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Volochkova preparing for the wedding: divination for love and personal life

Volochkova preparing for the wedding: divination for love and personal life

Anastasia Volochkova never ceases to please her fans with the details of his personal life. Although at the moment the passion has eased a little, because the famous ballerina finally found her lover and with might and main is preparing for the wedding. What is happening in Nastya’s personal life at the moment and what prediction did she have in the fortune-telling on the Tarot cards?

Nastya Volochkova and Bakhtiyar Salimov have been together for more than half a year. After a brief quarrel, which arose out of Salimov’s jealousy, the lovers decided to get married, which Nastya herself told in her microblog.

As it turned out, the wedding Volochkova not far off. As soon as Nastya declared her desire to marry a Far Eastern oligarch, many accusations were cast in his direction. According to his countrymen, the business of Bakhtiar is living its last days.

According to the residents of Vladivostok, the city in which Nastin is faithful lives, he constantly delays wages to his employees and generally conducts dishonest business. Envious people or, on the contrary, well-wishers of a socialite claim that her fiancé is not at all what he claims to be. A lot of reports have been sent to Volochkova’s address that Bakhtiyar Salimov is in fact no oligarch, but just a small entrepreneur who is engaged in shipping, and besides, he’s completely in debt and involved in frauds.

In addition, Nastya is assured that Bakhtiyar Salimov is still legally married and is not going to divorce his wife.

But be that as it may, according to Nastya, he does not hide anything from her. The ex-prima of the Bolshoi Theater more than once shared her stories about the generosity of Bakhtiar and his big maritime business. At the moment, Anastasia Volochkova writes that she is happy to be with her chosen one, and they are already thinking about a wedding.

Moreover, Nastya is fully convinced that Bakhtiyar is destined for her by fate. This was told to her card. Volochkova said that in her youth she often wondered on the Tarot cards for love, and her predictions very often came true. Nastya hopes that her fortune-telling for her beloved will come true, and she will be happy in marriage with Bakhtiar.

Volochkova did not say what exactly Tarot cards had predicted for her, but one thing is certain: marriage with a Far Eastern businessman would be a good opportunity for her to create a strong and happy family.

Incidentally, the cards have always been held in high esteem by many stars of the Russian show business. For example, the singer Lolita has repeatedly said that she has extrasensory abilities and can see the future through cards. True, the fortune-telling on the Tarot cards, according to her, did not bring her happiness in her personal life, and all because the artist has never believed in her predictions and did not take them seriously.

But the singer Julia Kovalchuk admitted that in her youth she had made up for herself the future lover. Guessing on playing cards, she said, at that time became a landmark event, after which her first love befell. We hope that Anastasia Volochkova has made herself married and happy in marriage.

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