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What are the types of runic stavov and formulas: types and meaning

The main types of runic stavov and their formulas

What are the types of runic stavov and formulas: types and meaning

For a long time, people are naturally prone to mystification. The worship of pagan gods at the dawn of civilization.

Sacrifice, oracles and prophets.

Our ancestors took seriously the will of higher powers believed in fortune telling and rituals. One of the most mysterious memories of the past are runic stavy.

With the help of them called for luck, love and welfare.

They revealed the secrets of the future and the motives of the present. Nowadays their strength is still great.

general information

In order to get the desired result, certain figures are drawn from the runes. A single character can also help, but most often several characters are used at once. In this case, they reinforce the influence of each other or complement the overall picture.

There are runic staves and formulas that consist of two, three or more runes.

First of all it is necessary to remember that their action is cyclical. In other words, as soon as the desire is fulfilled, they will change their direction in the opposite direction.

To avoid this, it is necessary to cancel the formula, after it has benefited. Otherwise, the positive effect of their use will quickly disappear.

When the runes are chosen correctly, in order to set the right direction over them, they say a slander. Most often, he blurts out in a low voice.

Its essence lies in the transfer of your desire and personal energy. The agreement must be made very carefully, in compliance with all the rules, namely:

  • First, pronounce the name of each rune. Thereby they establish a personal connection with them;
  • The next item will be a description of the purpose, the intentions with which the ritual begins. Desire must be clearly stated;
  • Further, it will be necessary to describe approximately how this can be achieved;
  • It is important to clarify how the runes can act in this situation in order to help and not harm others;
  • In conclusion, the name of each of them is pronounced again;

Schemes and their purpose

If a black stripe has come in life, you can bring luck to your side with the help of the formula «Geilstechen». There are two symbols in it — the dual runes of Sovulo and Teyvaz (the sign of Thor).

Another option in the current situation is to arrange the order in the runes of Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz-Gebo-Odal and Dagaz runes — this scheme is called ALUGOD; it means “luck through magic”.

One of the most famous formulas of well-being is the combination of Aansuz, Uruz, Yera, and another Ansuse.

Practical advice on creating runestav

What are the types of runic stavov and formulas: types and meaning

So — a few practical tips, specifically on the compilation of formulas (scripts), lashes and stavov and their cut / mark:

The runes should not conflict with each other. For example — you can not put in one row / tie / becoming Eyvaz and Inguz — the rune of death and the rune of life.

The conflict will be inevitable and at the exit you will get not what you wanted.

Often, those who try to work with the runes in a negative way, especially beginners, miss one important thing — the runes do not fight among themselves. You can not put Soulu between two Isa and thus block the object sunlight.

Forget immediately about the use of light runes in negative practices. You cannot even organize something like this, because, for example, Ansuse will nullify all the negative, or turn to the benefit of the object.

Ansuz, Inguz and Dagaz — it’s impossible to work negative with these runes.

Comment: Yes, that’s right, I will add that there is becoming protection against a rollback from Turisaz, which can damage a practitioner, while carelessly using Isa-Algiz-Uruz-Algiz-Isa. There is no protection against Tours, it always comes back as a boomerang, but you can hold it by temporarily freezing the fabric of life, according to which Tours will slow down its course and reduce the resistance force.

In the formula, determine the location of the runes consistently desired effects. Ligaceae must also begin with the rune, which will begin its work and is composed sequentially.

The action of the stave is calculated in advance — or the impact goes from the edges to the center or from the center to the edges. The first is quite difficult in the calculation and execution, so it is used very rarely.

Comment: An introverted action goes to the center, absorbing, constraining, passive, feminine, preserving. From the Center — extrovert — expanding, active, masculine, conquest or defense.

For example, the classic helmet of horror — from the center to the edges there is a flow of energy, a shield is created in front of the magician.

The runes in the formula are cut or drawn as you prefer — even from the end, even from the middle. The formula-script will always work either from left-to-right, or from top to bottom, regardless of which side you started cutting / drawing.

