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True ways of divination for baptism: for the betrothed, children, wealth

The best fortune-telling on Epiphany, wealth, children, wish fulfillment

The people believed that on the night of the Epiphany the sky opened. Baptism was considered a special day, because fortune telling before the holiday was considered the most truthful. The eve of Epiphany was called Baby evening: the girls were guessing about marriage, and the older generation was interested in the well-being in the house.

On Epiphany Eve it was allowed to find out the name of the betrothed, upcoming events, the level of wealth in the coming year. The ancestors firmly believed that on the last Christmas evening, evil spirits tried to penetrate the dwellings of people in order to cause harm.

That is why it is so important to observe the rules during rites, especially during the last week of divination.

Not an extra precaution is in the days of Christmas time the protection of the home. To scare away evil spirits on all doors and window frames with chalk it is necessary to draw crosses.

After the fortune-telling, swimming in the baptismal ice-hole was recommended In the absence of such an opportunity — washing with holy water or washing in the shower to get rid of negative energy.

Before the start of the ceremony, it is imperative to remove all ring objects: beads, rings, belts, bracelets, necklaces.

For the success of the ritual for a while get rid of the protection of religion, removing the body crosses and removing the icons.

True ways of divination for baptism: for the betrothed, children, wealth

The main requirement during the divination ritual is a ban on the crossing of legs and arms.

For more reliable results:

  • it is forbidden to guess again the same desire;
  • it is allowed to guess at the betrothed only girls who had never been married before;
  • married or divorced women can only guess at the number of children, wealth, wish fulfillment;
  • it is necessary to conduct home rituals in solitude; a company is permissible for holding street parties
  • with holy water, the ritual is performed only once;
  • it is forbidden to breed holy water with ordinary water;
  • correctly guess only by candlelight, extinguishing all sources of artificial light;
  • banned wishes focused on the destruction of the family or the disease of the enemy.

During the ceremony it is necessary to observe complete silence. Among those wondering should not be faint of heart or unbalanced people: the ritual can ruin the slightest rustle.

The Christmas ceremony is allowed only until midnight on January 18, before the beginning of the festive day. After 12 o’clock at night, the ban begins to operate.

In Russia, god-fearing young ladies strictly observed this rule.

Rites can tell the name of the betrothed, tell about his financial situation, profession. You can find out what events are coming, prepare for the difficulties.

Below are the most accurate fortune telling at Baptism.

True ways of divination for baptism: for the betrothed, children, wealth

Most rites are performed at night. Basically, they are guessing about the development of relationships, love and marriage.

The most interesting fortune telling at Baptism:

1. Under the pillow of a young lady put a plate. Before you go to sleep, the girl says the phrase: «My mummers, my betrothed, come to dine with me.»

Appearing at a night meal in a vision is her intended one.

2. Eat a salty dish in the evening. Near the headboard they put a glass of water and say the words: “Though it is worth water, I can’t get drunk.

My dear, come and give me some water. ”

It is necessary to sleep in a light shirt, having dismissed hair. The phrase is pronounced several times.

After that, you can not talk to anyone, and immediately go to bed.

3. It is possible instead of a plate to put under the pillow of the young lady imperceptibly for her a generously salted cake baked the day before. The main condition is that the dreamer should not guess about it. The next morning, the girl is asked if she gave anyone in a dream to get drunk.

This man is her betrothed.

4. There is another option — with a small trinket of small size, hidden under a pillow before going to bed. It is enough to put it, having said: «Come, betrayed, take away a gift for you.»

If the subject remained in the same place in the morning, there will be no changes in your personal life. A gift lying on the floor means that a night visit took place, and a personal meeting is not far off.

5. For a ritual with a comb, prepare a comb and put it under the pillow. Before going to bed, they say a conspiracy: «My costumer, betrayed, come and comb me.»

At night, the future groom will dream.

6. You can put a glass of water near the headboard and ask the betrothed to come in to drink water. In a dream the groom drinking water is envisioned.

7. Above a plate of water make a bridge of pencils with matches between them. Before going to sleep, they say the phrase: «Who translates me across the bridge, he will be a husband.»

