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Ways of guessing on playing cards

Ways of guessing on playing cards

It is believed that for fortune telling you need to use special cards, and playing cards can not tell the whole truth. But this is a myth — there are proven methods of fortune-telling on playing cards that are not inferior to the classical methods.

Let’s talk about the most popular scenario and the values ​​of playing cards.

Ways of guessing on playing cards

How to guess on playing cards: rules

There are certain rules that must be followed if you decide to read fortunes on playing cards. Here they are:

  • You have to have one, your own deck — only its owner can guess on playing cards: someone else’s cards are “deceived”
  • Before the divination session you need to concentrate and clearly present your goal — what exactly do you want to know. Correctly formulated question — the key to success
  • You need to believe that the cards will tell the truth. Skeptics and unbelievers, by virtue of fortune telling, are better off quitting

It’s simple — tune in, prepare a deck, clearly decided that you need to ask, and go ahead!

Ways of guessing on playing cards

What cards say: meaning

After you get the alignment, it will need to be decrypted. This is what each card means:

  • Six — foreshadows an important meeting or a romantic date
  • Seven — promises luck and extraordinary luck in all endeavors
  • Eight — drops to difficulties, troubles, problems and difficulties
  • Nine — the image of a rival, competitor, a woman who is negatively disposed towards you: jealous or desirous of evil
  • Ten — in the life of a fortuneteller there will be a situation in which you have to make an important choice that will affect the course of your future life
  • Jack — a familiar young man from your environment
  • The lady is a girl from the inner circle of a fortuneteller: relative, beloved woman, friend
  • The king is a man from the inner circle of a fortune-teller: lover, husband, friend, brother, father
  • Ace — the personification of love, and mutual: to suffer from unrequited feelings will not have to

Ways of guessing on playing cards

Card suit also matters:

  • Chervovye mean mutual feelings of romantic nature: love, love, strong sympathy
  • Diamonds cards foreshadow important news in the life of a fortuneteller. And the messages will be pleasant and will bring a lot of joy.
  • Tref (cross) cards — personify the material side of the life of a fortuneteller, can tell about financial affairs, attitude to money
  • Peak cards are always to something negative — problems, difficulties, conflicts and troubles

Next, we list the most popular layouts.

Arbitrary fortune telling for the future

Take in your hands a deck of playing cards and clearly formulate the question, the answer to which interests you. It is important that the question be closed, that is, you can only answer “Yes” or “No”.

For example: “Will a young man (name) call me for a date”? Or: «Will I get money for the work that I have planned?»

Get one of the cards at random. If the card of the heart suit fell, the answer is yes. Peak — negative.

Tambourines indicate that you can get a positive response, but you have to work hard. Trefe warns: you think not about that, switch attention to more important things.

Divination by one card

Also a very simple version of divination. Do everything the same way as in the previous case, but the question can be asked open — then the resulting card will tell you what to look for and what awaits you.

For example, you asked, “What awaits me tomorrow,” and a peak jack fell. This means that the next day promises a meeting with a young man from your environment who is negatively disposed towards you (see the meanings of the maps, which we described in the first section).

Divination for love

This version of fortune telling is suitable for those who want to know what awaits in his personal life. How to guess:

Shuffle the cards carefully. Select in advance the card that will represent the person you are interested in.

For example, if your elect is a dark-haired old man, he will be the peak king. If this is a young blonde girl — Hearts of Hearts

Pull out this card and place it in the center of the table. The remaining deck at random is divided into 9 parts and put the top card face up:

  • Three piles above the center card. This is what was in the past in your relationship.
  • Three piles — under the center card. This is what awaits you and the other half in the future.
  • The remaining three piles are your current relationships.

See map values ​​in the first section of the article.

See in the video about fortune telling on playing cards:

Guessing on playing cards for the future

Before the beginning of fortune telling you need to remove all the sixes from the deck. Then you must guess any card that first comes to mind.

Further divination is as follows:

  • Shuffle the deck carefully and divide into two equal stacks.
  • Choose one of the piles to which the heart lies more.
  • Put one card from the pile aside, divide the remaining cards into three equal piles.

As a result, you get four piles of cards:

The fact that in the first — the personification of the person who is wondering. His desires, aspirations, goals. The second pile — family life, predicts the events that will occur in the house.

The third contains maps that indicate which direction to go. And the fourth — unexpected events that will occur in the very near future.

How to check cards before fortune telling?

To be sure that the cards will tell the truth, they need to check before fortune-telling. To do this, shuffle the deck, close your eyes and mentally transfer your energy to the cards. Then ask the question: “Tell the truth or lie?” And take out any card.

If it is red, you can guess. If black — divination is better to postpone until a more appropriate moment.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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