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Two Tarot Swords — value cards

The map shows a woman blindfolded in white clothes. Arms crossed, she holds two swords.

Her posture expresses a willingness to defend herself, and the blindfold indicates that she does not want to see the obvious truths. Behind the woman is located the sea.

Water is a symbol of emotions, that is, such an image emphasizes the rejection of the emotional and sensory perception of life. A woman is depicted sitting on a cube, and this figure symbolizes firmness of spirit.

Crossed swords are a symbol of nascent internal contradictions.

Two Tarot Swords - value cards
Two Tarot Swords - value cards

In direct position, the Two of Swords symbolizes a tense situation in a person’s life, the causes of which can be very different. At this moment, the guessing person may feel that he has been driven into a dead end, therefore, urgently, you will have to change the strategy of behavior and choose a new path of development.

Very often, this lasso indicates that life problems took a person by surprise. The card emphasizes indecision and uncertainty of the diviner. Very good if in a deal with the Two Swords fell positive cards.

This indicates that a person will be able to quickly pull himself together and correctly resolve the problems that have arisen. If this lasso falls next to Justice, then it predicts a fair solution to any legal issues.

In other areas of human activity, this card may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card foreshadows the exacerbation of a chronic disease. In addition, a person may just suddenly get sick by catching an infection. But neither in the first nor in the second case will there be any critical consequences.
  • In personal relationships, the lasso foreshadows quarrels and conflicts between partners. But if people sincerely love each other, then they will certainly be given the opportunity to find compromise solutions to problems and build harmonious balanced relationships.
  • In the business sphere, new ways of development will have to be found, and a person’s indecision can greatly aggravate the situation. If the card falls next to the Wheel of Fortune, then this indicates that active action must begin immediately.

Most often, the Deuce of swords personifies a characterless person who is afraid to make independent decisions. She also points out that there are many doubters around a person.

Map value Two of Swords upside down

In the upside down position, the Two Swords emphasizes that a reasonable solution will be found in the near future. Such a lasso predicts that, despite the difficulties of life, the movement forward will definitely continue.

This card portends that the situations that arise will lead to emotional breakdowns. Indeed, during this life period, a person will face betrayal and lies, treachery and dishonesty.

If the Two Swords fell near the Priestess, this indicates that the person wants to hide from the problems, but this is unlikely to work.

In other areas of human activity, this lasso in the inverted position may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the card calls for caution and more attention to your own health. There is a big risk that any disease can become chronic.
  • In matters of relationship, the card is considered favorable. It foreshadows that all conflicts will move to the attenuation stage and the partners will remain together.
  • There is a breakthrough in business in the business sphere, although it is far from a successful solution of problems.

This card represents a false and insincere person. She also points to the fact that there are many gossipers and intriguers surrounded by a fortuneteller.

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