Ligature in this regard is somewhat more capricious — it begins strictly with the first effect, the rest are superimposed in order. Combining ties follow the same rule.

Becoming begins depending on the calculation and, accordingly, is cut / drawn round the corner. Cutting the billets or against the billows — this is how the practice will please, it has no practical significance.

If you become a tie, then they are subject to all the nuances of drawing up and cutting / drawing runic links.

But do not forget that if ties become acceptable when they become invested, since its activity develops and goes somewhat differently, then trying to squeeze the ligature into the formula is not the most successful idea and in most cases leads to conflicts and a very curved work of construction as a whole.

Also, it makes absolutely no difference how many cuts you will cut one line of the rune. At least one hundred times cut along one line, if something does not suit you or does not like it — there are no restrictions.

The same is true about the rules of cut / outline in terms of calligraphy. No, Feha does not have to start from the vertical, and Hagalaz is diagonal.

how you convenient, do it.

Do not forget that the runes must have only vertical and diagonal lines in the outline, horizontals are unacceptable.

Comment: I will add, best of all, when the rune is revealed by the master from the tactile side, then there is no question how the water flows in the river, how it flows into the funnel, how the match burns, but how the torch, etc.

The master takes the living energies and makes up a bouquet of them, where the central rune is the most beautiful flower, the supporting ones are revealed at the edges and the fleur of the final runes completes the picture. Or if the master writes music that is consistently revealed, you will not listen to it from the end or the middle.

The runes are an instrument, the master is the creator, do not take the runes as dogma, take them in your hands, allow yourself unlimited curiosity and the runes will give you a whole World of Runes Magic!

Forget about the inverted and mirror values ​​of the runes. Inverted values ​​runes have only a mantle, mirror — in the inflamed imagination of some runners.

One small nuance — if an inverted rune as part of a formula / tie / stave simply becomes an obscure left icon, then the mirror can work exactly the same as the usual one, or not at all. What it depends on — I do not know.

Comment: mirror runes work the same way as usual, but mirror, for example, the Fehu direct rune will release sparks of energy upward, and the mirrored fireworks will send down inverted Fehu to pay off the sparking potential of the runes. We read and check everything on ourselves, each author describes his picture of the world)

In connection with the above statement, some will have a question — what about the stavs, where the runes go round and dance like monkeys on palm trees? Or with stitches, when an inverted fleece asks for a greater beauty.

I answer — but nothing. They will not be turned upside down, because when you cut / draw them, you cut and draw a straight classic rune.

And how you will twirl it afterwards is absolutely unimportant. The key is created and its position in space will not affect its true value.

With a mirror, such a focus will not work — such a rune is already a priori distorted.

If you specifically cut it, like an inverted one, see clause 4. And at the same time, think about whether you can open the door by inserting the key into the lock with its reverse side …

Let’s imagine that you entered the pharmacy to recover from a cold without a doctor’s prescription, and begin to list to the doctor everything that you see in the window from the symptoms of the disease, you take care of yourself, you want to know everything, and then you begin to take all the medicines with syrup , be sure to use an antibiotic, clinging to plasters, eating lemons, honey, milk and breathing over potatoes. What do you get as a result? Immune system failure.

Another time, the disease must be taken in more shock doses. Similarly, the stavs are napkins with a multi-repetitive pattern and composition of the entire Futark.

It is best for a novice to take staves with a small number of runes, up to 7 runes. Firstly, by becoming more quickly unwound, and secondly, it will have a quite predictable result, if you discuss it correctly, at least with a clear intention.

Do not try to cut or draw a tie, simply by adding a few dashes to the construction that has already appeared.Each rune must be cut or traced completely!

Otherwise, you will get a funny hieroglyph at the exit, with a specific and no one, including the unfortunate master, with an incomprehensible action.

Comment: I agree, there are some practices that print a rune drawing and don’t even bother to draw a dozen above, then they wonder why it didn’t work.

