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Two Tarot Wands — the value of the card

On the map of Deuce of Wands is depicted a man who stands between two pillars and holds a globe in his right hand. He looks attentively and focused away, and his image radiates calm and fearlessness.

He sees the goal and is ready to go to it through any obstacles. The inner meaning of the card is that a person must realize the importance of a sensible decision.

Two Tarot Wands - the value of the card
Two Tarot Wands - the value of the card

In the direct position, the Deuce of Wands symbolizes that a person is ready to fight for his ideas, regardless of any obstacles. This card indicates the beginning of fruitful cooperation and the expectations of the first fruits from the implementation of interesting projects.

The card emphasizes the powerful potential of a person in a certain life period.

This lasso indicates that a person is ready for decisive actions and this is in no way connected with his natural recklessness. All life circumstances are such that he simply must begin to make responsible decisions, and very quickly.

Also, this card may indicate that a person has already reached a certain position in life, so now he needs to not lose the initiative from his own hands and continue to carry out his own dreams.

A not very positive combination is the alignment in which this card falls near the Jester. This indicates that a person can take rash decisions and reckless actions that can harm him very much.

If there are road maps next to the map, it may portend a journey or relocation.

In various areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, anything can happen, so you need to prepare for the fact that for good health you will need to fight.
  • In personal relationships, the card foreshadows a test of the strength of the feelings of the partners.
  • In business matters, the card indicates that you will not be bored. It will be necessary to spend a lot of effort and energy in order to promote and control the projects started. But it should be remembered that the case may intervene and things will not go as expected. In a business relationship can begin the struggle for leadership in the team.

The card personifies adventurous and brave people who are not afraid of any difficulties. Very often, she indicates that a reliable business partner is located next to a person.

Very often, people who fall into such a map in the scenario become extreme travelers.

Map value Two of Wands upside down

In the inverted position, the Deuce of Wands symbolizes the recession in business and the fact that the path to achieve the goal was chosen incorrectly. Most likely, the person realizes that the results of labor were not at all as expected.

But if there are other positive cards next to this card, then in life, most likely, a joyful unexpected event will occur. But if negative cards have fallen nearby, then unexpected troubles should be expected.

Next to road maps, this map indicates that the trip will have to be postponed.

In different spheres of life, the Two of Wands may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health — internal fears significantly worsen the state of health. Against the background of a dysfunctional mental state, various phobias can develop.
  • In the field of personal life there will be difficulties that will result in conflicts and quarrels. Consent with a partner is difficult to find in any matter.
  • In the business sphere, the wrong time comes for the realization of the conceived plans and the signing of contracts.

The card may personify a greedy person or an incompetent specialist. In addition, she may indicate that there are people near the person who have experienced severe life disappointment.

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