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What are the runes and how to use them?

What are the runes and how to use them?

How to use the runes: work, how to use, study, use

What are the runes and how to use them?

People ask questions how to use the runes correctly, first contacting them. And indeed, this process must be carried out according to all the rules and customs, otherwise, otherwise, the outcome may be negative for the person who took up the runes.

You need to be able to use them in order not to harm yourself and others.

Runes — a popular magic attribute that requires the right attitude to yourself

What are the runes and how they happened

Single runes can be depicted on anything: a board, a hand, clothes, or they can be in the mind of a person, that is, visualized.

The history of the appearance of these characters goes to the pagan tribes, and later — to the sacred letter (Phoenician, Greek and Latin). The Northern Italian letter underlies the modern runic alphabet.

The first runes originated in Scandinavia, and the train swept the whole world.

The very first Scandinavian runes were transformed into Anglo-Saxon (28 hieroglyphs), and those — into Northumbrian (or simply later Anglo-Saxon), which already had 33 magic symbols.

After the mass introduction of Christianity and the eradication of paganism among the peoples, the runic alphabet began to fade and soon completely forgotten.

A surge of great interest in him was caused by the discovery by archaeologists of new monuments of unknown civilizations.

How to use the runes: scope, types of runes

Not all runes are the same. Among them there are magical, used by sorcerers and magicians during the sacraments and rites, and ordinary (all-German), used by ordinary people in everyday areas of life to change the course of events or improve their quality. What is the use of magic runes necessary for:

The use of magic runes is necessary to obtain an energy charge.

  • energy recharge;
  • increased potency;
  • increase of working capacity and activity for performing a large number of cases in a short time period;
  • entering into an “attack state” accompanying people who need opportunity;
  • freely and freely express and argue your thoughts in difficult life situations;
  • protection from the negative impacts of the world;
  • unlocking human potential;
  • aggravation of intuition.

The positive effect that the runes have on a person is visible to the naked eye. You just need to know how and in what atmosphere should run works with runes.

Terms of use of magical hieroglyphs

Knowing how to work with runes, you can attract even more into your life than described above. Using runes implies its own rules:

  • Careful study of the runes before use and during use. It is important not to forget about how they look, what system they belong to and most importantly — the value of the runes).
  • Constant practice of meditation. Meditation has a positive effect on the runes, because in order for the characters to give their energy, they need to charge it. During meditative practices, a useful skill is to record all your thoughts and feelings.
  • Beginners should start with the simplest, gradually increasing the complexity of the combinations.
  • Practice is the key to success. Continuously practiced person goes to his goal, despite the fact that the runes can not act. Trying again and again, once for a person, the moment will come when the signs begin to bring a positive.
  • Using someone else’s experience on the path to self-improvement can be successful only if a person analyzes each mistake in detail or, oppositely, the correct step of the other.

Runes — not only fancy characters, but also a strong source of energy. They will only work with positive-minded, non-lazy, open and courageous people who believe in themselves and know what they are going to, turning to the runes.

Only in this case, they will begin to benefit.

Runes in real life: the use of runes

The use of runes in reality often seems to be something complicated, even after a detailed study of various information, because runes for beginners are an uncharted world. It is not always enough to use one picture — magic symbols can and should be combined with each other.

Only then will the right energy arise between them, and the collection will bring the desired result.

The study showed that rune combinations work fine without additional help, it is only important to assemble them correctly and tune in the desired fashion. For beginners, not too complicated staves (the so-called runic combination of several hieroglyphs) are suitable.

How to use the runes and connect them to the stavy will tell below.

A runic form is a set of certain hieroglyphs, assembled together in the correct sequence. It is necessary to create staves with caution, because, approaching this frivolously or in the wrong mood, you can greatly harm both yourself and the people around you.

The simplest combinations are suitable for beginners (for protection, financial well-being, luck in love, etc.), and as the runes are studied, you can gradually add new links to the chains that have stronger and more complex energy.

