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True guessing on the cards will give answers to important questions.

To find out their future, people often use fortune-telling rituals. But very often fortune-telling reminds the game and they can hardly be trusted.

Therefore, it is quite natural to ask whether it is possible to carry out truthful fortune-telling on cards.

True guessing on the cards will give answers to important questions.

In order to get true information, you must follow the basic rules:

  • A deck of cards used in divination must be special, that is, you cannot use cards that were previously used for the card game.
  • You must be sure that your fortunetelling deck of cards did not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Friday is considered the most suitable day for divination, especially well if it falls on the 13th.
  • It is very good to hold a fortuneteering ritual on such holidays: Ivana Kupala, Epiphany night, night on the eve of Christmas and New Year, Christmas and Christmas week.
  • Cards will definitely provide no true information on Mondays or Sundays. It is also not recommended to guess at the church holidays.
  • According to popular beliefs, the most suitable time for fortune telling is night, but always until midnight.
  • For the right mood you need to create a special atmosphere in the room that will help you to tune. It is necessary to provide absolute silence and dim the light. Fortune-tellers are advised to always light a church candle during the fortune-telling rite, it scares away evil spirits.
  • Be sure to believe that you will receive the truthful information.
  • One cannot ask the same question very often during fortune telling. In addition, it is necessary to guess at yourself no more than once a week, otherwise they say that it is possible to “miscalculate fate, which means to push luck away from you.
  • It is important to carefully shuffle the cards before the layout.
  • Many fortune-tellers claim that the presence of a cat in a room allows to receive truthful information. And if it so happened that the cat walked over the spread out cards, then pay attention to which cards he stepped on.
  • Use paper cards for fortune telling, not plastic.
  • It is important to ensure that your hands and feet are not crossed during the fortuneteering rite.

True guessing on the cards will give answers to important questions.

True guessing on the cards can be carried out further as described. For it you need to use a regular playing deck containing 36 cards.

First you should choose a card with a picture symbolizing the person to whom you want to perform a true divination. This may be a queen or king of the appropriate suit.

Then the deck is carefully shuffled for a few minutes, and then the cards are removed towards itself three times. After that, in random order, 16 cards are drawn out of the deck one by one.

They will decipher the events in the complex, which will occur in the near future. The drawn cards are laid out in four rows above the card, symbolizing the person they are guessing on.

In addition to the sixteen cards, one more should be drawn out, she focuses attention on the event that will become the key one in the near future.

At the next stage, 16 cards are laid out in four rows under the card, which symbolizes the person to whom the fortune-telling is performed. With their help, it will be possible to interpret events that will occur in the distant future.

Then the last two cards are laid out:

  • The first one defines the determining event of the distant future;
  • The second — indicates a person who will disappear from the fate of the fortuneteller.

Detailed descriptions of each card can be found on our website in a special section.

True guessing on the cards will give answers to important questions.

Abbreviated interpretations that a novice can use are given below:

  • Ace: worms — home; tambourines — a task or a project; clubs — a new thing; peaks — a party with a drink.
  • King: worms — a close man or relative; tambourines — a man with a high status; clubs — father or boss; peaks — a noble person or a new acquaintance.
  • Dama: worms — a close woman or relative; tambourines — a familiar woman; clubs — a colleague; peaks — jealous or gossip.
  • Jack: Worms — a nice guest; tambourines — troubles; related to finance; clubs — luck in all undertakings; peaks are unpleasant household chores.
  • Ten: worms — dreams and plans, diamonds — financial success, clubs — success in business, peaks — dreams that are not destined to come true.
  • Nine: worms — a love date; tambourines — mutual love; clubs — reliable love relationships; peaks is a disease.
  • Eight: Worms; tambourines and clubs — pleasant conversations and meetings; peaks — guests and feast.
  • Seven: worms and diamonds: pleasant conversations and meetings; clubs — business negotiations; peaks — sadness, disappointment and tears.
  • Six: Worms — a pleasant journey; tambourines — near road; clubs — business trip; Peaks — long road.

In order for the information provided by the cards to be truthful, it is necessary, decoding the alignment, to listen to your own intuition.

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