It will have no more power than the inscription on the purchased greeting card.

Attach your energy to the creation of the runes, write each rune, stipulate becoming a porus or the action of becoming entirely, activate and most importantly — BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND RUNES!

Never forget the rule of the free line — one line of each rune in a tie must remain free — not be one of the lines of any rune of this tie and not serve as a continuation of its line. Otherwise, it will simply be absorbed.

There are very few exceptions to this rule, but since they are very individual and specific, I do not recommend experimenting.

All this nonsense about the runes completely hidden in ties and staves has not received any practical confirmation. A key that is welded with its entire plane to another key loses the ability to open something.

Comment: There are staves that are quite efficient with absorption, for example, the well-known Money Funnel, Yera’s central rune, 2 Raido and 2 Fehu are inscribed in its lines, but nevertheless, it continues spinning as expected. But it’s better to keep the proportions when compiling a stave, «Better is less, but better.»

There is not even a matter of the key, but in the energy flows themselves, the Money Funnel, is the image of a wheel, lit, rolling from the mountain to meet the spring. So it is necessary to make all the staves, each handwalk is individual and beautiful in its execution.

Let the water of the Laguz flow through the torrent of Teyvaz or be a slow full-flowing river from Yera, or maybe it will be a well from Hagalaz or it will become a morning fog with Vuno. Write your unique rune painting.

Runes formula must follow one another. Each rune in tie must necessarily be in contact with the general pattern.

Becoming can be composed of elm and free runes, but each of them must come into contact with a common figure, forming a holistic pattern.

It is unacceptable to leave the rune hanging in the air — it will fall out of the planned value, and will either remain out of work, or, which is much more likely, will bring to work a completely unplanned effect.

Comment: yes, this is called composition, in any creation, not only in Rustave, the ratio of the figures by weight, color, quantity is important — HARMONY. Everything works for one purpose.

It is highly desirable, when working on a formula / tie / stav, to understand precisely and precisely what you sculpt and what specific action is required from this construction. This will make it easier for you, both the activation and the speed of exposure, and can correct not too serious defects, in the form of blurred lines, for example.

Quite a lot of network «runologists» are trying to tell the runes what to do and how to do it.

I can only sympathize with them, but for you, those who want to be, and not to seem, I will say you don’t need to imagine yourself as the Creator of the Universe and try to make the runes work as you want — this is impossible, the runes will never submit to you, only to cooperate, and you never have the strength to make them. Therefore, the most optimal thing you can do is to create a valid script / liaison / becoming, for your specific task, and to launch it correctly.

Comment: I remember the fable «Elephant and the Pug»))) Negotiate the necessary energies for the task.

Fire Fehu as a lighter, direct it to the fuse, give power to Uruz, and the Teivaz vector, and now the fire arrow flies into the target! Another piece of advice — when you train sensorics and a body — like a pendulum, it will prompt you the necessary runes, then compiling stavos will be a fascinating exercise.

Although many, yes, there, everyone — they are trying to make staves based on famous works — this is normal, even great artists copied the paintings of other greats at the dawn of creativity. So, the main thing is not to lose curiosity and excitement to the research of runes.

Do not try to fit the whole Futhark into one formula. Brevity really is often the sister of talent and this is exactly the case.

From two to five runes is optimal, both for the formula and for the tie. For a stav too, but for a stav there are slightly different laws on filling — five runes may well become a couple-dozen of their clones — for a stav it is quite normal.

This does not mean that the five runes — the limit, not at all. But a greater number of them increases the possibility of an error and reduces the possibility of noticing it.

And yet — it is not necessary to follow the bad examples of Batyushkov and to create «Flemish laces» from many runes, cloning them to becoming dozens — hardly anyone would appreciate such squalor. Including your target.

Comment: Every work deserves attention, and for beginners, not only will I reveal a secret — make staves and formulas from the number of runes that make up your birth code,

for example 02/23/1988 = 33, 3 + 3 = 6. The individual code of this person is 6, out of this amount he is recommended to make staves for himself.