How to work with runes: types of runes, combinations and stavy

Work with runes suspects their combination. You should start with simple stavov (learn and understand how to work with the runes):

Becoming love

One of the most simple, but therefore no less effective stavov. It serves to strengthen the relationship between lovers and establish a personal life.

Love becoming necessary to strengthen your personal life

Necessary for the combination of the runes and their application:

  • Gebo (symbolizes the feelings of men towards women).
  • Dagaz (a symbol of harmony and unity in relationships).
  • Gabo (similar Gebo, only from the female side: the love of a woman to a man).

Becoming a financial success

In this case, symbols are used to denote income, money, profit and wealth. Required runes and their description:

  • Fehu (is a symbol of the money itself).
  • Soulu (denotes the flow rushing to the owner of the runes).
  • Inguis (inalienable sign, symbolizing the potential development, which is necessary to keep the arrived prosperity and further implementation in this direction).

Becoming a defense

This is a collection of symbols relating to protective and guards. You can put on personal documents or any other object that is permanently with a person. Using symbols to protect:

  • Turisaz (the main symbol in this list that suppresses negative energy from others).
  • Algiz (used to minimize their own energy losses).
  • Isa (defines his own calm and eliminates aggression within the person himself).

How to work with runes for beginners is already clear, so then we will discuss more complex combinations — runograms. All of the following stakes are suitable for those people who have already wondered if the runes are working, and now their main goals and objectives in symbolism are called the study of runes and their actions.

Lucky combination

In difficult stav not to do without visual aids. This is what a person should have in the end:

Combination of runes for luck (visual aid of what a person should receive, having collected all the runes)

From dating this collection of runes seems difficult, but upon further consideration and detailed analysis, it turns out that there is nothing particularly difficult. What runes are used:

  • Gebo (used to attract good luck in relationships with other people, establishing contact with others), used three times.
  • Soul (in tune with the English “soul” -soul, symbolizes vital energy and strength, as well as epiphany), used twice.
  • Vuno (attracts positive emotions, joy and fun in life), also used twice.
  • Ansuz (contributes to the fulfillment of desires, attracts luck and luck, increases the number of opportunities and chances, gifts of fate), was used twice.
  • Otal (is a sign of the personality of the person and his independence, works like a magnet).
  • Dagaz (brings harmony and unity, prepares for the coming changes and calms the human soul).
  • Algiz (this is a very important, concluding element, which is necessary for the correct collaboration of all the runic hieroglyphs and their protection).

Combinations for financial well-being for practitioners

It looks a bit more complicated than the previous version for beginners, but also works more efficiently. How do these runes work? Just as in the simplified version, only in full force, because it is based on the same symbols:

  • Inguz (a sign of affluence that comes to human life), used as many as four times.
  • Laguz (strengthens and stabilizes cash flow, bringing it to a smooth, constant level).
  • Teyvaz (removes obstacles and opens the way to the financial flow).
  • Algiz (covers and protects a person, serve to ensure the safety of income).
  • Evaz (directing rune that leads a person to capital and indicates the correct direction of movement).
  • Dagaz (harmonizes income in a person’s life, teaches them to live with them in unity and harmony).
  • Mannaz (in this case refers to the person-performer).

Magical becoming to fulfill desires

How to work with runes to improve the quality of life is understandable, now let’s talk about bringing new features into it. Fulfillment of desires with the help of runes is quite realistic if the combination is correctly observed:

Magic becoming for the fulfillment of desires (visual aid combination)

It is not necessary to be afraid, in fact, everything is not so difficult. What characters are used:

  • Kano is used here inside and outside the signogrammes (internally symbolizes the goal itself, the dream to which a person seeks, its predominance over the others; the external Kano is a sign of the realization of the cherished desire in life).
  • Inguz (this is the birth of desire, the seed that develops and unfolds under the influence of other symbols).
  • Soulu (breathes life into his plan and fills it with energy).
  • Evaz (provides movement and continuous development of desire, leads a person to his execution).
  • Dagaz (symbol of the changes occurring in the life of the artist in the period of the dream).
  • Vuno (joy and satisfaction brought by the realization of the cherished desires).
  • Perth (opens the gates of energy flows and clears the way for the realization of the plan).
  • Raido in this combination is also used in two forms: direct and mirrored (direct view means direct paths leading to implementation, and mirror view means detour), thus all possible ways of development are involved.
  • Ansuz (symbolizes inspiration and belief that the outcome will necessarily be positive).

