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Ukraine will collapse after the explosion at the oil depot: new predictions of astrologers

Ukraine will collapse after the explosion at the oil depot: new predictions of astrologers

Russian astrologers actively follow the development of what is happening in Ukraine. The explosion of the tank farm in Kiev on June 8, in their opinion, has a symbolic meaning.

Astrologers Tamara Globa and Alexey Penzensky commented on recent events in Ukraine related to the terrible explosion. Astrologers associate the explosion of the tank farm with the event of the past century — the explosion of artillery depots on Lysaya Gora on June 6, 1918. On that day, an explosion unprecedentedly thundered that killed 200 people and left more than 10,000 citizens homeless.

On June 6, 1918, there were 15 strong detonations — almost complete coincidence with the number of explosions at the oil depot on June 8 of the year. According to eyewitnesses, the blast wave blew out the massive doors of Kiev University.

In 1918 there was a civil war in Ukraine. The government had a hetman Pavel Skoropadsky, a protege of the German authorities. Less than six months after the explosion, he would be overthrown during the uprising.

After some time, Ukraine became part of the USSR.

Astrologer Alexey Penzensky drew parallels with the explosion of the last century and what happened this month. According to him, as in 1918, Ukraine is immersed in a bloody war and numerous internal conflicts.

«Explosions, — says the astrologer, — this is an out of control out of energy. Frequent explosions and fires mean that a person cannot cope with this power. This event can be considered a sign, a harbinger and a warning about the disintegration of Ukraine. ”

The astrologer is confident that the current government will be overthrown, as in 1918.

Astrologer Tamara Globa called the latest events in Ukraine the end of an era. According to her, everything that is happening in this state will be completed within a year. Oil depot is an explosion of a certain boil. The time of Ukraine in the form in which it was, ends.

, According to Tamara Globa, the Northern unification between Russia and Ukraine will occur. And now we see the birth of a new era of Eurasia.

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