Activation of destruction. I do not remember who blurted out for the first time about the fact that to activate the construction you can burn, but the fact that this is complete nonsense is definitely and unequivocally.

Runes and runic constructions act exactly as long as their material embodiment is intact. Cut, burned, ripped, broke, erased the formula / becoming / tie — that’s all, the work is over.

Comment: The runes have a different nature, the elements, the water is activated — by air, by water. Fire — activation by fire, air. Air — activation by air, fire.

Earth — activation by water, air. From this it is already clear why the standard activation is by breathing.

But there is still activation by 4 elements — at this moment it does not become destroyed, but gently strokes the elements — a little sprinkle with earth or salt. A little fumigate with incense.

Sprinkle with water. Touch the tongues of flame stavu, reheat only, do not burn.

Breath — from the abdomen with a deep breath to fill the runes with force. And at the end of the hammer of Thor — he gives aiming, since it is Tours, a knife, a needle.

ATTENTION — portalye stavii NEVER do not bless Thor with a hammer, and you will come back as a rollback.

Thor is always for justice, Mjolnir always returns!

We analyze the manufacture of stav

Workers runes:
Uruz direct and mirror, Gebo, Teyvaz, Dagaz, 2Inguz Algiz

  • Uruz: physical strength
  • Gebo: we gather in a fist
  • Dagaz: change the poor immunity to a beautiful, strong
  • Teyvaz: gives the ability to fight disease, steadfastly and easily tolerate disease
  • Inguz: immunity itself
  • Algiz: prevents recurrence of the disease, controls the process
  • Disclaimer: this runic form, gathering all the physical strength of a person so that (in the shortest possible time and) once and for all make the immunity as strong, strong, stable, able to easily endure any diseases and quickly get rid of them. All changes in the immune system occur without harm to human health, under the control of the sun and only beneficial.

Working. Not bad showed himself when removing colds, bronchitis.

PS: On diagnostics during the work of stav there will be bad state of health, and exacerbation of diseases.

Reservations to the runic stavami: runic formulas, the basic rules of work

What are the types of runic stavov and formulas: types and meaning

Runes are special formulas that help a person to translate his desires into reality, to get what he had long dreamed of. But in order for them to begin to act, it is necessary to follow certain rules for applying and using runic stav.

Runes — special formulas that help a person achieve the desired

Each person dreams about the fulfillment of his desires with the help of the cherished magic wand. In the real world, such a dream could be runic magic, namely:

  • runes;
  • reservations
  • stavy;
  • formulas that can turn the life of any individual upside down.

However, to understand this and have some result, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. To study the necessary literature, how to stipulate, where, for what and under what circumstances to use.

There are some nuances in this magic, but the result is worth it. It is only necessary to try and penetrate a little.

It should be remembered that, by setting the priorities that are right for oneself, by defining for oneself the necessary and definite goal of everything can be achieved. Reservations to runic stavami can be used both for good intentions and in black magic.

If your goal of using runic magic is revenge or just dark magic, you need to be well prepared. Runic magic also requires special rules of work, insurance and knowledge of the nuances.

The runes are particularly strong and particularly effective measures of magical effects, it is important to have at least minimal skills with energy.

Runes — especially strong and effective magical effect, requiring minimal skills in working with energy

To begin to choose a goal and continue to work with these thoughts. Select the material, it is the first and important for success in business. A plain or thick cardboard will do, sometimes it is applied as a talisman’s tattoo on the body, or it carries the runes in a photo.

What is to apply these same formulas? Pen, marker, marker, paint, varnish — all you can write.

Choosing the material, you need to return to the goal and think about everything to the last detail, what would you like, how and why. After all, the more detailed your dream, the more likely it will be fulfilled.

It is necessary to formulate the requirements for the Higher Forces as correctly as possible in order to obtain the desired effect.