At night, the image of the future spouse is envisioned.

8. At midnight on Epiphany Eve the girl in the room hangs out a white towel. Going to bed, the young lady says: “My betrothed, my naughty, come to me, dressed up. Wipe off with a white towel. ”

If the morning the towel is wet, you need to prepare for the wedding. If it is dry, you will have to wait until next year.

9. Future mate can be invited to wash. Under the pillow they put a completely new towel, saying: “Mummers-sugary, come to me to wash, wipe with a towel.”

The future life partner should respond to the call.

10. For the old fortune-telling on the baptism on the cards take a completely new deck. From it they get four kings, hiding them under the pillow.

On top of the card, they pin down the heel of your favorite pair of shoes.

Before going to bed, you must whisper a conspiracy: “My condemned, mumbled. I’m waiting for you, dressed up.

Come into my house, show me, marvel at my beauty. «

The next morning, randomly take one card:

  • The king of spades means that the future spouse will be older than the dreamer or higher in social status. There is a possibility that the husband will be very greedy or jealous.
  • A previously widowed man is associated with the king of the clubs suit. It can be both a military man and a very discreet person with a business acumen.
  • A young suit promises a wealthy and young companion. But for such a spouse will have to fight.
  • The king of diamonds means a happy relationship, and a good alliance with a loved one.

True ways of divination for baptism: for the betrothed, children, wealth

The most true are the fortune-telling on the mirror. In the kitchen in the late evening set a mirror, light a candle.

Guessing says: «Suicide, show me.» It is important to sit still, looking at the left shoulder of your reflection.

If the flame sways a little, it becomes dim, and the mirror darkens, it is wiped with a clean towel.

Having discerned the features of a man who has appeared, they clearly pronounce: «Chur of this place.» To complete the ceremony extinguish the candle, the mirror is wrapped with a clean towel and hidden with a reflective surface down.

Guessing on the mirror is important to carry out in complete silence, in a secluded place. Nobody from relatives should know about the ritual.

After the ceremony, you must go to sleep. You can not say a word.

Find out the name of the future groom will help the rite of straw. The girls are going to a large company in a quiet room, where no one can interfere with the conduct of the ritual.

Crumble into a ball of straw, spread it on the table. From above it is covered with a frying pan with a small amount of water in it and a stone. By midnight, each young lady in turn pulls out a straw, carefully listening to the sounds of straw, stone and water.

It is believed that the name of the person is hidden in them.

Relationships are guessed on the mother’s favorite (but not the wedding) ring and pan. It is obligatory to ask a parent for a decoration, and not to take it in secret.

Half fill the pot with boiled cool water. Ring tied with red thread.

The decoration is immersed in water and waiting for it to freeze in place. You can stop it with your hand.

Ask a question about the probability of mutual love. If the answer is positive, the ring rotates around the axis. A negative answer means that the subject is still.

The swinging ring shows the reluctance of the jewelry to respond.

After the ceremony, the attribute is wiped dry and immediately handed over to the owner, asking him to immediately put it on. The water on which the fortune-telling was carried out at midnight was poured out of the window.

When predicting undesirable events, it is necessary to do this immediately after the completion of the ritual.

There is a simple fortune-telling to determine the future with a chosen one. Near put a couple of candles.

Mentally, they are associated with a fortunate girl and her lover. Candles are lit and watched them.

If the flame stretches to each other, the answer is obvious, the fire in different directions — in front of the parting.

Guessing on other people’s conversations spend alone. Choosing a house where a happy family familiar to her lives, she guesses cautiously sneaks up on the window and listens. Swearing means quarrel with a chosen one.

Silence is interpreted as a year of calm in a relationship.

Determined girls at night go out with a small kitchen knife. They cut the snow, saying: “Damn the damn, don’t be silent, damn it, tell me, servant of God (call your name), tell me, show me what my husband will be. Tell me right away, from joy or laugh, from grief if I have to cry with him.

Let it be so. Amen, Amen, Amen. «

After these words, they stand listening to the first barking of dogs:

  • A hoarse and loud barking means a spouse with a strong and determined character, rude and intractable.
  • Husband is cheerful and kind when you are barky or thin.
  • The most unkind sign is a howl, it means short marriage and speedy widowhood.