Becoming to make the right choice

The combination of a stave to make the right choice

How to work with the runes, and what to choose to make the right choice at a turning point:

  • Vuno (symbolizes the decision itself, is the head of the composition), used twice.
  • Ansuza (awareness and information, loyalty in decision-making and the correct view of the situation), also used twice.
  • Perth (symbol of diversity of possibilities, range of options).
  • Mannaz (the performer himself).

Find out whether the runes or not, you can only try on yourself. Runic images may not bring the desired result or, even worse, harm if they are used incorrectly.

After studying the information of the article, you can learn how to use the runes correctly. To do this, you need to tune in the correct, «working» mode.

Which implies detachment from distractions and focusing on the issue of interest.

Ritual with runes, like any other, will not work if the performer does not believe in the magical abilities of the actions performed and does everything without confidence in the positive outcome. There are also runic stavy for the evil eye or defacement, but they belong to black magic, which impairs the energy of a person and his aura.

Application and use of runes

What are the runes and how to use them?

Runes are secret mystical symbols used by magicians and sorcerers in rituals, predictions, fortune telling and rituals. The use of single runes involves the style, drawing on the skin, visualization of the runic mark in order to attract magical energy.

The prototypes of the existing runes are the symbols used by the pagan peoples of the Paleolithic era.

This is evidenced by the historical finds belonging to the XVII-XVI millennia (!) Before the birth of Christ: “sun wheels” carved out of bone, found at the Sunghir site (the northernmost settlement of ancient people of the Paleolithic era) near

Vladimir (Russia), a mammoth skull with runic-like magical symbols, inscribed with ocher, discovered in the ancient site of Mezhirichskaya near the town of Kanev (Ukraine).

Gradually, one millennium after another, a sacred letter was formed: first Phoenician and Etruscan, then Greek and Latin. And on the basis of the North Italian letter (Etruscan and Venetian alphabets) in the first millennium BC, the classic runic alphabet was formed.

Futhark as a general runic system is a clearly built line of 24 runes, different in names and meanings. All the runes of the system are divided into three eight-character groups called «atta».

The runes of Futhark performed symbolic inscriptions on personal weapons, stones, jewelry, and figurines.

The first Scandinavian (all-German) runes were modified and transformed: the famous Anglo-Saxon runes comprise 28 characters, and the Northumbrian (or later Anglo-Saxon) runes — 33 magic hieroglyphs. Runic magic in every way was used by the ancient peoples before the introduction of Christianity.

After the eradication of paganism, the use of the runic alphabet was discontinued. The revival of ancient knowledge falls on the XX century and is associated with a series of discoveries of monuments of unknown ancient cultures.

Modern runic art owes its birth to two Americans with the same name Ralph: Elliott and Bloom. Ralph Elliott engaged in collecting information about the runes, systematized them and offered the first runic interpretation in terms of occultism.

Ralph Bloom studied the alphabetic runes (Germanic) and improved them, adding the 25th rune, meaning «uncertainty factor».

This symbol was called the «Rune of Odin», in honor of the ancient Germanic supreme god. There are magical (capable of harming) runes used by powerful magicians and sorcerers, and alphabetic (all-German), which a man in the street can use in certain life situations.

The use of single runes by humans is possible with the aim of:

  • energy recharging;
  • increased potency;
  • increase activity and performance (when in a short period of time you need to do a lot of things);
  • entering a state of pressure, pressure, power (to influence the thoughts and actions of people);
  • protection from external negative impacts;
  • unlocking creativity;
  • aggravated intuition.