Let’s take a little bit of history. As mentioned above, we should not forget that the runes are completely different, they work with both black magic and white.

Having defined your goal, you need to direct yourself with what forces you are going to work.

Because there are certain signs that have their own important designations, and in order not to confuse them, it is important to familiarize yourself with the entire list.

Choosing a sign and setting yourself up for the right wave, take on what will be drawn (material) and then write the runes: a marker, a pen. The main thing in all this action is the attitude, without it, no matter how strong the runic would be, it is impossible to achieve the desired result.

The main secret of the magical action of the rune force, so that this symbol is always next to the person. However, a great desire and correct action when applying runic formulas is not enough.

It is important not to forget that this is just your moral, psychological and magical support, but all actions are solely due to the will of the person himself.

To achieve something, you need to put more effort into achieving your goals.

It should be remembered: the runes — only helpers. To achieve the goal a person must make an effort!

As in most magical actions, you need to follow a certain set of rules, which in no case should not be forgotten. Here is an example of 15 basic, so that all your actions have success:

As mentioned above, the correctly selected material and method of application is the key to a good start. You need to clearly understand the intended purpose and move towards it.

There are three variants of runes. On your body, on the subject, on the material.

All this is spelled out and there are certain signs, keys and runic formulas for each of the options. On the subject (apartment, home, car) put protection, security.

On themselves, most often, defensive staves, runes for healing, for charm.

If all these actions you want to do not for yourself, then apply the runes, respectively, you need not on your body, you can on the photo of a person who asks for it. On the material, it all depends on the material on which the runic staging is applied and its activation.

What to write and the importance of color. Runic becoming can be applied to all that he writes and draws.

However, do not forget about the color that you write. Impacts on love should definitely be applied in red, as a symbol of love relationships, of the heart. What to treat money desires — green.

It is also important that writing with blood strengthens any formula.

If the questioner has a monetary desire, the runic should be applied in green.

  • burning the material on which the runes are written;
  • deletion;
  • blowing off.

Letting go of the formula should always thank her for the help and communication brought to you. In no case do not need to break and cut the formulas, you do not destroy the person, but the thought and idea with which you created this connection.

Ritual. Do I have to do it? It is impossible to say for sure.

However, thanks to the ritual, you can fully tune in to the desired wave to attract good luck and success.

Deities and gratitude to them. By own strength, especially if this is done for the first time, it is impossible to really and completely carry things to the end.

This is for stronger spells and stipulations for runic formulas.

Gratitude to the deities can be embodied as gifts. What they will decide only the person himself.

They can be made during the installation of the formula or after its deactivation, as a sign of gratitude.

Binary or inverse effect. This most often concerns love interactions, because they are impossible without the opposite effect.

To catch another person you need to show the same feelings as before.

Their strength will be greater, and they will be heard, and the backlash will not take long to wait. Imposition of impact.

Clearly spoken provisions for runic formulas will not ricochet and activate formulas in the right and necessary direction.

The runtime of the rune effect. Of course, he is not eternal, imposing a formula that is like a good shot at the right and important time for you. Having one clear and main goal, the impact is short-term and at the right moment.

The result is not long in coming and instantly shoots. If these are long-term formulas, then stipulations on them are made more difficult and longer.

On health, on defense, on truth. Each case has its own ending: in case of illness, the outcome is recovery, the formula, respectively, ceases to operate; the truth is to resolve the situation and, as a result, to get its share of the truth.

Complex formulas. Definitely one formula can not be solved. There is a whole complex for that, as stipulations for the runic formulas.

They must be properly specified and in combination with other formulas and runic stavs.

If you need instant action and result, it is enough with one formula. However, if the work will take place not on you, but on another person who is very angry with you, you need to purge his negative emotions and energy.

After all, his natural call may simply not be heard.

Simultaneity or gradualness? Definitely no simultaneity.

Everything should go in a logical order. Do not rush and then the result will be as you expect it to be.

Hurry can lead to conflict and unsuccessful outcome.