You can find out the future with the help of cups. We must take four opaque containers.

They put a ring in one, a piece of bread in the other, a brush in the third, and finally a tobacco. Each vessel is covered with paper.

All cups are mixed and then choose one. Looking inside, interpret:

  • bread is the rich bridegroom;
  • ring — dandy;
  • brush — a simple person;
  • tobacco — smoking husband.

At midnight on Epiphany the young lady goes to the closed church door. Having crossed over, the girl listens for at least five minutes:

  • The noise of the wedding, laughter, songs, funny conversations mean marriage within a year.
  • A thud, screams, groans — the absence of any opportunity to get married.

On the last day before Baptism, you can learn about marriage at a crossroads. It is believed that the voice of fate is heard exactly where the boundary of two worlds lies.

Singing and cheerful laughter nearby mean a quick wedding. The heard lamentations with crying mean the absence of marriage in the current year.

To find out how many years are left before the wedding, the ladies guess with a ring and thread. Even a day is suitable for conducting a ceremony, but it is important to guess only in solitude.

For the ritual, fill two-thirds with a glass of water. Further:

  1. 1. Carefully tie a thread to the wedding ring. Instead, you can use hair from the head wondering, but not shorter than twenty centimeters.
  2. 2. The decoration on the thread is dipped in water and lifted without a jerk.
  3. 3. The ring starts to swing when lifting. The number of times an ornament hits the walls of a vessel means the number of years remaining before marriage.

The classic version of fortune telling is with a slipper. It requires a pair of shoes. Conduct such a ritual company.

In turn, the girls throw their shoes behind their backs, over the fence.

Then the young ladies look where the tip of the shoe points. On the other side, we must wait for the betrothed.

If the toe of a shoe shows the gate of the house from which it was thrown outside, then the grooms will not be foreseen this year.

For a true ritual, they choose late night closer to midnight, when everyone is sleeping in the village. A few hours before the start of the ritual, they bring the chicken home so that the bird will settle. The company places it in the center of a circle laid out on the floor with the rings of the young ladies present.

The first will marry the maiden, whose little ring chicken starts to peck first.

An interesting variant of the ancient fortune-telling on the groom. At night, they open the window wide, sit down next to him with her friends and say in turn: “My darling, my betrothed, pass by the window! «Married the first will be the young lady, after the words of which you will hear any sounds from the street.

There is a lighter version of such fortune telling. Carry it out by company. At night, fortunetellers sit around a table covered with a burgundy or black tablecloth.

Light off. In the center of the table light a candle.

From the fingers of all the participants in the ceremony remove the rings and alternately roll them over the fabric. In which the decoration of the young ladies will roll the farthest away, she will have to marry later than all her friends.

The first will be married to the one whose ring is the closest.

At home, married women can figure out the possibility of having a baby in a family, the sex of the baby and the number of children.

Prepare for the ritual thread with a needle. Next, you need to focus on the number of babies.

Right hand take the thread with a needle. The left palm is turned upwards. Above the center of the palm place the pendulum.

The sharp end is lowered three times between the palm and thumb down. Return the needle with the thread in the same position and monitor the oscillations:

  • Swinging a needle from side to side means the first boy to be born in a family.
  • The movements of the pendulum in a circle promise a girl.
  • If the needle is in place, in the coming year, replenishment in the family is not expected.

To find out the number of babies, you must repeat all the steps. Between the finger and the palm, the needle and the thread are again passed, returning it to its former position. The movements of the pendulum promise the birth of another child.

Divination continues until the cessation of needle movements.

Interesting ritual with fir branches. For him prepare a mirror, cut into the paws of spruce.

In the evening, the mirror is taken out on the street, left there for several hours. They bring home and write desire on the misted surface with a finger.

The object is placed under the bed, upwards with a mirror surface. Top lay branches. The interpretation of what he saw:

  • If you can read the inscription in the morning, the desire will come true.
  • If only a part of the letters is visible, it will take an effort to execute the plan.
  • If only a couple of letters are noticeable or not a single one is visible, the desire will not come true.