Rules for the use of runic magic

Knowledge of the values ​​of the runes does not guarantee their correct use. For correct use, the following rules should be followed:

  • A thorough study of the runes (how they look, what they mean, what system they belong to, when they are used).
  • Repeated meditation on the runes. For the runes to work, they need to be charged with their energy. In the process of meditation it is useful to record your feelings.
  • Fixation of observations when using runes (what and how it works).
  • Complication of tasks as personal growth. You should start with simple steps, gradually raising the bar for yourself.
  • Constant practice. Do not throw the runes after the first failure, try various ways to activate the action signs.
  • Using someone else’s experience. Do not blindly trust everything that is advised. Listen, analyze, look for your own ways of solving exciting problems.

Remember that runes will work with courageous, knowledgeable, hard-working (non-lazy) people who believe in success!

The use of single runes does not always solve the desired task. For the implementation of some meaningful plans more suitable special sets of runes — stavy.

A runic character is a set of symbols for a purpose and direction of influence, collected personally and used for oneself. Collect the runes in becoming should be with great care, avoiding the manifestation of negative and anger, so as not to harm.

Becoming always works as it should — he does not need to come up with a clear plan of action and impose his own development of events. You just have to tune in to the desired result and calmly wait for the execution of your plan.

It is impossible to make a mistake in choosing the runes, so beginners should use the classic, proven staves. The most common are becoming a defense, becoming a money, becoming a love.

Protecting runic becoming collected from three characters on value:

  • Turisaz — fences off from the negative;
  • Algiz — minimizes losses;
  • Isa — eliminates your own aggression.

Becoming applied to personal documents, or on a separate sheet, which should always carry with them.

Becoming on monetary well-being is collected from profitable runes:

  • Fehu — means the money itself;
  • Soulo — the rune of energy, attracting the flow of money;
  • Inguis — provides development potential.

Simple Love becoming is applied to strengthen personal relationships, strengthen love affair and includes runes:

  • Gebo — means a man’s love for a woman;
  • Dagaz — a symbol of eternal union;
  • Gabo — mutual love, the girl’s response to the feelings of the guy.

You can activate the staves by slightly burning the stone with a rune by the fire from a match, or by drawing symbols on your skin. When drawing to become, make sure that the lines are only vertical or diagonal (not crossed), and the runes are not inverted or interconnected.

Video: How to use the runes

What are the runes and how they work

What are the runes and how to use them?

The word «runes» comes from the Old German root ru (mystery). On the Internet you can find a huge amount of information about the runes.

However, this information does not always provide an opportunity to comprehend the essence and principle of operation of runic systems. Source — Esoteric. Living Knowledge

It should be remembered that the term «rune» in history and in esotericism is given a different meaning.

In the history of the runes — is, first of all, writing. The writing of the ancient Germans and Scandinavians, which was used from the 1st to the 12th century in the territory of modern Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland. A similar script was at the same time among the Slavic peoples.

Therefore, historians divide the runic systems into two categories: Northumbrian (Scandinavian-Germanic) and Slavic.

I met mystics who even had no idea about the existence of any rune systems other than the Scandinavian ones. In fact, there are a lot of runic systems.

The most famous of them are the Anglo-Saxon runes, the Gothic runes, the Marcomanic runes, the Manx runes, the Greenland runes, the Delcaric runes, the Vendian runes, the Inglis runes.

The Scandinavian runes of the northern tradition are the most studied (by historians) and popularized as an accessible, easy-to-understand system. Forgive me, the fans of the Scandinavian runes, but magicians who have reached certain heights of their development, almost do not use Scandinavian futarka.

As an example, I can give the Vendian runes. Historians believe that the Vendian runic series consists of 18 characters (according to the author of the books on the Slavic runes A. Platov).

However, Slavic runologists for many centuries in a row from generation to generation pass and use the Wendan Slavic runic series of 28 characters very effectively. The arguments and disputes of the esoteric historians do not concern.

The runes must work.

And how can you create magic, if you remove 10 important components from a coherent system?

On the Vendian runes, the magicians made a unanimous decision not to give 10 missing characters without a corresponding dedication — initiation into the rune channel, so as not to reduce their magic power. A similar situation is observed with the Gothic runes.