One formula follows from the other, they are for each other some kind of substrate. If a particular formula has worked incorrectly — the soil is prepared incorrectly.

It is worth reviewing the order of actions and the runic form, or a formula.

You can do anything with runes:

  • to damage
  • take damage;
  • set or remove the formula for good luck;
  • do the cleaning both to yourself and other people;
  • direct and shoot love effects;
  • solve material and monetary issues;
  • solve sexual problems;
  • open the chakras and close them.

With the help of runic symbols, you can open the chakras or close them

The main thing is to determine your goals and desires, and which side of magic attracts you. The main rule is not to tell anyone immediately after exposure.

Doing yourself a disservice will make you worse. The action of such forces will be reduced to zero.

It is also not necessary to do such things with someone. Due to the fact that people are very envious and without knowing it, they have a very large eye. This is what can affect the strong energy of envy that will be sent in your direction and spoil your formula.

It simply will not work.

Carrier. On the carrier is better to do only one formula. A maximum of two, and only in the case that they complement each other.

Especially if this carrier is an amulet. The best option is of course one formula.

Where to put and what to do with the media after applying the runic formulas? Definitely remove from sight and so that no one can find it.

The main rule is to let this situation go, not to think about it and the result will knock on the door itself. Universal formulas.

It is worth noting and remembering that not all formulas can suit people. Even if everything is done correctly and all the rules are observed, you may encounter such a situation that the formulas simply will not take root.

Runic becoming can be unique one for women and the other for men. Of course, you can use the runes uninitiated.

To work with the clauses and written formulas do not need to have special magical abilities. The main thing is that they would be written individually for themselves, as well as your desire, motivation and a specific goal.

Reservations for runic formulas will help both in a single situation and in a long ideological message. Adhering to the basic rules there will be no problems with the impact of slander and binary.

Handling the runes should be very careful and cautious. They do not tolerate self-neglect.

Speaking slander for written runic formulas you need to stay focused and not be distracted.

Underestimating the power of the runes, you can attract the unknown strong impact, which is not so easy to save.

Here both the gifts to the deities and the filling of other symbols with positive and correct energy will be appropriate.

It is worth recalling that a lot depends on a person, on his thoughts and goals. Everything you read can and should be redone by yourself, otherwise the impact will be completely different from what is expected of it.

«This runic formula protects me from any negativity in my direction: any emotional pressure, psychological or moral, from any person, object, natural phenomenon, natural energy, space.»

“This runic formula protects me from vampirism and anger of people, beings, both living and dead, energy spirits and otherworldly forces, unknown subjects, planets and stars.

This rune becoming will protect and help me stay in harmony with myself, to preserve my mental, psychological, spiritual and physical health, the health of my family, my material state without harming the people around me.

I will breathe life into runes. I will feel the impact from now on. ”

«This runic formula will help me to cope with all my complexes, self-dissatisfaction, I will become self-confident, active, purposeful, free from blockage inside myself, my personality will begin to develop, my spiritual and physical condition will improve.»

“This runic formula will help me get rid of the standard rules of society, which bound me all the time, I will feel free from other people’s opinions, I will achieve my goals.

Impact to hold, without harming my health, psychological, mental, moral and physical, without affecting the protection, without harm to my loved ones and relatives.

This formula is activated for 10 days. Let it be so».

Definitely use or not the provisions for runic stav to decide only the person who is going to make the impact of them. And to the question whether it is necessary to turn to the help of the runes at all, everyone must answer for himself.

Because exposure to the runes can lead to both good and negative consequences.

To answer the question of how to use the runes in everyday life, you first need to sufficiently study this topic and runic formulas, staves, runes. All this needs to be carefully considered and you can decide whether it can help you at all, because you shouldn’t forget that the wrong behavior with runes and consequences can be far from those that are expected.

Runic formulas for all occasions and their use for the intended purpose

What are the types of runic stavov and formulas: types and meaning

Runes are ancient symbols that carry an occult meaning. With their help, people of the past could attract happiness and prosperity to the house, protect themselves from evil, remove or damage, bewitch a loved one or push him to develop relationships.

