fortuneteller is expecting in the future:

Flame behavior


The flames grew into a tall sparkling pillar without smoke and soot.

Ahead of waiting only good, everything desired will come true quickly

Fire grows, then decreases

Danger is coming, and to avoid it, you will have to make sacrifices

The flame burns discreetly, keeps a strict form of «drop»

The solution of the main problem will go into perspective

Flame pulled out and twisted in a spiral

The project is threatened by betrayal by one of its participants.

The fire throws sparks

The fortune teller is faced with an internal struggle and a difficult choice.

The fire goes out without burning

The answer to the question asked — “no”

Flame clearly traced and steadily high

The answer to the question asked — “yes”

On the sides of the candles wax flows heavily

There are a lot of problems and obstacles ahead

From the fire rises soot

A bad sign — the main task is almost impossible

The fire rushes from side to side

The project can destroy the weakness of the fortuneteller

The wick is reluctant and the fire is very weak.

The goal will be achieved, but before this will have to overcome many obstacles

What are the ways of guessing on candles exist, how to guess

For divination take three identical white candles, two of which symbolize abstract concepts of feminine and masculine nature, and the third — the performer himself. Candles should be placed on the table in the form of a triangle, its top should indicate the fortuneteller on the chest.

Behind the figure there are three small mirrors: one is opposite the person, and the other two are rotated 300 degrees relative to the pointing candle. Thus, the candles will be reflected in all mirrors at the same time, forming a complex illusion gallery.

Concentrating on his main question, the performer lights the candles in a clockwise direction and says aloud:

“The tunnel is a mirror, black corridor, I want to know everything, to see everything, what will happen and when! Mirrors, hear, hear, candles — open to me hidden in the depths of the future! «

Then you need to take a deep breath several times, tune in to rhythmic breathing and direct your eyes to the mirror enfilade. After some time, the surface of the mirror will become cloudy, and images will appear on it, which can be interpreted depending on the topic of interest.

What are the ways of guessing on candles exist, how to guess

Candles of red color are considered universal on questions of love, however the shade of wax can contribute to a more accurate answer, as much as possible to the performer. So, dark red candles are in perfect contact with the aura of a mature age fortuneteller, scarlet — with the energy of young women, and pink ones will suit unmarried girls at the time of their first love.

Asking a question about a rival or a possible betrayal of a beloved man, the red candle is complemented by a lit blue side. This will help to look deeper into the fate of another person and correctly understand his intentions.

To understand the prospects of their relationship with a guy or find out before the wedding, whose word in the family will be decisive, use the divination method on church candles and holy water. Taper candles are marked with the initials of partners and fixed on one white saucer.

Then some holy water is poured into it (4-5 spoons). Candles are lit at the same time.

All the time while they are burning, they are watched and predicted for the relationship:

Candle behavior


Strongly melting wax of one of the candles

This partner will fall a lot of suffering in relationships

Candles bent over each other or stuck together

Union perspective is very good and promises loyalty and long love

One candle deviated to the edge of the saucer

From this partner will be treason

One of the lights flickers slightly, but does not go out

A person is waiting for health problems

Some kind of candle went out, did not burn out to the water

The feelings of this partner will quickly fade away, and the relationship will fall apart

Candles burn at the same level and burn to the water

Union is long and harmonious

Flame smokes, cracks

Possible influence of love spell (lapel), damage or strong evil eye

It is possible to guess the future of a relationship even at that stage when the fortuneteller knows only the name of the nice guy to her and it is still unclear whether to continue the acquaintance. Most often, with a paper named beloved guess for Christmas.

Close to midnight, the girl lights a candle on the table and writes the name of the young man on white paper. If more information is known — last name or date of birth — then write this down as well.

The paper is set on fire from a candle flame, put it on a plate and watch how it burns.

Signs of


Leaf flushed and burned

Communication will be bright, but short-lived

The paper quickly caught fire, but it had a long wait for its complete combustion.

The relationship will start quickly, but then go into sluggish communication, which will not break for a long time

The leaf slowly inflames, but then brightly flashes and turns to ashes.

The union will be based on long-time companionship, but it will end in nothing

The flame absorbs the note evenly and slowly.

The couple have a strong marriage alliance in perspective.

Another version of the popular divination by candlelight, which is easy to carry out at home, is pouring wax. For the divination, you need a church candle of a reddish hue, but if you cannot buy one, take a simple yellow one.

At midnight, the fortuneteller puts a bowl of water on the table, takes a candle in her right hand and sets it on fire from a torch or a match. If the wick is engaged immediately, it means that the results of the fortune-telling can be trusted, but the light that has gone out or that a match that was broken during ignition will prompt that the procedure should be postponed until the next favorable period.

When the wax is sufficiently melted, the candle is gently tilted over the bowl, counted for 5 seconds and removed. It remains to burn out on the table, and according to the wax that had time to spill, the future of the couple is deciphered.

Wax symbols in water


Drops, the same in shape and size

The joint life of young people will be based on harmony, love and respect.

Many bead size droplets

Union has a good future.