How and why do runes work?

To answer this question, one should make out the meaning that is attached to the term “rune” in the esoteric. And to understand the general principle of operation of all runic systems.

In esotericism, the rune is, first of all, a sign capable of producing changes at the energy level (ether-astral).

To build a house, you need a project on which the house is built. The project is a description of the house on paper.

Runa — the same project, «description of the house.» And the house is what can be built at the energy level “according to the description laid down in the rune”.

Some runes, for example, open up energy and information flows, others build defenses, still others harmonize energy around and within a person, and so on.

What is schematically written in the rune, then build.
The key word in working with the rune «build.» If you have an excellent house project, it is not at all necessary that you will be able to build this house.

For the construction we need strength, funds and other important resources.

The same happens with the runes. In order to build some kind of energy structure from a sign (project), a person must have appropriate training.

Why runes «knit»?

«Knit» the runes — it means to combine several runic signs into a single whole. Use the runes separately, of course, it is possible, but from the point of view of the runologist it is not useful.

Why? Everything is very simple.

Knitting (connecting with each other) runes can be compared with cooking, and runners (eriles) with cooks. Runes are those ingredients from which all foods are prepared.

When you cook the soup, you do not throw the unpeeled potatoes, onions, carrots in salted water? You peel potatoes, fry onions and carrots — combine all the ingredients into a single harmonious whole.

The runes are the same. Putting 3 unbound runes in a row (such as they are) is tantamount to putting water, potatoes, onions on the table — and offering you all this to eat in this form.

A good cook knows many secrets of how to prepare a tasty dish from these ingredients. In other words, he knows how to unite these runes into a single harmonious whole — to connect their energies with each other.

The art of “chefs” (eriles) is to prepare gourmet dishes, and not to lay out in rows what is written in a “recipe”.

There is a basic rule among the rune-nologists: everything that is written in a line and in separate characters is irrelevant to magic, it is an ordinary letter at the level of information transfer by letters and words. One rune can work by itself — two or more runes need to be knit.

An example of «bound» runes

The attached picture shows the runtime script “Solar Bridge” as an example of interconnected energies of different runes (the Vendian / Slavic runes are used here).

This is a very ancient runic talisman, which I publish with the permission of the person who showed it to me. He says: “The time has come to come, to those who must come, and therefore the seal of mystery is removed from many things.”.

«Sunny Bridge» opens a direct path to the gods of the Slavic-Aryan pantheon. Of course, not everyone can pass through this bridge, but I think that the majority will succeed.

In working with this ancient sign, someone will gain knowledge and experience, someone will find solutions to their problems, and someone will be able to change their lives, with the support of Slavic gods.

Relax and concentrate on the sign. Soon from the bottom of the sign, a bridge will start to appear.

The upper part of the sign will, as if the sun move over the bridge, opening the way for you. Mentally walk forward on the bridge.

More effectively, if you understand why you are going there, for what purpose, for what purpose. This will show your awareness.

What can the runes?

Psychics solve problems in different ways and means. Someone gives a flow of Reiki or cosmoenergy, someone reads conspiracies or invites the spirits of the subtle world.

Since the runes are encrypted with the energy of the Slavic gods (in the Vendian runes), runic marks create a constant flow of a certain energy that helps solve any everyday problems.

It all depends on the set of used runes, on the method of their binding and activation, for example, runic streams can:

  • protect and clean the room, aura;
  • harmonize health, relationships;
  • unleash inner potential and abilities;
  • find the cause and answers to questions;
  • pass exams;
  • find new customers for business development;
  • remove obstacles problem;
  • issues of selling any objects;
  • luck and luck on a trip, in business;
  • and much more.

How to use the runes?

Runic signs can be used in different ways: draw on paper, cut or burn out on a wooden plate or stick, draw on stone or mold from clay. They are worn on themselves or activated by a candle.

It is important that the rune mark, talisman or amulet be made by the rune master who has a rune channel (initiated), i.e. he can and has the right to conduct runic energies to the level of the physical world.