Nowadays runes again gaining popularity, because working with them gives a tangible effect.

They can help absolutely everything, you just need to study their meaning and choose a sign that corresponds to the situation. It is very important to understand how to combine them correctly, because the action single runes can neutralize or even wrap the detrimental effect of another.

To prevent this from happening, beginners should use proven formulas.


Runes are used as follows: they can be applied to natural materials to make an amulet, or directly on the body — your own or another person.

In addition, often their draw on photos (this is especially popular in love magic) and even on water or food. For example, a rune for healing can be drawn on the carrot and eat it.

You can draw runes for beauty on cosmetics or soap, on tubes of cream and even on the surface of the water that fills the bath you are going to take.

It is only important that over time you will be able to get rid of the rune — when it fulfills its purpose. Their action is cyclical, they reach the limit in a positive effect, and then begin to decline.

Therefore, it is not recommended to fill the tattoo with runic symbols.

If you decide put the runes on the skin, read these rules. If you want to lose weight, find a job and so on — in one word, to influence yourself, draw signs on the left side of the body.

If you want to fall in love with someone and so on — to influence from yourself on a person — on the right. Where exactly is not so important.

It is possible to apply runes with paint, clay, henna, a marker, a pen — it’s better than red. If you want to put them on the object, you can use a nail to scratch them on a tree or the same marker.

To use properly rune and make up good formula, it is important to know the meaning of the symbol. Here are the most powerful of them that can help in different situations:

  • Fehu — wealth. She helps to get rich, find a prestigious job, get money. It can be enhanced by other runes or simply write three times, and its strength will increase even more.
  • Evas — movement. It helps to give the situation a move, get out of stagnation. Often used by girls to push a loved one to marriage. Can help in real estate transactions and conception.
  • Dagaz — health. It will help to improve family relations, to achieve harmony and well-being.
  • Vuno — good luck. This rune can attract happiness in your life, give you luck and fulfill wishes. With her, you will always have a wonderful mood.
  • Ansuz — helps to make profitable contracts, gives the gift of the speaker.
  • Otal — protects the house from evil and envy, helps to keep peace in the family.
  • Laguz — female fleece, which makes its carrier softer, gives it intuition and helps to feel the emotions and intentions of other people.

To runes acted Stronger, when applying, it is necessary to say a word. It consists in saying the words to each rune, based on its action.

For example, in your formula there is a Fech rune, while drawing it, you should say: “I need money.

Runa Fehu will give me wealth and many opportunities for easy earnings without harm to other areas of life. » There is no universal clause, each must be made individually.

Here is the scheme for which you need stipulate runes when applied:

  • Call each by name — it activates them.
  • Describe the situation in which you need help. Detail say what you want from the runes, focusing on their capabilities.
  • Describe the course of action, the way runes must to act.
  • Clarify that the characters should not harm the health or psyche, you or other people. To stipulate the validity period.
  • Speak rune names again.

Over time, having studied the properties of the runes, you can make runescripts yourself and come up with slanders on the go, but at first, if you are only familiar with these occult symbols, you can search the Internet for ready-made formulas together with the meaning of runes and make slander based on it.

In addition to the treaty, there is also a hanging — a poetic wish. It is composed on the same principle, only it must have a clear rhythm and rhyme.

It acts as a kind of spell, reinforcing the effects of the runes and helping them tune in necessary vibrations.

In order to change your life for the better and achieve your goals, use rune formulas. Here you will find the most popular ones.

Fehu — Fehu — Fehu. The triple rune can bring money into your life, create a comfortable living environment and help you start earning more.

If you want to enlist the support of Lady Luck, use this formula: ansuz — Uruz — Yer — Ansuz.

For health and long life, the Dagaz-Inguz combination will do, and for the pobe on the love front, draw these runes: Teyvaz-Uruz-Gebo.