One shapeless wax drop

If the marriage takes place, it will be short-lived, since love is not in the relationship

Mirror ritual on two candles is designed for brave girls who want to not only learn the details about the future husband, but also to see him. The ceremony can be carried out in two versions:

  1. 1. Having retired exactly at midnight in an uninhabited room, the girl sits opposite a mirror standing on the table, fastens church candles on either side of him and says: “You are married, show up, show off in all its glory”. Then she freezes, looking into the mirror depths. After a few minutes of intent gazing, the reflective surface is covered in perspiration. It will need to be wiped with a white towel. By the conviction of many fortunetellers, immediately after that a male face will appear in the mirror.
  2. 2. The performer sits down with her back to the mirror hanging on the wall and picks up another, smaller one. Burning candles are installed on the sides of a large mirror so that they can be clearly seen in the reflection. Having uttered the sacred formula with the appeal of his betrothed, the girl plunges into the view of the endless illusory corridor, in which the male image will appear in a short time.

As soon as it becomes possible to examine a male face that has emerged from nowhere, the fortune teller should quickly say aloud “Chur this place! «. If she keeps silent, the guest will allegedly step out of the mirror corridor and sit down at her desk. In his hands he will hold a small gift to the bride — a decoration or a silver souvenir. At this point, the girl can no longer linger, and you need to immediately «fool» the otherworldly groom.

As a reward for courage, fortune teller will receive a gift brought by him.

On how the life in marriage is formed, the brides were guessing and, on October 14, Pokrov. On this day, matchmakers went to the courtyards, and each girl tried to wake up before all her friends and have time to go to church, put a candle in honor of the holiday.

The girl who succeeds in doing this before the others is believed to have been the first to get married. But what will be the married share, judged by the form of the flame of this candle.

Type of candle flame


Quiet, leisurely light, evenly melting candle

Life is going to be quiet, inconspicuous, unremarkable

A column of soot rises from the fire

The immediate death of one of the spouses or a quick break of a marriage with evil consequences

Flame sparkling, crackling

Bright life full of enthusiasm and accidents

The fire is dim, as if under the influence of fog

Dull addictive life, rapid loss of feelings, longing, bad inclinations of her husband

Fire bright white

Sign of an interesting life that will be envied

Fire red

In marriage, his wife expects a lot of grief and tears, the lack of children

Fire yellow

To the joyful life, understanding spouse, having many children

Perfect, harmonious union

This conspiracy fortune-telling on candles is well suited to both mature girls who want to find out if they are destined to get married, and beauties who want to choose from a crowd of fans who are destined by fate.

For the ceremony take three candles of the same size — two red and one white. After sunset, they should be put on a table in a line so that the fortuneteller sitting at the table would think that there is one candle in front of her.

At first red candles are put, and behind them — white. Burn them in reverse order — from white to red.

After waiting for the flames of all three candles to level off, the fortune teller says: “I don’t want to miss and fight alone anymore, the girl is not supposed to live like that. I wish to find a couple for myself, to find a kind husband, to have children in the family ”.

Speaking a conspiracy, you need to perform certain manipulations: after the word “maiden” — rearrange the second red candle on the right side of the first one, and at the end of the conspiracy do the same with the white candle.

Now, when all three candles stand in sight, they read the final text: “The flame is hot, magic, show me my betrothed. Bring him to my dream, show him what he is. ”

You need to try to sleep more carefully until the candles go out. If the Higher Power pleases, at night the woman will see the future husband, and maybe even the child, which was also discussed in the conspiracy.

It is necessary to follow the rules of fire safety. Candles should be on a metal surface and in candlesticks.

Blaming the beloved for treason is too serious a step that cannot be made without the certainty that this sin really happened. It’s necessary to read the candles in two stages on the candles, and only with a double positive result, the information is considered confirmed.

Stage I You need to light a red candle on the table and focus on the flame, scrolling the question of interest in your head. If the fire burns evenly, does not crack, does not smoke, does not split, you can not go to the second stage — there is no sin for the guy.

If any of these symptoms exist, proceed to the next step.

Stage II. A new candle is lit on the table, and the remnants of the first one are crushed in one hand in a hand and melted above the fire in a large spoon. At the same time, they say: “Swim, wax, crack, theka, i tell the whole truth to me.

Have they robbed me, stolen his beloved (his name), if he was bewitched, his heart swaddled? Red wax, I beg you fervently, I expect the truth from you. ”

Then the liquid wax is quickly tipped over a cup of cool milk.

When the wax hardens, it is judged by its appearance that the young man is faithful:

  • One or two dies will indicate that fear is in vain.
  • Many droplets scattered across the surface of the milk indicate treason. The more points it turned out, the stronger the rival captured the heart of the guy.

Divination by candlelight is considered the most accurate, but you should not treat the result as the truth of last resort, because many third-party factors can affect it. If the fortune-teller proceeded to the ritual in a bad mood or was unable to focus on the main question, the correctness of the answers would be in great doubt.

The same will happen if the object on which they are guessing has a strong energy that protects it from “spying”.

In any case, the result of divination should not affect the opinion of a person if his actions and deeds do not correspond to the acquired magical information.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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