Otherwise, the runes do not work, they remain “empty” information signs that do not contain energies.

According to the materials of lectures by Andrey Gorodovoy

Rating: 5.35 (Reviewed: 9759)

Read the Runes section on the naturalworld.guru esoteric portal.

What are the runes and they are needed?

What are the runes and how to use them?

In such a destination, the runes are known and actively used today. With the help of the runes they guess, revealing the secrets of the future and the past, the runes advise us how to act in various difficult situations.

Even the word «rune» means «mystery».

In addition, the runes hide powerful energy that can act on people, events. Therefore, they are often used as a talisman, amulet. The runes, their meaning is not so easy to understand and decipher.

These can not be treated purely formally, there is no unambiguous definition and description of the purpose of each rune. They should be understood, felt rather than known.

And most importantly, you can not play with them, you must treat them with respect. Interaction with the runes carries powerful energy, which, if mistreated, can be destructive.

To work with runes, cognitive or protective (as an amulet), they are best made independently, doing this work slowly, painstakingly (one per day), studying and feeling each one of them. And only in this way, being born in your hands, they will become for you a truly powerful magic tool.

Among the runes, there are senior (senior futark) — all-German runes, and younger — Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon. They are also divided into 3 genera of 8 runes each.

They have names, although not original, but conjectural (they probably weren’t called in ancient times): Fehu, Urus, Turisaz, Anzus, Raido, Kano, Gebo, Vuno, Hagalaz, Nautise, Isa, Yero, Eyvaz, Perth, Algiz, Sauvela, Teyvaz, Berkana, Evaz, Manaz, Lagus, Ingus, Davaz, Otila.

It is impossible to describe the meaning of the runes in a single article, and it makes no sense. In order to at least a little understand the rune, its meaning and purpose is necessary to write several such articles about each.

But most importantly, it is necessary to understand.

Historians argue about the origin of the runes. There are versions that they are nothing more than an adapted Greek alphabet.

Or a branch of the Latin alphabet. Or the letters invented by the Vikings.

The most popular version is that the Teutonic peoples «invented» them.

It is also known that the ancient nations used the runes not so much as writing, as for improving their lives: protection from disease, improvement of well-being, creating a strong family, achieving harmony with others, nature.

Like any force, the energy of the runes can be used for good and not so good purposes. But in fact, the runes are not secret magical symbols, they personify human qualities and, being in the hands of people with different intentions, can have different effects.

As well as the same qualities, different people may manifest differently.

The church has repeatedly attempted to destroy the runes, as they were considered a manifestation of pagan beliefs, heresy, contradiction of religious teachings.

As a talisman, the runes can just give us that quality (its own energy charge), which we lack. And besides, the use of runes in practice gives us the opportunity to deepen the understanding of life, expand our perception.

What are black runes and how to use them

What are the runes and how to use them?

If you decide to use the magic of black runes, keep in mind that the case is quite dangerous and requires strict compliance with the regulations.

Once in pagan times with the help of such accessories, ancient necromancers raised the dead from their graves or traveled between the world of the dead and the living. However, this knowledge was largely lost.

Nowadays the mystery of necromancy with the help of black runes is known only to a few.

Today, as in the times of paganism, black runes (or swart runes) are used mainly to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Also, their combinations are used to create protective amulets.

Sometimes black runes can also be used in rituals of malicious magic.

The dark runes in the Scandinavian tradition include:

  • Ear — a rune identical to «death» in the Tarot. Symbolizes dust, grave and is dedicated to Heli.
  • Perth — secret knowledge, secret abilities.
  • Ior is a rune dedicated to one of the Scandinavian monsters responsible for the end of the world and which is essentially the boundary between the world of the dead and the living — the serpent Jormunganda.
  • Kveort — funeral pyre, ritual cleansing.

Each rune, among other things, can correspond and a certain spirit, which, if desired, you can call and see. So, for example, Perth is represented by a silver-haired middle-aged woman.

This spirit can be asked to unravel the meaning of some prophecy.

