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Two Tarot Cups — the value of the card

The map shows a young man and a girl, who look at each other and draw cups to each other. Between them in the picture is the head of a winged lion, which rests on the rod, braided by snakes.

Looking at the map, one gets the impression that young people swear in love and loyalty to each other.

Two Tarot Cups - the value of the card
Two Tarot Cups - the value of the card

In a straight position, the Two Cups symbolizes a happy love relationship. This card is associated mutual sympathy of people.

Based on this, it is possible to establish promising links. All quarrels and conflicts in this life period cease, and people can easily find a common language, solving all the problems that arise by finding compromises.

This lasso indicates the fruitful and successful cooperation of a person with other people in various fields. At the event level, a Deuce of Cups may foreshadow a joyful meeting or a pleasant gift.

In addition, the traditional interpretation of this card in a direct position is the restoration of relations and their dynamic development in the near future. Sometimes this lasso indicates the emergence of prospects for completely new areas of development.

A person in this period are able to show new talents and abilities.

If the Priest falls next to this card, this indicates a maximum degree of trust between people. A combination with the Court unequivocally confirms that all the problems and difficulties have ended, and the white line begins.

AT other areas of life this card may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, no problems are foreseen. People who are ill can have a quick and complete recovery, which will be associated as a miracle.
  • In personal life, a period of happiness and love. With the attitude of two people nothing threatens and absolute harmony reigns in them. Partners understand each other perfectly. As a rule, if people meet, during this period it is likely that they will legalize their relationship.
  • In the business field, this card is a precursor to the conclusion of lucrative contracts. Arkan emphasizes the fact that the team works harmoniously, and there is a complete mutual understanding between colleagues. During this period, you can open joint ventures and conduct successful negotiations on a variety of working issues.

The card represents friends, reliable partners and colleagues. Also, the card focuses the person’s attention on the fact that sometimes it is very useful to seek help, because it is surrounded by people who can be trusted.

Card value Two of Cups upside down

In the inverted position, the Two Cups symbolizes temporary difficulties that will just have to be experienced. This card focuses on the fact that a person has overstated ambitions and this does not allow him to coordinate his actions with other people.

This is often the cause of unpleasant life situations.

At the event level, this lasso may portend separation from your loved one. The combination of this card with the Troika of Swords is considered unfavorable. It indicates that the problems that have arisen may become dramatic because of the indifference of the person.

If the Magician falls next to each other, it draws the attention of the fortune-teller to the fact that someone is trying to manipulate them.

In various areas of life, an inverted Deuce of Cups may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, this lasso indicates that there is a high probability of making an unpleasant diagnosis, and therefore long-term treatment is needed.
  • In the sphere of personal life, a period of conflict and tears. And very often their cause is the incompatibility of the characters of the partners. If the Moon falls in the alignment next to this card, this indicates the presence of a love triangle.
  • In the business sphere, this arcane foreshadows the breakdown of transactions and the gap between previously concluded contracts. Also, the map indicates that partners are better not to trust. This lasso is an indicator that a person does not work in a friendly team.

The card personifies the former people in a person’s life. For example, it can be both former lovers and partners.

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