There is one more divination to the fulfillment of desire. On tissue tissue paper write your dream.

Exit to the balcony or to a small elevation. At the first gust of wind the leaf is released and the flight is monitored:

  • The upward message means that the plan will be fulfilled.
  • If the sheet flew down, there is no point in waiting for good luck.
  • The note, spinning in a spiral, means the need for a lot of effort to make the dream come true.

For the ritual to fulfill the desire take a handful of seeds or nuts. They are scattered on the table and count the number.

If it is even, the plan will come true.

Put peas in a cup and fill it with water. They articulate their desire for themselves, ask if their plans will come true.

Consider the emerged pea. Even their number means execution.

Those who smoke can tell fortunes on cigarettes. They perform a ritual only in solitude. Nothing should distract from business.

It is necessary to turn off the phone, TV, radio.

Before the ceremony, the question is precisely formulated. After that, light a cigarette. During smoking observe full silence.

Focus solely on the interesting question. Ash can not shake.

We must try to keep it as long as possible.

  • If the ash falls from a cigarette during a puff, the desire will be fulfilled very soon.
  • If, after tightening, the ash fell almost immediately, the conceived will come true, but small difficulties are likely.
  • If the ash falls when the cigarette is far from the lips, the plan will not be fulfilled.

There are many ways divination for wealth:

The lightest carry divination with paper. Take a dozen leaves.

On each of them they write a wish and hide it under a pillow. Three leaves are chosen at random in the morning.

The wishes written on them will come true in the coming year.

2. Fingerprint on the snow.

Without special devices conduct a ritual in the snow. Find an untouched clean place. Lay on his back.

Rising, trying not to damage the print. Make a wish about wealth. Waiting for the next day.

The result is determined at the first rays of the sun. If the print is intact, waiting for prosperity.

If the contour is blurred or the figure is trampled, you will have to put a lot of effort to get rich.

They take a whole new box of matches and make a wish about prosperity. Represent only the amount of money you need to receive.

Close your eyes, shake the boxes. Spread matches on the table and, opening his eyes, consider them. Conceived will be executed if the number is even.

If an odd number falls out, you have to wait.

4. With the help of grain.

Rustic divination has long been popular. The owners of the birds scatter grain on the floor of the canopy.

Rooster run into the house. Watch how he bites the grain:

  • He ate everything — the mood and well-being in the family for a whole year.
  • Eat only half — financial situation is the same as in the past year.
  • If the bird does not touch the food, a difficult time is expected.

You can pour rice into a glass and ask: “Fate, tell me what to expect: is it evil, good, prosperous, thin, strong or miraculous.” Quickly after these words make a wish about wealth and pour out the grains on a flat surface.

Only spoiled (dark) particles are taken from the mass of grains and count grains. An even number means the execution of the plan.

To clarify the fate of a short time using a ritual with bread. Buy on the eve of a large loaf of the most roasted variety. Borodinsky is not suitable.

A loaf is brought home without showing anyone. The bread is wrapped in a clean white cloth and left until night under the pillow. Not a single crumb should not fall off of it.

Without unwrapping, put the bread in the middle of the table at night.

With a sharp and long knife, small chunks are cut off, saying in a whisper: «Well, what will happen to me tomorrow?» Watch how they go:

  • If the bread does not fall, the day will be successful.
  • If the piece is delayed for a while before falling, the plan will come true with some problems.
  • A chunk that fell at once is interpreted as a failure for the whole day. At this time, even planning should not be anything.

The ceremony with incense is carried out only alone. All doors and windows are locked, the curtains are lowered.

A new white tablecloth is spread out on the kitchen table, a pair of appliances is put on it and they sit down at one of them. Light a church candle. They put a small piece of incense on both plates, saying: “They get along with incense in the church, and they rule everything in their house.

Taken to baptism to guess. Incense, it will be okay with me to guess. I want to know the whole truth.

As you are holy and pure, so my dream, the servants of God (the name of the fortune-teller), is true and pure. May it come true that is said.