The spirit of the runes Yor always appears in an indefinite guise, constantly changing shape. It is often used by practitioners who wish to take on an astral some exotic look — awesome or attractive.

The spirit of the runes Kveort always comes with fire in his hands. Appears as a skinny, dry man.

He is called for help when something needs to be quickly and, regardless of the pain, to get rid of — to uproot.

The spirit of Earr can be presented to the meditator in any guise. You can learn it by black clothes and a blade (sickle, sword) in your hands. This is the rune most often used by necromancers.

With its help, you can call the dead or communicate with ancestral spirits.

Sometimes black magicians perform the rite of binding a person to a grave. In the event that the ritual is carried out correctly, the object of attack will die soon.

To get rid of such damage, you can use black runes as well. Becoming (a combination of runes) in this case may look, for example, like this:

  • Ass-divine power;
  • Kalk — individual death;
  • Raid — the transition to the world of the dead;
  • Eoch — a journey between worlds, a horse;
  • Ayar — dust;
  • Eyvaz — protection of the dead;
  • Because — the gap between the dead and the living.

Apply the usual and black runes (Air) in this case is best on the mirror. Enhance the effect of any spell that drives away the dead. The mirror should be buried in the cemetery between the graves with the reflective side down.

Next, you need to burn something and ask the cemetery spirits to take the guest to rest (replacing with a reflection instead of yourself).

  • What are the runes and how are they characterized? Using their characters

What are the runes: their meaning and how to use them

What are the runes and how to use them?


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What are the runes and how they are used in magic — Providence Magic Center

What are the runes and how to use them?

What are the runes? This question is difficult to answer with one sentence, because the runes have a very long history.

They have always been symbols of magical energies that exist in our world. Centuries and even millennia have passed, and the magic of the runes has not weakened, as it constantly found nourishment in the universe.

Each rune is like a separate energy organism, which has its own power, its own rune magic. Each rune conveys a certain range of emotions, accumulates in itself energy, which can be responsible for finances, home, love, families, much more.

No two runes with the same outline. And it’s not just that the earlier runes used in everyday writing.

Just each stick, each curl is responsible for some specific energy.

All these energies must be evenly distributed, otherwise the magic of the runes will disappear or begin to cause damage.

Each rune has its own name, which corresponds to the energies and forces that lie in it. Some runes are named after certain elements.

Others are names of feelings and emotions.

Still others point to something concrete. In their names, the runes in something resemble tarot cards.

Here, as in the maps, the design of each rune is endowed with meaning, and very global.

For example, the rune Otal, which we all know — the symbol depicted in the form of a fish, is a rune of separation. But, at the same time, it can be used in the runic formulas of wealth.

And this is just one of thousands of nuances that you need to know before you start working with the runes. Due to the very strong energy, many runes simply cannot cope with rune magic.

What draw the runes

What are the runes and where to depict them? The runes were always painted either on some object (for example, on the slope of a door or on some household item), or they made a talisman of a certain material (most often wood or metal) on which runic symbols were applied.

With the help of such talismans, the Old Norse people defended themselves from various evil and attracted luck, joy, and happiness.

Runic Formulas and Spells

In order to help a person, they could use both one rune and a whole spell consisting of many signs. Everything always depended on the situation, its complexity and the energy state of the person himself.

Such spells have been mentioned in many Old Norse sagas.

Each spell or formula consists of individual magic words, which can be the names of Scandinavian patron gods, sacred words, or combinations of runes that harmonize with each other to form an energy flow. Each word in the spell has its own meaning, but, under the influence of each other, they can be slightly modified.

This should be taken into account, since even the slightest changes can affect the result.

Therefore, asking what the rune is impossible to get a short answer. This is a very ancient sacrament and the teaching on it is no less ancient. There are many sagas and epics, various literatures, and records preserved from the druids.

In order to study at least most of them need decades.

That is why only experienced masters can work with runes. These are exactly in our center.

They are constantly improving their knowledge, and use the runes for divination, and to install protection and attract good luck.

Therefore, if you want to get help from the ancient magical power — contact and experts will conduct rituals, using all their knowledge and skills.

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