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True divination for the near future

True divination for the near future

Divination is not always true. There may be many reasons for this, but your faith is an important factor in how accurate divination will be.

Predicting the future is a complex process. Sometimes, to learn to guess correctly, you need to repeat the process a hundred times. It all depends on your energy. Strong and confident people often seek truthful answers from quick fortune-telling or from more difficult divination.

The main thing is to correctly ask the question of the Universe and to choose the right divination.

Quick divination for love

An ordinary playing deck of cards will help determine how close you are to happiness in love or far from it. Divination is performed only in Full Moon or New Moon. In the Full Moon, it is necessary to ask a question about the negatives and partings, and at the New Moon — about something positive, about meeting a new love.

So, pull out 8 cards from the deck — a jack, a queen, a king, an ace, but only two suits — hearts and spades. Shuffle them, and then remove the top and bottom cards.

Top card in Full Moon:

  • peak jack — betrayal, treason;
  • peak lady — weakening of feelings;
  • peak king — common turmoil;
  • peak ace — uncertainty.

If the bottom card is of a different suit, then this is likely to be easily avoided. If it is the same, then she can tell exactly who will push your loved one to change, weaken attraction and sexual energy, who will bring trouble to love in your home or deprive you of your own confidence: jack — young guy, lady — woman, king — man , ace — anyone. If in the Full Moon you got a heart top card, then there will be no serious problems in love in the next two weeks.

In the case of the New Moon, the top card must be a heart:

  • Hearts of Jack — you will be welcome where you have not been before;
  • Hearted Lady — you will feel the care and warmth;
  • Hearts King — there is a chance to find answers to old questions;
  • Ace of hearts — a fateful meeting, great love, improvement and strengthening of relationships.

If the bottom card is also a heart card, then no one will put a stick in your wheels. The peak card will show the most important person for you in the next two weeks: the jack is a young guy, the lady is a woman, the king is a man, the ace is an unknown person.

Quick cash fortune telling

This fortune telling is done about once every two days. For best results, it is better not to repeat it every day. Take three coins: the smallest, the larger and the biggest. This refers to size, not dignity.

Save these three coins for subsequent divination.

  • Throw the first, smallest coin. If it falls by an eagle, then in the next two days you should not hope for money signs — trust logic and common sense. If this is a tail, you can safely trust signs and intuitions in financial affairs.
  • Toss the middle coin to see if you can make large purchases. If the eagle falls, you can spend a lot, but only on the most necessary. Tackle will mean that it is time to buy something that you have long dreamed of.
  • We throw the last, largest coin. She will tell you whether you will have opportunities for large-scale financial growth. Tackle — yes, eagle — no.

This is a simple but effective divination that answers simple questions. Use it once every two days and do not lose these three coins.

There are good numerological fortune telling, which will reveal the secrets of the future for you. After reading them, you can also learn a lot about what is waiting for you beyond the horizon of events. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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