Amen, Amen, Amen. «

Having uttered magic words, one piece of incense is removed under the pillow, and the second is left on the table and sent to bed. The dream came true will predict fate.

You can take a book and make a page in it. Next, determine the line above.

The answer to the interesting question is the sentence read there.

Divination in wax can be carried out alone or in the company of girlfriends. In a metal mug wax candles are heated. The wax is slowly poured into a bowl of water.

When it freezes, they take it out and interpret what they see. The ceremony is carried out only when the moon is well visible.

True ways of divination for baptism: for the betrothed, children, wealth

Table of interpretation of wax figures.

Many dropletsWell-being
MushroomHappy long life
BellNew News
HouseFinding your home
Incomprehensible figureFuture unclear
FlowerHappy year
StripesLong trip
BucketSuccess in business
Little manNew acquaintances
A heartStrong feelings
CrossSerious illness
The DragonThe problem will be solved safely
AngelHelp over
A fishGood news, gaining a mentor
BirdSuccessful implementation of projects
A circleStability in business

After fortune-telling, figures with a positive value are retained for a whole year in order for the plan to come true. Those that are interpreted negatively, bury or burn.

Higher forces thank the coin left at the crossroads.

The following fortune-telling is recognized as truthful by the numerous reviews of the girls who conducted it. In the evening with the onset of darkness prepare a plate, crush a sheet of paper.

They put it on a plate and set it on fire. After the paper burns, they light a candle and look at the shadow, what happened:

  • Bag — to wealth.
  • Bird — will be a success.
  • Bride — wedding is expected.
  • Sun — fortunately.
  • Car — to travel.

The simplest fortune telling on the Tarot cards is on older Arcana. Be sure to take into account the direct and inverted position.

Fortune telling "Cross":

  1. 1. what is now worried about what is happening in life;
  2. 2. the impact of external circumstances and people;
  3. 3. the influence of the fortuneteller on the environment;
  4. 4. The alleged solution to the issue.
    True ways of divination for baptism: for the betrothed, children, wealth

Table of Tarot Card Values.

Card NameStraight positionUpside down position
JesterLife changes for the betterThe risk is not justified. It is necessary to wait, without doing rash acts. Then the outcome of events is favorable.
MagicianImportant events await with successful completionFailure should only blame yourself
High PriestessRely on intuition and hidden opportunities.The situation is better to consider from a different angle.
High priestEverything goes on as usual. Should heed the advice of eldersShould be creative to change life for the better.
The EmpressIt is time to take advantage of your luck and luck.We must start living from scratch without the old relationship
The emperorShould be guided by reason, not feelingsYou can not put pressure on people
LoversAhead is an important choice.Care must be taken.
ChariotHelp fateWe must start over
StrengthIt is time to achieve the desiredNeed to overcome yourself, to gather strength
HermitIt is worth waiting for the right time to go further.It makes no sense to ignore practical advice.
Wheel of FortuneFears must be dropped: new life chapter beginsDifficult time better to wait
JusticeFoes will have to apologize for their actions.It is important to think about every step.
HangedYou need to sacrifice something to achieve goals.Efforts will not be appreciated
DeathIt should be without fear to step forwardIt is important to get rid of excess to find a way out.
ModerationShould maintain emotional balanceActions are unreasonable
DevilDependent position. It’s time to pull yourself togetherAhead of difficulty, but all will end well
TowerWith decent behavior there is a chance to overcome the burden without harming yourselfIt is important to develop and go forward.
StarThere is the possibility of spiritual developmentWe must wait and overcome pessimism
MoonIntuition will help find a way out of the situation.It is worth preparing for the disclosure of secrets
The sunComing marriage, replenishment in the familyNeed to be patient
CourtIt is necessary to make a choice, analyzing what has been achieved.Despite the difficulties, it is necessary to move on
WorldTriumph aheadYou can not throw everything in half way

Divination for the Epiphany are considered the most faithful. Among them are simple and more complex.

But it is important to carry out all the rituals with a positive attitude, expecting in advance only a good forecast. Then the results will certainly be positive.

However, even negative predictions can be mitigated if you listen to tips from above.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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