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Two Pentacles Tarot — the value of the card

Tarot Card Value Two Pentacles (Junior Arkan)

The map shows a young man dressed in clown clothes. The merry junkie is dancing, trying to keep balance while juggling with two coins. Not far away, a storming ocean is visible, on the waves of which ships are hardly kept.

The coins depict pentagrams symbolizing the unification of the five earthly elements. The coins themselves are interconnected by a lemniscate — a symbol of eternity and balance.

The inner meaning of the card is the need to adapt to any life situations.

Two Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card
Two Pentacles Tarot - the value of the card

The value of the card Two Pentacles in the upright position

In a straight position, the Deuce Pentacles map symbolizes the imbalance of life and its routine. She points to the bustle and the constant change in life situations.

This map reflects various household changes. It can indicate small profits and business trips, it can also be a precursor to receiving useful information and personal letters.

Despite the fact that the financial situation remains unstable, this card does not portend total collapse and poverty. Sometimes it falls in a scenario, when in real life it is necessary to perform routine and uninteresting work that will not bring rewards.

It is noteworthy that if negative cards fall out next to the Two Pentacles, then its negative value increases. But when positive cards appear next to this lasso, the Deuce Pentacles foreshadows a festive life span. Sometimes this combination indicates the receipt of good news or a gift in a short time.

In addition, you can soon expect pleasant guests.

In general, this card symbolizes the gradual progress towards the goal, although very slow. Very often this is due to the fact that a person strives to work in different directions, while spraying his creative energy.

In other areas of human activity, the map may indicate the following:

  • In the area of ​​health, instability can occur and it can depend on various external factors. But, if there are a number of positive cards nearby, the deterioration of health will be temporary.
  • In the area of ​​personal relationships, the card symbolizes the renewal of feelings. Partners can look at each other in a different way, thereby discovering new opportunities in love. Sometimes, this card indicates a calculation in a relationship, but it is not demeaning, but simply due to the fact that people have different characters and they have to find compromises.
  • In the business sphere, changes can be expected related to a promising job change. But against this background, difficulties may arise that are completely surmountable. The card also bodes well for important negotiations.

The card represents a lucky person who knows how to work. Very often, such people choose trade-related professions.

Card value Two Pentacles upside down

In the inverted position, the D-2 Pentakley map symbolizes failures and financial difficulties. She points out that the contradictions in life are sharpening, and the onward movement towards the goal will cease.

Very often, this card is a harbinger of bad news.

In combination with negative cards in the scenario, the Two Pentacles indicates situations in real life from which it is very difficult to find a way out. She may also foreshadow financial issues to come to the fore.

Often, when such a card appears in the scenario, one should expect the appearance of domestic problems. The solution of any important issues will be delayed due to bureaucratic delays.

This lasso indicates that a person is largely to blame for the unfavorable situation around him. Perhaps he seeks to cover as much as possible, but he lacks the strength to do so.

Often he simply cannot set the right goals.

In other areas of life, this card may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, attention is focused on the depletion of the body, which is very dangerous, since against the background of this a variety of diseases can develop. The best thing you can do to avoid this is to conduct preventive healing of the body.
  • In the matter of personal relations, there will be disassembly, the need for which, most likely, arose because the partners did not understand each other or did not want to do this. Chance to get unpleasant information about your loved one.
  • In the business sphere, there is stagnation, which can be associated with both the person’s non-professionalism and fatigue.

This card often represents weak people who do not know how to handle money.

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