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Wang’s fortune telling

Wang’s fortune telling

After her death, the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga left not only the predictions of the future, but also the ways of fortune-telling. According to the testimony of close friends of the prophetess, Wanga loved to guess on the water and even taught this to those who took care of her in recent years. Although she was blind, she saw the future and the destiny of man in the water, as she claimed.

Divination by fate from Vanga

For divination Wang used ordinary water, two candles and a mirror. In a large basin you need to pour water, put the candles on the left and right of yourself. The mirror should be small.

Take a mirror in your hands and bring it to the water so that you can see the reflection of water in it.

Say: “Neither the shores, nor the bottoms, nor the darkness, nor the light. Conjure, show me my future. «

Approximately these words Wang said in Bulgarian to predict the fate of man. Information appeared a few minutes later in the mirror. It could be both bright pictures of the future, and incomprehensible figures.

All that could not be interpreted, Wang deciphered using his intuition. Here are some of her interpretations:

  • Circle — unchanged, no change.
  • Bird — you will be a respected and rich person.
  • Snake — your plans will prevent enemies.
  • Ring — happiness in marriage.
  • Grate — bondage, state house, dependence.
  • The face of a stranger — the disease and grief in the family.
  • A flock of crows — sadness, death, disease.
  • Insect — human envy.
  • Wave — a calm and happy life.
  • Cross — cardinal changes in life.
  • The road — moving, separation from loved ones.
  • The tower is a hard life
  • Star — good luck, fame and money.

This fortune telling gives a prediction about the distant future. It is unknown whether it is possible to see something in the reflection of water as Wang did. After all, she was blind and received information completely from other channels.

Anyway, this fortune-telling for the future and destiny can open the veil of secrets of future life to those who really want to look into the future. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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