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Vanga’s predictions by years: what awaits humanity in the future

Vanga’s predictions by years: what awaits humanity in the future

To the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga to this day, listen and great minds, and politicians, and ordinary people. Her predictions come true with incredible accuracy, but people do not always correctly interpret her words, as Wanga, as she claimed, simply transmitted the information coming to her.

After her death, Wang left a large number of predictions. She painted the future of humanity by years. What awaits us in the coming years?

year 2014 — the spread of skin diseases and skin cancer due to chemical warfare.

2016 year — European countries are gradually dying out due to diseases and natural disasters. Beginning of migration to Siberia.

— China is becoming the strongest power in the world.

2023 — The Earth’s orbit will begin to change, causing natural disasters and changing climatic conditions.

2028 — The invention of a new source of energy. Earthlings will fly to Venus.

Year 2033 — Active melting of glaciers, sea level rises.

Year 2043 — The main religion of European countries is Islam.

Year 2046 — Scientists have learned to grow human organs.

Year 2066 — The US attack on European countries. The use of a new type of climate weapon by the American army.

Year 2076 — There will be no division into classes.

Year 2084 — The state of ecology on Earth will return to normal.

Year 2088 — The emergence of a terrible new disease — people will age in a few seconds.

In 2100 Vanga predicted the invention of the artificial Sun.

In 2164, according to the predictions of Vanga for the future, animals will be transformed into the likeness of people.

2167 — The emergence of a new religion.

Year 2221 — Earthlings will actively look for life on other planets and will face something terrible.

Year 2273 — The emergence of a new human race.

Year 2288 — People will learn to travel in time.

2480 — The sun will go out, the Earth will plunge into darkness.

3010 year — The moon will be rammed by a meteorite, a cloud of dust and stones forms around the Earth.

3797 year — The Earth will die out, but people will have time to lay the shoots of a new civilization.

Vanga’s predictions for the future are full of incredible events that now seem to us on the verge of science fiction. But who knows what will actually happen to humanity in a few decades or centuries? Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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