A strong sexual attraction for a short time in the person of interest can be summoned four times by the rune Turisaz, and strengthen marriage Ansuz-Gebo-Otal combination will help to improve relations with the second half.

Will save from all evil and save from external influences the formula Laguz — Ansuz — Uruz — Kano — Ansuz — Algiz. Also a good talisman will be Turisaz formula — Teyvaz — Turisaz, you can use it if you often have to deal with negative-minded people.

Another protective combination that reflects everything, like a mirror: Isa — Kano — Hagall — Kano — Isa. The formula of Kano — Gebo — Laguz will help women to meet their love, and the men — Kano — Gebo — Inguz.

The combination of Teyvaz — Souw — Uruz will help to win and feel a surge of strength, and if you need to overcome the machinations of competitors, use the combination Teyvaz — Soulu — Otal.

Strengthening male power and making the carrier sexually attractive for all women is capable of the Gebo-Uruz-Dagaz formula. Dagaz-Berkana-Inguz combination will help to cure infertility.

What are the types of runic stavov and formulas: types and meaning

In fact, the runes — this is the writing of the ancient peoples. It is believed that they arose somewhere in the Black Sea coast for three centuries before the coming of Christ.

According to other versions, sacred symbols were invented by Scandinavian Vikings, ancient Goths, Etruscans or Teutons. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle: there are different runes — these types have both obvious similarities and noticeable differences.

Scandinavian runes — ancient or most ancient?

Once, the great Odin was given a revelation — he plunged a spear into his own body and inscribed with blood the first sacred signs on Yggdrasil, a tree connecting many worlds. This is how the Pro-Scandinavian (they are all-German) runes appeared.

This is the same futark — 24 senior runes, which today are best known to fans of esoteric practices.

Already from the first decades of our era, such symbols are found on a variety of subjects — stone idols, weapons, and decorative ornaments.

It is easy to assume that in those days they were used exclusively to protect and counter the dark forces.

Younger symbols, which were used as an ancient analogue of the modern alphabet, came into use almost a thousand years later.

Many books and scientific articles have been written about the origin of the runes, and initially they were used not as writing, but as magic talismans and protective spells and amulets.

Usually, when mentioning the magical meaning of these sacred signs, the Scandinavian mean by default. But the ancient Slavs had their own rune system of 18 characters, which was used exclusively for communication with the Higher Forces.

Between the two systems is easy to see the similarities. So, the Slavic “Rainbow” visually corresponded to the Scandinavian symbol “Raido” — besides, both of them were called to patronize those who are on the way.

«Algiz» seemed absolutely identical to the symbol «Peace», denoting protection and creation.

It was among the ancient Slavs that this same rune, meeting upside down, had its own name “Chernobog” — it personified chaos, hid in itself the power of destruction (including the magic one).

It turns out that with obvious borrowings, two runic systems are completely independent. Interestingly, in the documents of European travelers found mention of the «annals of the Magi», which existed long before the writing of the Slavs.

Also, different experts distinguish the following types of runes into separate groups:

  • Praskandinavskie. In the middle of the II century AD A classic futark was formed. Spread throughout Scandinavia.
  • Scandinavian (not including 24 as the Pro-Scandinavian, but only 16 characters).
  • Gothic (East European version of the all-German). On the basis of it was created the alphabet, which critics in the XVIII century called «barbaric».
  • Danish (used, besides the letter, in everyday-everyday magic).
  • Swedish Norwegian («Descendants» of the Scandinavian, very simplified, schematic — were used primarily for writing).
  • Saxon (often used for writing, supplemented by symbols that corresponded to vowel sounds) — and another good ten “subspecies” that emerged at the turn of the 9th-13th centuries.

Now the stars advise you to use one of the following layouts. Do not miss your chance to find out the truth.

This method of rune distribution is similar to the same fortune telling on tarot cards, but involves the use of runes. This method will help you analyze your relationship with a partner, as well as to determine your love potential.

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